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BANGOR SUNDAY SERVICES. CHURCR OF ENGLAND The Cathedral (English) The Rev the Canon in Residence. (Welsh) Revs W. Edwards, J. Davies, B.A. St. James's (English) Eev W. Edwards, M.A. aad Rev D. R. Pugh, M. St Mary's (English; Revs T. Edwin Jones, -11. and B. Thomas, B. A. „ (Welsh) do do. St. David's (Welsh) Rev T Lewis Jones, B.A (English Evening Service)..Rev T.Lew, i. BAPTIST. English Chapel Rev. W. Saundeis. Penuel Rev. E. Eva is. A nen, GI&Aadda CAIXINISTlC Mb'l'liOlJIST. Princess Road (Eug.) Rev. W. G-. 0 wen. Beaum t. TaLeiaacle Rev E. Roberts, Doige Twrgwyn Rev. W. Matthews, .\1 A. Park Hill Rev. J. Pulestone Joues, _NI.A. Hirael Rev. J. Williams, Holyhaui. Glanadda C ONGli KGATlONAlilST. English Ehenezer Kev. E. Joucs. Pendrei Rev. R. Hughes, H.D. Hirael WKS-LKYAJJ. English Chapel Rev. R. C. LoweiJ. Horcb ..10, iiir. W. Thomas, Aber 6, Rev A. Davies, Llanfairfecuau. St Paul's 10, Rev. A. W. Davies; 6, Mr. \V. Thomas. Hirael 2, Rev. A. W. Davies; 6, Mr. J. NewtonDav.es. Glanadda Rev J. Jones, Llaniairxeciiuu. KOAlA* CATHOLIC S. Mary's Father Ratclin. Lord Penrhyn on Tuesday left Penrhyn Castle, Bangec, for Mortimer House, Lon- don. The Rev D. Powell, cf Liverpool, bas be911 t lected to deliver a series of lectures to the students of the North Wales Baptist Ccl- lege. THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.-T-he Carnarvon County Council have voted C300 to the Agricultural Department of the Ban- gor University College. ARFON C.M. COUNTY EXAMINATION. —Amongst the pnse winners in the above competition ars Misses E. M. Harding,Mary F. Dunlop, Masters David P. Williams, Alex. A. Dunlop, Harold S. Evans, of Prince's Road Chapei: W. J. Rowlands, Tabernacle Chapel; David C. Edwards, Misses Lizzie Owen, Lizzie Jones, Kate M. Owen, Hirael; Lizzie Butler, Park Hill; Jennie Hughes, Glanadda. All the above will receive money prizes at the Monthly Meeting in V* aenfawr, when Mr Henry Lewis, J.P., Belmont, will deliver an address to the competitors. THE DIOCESAN CHURCH CALEN- DAR, 1899.—The twenty-second issue of this invaluable work of reference has been sent by Messrs Nixon and Jarvis, Bangor, and in every respect will be found to possess all the admirable features of its predecessors, as •.veil a-s a proportion of new acceptable mat- ter concerning education., churchwardens, rating, &c., and the various church organi- sations and societies at home and abroad. Some little delay has been occasioned in the publication of the year book, through the change of bishops necessitating several items el;g rearranged or omitted, and some fresh matter inserted. Reference is made by the Rev E. B. Thomas, rector of Trawsfynydd, in his editorial preface, to the enforced re- tirement through ill-health cf Bishop Lloyd, and the wish expressed that he may yet re- gain health and strength. The editor also wishes Bishop Williams every jessing and encouragement in the arduous position into which he has been called. SHOPLIFTING.—At the Petty Sessions, on Tuesday, before Messrs J. E. Roberts (Mavor), John Hughes, Dr Langford Jones, Mr T. Roberts, and Colonel Marshall, Mary Evans, Kyffin square (alias "Mary Jones," alias "Mary Rees"), was charged with steal- ing an overcoat, the property of William Parkson Williams, Berllan Bach, and 15 chemises, belonging to Mr R. Williams, pawnbroker, Bangor.—Evidence was given by the police that the defendant was seen walking along the street in a state of semi- drunkenness. She had abundle under her arm. The police followed her to her house, and found there 15 chemises, which Thomis Bevan, the pawnbroker's assistant, identi- fied as those which had that dav been hung out in front of the shop. They were valued at 15s.—The defendant denied the charge, and said she had bought the goods from a militia man for a shilling.—Further evidence was given by the police, that they found that defendant had pawned an overcoat, which was identified by William Parkson Williams as his property. He valued it at 30s, and remembered placing it in the lobby of his own house on the 23rd April. He did not see it again until the police brought it to him.—It was further stated that the coat had been pledged on the 25th of April, for 2s 6d.-Defendant pleaded euilty to this ch arge, but said she was in drink at the time. —She was sentenced to one month's impri- sonment with hard labour for each offence, the sentences to run concurrently. ANNOYING A CITY COUNCILLOR.— Ou Tuesday, at the Petty Sessions, before the Mayor (Mr J. E. Roberts) and other magistrates, Mr T. G. Williams, Sackville road, a member of the City Council, sum- moned Thomas Chinan, Kyffin square, for a breach of the peace.—The complainant stated that the defendant, when in drink, was continually annoying him in the streets, and had threatened him. Last Saturday week the complainant had to summon the aid of a. police constable owing to the an- noyance caused by the defendant. It ap- peared that the defendant-, whose late wife had been Mr Williams's tenant, was contend- ing that the complainant owed him money, whereas, according to the complainant, the indebtedness was on the other side.—Thede- fendant denied threatening the complainant, and said that he was demanding money which had been due to bins for work done for com- plainant.—The defendant was bound over in the sum of jE5 to keep the peace for six months. PETTY SESSIONS.—Tuesday, before the Mayor (Mr J. E. Roberts), Mr John Hughes, Dr Langford Jones, Mr T. Ro- berts, and Colonel Marshall. DRUNKENNESSJohn Jones, 7, Hen- drewen road, Bangor, formerly a watch- maker at Llanfair P.G., was chraged with being drunk. He was fined 2s 6d and costs. —Elizabeth Ellis, Kyffin square, was afco fined 5s and costs for a similar offence.— Others convicted! for drunkenness were Ro- bert Roberts. Brvn, Llanfairfechan, 5s and costs; William Williamis, a tramp, Llanef- vdd, 5s and costs. BICYCLES WITHOUT LIGHTS.—E. D. Williams, music dealer, Bangor, was sum- mond for riding a bicycle without a light Defendant said that he had a lamp,but it con- tinually went out. lie admitted that he had no light, but he took every precaution to avoid collision. A fine of 2s 6d and costs was inflicted,W. Glynne Williams, the t master of Friars School, was also summoned for a similar offence. He did not appear, and was fined 5s and' costs. ANIMALS STR-A.YING.-Hugh Williams, Maesygroes, was summoned for allowing his cattle to stray on the 2nd inst.-Serge:a,nt Owen said he found a cow and a. goat stray- ing on the highway, and there were several complaints against the man, who had al- readv been fined twice for a similar offence. He was fined 10a and costs. AMLIIA,TION.-Elizabeth Jones, Tv'n- Ion Farm, Aber, a widow, summoned Ro- bert Jones, Crumlvn Arm. Aber, who she said was the father of her illegitimate child.— Mr Twigge Ellis appeared for the complain- ant, who said that the child died a few hours after birth in July, 1898. The defendant was the father of the child, and she clainied the expenses incidental to the birth and death of the child.—The Bench granted an order for £ 5 and costs, the plaintiff having offered to settle.


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