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't I've just called in to thank you for the recipe. My husband and children were delighted with the "Duchess Buns" of which you spoke last week and I was surprised to find how easily they were made. Have you any more good recipes ? Yes, I made such a pretty dish from a "BirdE;" recipe yesterday, and it is simply delicious. This is it: Jelly and Blanc-mange. I packet of Bird's Crystal Jelly Powder, and I packet of Bird's Blanc-mange powder. Method: Prepare the Jelly as nsnal. *oar i*to a quart mould and when ready stand In cold water until set: then make the Bird's Blanc-mange and allow it to cool at least half-an-hour. When ready pour it very gently on to the top of the Jelly, having wiped over beforehand with a clean wet cloth the inside of the mould. Let it thercrnchly set. aM turn out in the ordinary manner. At the cost of t rifling extra trouble this akth U still more attractive when made with several invert of BUmc-Xantc 011' Jellv. according to the above method. Be sure it is Bird's Blanc-mange and Bird's Crystal Jelly or you will not get that fresh fruit flavoar which is the secret of success. There are 2 packets Bird's Blanc-Mange Powder In the 4d. and 4 is the 7id. box. Bird's Crystal Jelly is ia 24.. 34d. and 6id. packets. C,9



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