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THE CONGRESS, BERLIN, Thursday Night. It was expected when Congress met to-day it had practically concluded its labours, all unex- pected difficulty lias practically at the eleventh hour been raised by Russia, After the protocols of the last sitting had been approved, the report of the sub-committee on the Asiatic frontier was in the main adopted, Russia here, however, put in a claim for BayaziJ. and this the English pleni- potentiaries refused to recognise. It is noteworthy that the neutral powers approved and supported in the report of the committee the frontier which gave most territory to Russia. b A later telegram says the difficulty which has arisen about Russia's pretensions to Bayazid is rather serious. V VIENNA, Thursday.. By the stipulations of the Congress Russia will be allowed to keep one war vessel in the port of Batoum for police service. Other war vessels will be admitted if damaged and needing speedy repairs. ° SE RUN,'Thursday. It is thought the Congress will insert in the treaty itself and in the protocol the clause respect- ing Greece. In this case Turkey, though she has liitlferto refused to respond to the invitation addressed to her by the Congress on this point, will be obliged to take this into immediate serious consideration. A somewhat important al- teration was made to-day in the clause relating to Bosnia. The original draft said Turkey re- serves to have the right of coming to an under- standing with the Austria-Hungarian Govern- ment respecting the occupation and administra- tion of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It now reads that the Austrian Government reserves the right of. coming to an understanding on the details of this measure. Lastly, the Congress definitely settled the question of the straits by purelv and simply maintaining t\\estatus quo ante and impugn- ing all the clauses or tlie Sau Stefano treaty inconsistent therewith. BERLIN, Thursday. Lord Beaconsfield has been too ill during the last few davs to attend the Congress. the arrival of Dr Kicld, JÙ; me licat adviser, who was sutnmo aed from London by Mr Moutagu Corrv, the Earl's condition has much improved. Pro- bably he will be able to attend the parting dinner vt at the Schloss, on Saturday. ° Another correspondent says, for some days Lord Beaconsfield has been suffering from an asthmatic attack. On Monday, the symptoms became- so s-Tious, it was thought advisable to telegraph for his physician, who arrived yesterday," and found him considerably better. The improvement continues, and it is hoped he will be able to attend the sitting of the Congress .to-morrow. This evening, at ten o'clock, lie received a visit from Bisrnar ;k, who remained a full hour. It is very unusually for the Prince to make such long visits and it was feared some grave difficulty had arisen in the work of the Congress but I am assured the visit had a friendly rather than an official cha- racter. ;Jn consequence of opposition, the demolition of the fortifications Of Batoum has not been made obligatory upon Russia, but is only implied in its designation as a commercial port. The remaining particulars of various Assiatic border questions were settled to-day, and the in- stitution of a European Financial Commission re- commended to the Porte. To-morrow, it is anticipated, will see the conclusion of the debate. VIENNA, Thursday. Private advise asserts that in Crete a movement is on foot to ask for An English protectorate over the Island as an Autonomous state, and a petition to that effect was to be handed to Mr Baring. The movement is said to be connived at by the British, Government. I hear the news is not without foundation.