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Agricultural Education In Car- narvonshire and Anglesey. The following is a report. of the Committee of the County Councils and the University College of North Wales for the season 1898-9 CARNARVONSHIRE. In 1898 the Carnarvonshire County Coun- cil voted the sum of £ 300 towards agricul- tural instruction to be carried out in connec- tion with the University College of North Wales. The grant was allocated as fol- lows:—Dairy work, £ 65; two in-college exhibitions of E20 each, £ 40; field experi- ments, £ 65 forty extension lectures, £ 100 four scholarships of £ 7 10s to enable pupil's to attend the college short course in agricul- ture. £ 30; total, £300. The work thus ar- ranged for had been carried out as follows: -1. Dairy Work: During the summer of 1898 ten days' courses of instruction in but- termaking were held at four centres, name- ly, Sarn, Clynnog, Chwilog, Bangor. The attendance at the different centres was Quite satisfactory and a large number of visitors attended. Ten exhibitions were awarded on the results of an examination to pupils who had attended the dairy classes in Car- narvonshire to enable them to attend the dairy school at Bangor and to compete for the certificate in buttermaking awarded by the college. The value of the exhibitions was £1 10s. The examiners reported that the practical work was good and that the candidates showed by their answers to the questions in the oral examination that they bad obtained some grasp of the subject.. II. In-College Exhibition The agricultural Exhibition of £ 20- a year which was awarded to John Williams, Penlan, Llandegai, a pupil of Friars School, Bangor, at the com- mencement of the summer term, 1898, was renewed for a second year. A further exhi- bition of £20 a year was awarded at Christ- mas, 1898, to R. Did Hughes Davies, Bryn- llaeth, Pwllheli, a pupil of the Pwllheli County School. Mr Davies had previously held a short course exhibition. Both these students are pursuing courses at the College. III. Field Experiments: Field experiments had been carried! out at eleven centres in the county. IV. Extension Lectures: Exten- sion Lectures had! been delivered on agri- cultural subects to local classes in the county. All the lectures were delivered in Welsh, except those at Portdinorwic, which were given in Welsh and English. The at- tendance at most, of the centres had been satisfactory and, as a rule, great interest was shown in the work. V. Exhibitions of the value of E10 each for the short course for farmers' sons and others held during the autumn term of 1896 were awarded t.o. R. Ilid Hughes Davies, Brynllaeth, Pwll- heli; Griffith Owen, Glanraion, Llanfaglan, Carnarvon; and Robert Lloyd Roberts, Plas Hen, Chwilog. The course was one of ten weeks, and was specially arranged for those unable to leave the farms for a whole year. The subjects taken were manures, management of pastures, book-keeping, chemistry, and land surveying. The stu- dents resided1 at Llangeflli and attended lec- tures at Bangor for three days in the week, the remaining three days being spent at the College Farm, Lledwigan. ANGLESEY. The Anglesey County Council voted the sum of tIaO for the season 1898-9 for work in connection with the Agricultural De- partment of the University College of North Wales The following; was the allocation of of the grant: —Dairy classes, £ 30 dairy seholarships, £ 10 field experiments, £ 30; in-coUege exhibition, £ 20; extension leo- tums, £ 60; total, £ 150. The work under a these heads had been carried out in the fol- 0 n lowing jnanner —I. Dairy Classes: During h e the summer of 1898, ten days' courses of t instruction in buttermaking ""were held ftt. Hangaffo Rhoscolyn and Llanddeusant. The attendance at the classes, both of pupils and visitors, was verysatisfactory. At Llanddeusant there were many -\Ao were anxious to join the class, but who could not be admitteiw,odng u o rahtse ul nydfrhmhn be admitted owing to the want of accommo- dation. The local committee therefore ap- d plied for a second course and offered to pay part of the expenses. On these conditions a second course was held!. The classes were 801lduc by Miss M. O. Hughes. ll. Dairy Scholarships After the work of the dairy classes was completed, an examination, open to all those who had regularly attended the course at any centre was held and on the results of this examination two exhibitions of the value of £:5 each were awarded to Frances E. Hyder, Tv, ybuarth, Llanfflew- yn, Llanddeusant; and Margaret S. Wil- liams, Treaserth, Llangaffo. In August, the exhibitioners proceeded to the College Dairy School at Lleweni Hall, Denbigh, where they received further instructions in butter- making and cheesemaking, and were boarded I free of charge for six weeks. At the end of their course both were awarded the ordinary certificates of the college in buttermaking and in cheesemaking. HI. Field Experi- ments: Field experimnts had been carried out on the manuring of pasture and root cfops at. five centres in the county. IV. In- College Exhibition This exhibition was not awarded. It was hoped that now the Inter- mediate-Schools were in working order there would in future be a strong competition. V. Extension Lectures: Extension lectures, all in Welsh, had been delivered by Mr C. Bryner Jones to local classes in the county. The attendance was not large at any centre, bat tne reports from the local secretaries had been invariably good. a

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