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Banquet at Penrhiwceiber.


Resolven Recreation Ground.









YNY8YBWL. CHURCH PARADE. Under the auspices of tho Ynysybwl Branch of the National Reserve Association, a Church Parade was held on Sunday afternoon last. Headed by the Ynysy- bwl Town Band, the Veterans paraded through the principal streets and after- wards attended divine service at Christ Church. The local troop of Boy Scouts also attended. FIRE. Great excitement prevailed in R-obert Street on Monday morning last owing to the Mountain Ash Urban District Council's tar-spraying machine taking fire, and, also" setting fire to the tar that had just been sprayed on the road. The hose and reel were brought into play by the Council's workmen, who are members of the local fire brigade. The fire was got under control before any serious damage was done. OBITUARY. We regret to have to announce the death of Mr. Freder- ick Howells, of 134 Robert Street, Ynys- ybwl, which took place on Thursday last at the Pontypridd Cottage Hospital after a very painful illness. Deceased, who had been a winding engineman at the Mynachdy Colliery for some years had been a patient at the Pontypridd Cottage Hospital for several weeks, and had undergone severe operations. The burial took place on Tuesday last, the 26th inst., at the Ynysybwl Cemetery. He leaves a wife and two children. YNYSYBWL CO-OPERATIVE SO- CIETY. On Saturday the 99th quar- terly meeting of the Ynysybwl Co-opera- tive Society, Ynysybwl Branch, was held in Zion Vestry. Mr. William Wat- kins, the president of the society, in the chair. Mt. S. Davies, the secretary of the society, submitted the report, par- ticulars of which appeared in our col- umns last week. Mr. Wright. of Clive Terrace. Ynysybwl. was elected on the committee to represent the Ynysybwl branch, in place of Mr. John Watkins, who retired. SUNDAY SCHOOL OUTINGS. The Central Committee of the Sunday Schools belonging to the Nonconformist Churches of Ynysybwl met on Sunday in Noddfa (Welsh Baptist) Vestry. On a report being given by the delegates from the various schools, in respect of the annual treat, it was shown that seven schools, viz., Jerusalem (C.M.). Bethel (C.M.). Tabernacle (W.C.). English Con- gregational. Noddfa (B.), English and Welsh Wesleyans had decided to go to Porthcawl; the English Baptists and the Salvation Army to Barry Island, and the English Methodist School to Penartli. The treat will take place as usual on the first Monday in July. The train arrangements were left in the capable hands of Mr. Richard Woosnam, the committee secretary. CRICKET. On Thursday, the 21st instant, tho first XI. played a match against Cardiff University XI. at Car- diff and were defeated by nine runs. The stores wre; Y nysyhwl; Tim Davies, b. Phillips, 0; Evan Owen, b. Cook, 0; Albert Smith, c. Bryant, b. Phillips, 7; Ted Humphreys, b. Cook, 7; Rees Hopkins, not out, 20; Arthur Thomas, b. Cook, 0; Jacob Parry, b. Cook. 0: A. E. Holligan, c. Cook, b. Cook, 4; Herbert Davies, c. Cook. b. Phillips, 5; Tom Davies, run out, 8; Emlyn Jones, c. and b. Youlton. 0; extras, 13; total, 64. Cardiff University- D. E. Thomas, c. Holligan, b. Davies, 7; T. J. Morgan, b. Holligan, 1- H. L. Francis, b. Holligan, 7; II Cook c Hopkins, b Davies, 0; J. Phillips,' st". Hopkins b. Holligan. 0; H. L. Youlton, l-vin out. 12; A. Rea, c. Smith, b. Owen 13: W. 11. Bryant c. Holligan. b. Owen. 8; K. Overstone, not out, 9; J. R. Davies, not out. 3; Sub.. run out. 1; extras, 13; total, 74.—On Saturday last the First XI. journeyed to Talygarn, and defeated the local XI. bv twelve runs. The scores were: Y'nysybwl: Tim Davies. b. Quick. 0; M. W. Mor- gan. b. David. 17; R. Richards, run out 0; Rees Hopkins run out. 18; G. Smith, run out. 7: A. E. Holligan, lbw., b. Quick. 0; T. J. Evans, run out, 0; Sol. Blake c. Quick, b. Quick. 0; E. Owen, not out. 4; Henry Wilkins, c. Russell, b. Quick. 1; J- Parry, c. Cook 18; extras. 2; total, 67. Talygarn: W. Poolev c. HOlgan. b. Owen, 6; James, b. Holligan, Hunter,, run out 8; .T. Davies, e Holligan, 1>. Owen, 2; E Russell, b. Smith, 15; w OmcV Morgan, b.f Wilkins, 1: T.Bn,Stone,' £ Hopkins, b. W'Ikins, 1: E. Brownsby, c. T. Evans, b. Smith, 0; E David o "h* V1*" Rufise11, lbw., 1). Holligan 7, H. Cook, not out, 3; ex- tras 5: total, the same day the 7* Second Eleven played their first match at istrad, being defeated by the Ystrad Second Eleven bv 53 runs" 'Ihe scores were: Ystrad: D. Rees, b. Lloyd, 11; W. James, b. Llovd, 5; A. Rosser, b. Lloyd, 0; J. Bailey, b. T. Humphreys, w c- J- Morgan, b. Lloyd, 5; D. W. Thomas, b. J. H. Elias, 46; E. Whitelock c. Humphreys, b. Lloyd, 0; R. Granville, b. Humphreys, 4; D. L. ,Walters, not out, 8; P. Lewis, b. Hum- phreys, 3T. Collins (captain), c. and D. Lloyd, o; extras, 7; total, 99. Ynysy- bwl: J. Morgan, c. Thomas, b. Rosser, 15; C. Coles, b. Walters, 6; T. Hum- phreys, c. Jones, b. Walters, 8; J. t °o -i?" .^hitelock, b. Granville, 8; iu' IT1!11,' • Walters, 0- E B. Thomas, b Walters, °; J. h. Elias, c. White- lock, b. Granville. 1; E. Jones, b. 1; E. 0;, Roberts, b. Granville, 6; WaJ> b. Walters, 0; T. Elliott, not out, 0; extras, 2; total, 46.