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aw—1nwa—hi—— FOOTBALL. COMBINATION. BANGOR v. NANTWICH. At Bangor, on Saturday. Result: Ban- gor, 3; Nantwich, 1. BANGOR v. PORT SUNLIGHT. At Bangor, on Easter Monday. Result: Bangor, 4; Port Sunlight, 1. WELSH AMATEUR CUP. FINAL TIE. BANGOR RESERVE v. ESCLUSHAM. Played at Wrexham, on Saturday. Re- sult fisclusham, 4 goals Bangor Reserve, 0. WELSH COAST LEAGUE. PENMAENMAWR v. BANGOR RESERVE. At Penmaenmawr, on Easter Monday morning. Result: Bangor Reserve, 4 Pen- jnaenawr, 1. ORDINARY. NORTHERN WELSH v. TRITONVILLE. Played at Dublin on Good Friday. The Welshmen, who are members of clubs on the North Wales coast, played finely, and de- feated the homesters, who included six international players, by throve g0a'6 to one, BANGOR RESERVE v. NEW BRIGHTON TOWER. At Bangor. on Friday. Result: Bangor, 2; New Brighton, 1. SHOTS. The decisive defeat of the Bangor Re&erve team in the final of the Welsh Amateur Cup at Wrexham on Saturday was a bitter pill. So confident were they that the Reserves would capture the cup that the supporteis of the '"schoolboys" would not believe the telegram announcing the result. From all accounts of the game it would appear chat the Re&ervee were beaten by a vastly superior team, who, judging by their attainments, had no business to be in that competition at all, but in the senior com- petition. At the interval the score stood at 1—0 in favour of Esclusham, which, by the way, is a small village a few niil, from Wrexham. In the second half the Lets'-clutch-em folk had matters their own way, and piled on three further goals. Two of these goals were due to careless- ness in Bangor defence, Jones sending through his own goal, and W. Evans giving away a penalty, The Reserves are as much cut up over the defeat as anybody else. The only member of the team who shone was the custodian. Evidently the Ebclusham left half had been instructed with regard to Evans aid Burns, for they could make no headway against him, and tirna after time he thwarted them. Out of the five holday fixtures, the Ban- gor oeuior and reserve team have annexed ten points,—four being much needed Com- bination points. On Saturday the Nantwich team gave a fine exhibition, and it was with some di- fficulty tinat Bangor nuviaged to defeat them. The record crowd for this #«HW5on at any rate witnessed Monday's game between Bangor and Port Sunlight, and the reee;pt8 must have been close upon £ 20. It was very unfortunate that at the start of the game Boague, who throughout the season has played consistently well for Ban- gor, should have been injured, and during the rest of the game t was a case of "missing Boague." 0 The stars of the opening half were Evans and Burns, thelatter acori .g three goals in succession with finely-judged shots, but it was Evans, who presented him with the opportunities, sometimes from very difficult positions. There were several exciting incidents in the second half, one in particular being of a hair-raising description. Though hotly pressed and forc-ed to th9 extreme corner, R. T. Evans managed to whip across a very fine centre, and to clear the ball the goalkeeper left his charge. R. Owen, however, wastooqu'ek for him, and headed the ball over his head iu the direction of the empty goal. Suddenly McMillan, one of the visiting halves, sprang apparently from nowhere, but though he cleared, the referee pointed to midfield. Styled the "Northern Welsh," a team composed of members of the Llandudno, Portmadoc, Penmaenmawr, and other towns on the coast has been c.eating a sensation in Ireland. They went over to Dublin on Good Friday to play Tritonville, a team of some ropute in Ireland, end containing six Irish inter- national men. That the "Northern Welsh," of which Mr E. Lloyd Williams, is director, stage manager, and sponser. played havoc with the Irish team, and won by three goals to one. For the winners, Hotchklss, who will, in all probability, migrate to one of the Ir.sh teams next year, gave a fine exhibition, and Tommy Buckland, of Bangor, was the best player on the field, which i.s the one on which the Dublin Freebootsis usually disport themselves. As showing the strength of 1 ritonv.lle, it might be stated that seven of them have ( been selected to play for Lein",ter against Mui;ster, so the Northetn Welsh can pride themselves upon no mean achievement.