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I Shipping JTtotice^ f CJTEAM BETWEEN CARDIFF, i1 *^?UmF>J >OBELFAfcT GREENOCK,*AND GLASGOW. SAILINGS WEEKLY. The Screw Steam-ships PRINCESS ALEXANDRA, Captain Jfllls ANTONA, Captain Linklater C^THA, CapUin Huck- *>»n AII.SV, Captain Fry, are in fended to Sail with Goods f»d Passengers from East Bute Dock Basin Tr ,^ed circumstances), as follows during the month of AfKXt.. CARDIFF TO GLASGOW, AND BELFAST. 1 Monday 1 p.m. 21 Monday •• 12fln°°n Monday 6 p.m. Monday •• 6 P-m- (FROM BELFAST TO CARDIFF. 7 Monday 4 p.m. 21 Monday .3 p.m. U Monday -1 P-m. 30 Wednesday■ 2 p.m. GLASGOW TO CARDIFF, VIA BELFAST. [ ,5 8atorday 2 p.m. 19 Saturday 2 p.m. [ 12 Saturday 2 p.m. 29 Tuesday 2 p.m. With liberty to Tow and Assist Vessels. Fakes,-Belfast. cùbin, 17s. 6d.; Steerage, 10s.; Greenock or Cabin, 20s.; Steerage, 12s. 6d. Goods to be alongside in time for shipment Two Hours before ^"advertised time of sailing. Applv in Glasgow to William Sloan ft Co.; Greenock, to William Lind«av & Co. Swansea, to M. Jones & Brother; Belfast. to Robert Heiidernou and Son; Bristol, to Mark Whit- *ill & Son s#ld in Cardiff, to G. F. WEBB & CO., 1400 Bute Dock Bonded Warehouse ifF f lARDIFF T0 NEW Y0KK- ■' DIRECT STE AM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL AND THB t "il1 & Son; Ad in Cardiff, to G. F. WEBB & CO., 1400 Bnte Dock Bonded Warehouse ifF f lARDIFF T0 NEW Y0KK- ■' DIRECT STE AM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE BRISTOL CHANNEL AND THB UNITED TATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA. ttae SOUTH WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S New, first-class, full-powered, Clyde-built Steamships GLAMORGAN 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. PEMBROKE 2,500 Tons 500 h.p. CARMARTHEN 3,000Tons. 600h.p. Or other First-class Steamers, will sail regularly between CARDIFF AND NEW YORK, Steamships are built expressly for the Trade, and fitted-up all the latest improvements for the comfort and convene and Steerage Passengers. ^^eerage Passengers provided with mattresses. ^Stewardess carried for the female emigrants. -.otv, to be -Jhe GLAMORGAN will sail on SATURDAY, APRIL flowed by the PEMBROKE. RTlTr, For further particulars apply to rranTH, 11, BRISTOL BUBGETT & JAMES, a"dE1BA O*J, King-street. U?,^NSEA RICHARDSON & Co. Co S?ORT G. W. JONBS, HKAR". S C0- ^ONHCESTER W. 0. 1.UCY & Co. *>g&ooi J- U a'tk^bkoti'br8. RlSf., Ph'DO AUSXANDBR B"0 JOHN R- T*IE1)li 1, Castle-street. TBTKyr TYDF;L W.J. r*xif"bh' EliDARE E. G. 24, Seymour-street. SWoRn HABC Thottkr. ^MBROKkHopk s B. SKETCH. ^enby. jI>ock ••••; iliciiARD MASON. *aveIW' victona-piace. CarDIGA\- '} w T l'^UNCBLOT LowriiKR, 21, Quay-st. *&EDPrAw T. M. Cuff, Sirhowy Railway. BUKENFV SAMUEL CHARLKY, JtHYMNKY E. EVANS, l'ost-office. ABEHAVOX *•• E- EVASB- stationer. ^LANELLY JOHN J. CHALINDKR, Post-office. J&Eorky WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Grocer. J. H. N. JUDD, Beaufort-house. °f at the Company's Office. 1, DOCK-CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. 3712 JOHN LAUGHLAND, Manager. T^MAN LINE of ROYAL MAIL JL STEAMERS, appointed to sail from sSBSiWBWt^. LIVERPOOL, vid QUEENSTOWN to NEW t0RK, evervT^ESD \Y and THURSDAY. CITY OF LONDON THURSDAY, APRIL 10. CITY OF NEW YORK TUESDAY, APRIL 15. VJITY OF PARIS THURSDAY, APRIL 17. .CITY OF RALTIMORE TUESDAY, APRIL 22. 4**loQn Passage—Tuesday Sailings. 12 aiul 15 Guineas; Diurs- [ings, 15 Guineas and 38 Guinoas, having equal Saloon I peerage Passage to New York, Six Guineas, with supply of Cooked Provisions. Passengers forwarded to Bos- jf Baltimore, or Portland without extra charge. bo^engers for all parts of CANADA and the LNIIED STATES l» through 011 very advantageous terms. It, 0t further particulars, apply to WILLIAM INMAN, 22, Water- Liverpool, JOBetn BURTON & SON, South C'hurch-street. Cardiff. l^KPH GARWOOD, 57. Scott-street, Cardiff or to ^6i>Krick LOVETT, Windsor Hotel, Penarth. 2249 A LLAN ROYAL MAIL LINE j\_ SHORTEST SEA PASSAGE TO CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES. ^St Rout, to the West. „rv m p_ Cbe superb Steamships of this Line nowrun t¡ &rding Pa.ssengers to NEW y'mK and BOSTON, and to all » g "fsa «:" T "jrSSfiBSfeS n fl>AiVaScotian, Tues., 1 Apri t^armatiin rhurs., 1 ^3 r, 'Vnegian, Thursday 3 St. David, Tuesday, 6 iV^Pian, Tuesday, 8 tCireassian, Thursday, 8 „ Austrian, Thursday, 10 Nova Sootian. Tnes., 13 „ k, tPolynesian, Thurs., If >» e }tall Steamships for HALIFAX, NORFOLK, and BALTIMORE r, sail as follows:— forwarding PaasenRers by Rail to all parts of the Middle to Western, South Western and Southern States. ljSjftorian, Tuesday- *-•> Map.jNostorian, Tuesday, 6 May. jf'bernian, Tues'ay, 8 April Austrian, Tuesday, 20 >> '• American, Tuesday, 2° Cabin Passage to Halifax, Portland, Quebec, Boston, New York, Jforfolk, Baltimore, or pbiiadelpbia, a;18 18S. or £ 15 15p. according V» accommodat ion, includiri"" Provisions, hut not Wines or Liquors Mlidi can be obtained on board. Keturn Tickets at redueed i Jtes. A limited i, trrber of intermediate passengers are taken in 1of f ^hStear.ier Mt 4'Qu- infludimr Beds, Beading, and all neces- I for bertha ist<Jna<'e'r! ;u'vru'(;c- Tiolifiiv Qn'-bec, Portland, Bos- va;,re-, assatret0 St" ,J- -.ore £ 0 &s" meliidinga plenti- tu, • York, Norfolk, or lialtinwr ra(ve Stewardesses are ivSuppiy ,,f cooked provisions. »'tfc "jv. female passengers by this line to attend to the wan j! children. tn the Railway Cars KfOoage taken from, the Ocean Steamships V' Expense. can be obtained Sk ?y infonr.ation required concerning ^ana A,rent, {or the \ilr. Dixon, 11, Adam-street, Adelphi, Lone n 5?ian Government. o^nts vd>f)hlet8 on Canada supplied gratis by our at,e»* UKTON" W4test Routk to SAN FttANCISCO, {avour- RAILROAD. THROUGH TICKETS issued on the mo 'erins. For Freight or Passage, applv to ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., Alexandra Buildings, James-street, Liverpool, am, (L 85, Fovie-street, Londonderry, Kj* George Bird, 246, Bute-Street, Cardiff; John R. Taylor, •b^'haster, Pontymister, near Newport; James Ayre. 64, • Newport K. Prust & Sons, 9, Quay Parade, 5 Bowen. 17, Thomas-street., Llanelly John Copeland, l'24. O^'Street, Merthyr l'ydvil; Jackson & Co., Jlilford Haven; Humphreys, Welfield-road, Carmarthen; David T. Wilder, Pontypridd; James R, Morgan, Pontypridd, fo, COMPANY'S SPKCIAL XOTIC1! TO EJIIOKANTS. e advise Passengers to obtain their Tickets from our Agents leaving home. 48C9 fpx NATIONAL LINE WMX,} TO NEW YORK. LARGEST STEAMERS AFLOAT. FRmr LIVERPOOL EVERY WEDNESDAY. FROM tjCEENSTOWN EVERY THURSDAY, The well-known full-powered Iron Screw Steam-ships Tons Ships Tons, Grogan 50f>t England, Kemp 4000 41)00 The Queen, Andrews 4441 £ <y, Griggs 4302 Holland, Bra-g 3S47 (0<ice, Thomson 357i Er.irij Lawson 3956 ijj/^da, Webster 3500 Helvetia, Spencer 3974 ^ce,Thomas 3500 Denmark, Sumner 3723 Will sail from Liverpool to New York as under: %i?J'Y Wednesday, 9th April. Wednesday, 16 th April. 'PT • ■ Wednesday, 23rd April. >. Leaving Queenstown the following days. hJ"« Saloon accommodation is unsurpasSed__tjle state -rooms Unusually large, and opei Saloons situated in Pooij d^te of passage, 12,15, and 17 accommo- in State-room—all having same pri liege in Saloon. Return ^5et8, TWENTY-FIVE GUINEAS. COMFORT of STEERAGE PAsSE^ERS .specwJly c°n. ^d-the accommodation being unequalled lor space, hght) "F8 OF PASSA(iE-aS as 'f Fresh Provisions served up cooked bj COJipanj aei vants. 'f Fresh Provisions served up cooked bj COJipanj aei vants. Steu!^1-, Attenuate free. ctpora^e Passengers. Ste«ar 1,1 aUendanceFcmaleSteer_- and Baltimore Ste«ar 1,1 aUendanceFcmaleSteer_- and Baltimore ,°»'^r,age P;iss,seri lOT^arded to Ouebec n'Francisco, and wi extra charge—and booked through to terms p"land towns of United States and Canada on fa )0iall(i China ^gers booked through to Australia, New S Japan. 0r Freight or Passage apply to THE NATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. (LIMITED,) d 23, Water-street, Liverpool, iri^id J. CUMMINS and BROS., Queenstown,-to Messrs- • • t ?HOLAS and CO., 130, Britannia-buildings, Bute Docks, *kft°RQAS (Cymro), 19, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tj'dfil; p SI? i'aowN, Newport, Mou.; F. W. CAUKT, Aberdare C'HAS. r■ N, Neath; JAS. A. MORGAN, Postmaster, Pontypool; HENRY r^Wc0OR, High-street, Abersyehan Tiios. MoaaAN, Mina-street, ^elly; J. W. DOV/n, Terminus Hotel, Bristol. IIEongers are advised to secure their Passages from the Local tb before leaving home. 5241 Stanton & COMPANY, STEAM CONFEC- TIONERY WORKS, LEW IE AD, BRISTOL. Manufacturers of their Celebrated BUTTER SCOTCH, FRUIT PRESERVE, BOILED SUGARS, PEPPERMINTS, &c. 4604 ftEDlNGFIELD'S Twelve years in the steamers "jr* between Southampton ^ad for his Illustrated and Havana, Price List. Intimate acquaintance with k. BEDINOFIELD'S the *ISK BRISTOL BIKHSEYE, TXAVANA markets of A 8old only in packets. JLX. this erV varied Assortment of Samples celebrated oi) receipt of us. place, ^conists, Wine Merchants. Grocers demists, &c., supplied with the /^IGARS, finest Bristol Tobaccos. \—1 PRICKS ON APPLICATION. Wholesale Dealer in Tobacconists' Goods. AND PARK-STREET, BRISTOL. 4776 LARGEST MINERAL WATER WORKS IN THE 0WEST OF ENGL/KD. ARTEH AND CO., k WILDER-STR! ET, BRISTOL, tC'e latelv erected expensive Machinery for the Manufacture of Wi%he8t qualities of SODA, SELTZEH, and POTASS WATERS* i ViH°-VADE and TONIC OUININE WATER. Soe our Trade ■ dolphins and Anchor on Shield) on erery label, a« mogt I use Wie colour and shape, 4775 jgiilcs Jlnctian. 1VP-P.T-, SELL, by AU ^1 ION, at at tw0 for three o'clock, on IUCKSDAV, the ath day ofKMA^i?'^}oLo PRKMISES adjoin- all those extensive anu valuable F > East Wharf, Glamorgan- in? the Custom-hoiipe, and situ.ite on an(1 the shire Canal, including the York-» oulbuil lings in offices of the Board -ining an area of 665 square jards the rear thereof, the whole e jeet 4 inches or thereabouts or iherea .outs wita 11 /route^ o jnde_udent approach at the to the East Wharf, and ha »fc Ustom-h*use-street ^better known back of the Custom-house from ousw as^hit"re"!ane)- two bars, one parlour, smoking-room, The pubhe-houso COIlt;al^(^ot)m, six bedrooms, club-room, 45 kitchen, aud s ul ery, snun-■ sta'We8> alld coach-houses. Be- feet long store-rooms, custom-house are two convenient tween tue Puolic-house auu Trade- offices, now sub-let to the Lh(j most valuable freehold site8 in This Property f°«m dva,ntages are almost unequalled, being Card ff.. i^c^rnne: ^fbus^e88 part o{ the t„{vll) situate in the centi lQ the Glamorganshire Canal, with its the Custom-house, wlthiu a few yards of the Great Western valuable wharfa^ ^r tQ rebuiit on an extensive scale. Railway Station s -tmisi,s are iet on lease for the term of 21 'Ihe whole of the^ q{ rcbruary) to Mr Benjamju Tem. oMt at'the yearly rent of t«3o, the offices, stables, co ich-house, and yard being s^i'-uiars apply to the Auctioneer, 21, Queen- street Cardiff; or to Grover and Grover. solicitors, Cardiff 5527 SALE TO-MORROW. TO SHIP CHANOLERS, CAPTAINS, PAINTERS, &e. Unieserved Sale of Green. Blue, Yellow White, Red, and Black i. aiuts* At the VICTORIA St. Mary-street, Cardiff. MESSRS. N. la WHENCE & Co. will SELL by AUCTION, at the above spacious rooms, 011 THURSDAY, the 10th of APRIL, 1873, about Six Tons of PA 1 Via, in Tins vary- ing from 14-, 16, and 181bs. each, Ground in best Linseed Oil. Sale to cuuimence at iliilf-jjasi Two o'clock. There will be no Reserve as the Lots must be cleared out as soon as possible. Auctioneers Chambers, Victoria Rooms, Cardiff. 5457 SALI,, THIS DAY. ™ AUCTION MART, CANTuN MARKET, CARDIFF. MMonthly bales of ,'at, and Store Stock, Horses, Carriages, &c. U. BOBINGTON, M.R.C.Y.S., announces t; at bis next and Hit!- MONTHLY SALE of STOCK, HOUSES, CARRIAGES, &C., will take place as above, on WEDNES- DAY, APRIL 9th, 1873. 1. Brown Cob Mare, 0 Years old, 14 hands high, goes in harness fast. 2. Chestnut Cob, 6 years old, 14 hands two inches high, quiet to ride and drive. 3. An excellent Second-hand Phaeton. 4. 1 our-wheeled Phaeton, in good condition. 5. A Coburg Carriage, by Rogers, of Bristol, in gi^od condition; cover and lamps complete. Constructed to carry four persons inside and three outtide. 6. Set of Single Harness. 7. A Two-wheeled iron Plough, new, bv Howard. 8. Ditto ditto ditto 9. Strong Stone Cart. A'so, if net previously disposed of by Private Contract, Two excellent new Milciied Cows, with calt at their sides. Entries for this Sale are respectfully solicited. All acoullts settled same day. Sale will commence punctually at EleVEn a.m. Cattle will in all eases be offered lirst. GEO. BODINGTON, M.R.C.V.S., Auctioneer. Residence and Offices, 4, Penl!;ue-terraoc, Canton, ardifL 5515 Spelter and Paint Works, ,-waiiiiea.-Tliese Premises are suitable for (or could be easily converted to uses of) other Businesses, were space is of 'mportance. MR. JOHN M. LEEDER has been instructed to SELL by AUCTION", at the Mackworth Anns Hotel, Wind-street, Swansea, on FRIDAY, 25th day of April, 1873, at Three o'clock in the afternoon (subject to such conditions as shall then be produced), all that valuable LEASEHOLD SPELTER and PAINT WORKs, formerly carried on by Messrs. Shackeford and Ford, situate at S,vansem, ill the County of Glamorgan, together with the several Pieces and Parcels of Land adjoining or belong- ing thereto. The above valuable property will be offered in the undermen- tioned. or such other lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, viz. Lor 1.—Ul those Spelter and Paint Works, situate in the Bur- rows, between the Vale of Neath Railway and the Tellnant Uanal, in the parish of Llansamlet, near Swansea, aforesaid, with he Cottage, Warehouses, Sheds, and other Buildings, containing about 1 acre 1 rood 2 perches (more or less). (N.B.—The Cottages now or recmtly occupied by inomas Cooper and Thomas fc-olk are not offered for sale.) Lor 2.—All that PIECE or PARCEL of LAND, containing 4 acres (mere or less), also situate in the Burrows, aforesaid, in me parish of Llansamlet, between the said Vale of Neath Railway anu the Sea, and bounded on the east by land of the Earl of Jersey, on t'te west by a piece 01 land belonging to the Swansea Waggon (Limited); also all that Strip of Land, about 9 feet wide, and measuring in length about 1,138 feet, situate in the Burrows, aforesaid, in the pariah of Llansamlet, aforesaid, between the works and premises of the Swansea Waggon Co. (Limited), and the said railway. The Works, Hereditaments, and Premises comprised in the above lots will be sold for the residue of a term of GO years, com- mencing from the 24th day of June, 1863, granted therein by an Indenture of Lease, dated the 3rd day of March, 1865, subject to the payment of the yearly rent of £ 110, to be appropriated be- tween the said two lots, und tu the observance aud performance of the covenants and condition* in the said iast-mentioned Inden- ture of Lease reserved and cntained. All the Works, Lots, Hereditaments, and Premises will be sold, with ail rights of way, and other rights and easemeuts belonging or appertaining thereto, and subject to all rights of way, and other rights and easements to which the same are now respec- tively subject or liable, or whicn in any way affect the same re- spectively. All the Trade and other Fixtures, fixed and moveable Plant, in and upon, aifixed or belonging to, the said above-mentioned Spelter and Paint Works and Prsmises, must be taken by the purchasers at a valuation to be made in the usual way. For further particu ars and cards to view, apply to T. H. Ensor, Esq., solicitor, Cardiff W. B. Watkins, Esq., London and Pro- vincial Bank Company or to the Auctioneer, Oxford Chambers, Swansea. 5528 SALE TO-MORROW. TONYPLAMVYDD FARM, NEAR PONT-NEATH-VAUGHAN, Xwo-ajw-a-half miles from Glyn-Xeath Station, 011 the Vale of Neath Railway, and two prom OnlKvyn Station, on the Lrim, c. ^"eath r.ii,; lire.-on Railway. E\\ IS BROS, -are instructed by Mr. Win. on the nvefni(Wh0 18 lea'J- th" Farm), to SELL by AUCTION, whole of h\ 18' ¥ above on VIH RSDAY. APRIL, 10th, 1878, the Ic^m,a-LingT !e UVU SToCiv, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, A^r"n 'T|f f cows with calves, 1 cow to caive about the 20th the HOth a ,i\ya':Ve about the 2.sth April, 1 ditto to calve about H vearliiif iil'if fuil mUk, 2 tv.o-year-oid heifers in calf, Lfd 1 diifo ri^'s! yearlin2 bull, 2yearling steers, 1 ditto rising2, HORSES.-A sevel to ride and drive, a verv"fftoH Mac,< co!1, lian(^s. quiet Hi hands, a capital 5 «x-year-old bay cart mare hands in foal by y()^ F,l^chaiM, a,ld ,?haft; ,}?y 14 Express," and 1 yearling^R i> ^y«arhnf „colt 1>y ounS PIGS.—5 store pigs. by Comet.' POULTKY.— Geeset ducks arwi 1 DIPLEMENTS. — Plough, harrow nehaff c„tter cart dun-cart ness, 2 lotfg ladSrs', Tdi^9A^>^n^>^0^lft"I"U^^PPrOVed BU,S' 011 Purchases ex" ^Refreshments on the table at XI, Sa!e tQ uommenue at 12 pre. The Auctioneers resinvite special attention to this Stock. The 'Jf the He.-eford Breed, are perfectly orkers.Veil-condiUo^d01^^0"- Hm'S°S are sterhnt, r x7th March, 1873. > and sound. The Marc, Neat", 5485 SALE THIS DAYT^- rrAvr'S CUtA\ E HOUSE, BRITTON FFRRV Sale of Household Furniture. RY" f EWIS BEoTX4^ by B. P. Li Bidder, Esq., to »- 9th 1 th(ui premises as above, on WW)SBS^ j-H'0uSKHOL D FURNIturk '3ll,)winS superior and wetl-prcstn g with tWQ extra } UjRL, VIZ. Mahogany telescope dma% „ arm chair8 upholste • ]8 r'la »> parts m,.not4anj -eueia, lGO and sofa Ubles in rose- rssi :nSh?f rs with easy chair and sofa en suite, t ,laIn'r • book-case in rosewood .villi book-shelves ™d cabinets combined book-stands and fire-screen in a'ld/cm; broke tables; harmonium; planet'te hall stand and table; stair carpets mahogany ches f washing stands, and dressing tables mahogany Irene. ds Brussels car- pets bedroom chairs side saddle ehua sauclle; and numerous other lots of useful effects. n'nioot Sale t o commence at Three o Clock, p.m. The Mart, Neath, April 5th, 1873. bobO BRYNTIKION VILLA, MERTHYR-TYDFIL. Sale of valuable Household Furniture, &c. MU. DaYSD EYANS is Wst^cted by the Executors of the late Miss i'aV1^ by AUCTION, at Bryntirion Villa, Thomas-town, Merthjr-ljdhl, 0n Im'RSDA^, the 10th of APRIL. 1873, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FUit^JXURI- particulars oi which Will begiY«"> in ihe Catalogue, which may be had of the Auctioneer the day the Sale. Sale to commence at Eleven o clock, 4, as-stl'eet.. :Iel'thvr. Ilrch 28, 173. 5523 f Thonias-street, Merthvr, March 28, 1^73- 5523 S ALE T O-M 0 R ROW. MERTHYR TYDFIL. «-r> Valuable Horse and Carriage jVS p D EVANS is instructed by the at Brvnhi^CU^°^s of the late Miss Davies, to SELL by AUCTION, Four o'clrJ^t Merthyr, on THUIUSBAY, Ai'a|L 10th, 1^73, at HOR8F h,„ Pr,-U'8ely. a po-virful and handsome CARRIAGE harness; and TBRO'IT^ A »rdS &-vears 0,d» wld qi''f^in Merthyr, March 3^1st "fe73 J" THIS "AY AND TO-MORROW. T „Arhnt Sale of RMAVVH' NEAR BRIDGitND. ^U1P Horses, Implements, Household Mp RTPTJ \1iV^ire' J,ai'"v Utensils, &c. with instriief JONES has been favoured tlv Fariu) to'st /?"'1 Mrs- Catherine Powell (who is giving 'h„ 9th aV„| 1 on by AUCTION, on WBBSKSDAY and VSfiw* %.«»«' 'p' va M e.-A-es With lambs, fo il' ,&c-' comprising 58 superior Cotswo d e .4 Read of Cattu do" do-' and yearling Cotswold f, iSllme 2-year-oUl k '„v,z-'14 Milch cows, in calf and full ^cUie and l^eaiveg Vf^ld 8teers' 4 heifer8> do., 12 yearlm- x do. in foal/^8- 9 horses, 1 powerful cart horse, Well under saddle j ^re in,f.oa1' } P1'0""81'1^ 3-year-olil filly* p ^iiv with the wk' » "~year-old cart colt, 1 do. do and 1 yearly nUJ the wh^e 0f the Implements and Household Furnit ^,ind billg) and Full particulars i j, Bridgend y be had on application to he Auctioneer,1'own 5516 TMPOKTAlNT <>" Mox- J- DAV APRIL litn' irom Haverfordwest? XIES' at EaSt Dudwell Farm (four m^es Is reducing his f^ Prouerty of Mr. S. Marvchurc.i, who harvestSeveral RICKS of MEADOW and h £ Ll.SSSl^lMid 1872 PURE-BRED SHORi lU '^v[.;vTY STORE EWEs". »;nd In" calf Cows and Heifers SE HORSES • lun,i THIRTY Sale to commence at one i.<so. Auctioneer's Office. St. 5547 Old Bridge, Hav6rf(\1'dwe 5547 A LEXANDER BROTHERS, AUCTIONEEKS AND ACCOUNTANTS, II AGENTS AND VALUERS, 24, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 5597 public Jtoticcs. ISSUK OF 16,500 SHARES OF £10 each, of THE BONVILLES COURT COAL and IRON COMPANY (Limited). Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 and 1867, by which the liability of shareholders is limited to the amount of their shares.. SHARE CAPITAL— £ 200,000, in 20,000 shares of 410 each, of which 16,500 are now for subscription. PRICE OF SUBSCRIPTION, par-or;elo per share, payable as follows:- klpershare.cin application. 3 on allotment. 3 on 20th May, 1873. 3 on 20th June, 1873. zio Subscribers may pay up their shares in full on any day on which an instalment is due, entitling them to discount at the rate of A:6 per cent. per annum for such prepayment. DIRECTORS. JAMES BEAUMONT. Esq., Merrow, near Guildford (late General Manager of the East India Iron Company). WENTWORTH GORE, Esq., London, and Lyndhurst, Hants. FREDERICK LEVICK, Esq., 46, Belsize-park, London (late Managing Director of the Blaina Iron Company). The Hon. llENRY WILLIAM PETRE, Springfield, near Chelms- ford, Essex. CHAHLES RANKEN VICKERMAN, Esq., Hean Castle, near Tenby, and Thoby Priory, Essex. BANKERS. The LONDON and COUNTY B \NK, 21, Lombard-street, E.C., London. SOLICITOR. JOHN HOLMES, Esq., 34, Clement's-lane, London, E. C. AUDITOR. ALFRED ALLOTT, Esq. (Auditorof the Midland Railway Company). SECRETARY-JOHN ROBERTS, Esq. OFFICES. 8, GREAT WINCHESTER-STREET-BUILDINGS. E.C., LONDON. BONVILLES COURT COLLIERIES, near TENBY, South Wales. This Company is formed for the purpose of acquiring, working, and further eeveloping the well-known extensive and valuable coal and mineral properties—portions of which have been in work from 40 to 50 yerrs-kiiown as the Bonvilles Court Collieries and the Kilgetty Ironworks and Collieries, situate at Saundersfoot, near Tenby, South Wales, together with the rich hematite deposits at Penally, South Wales. These extensive and valuable works, Upon which a very large sum of money has been expended, were formerly owned by Mr. C. R. Vickerman, in conjunction with several relatives and.friends; but, in consequence of deaths and family arrangements, the whole burden of the undertaking devolved upon him exclusively, and, as he resides for the greater part of the year in a distant county, he det -rmined to d spose of the works to the present vendor to this Company, accepting, however, a seat at the board. The Company will therefore have the benefit of his valuable ex- perience and assistance, which his knowledge of the district and his influence with the resident population enable him effectually to give. The Company also acquire the railway's (about seven miles in length) which intersect the property, connecting it and the neighbouring collieries and works with the harbour of Saunders- foot, and the Company also become proprietors of the harbour of Saundersfoot, which is of considerable local importance, being the port at which coals are shipped from the district. The Bonvilles Court Collieries are well known throughout England, as they supply the special quality of coal chiefly used for malting purposes called Myers' Malting Anthracite Coal," which commands very high prices, being especially suitable for the preparation of the best malt. The area of the estates as to which this Company possess mining rights is more than 7,000 acres, or 11 square miles. They are held upon mining leases for long unexpired terms, at very low dead rents and moderate royalties. The mineral lands comprise numerous veins of argillaceous iron- stone of proved good quality. The present contents of the coal fields are calculated at 8,000,000 tons. The coal is of the rarest quality, is absolutely free from sulphur and other deleterious ingredients, and approaches more nearly to charcoal than does any other fuel, and consequently commands very high prices at all times. <. ""Proved process adopted at the Kilgetty Works, the 'culm' is utilised by conversion into a superior quality of coke for use In the furnaces, and it is specially suited for the manufac- ture of patent fuel, for which there is a great and continuous demand. The deposits of hematite ore are rich in quality, yielding over 60 per cent. of metallic iron. The extent of these deposits not having been ascertained, no estimate has been made of their probable yidd, although doubtless it will prove a source of considerable revenue. About 1,000 tons have been raised and used. ine Kilgetty Ironworks are of a very complete character, comprising blast furnaces, cast-house and hot-air stoves, gas apparatus, calcining kilns, coke ovens, engines and boilers, coal wash i g and griudlng machinery, and all the requisites for the economical manufacture of pig iron, the existing furnace plant D ung capable of producing abont 15,000 tons of pig iron per annum. It is intended to erect immediately additional fur- naces, capable of treating a further 15.000 tons, thus in- creasing the total capacity of manufacture of pig iron to 30,000 t >r;s annually. The pig iron produced at Kilgetty is of special excellence, and is much esteemed from its similarity to charcoal iron, arising chiefly from the exceptionally pure character of the coal used at the works. It is also specially suitable for the manufacture of Bessemer steel, armour p ates, tin plates, &c., and meets with a r<:ady sale in anticipation of production. The works also include plant for the manufacture of patent fuel. Saundersfoot Harbour, with its quays, wharves, landing-stages, shoots, &c., was constructed under special Act of Parliament, by which tolls and dues are authorised to be levied. These will belong to the Company, which will also have the right of levying a railway toll on all goods aud traffic. The !Jo,¡;ei>sion of th.) harbour, among other advantage^ plvwou the works in direet communication with Milford Haven, the Government dock, ard at Pembroke, and by railway and sea with all parts of the kingdom. The saving of tolls and shipping dues alone average from Is. fed. to 2s. 6d. per ton. The railways are about seven miles in length. Tile purcliase-money, payable b., the Company for the entire properties, including the railway, harbour, &c., as a going con- cern, is A:210,000, this amount being based on the reports made by B. P. Bidder, Esq., and Lewis Thomas.Lewis, Esq., I.G.S., jointly, and by Messrs. William Bird & Co. As a proof of the confidence in the undertaking entertained by the vendor, lie has coiisciite-i to allow the sum oft25,000 to stand as a deferred payment for five 3 ears, taking mortgage debentures bearing interest at 6 per cent, per annum for such sum, the balance-namel. £ > 15,00 .)—being payable in cash. This arrangement may be looked upon as of a very favourable character, as the entire profits of the undertaking—after deduct- ing the amount necessary to pay interest upon the debentures (amounting to £5,700 per annum only)-wlll be available for division as dividends on the share capital of the company .now for subscription. After such payment to the vendor there will remain the sum of ;t50,000-an amount considered amply sufficient to provide for the purchase of the stocks manufactured and now at the works, to furnish the necessary working capital, to provide for the develop- ment of the coal properties, and for such an augmentation of plant as to enable the .works to produce 30,000 tons of pig iron per annum, without interfering with the supplies necessary for the maintenance of the present coal trade. In the terms of purchase no addition has been made for the ex- tremely valuable goodwill and brand, and the very valuable con- nection, extending throughout England and Ireland, both for Myers' malting coal as well as the Kilgetty iron, which is well known as of a specially choice make. The current prices for the coal delivered, f.o.b., in Saundersfoot harbour is 27s. per ton. For Bessemer pig iron the price would be £ 8 10s. tot9 per ton but as the present quotation may be eon- I sidered, to a certain extent, as exceptional, the directors have thought it safer to take, as the basis of their calculation, the esti- mates to be found in the following extract from the report of Messrs. Bidder and Lewis, which, being based on an average of a number of years, may be considered normal Dealing with an output of 200 tons of coal and culm per day -60,000 tons per annum, at a cost of 8s. 6d. per ton; and assuming that one-half, or 30,000 tons, will be culm (to be converted into anthracite coke," and consumed in the blast furnaces, in addition to what is consumed by the engines, and sold to the local trade at cost price), there will remain 30,000 tons, which, at the recent average selling price of 25s. per ton, would show a profit of 16s. 6d. per ton; but by allowing a further 2s. 6d., and not assuming any consequent increase in the selling price, there would still be left a profit of 14s. per ton. £ 21,000 The yield of four blast furnaces, at 150 tons eaen per week, would produce 30,000 tons of pig iron per annum, which at present rates and prices, woula show an actual profit of £2 to £ 3 per ton but assume an average profit of 20s. per ton (which, for the special reasons already given is fairly probable, and more likely to be increased than diminislied), and the income irom the four furnaces would give, per annum" OC30,000 P-51,000 After providing for payment of interest on the debentures the net profits would, according to these e-timates, yield very large dividends on the share capital of the Company. An additional value is given to the position and extent of the property, and to the quality of the minerals (before commented upon), by the very exceptional nature of the labour employed, as regards quality and permanence, It is drawn from the numerous class of small freeholders and occupiers of land, whose status forms a special feature of the district. The directors feel every confidence that the results of this Com- pany will be highly satisfactory, the property being of a most complete character, offering a remarkable field for development in every branch of the undertaking. Copies of the reports and valuations of B P Bidder Esq., Lewis Thomas Lewis, Ksq., and Messrs. William Bird and Co., of the agreement for purchase, and of the memorandum and articles of association, can be seen at the offices of the solicitor twin S^t, £ SSLbrt°e d"ma wl"48 re- Should a less number of allotted than are applied for the deposit will be made available towards the sum payable on allotment. Applications ?r made on the accompanying form, which must be* Wlt'1 a deposit of £ 1 per share, to the bankers o London and County Bank, 21, Lombard-street,London, or any of its branches, <r to the Secretary, at the omces ot the Company, 8, Great Winchester- strcet-bmUl^g.J;11' where prospectuses and forms of application may o By order of the Board, „ „ JOHN ROBERTS, Secretary. Offices of the Company, Sd' Great Winchl:ster-stleet-buiJùiHgs, April, 1873. The following contract has been entered into on behalf of the ^5TATriTl8'3-VohlrRXrlmad? bfWeen Thomas Levick of the one part, and John Roberts, as trustee for and on behalf of the Company, of the other part. 4 T«CTTF NF 16 500 SHARES of £ 10 each of the BOWTLLES COURT COAL and IRON COMPANY (Lindted ) FORM OF APPLICATION. FORM OF APPLICATION. (To be retained by the Bankers.) To the Directors of the Coal and Iron Company Gentlemen, -Having paid to your credit at your bankers, the London and County ^nk- 1 fif fl, Ti being £ 1 per share on shares of £ 10 e< <lIi of the B0 villes Court Coal and Iron Company (Limited), I equest j ou to allot me that number of shares; and I hereby agree to accept the same, or any smaller number that may be allotted to me, and to pay the balance due thereon, according to the termsi of the prospectus dated 5th April, 1873. Name (in full) Address Profession (if any) Date. .1873. Signature (Addition to be filled up if the applicant wishes to pay up in full on allotment.) I desire to avail myself of the privilege to pay up in full on allotment the above shares, in terms of prospectus. 5587 Signature TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are WANTED for the ERECTION of 25 WORKMEN'S COTTAGES. P-ticulars may be obtained by applying to the Manager, Aber- tllry Iron and Tin-plate Works, Abertillery, near Newport, Mun. ■lenders tp be sent in on or before the 14th April next. 5546 public Jtotices. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. THE CANADA SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. AGBKT8 AND BAXKKR8 IN LOXDeN. The LONDON BANK OF COMMERCE (Limited), 6, Lothbury, E.C. ISSUE OF RW,000 STERLING 7 PER CENT. FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS, (Part of a total Sum of 9,000,000 dollars, of which 6,260,000 dollars are issued in America, and the remaining 240,000 dollars are re- served for further extensions.) IK 2,600 BONDS TO BEARKR OF Z200 EACH, Bearing Interest from 1st January, 1873, payable half-yearly, upon Coupons annexed. Redeemable by accumulative sinking Fund in 31 years, from 1st January, 1875, principal and Interest Payable in London in Sterling. ISSUE PRICE 93 PER CENT. THE LONDON BANK OF COMMERCE, LIMITED, are pre- pared to receive Applications for Z500,000 Sterling 7 per cent. First Mortgage Bonds of the Canada Southern Railway Cempany. The Canada Southern Railway is completed, and will be opened for traffic in May. The Bonds will be issued, bearing interest from 1st January, If73, at 93i per cent., or X187 per £200 Bond, payable as follows:— „„„ 15 per cent. *r £ 30 per Bond on Application. 15 „ X30 „ 15th April. 20 „ £ 40 „ 1st May. 20 £40 1st June. 23! £..7 » 1st July. 931 Z187 for Bond of Z200. (From which there will be deducted the July Coupon of 3J per cent., or £ 7 per Bond, less income tax.) Payments in anticipation of instalments may be made on allot- ment, or on either of the above dates, under discount at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum. Taking into account the accrued interest, the July Coupon, and the discount on prepayment, the issue price of the Bonds is re- duced to about 891 per cent., at which rate, and allowing for the redemption by the Sinking Fund at par, they will return about 8 per cent. per annum.. Applications must be made m the annexed form, and lodged at the I (,iidon Bank of Commerce (Limited), 5, Lothbury, London, E.C., with a deposit of t39 per Bond of .£200 applied for. Where no allotment is made the deposit will be returned in full. In case a less number of Bonds is allotted than is applied for, the surplus of the deposit will be applied in whote or part, as the case may be, to the payment of the amount due on the 15th April. In default'of payment of the respective instalments at their due dates, all previous payments will be liable to forfeiture. Scrip certificates to bearer will be issued in exchange for Allot- ment Letters as soon as possible, and will be exchanged for the definitive Bonds as soon as possible after the issue price is paid up. Copies of the Mortgage, and the Act by which the Company is constituted, can be inspected by any intending subscriber at the Offices of Messrs. Baxter, Rose, Norton, & Co., 6, Victoria-street, London, S.W. and Messrs. Bircham, Dalrymple, Drake, & Co., of 79, Gresham'House, Old Broad Street, London. E.C. Full prospectuses and forms of application may be obtained of The London Bank of Commerce (Limited), 6, Lothbury, E.C., and of Messrs. Laurence, Son, & Pearce, 7, Angel Court, Throg- morton-street. 5, Lothbury, London, E.C., 31st March, 1873. TO BE RETAINED BY THE BANKERS. THE CANADA SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. ISSUE OF ZSOO,OW FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT. BONDS. No TO TUB LOXDOH BANK OF COMMERCE, LIMITED. I request that you will allot me Bonds of the Canada Southern Railway Company of 1,000 dols. or.9-200 each, in accor- dance with the Prospectus issued by you dated 31st March, 1873, upon which I have paid the deposit of pounds, being at the rate of Z30 per Bond, and I engage to accept the said Bonds, or any less number you may allot me, and to make the remaining payments thereon in accordance with the Prospectus. Name at full length Address Occupation 5588 Date -.1873. ~| i\TH GLAMORGAN VOLUNTEER RIFLE 0 CORPS. HEAD QUARTERS, APRIL STH, 1873 The Corps will MUSTER at 10.30 a.m., on EASTER MONDAY, in Full Uniform for BATTALION DRILL, at Penarth. Band to attend. 5583 W. H, MARTIN, Captain. ROATH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, R CARDIFF. SERVICES in connection with the Second ANNIVERSARY of the above place, will be held on SUNDAY, APRIL 20th and 27th, 1873, when SERMONS will be preached by the Rev. JosupE MORRIS, of Bristol, and Professor OLJVER, M.A., Brecon College. On WEDNESDAY, April 30th, 1873, a LECTURE will be de- livered by the ReT. W. JANSBN DAnEs, of Newport. N. B.—This Place of Worship is now Registered for the Soleminat- tion of Marriages. 5276 A R D TF"F B U T K~ D O K~S NEW ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT, (TO BE CALLED ST. STEPHENS.) Z3,061 has to be paid into the Bank of England on the 1st MAY NEXT for the above purpose. A large sum still deficient. Prompt and generous assistance urgently requested. Donations to be paid into West of England Bank, Cardiff, or to Robert Duncan, Esq., Tredegarville, hon. sec. Already received -.—The her. Canon Morgan, late Yicar of St. MaryV ALIO 10s. two A:100 aRd above ten ALLO; eight P-20 to £ 25 twenty-one £10 to £ 20 forty-six jM to kIO; one hundred and twenty-one El to £5 two hundred and seventeen under £1. Full particulars will again be advertised. Cardiff, 2nd April, i873. 5514 AT LOW WATER A/T R*. S.ANDREWS RUNS FIVE OMNIBUSES CONTINUOUSLY, FROM BUTE DOCKS TO PENARTH FER R Y. 4574 TO GR^ERST^RTmslON DEALERS, JL AND OTHERS. Just arrived per s.s. Glamorgan, Italy, and Prussian, quantities of prime patent, mild-cured BACON, HAMS, BEEF, BEEF HAMS, LARD m tubs, ditto in 51b tins in cases of 20 tins; PIGS' TONGUES, PIGS' JOWLS (dried), ditto in salt and pickle; 418 boxes CHEESE, and a quantity of BUTTERS also a let of very fine quality DRIED APPLES in quarter and half-barrels. The above to be told at very low prices, and samples may be seen at J. K. COLLEITS Warehouse, Gladstone-street, Cardiff, to whom communications should be addressed. 5560 IT SWEETING, HAIR DRESSER AND PERFUMER, 13, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, MANUFACTURER OF WIGS, SCALPS, FRONTS, CHIGNONS, FRIZZETTS, PLAITS, &c., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. WIGS, FROM £1 Is Od TO k;5 5s Od. NOTICE. H. SWEETING begs to state that he has had great experience n the best houses in London and the provinces; also a Member for two years of the French Ladiet- Hairdressing Academy and as the highest wages are paid to the assistants, ladies and gentle- men may rely upon everything being done to their entire satis- faction. The Saloons are fitted with ev«ry convenience for Hair- dressing, Hair Brushing by Machinery, Shampooing, &c. THE PRICE FOR ATTENDANCE AS FOLLOWS:- GESTliKSlKS'a SALOON. LADIES' PRIVATE ROOMS. s. «L s. d. Hair cut and brushed by For hair cutting only.. 0 6 machinery 0 6 Dr^ggj^g 1 0 Shampooing' 9 6 Singeing 1 Sinceing •••- 0 Shampooing 1 Shaving & }iau' brushing 0 <3 Dressing in fancy dress < burling hair ••;••• 0 6 jor poudre 6 Gentlemen's private room 1 0 HAIR DYEING rooms. AKSUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS To TOILET CLUB. Gentlemen £ 1 Is Ladies £ 2 2a THEATRICAL WIGS FOR LOAN OR SALE. The largest Stock of Hair Brushes, cloth, Tooth, Nail, and Shaving Brushes in South Wales. Customers would find it to their interest to buy their Per- fumery and Toilet requisites at this Establishment 10 per cent. cheaper than any other House. GLOVES AND SCARFS IN GREAT VARIETY. 4890 BLACK SILKS AND BLACK VELVETS. REDUCED ONE SHILLING PER YARD. f BLACK TWILLS, BLACK SATINES, BLACK PARAMATTAS, BLACK BAREGES, BLACK CORDS, BLACK GRENADINES, BLACK BRILLIANTINES, BLACK CRAPES. T. MAURICE WILLIAMS, 11 HIGH STREET, CARDIFF. 5598 H. AWBERY (LKTF- J. R. AWBERY) CXG TAILOR AND DRAPER, 2, KING STRKET. CAKMAHTHEN. 4504_ SMITH AND CO, CORN MERCHANTS, SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. 4658 W ILL 1 A M SANDERS, AUCTIONEER AND APPRAISER, 8, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. 266 P E C 1 A L I T I E S IS WOOLLEN GOODS, VOTINGS, &c., SHIRTS, HOSIERY, SCARFS, TIES, COLLARS, &c, iS J. NEKTON'S 13, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. THE CRITERION TROUSERS 14s. 6d. CASH ONLY, in Materials suitable for Autumn and Winter Wear. Made to Measure. J. NEWTON, Tailor, Woollen Draper, Mercer, Hosier, &c., 13, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 2925 TF YOU WANT YOUR HOUSE FURNISHED WITH TASTE, STYLE, AND ELEGANCE, COMBINED WITH ECONOMY AND DURABILITY, GO TO MEREDITH'S, 125, HIGH-STREET. MERTHYR, (MANUFACTORY SHOW-ROOMS, 52, GLEBE LAND STREET), Who will give you an Estimate for fitting it up throughout, in eluding Carpets, Window and Bed Drapery, Ironmongery, aud every other requisite, at wonderfully LOW PRICES. All Goods sent Carriage Free within FiftyM.iles. 2936 uSintSs JUdresses* SPRING FASHIONS. MESSRS. SPARK AND TAIT ARB NOW SHOWIKC THEIR NEW MILLINERY, ) NEW MANTLES, tFROM PARIS. NEW COSTUMES, &c., j ALSO, THE FIRST DELIVERY OF NEW MATERIALS FOR EARLY SPRING WEAR. PATTERNS FREE. COLLEGE-GREEN, BRISTOL. 2854 IRISH POPLINS. HR. H. PRllTcESS LOUISE. • Messrs. O'REILLT, DUNNE, & Co. have been favoured with an Order from H.R.H. the Marehioness of Lorne for some Co of their rich dauble Irish Poplins. When we have mentioned the name of this firm, it is unnecessary to add anything regarding the beauty and elegance of the fabric.Irish Times. O'REILLY, DUNNE, AND CO., IRISH POPLIN MANUFACTURERS, 8 9, COLLEGE-GREEN, DUBLIN. Patterns post free. Parcels delivered carriage paid. N.B.-Luxtroize Black P*plin§ us supplied to Her Majesty the Queen. IRISH POPLIN S. IRISH HOUSEHOLD LINENS 2314 gPECIAL AND LEADING LINES MESSRS. W. PRICE & SONS' STOCK OF READY-MADE CLOTHING FOR THE SPRING SEASON. THE NEW PANTALETTE SUITS For Little Boys. E NEW SAILOR SUITS For Little Boys. THE NEW DANISH SUITS For Little Boys. THE NEW LEOPOLD SUITS For Youths. THE NEW SCOTCH TWEED SUITS .For Youths. THE NEW MORNING COATS For Gentlemen. THE NEW DOUBLE-BREASTED COATS „ For Gentlemen. THE NEW TROUSERS k VESTS TO MATCH „ „ For Gentlemen. THE NEW YACHTING JACKETS For Gentlemen and Juveniles. ADDRBSS:—CARDIFF HOUSE, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF 136 L AMPS. JgMBOSSED GLASS. JJENT GLASS. TO RAILWAY COMPANIES AND CONTRACTORS, COLLIERY PROPRIETORS AND SHIP OWNERS, CARRIAGE BUILDERS AND HOTEL KEEPERS, CHEMISTS AND GROCERS. HALL & PEDDER, BARR'S-STREET, BRISTOL, (Established 1794,) MAKERS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF SIGNAL, ORNAMENTAL, AND CARRIAGE LAMPS. GLASS BENT OR EMBOSSED to any Siae or Pattern. Prompt and careful attention given to all orders. HALL & PEDDER, LAMP MANUFACTURERS, 1, 2, AND 3, BARR'S STREET, BRISTOL. 5476 NOT I .C E THE OLD-ESTABLISHED FURNISHING, CHINA, GLASS, EARTHENWARE ESTABLISHMENT, (FORMERLY THE LATE J. BARKER, LATK PROCTOR & BARKER,) 29, WINE-STREET, i BRISTOL, WILL IN FUTURE BE CONDUCTED BY THE WIDOW AND SON OF TUB LATE PROPRIETOR. 53 s BUR M A N, 7 PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, AND SILVERSMITH, 9, WINE STREET, BRISTOL. BURMAN'S WATCHES Arc the BEsA and CHEAPEST in the WEST or Exouuro. SILVER HORIZONTAL, from £ 1 5 0 SII.;X!'LEVER, from 3 15 0 GOLD HORIZONTAL, from 2 15 0 EVERY WATCH WARRANTED. N.B.-BUR S CLOCKS give the exact time, as received from Greenwi ory day by telegraph. 50S1 vV. E. VAUGHAN & CO. STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, LLANDAFF-ROAD CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS 77, CROCKHERBTOWN, 248, BUTE-STREET, j- CARDIFF. 62, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 83, HIGH- STREET, MERTHYR. 98, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. 4, ST. JULIAN-STREET, TENBY. Orders received, and Parcels forwarded to Works carnage free, by the following AGENTS: Aberdare Mr. Dance, Commercial-street. Abergavenny Miss Watkins, 12, Cross-street. Ela.ena,von Mr. J. Harris, London House. Bridgend Mr. Thomas, grocer, Iton-street. Brecon Mr. Matthews, at Camden Anus, Watton. Cowbridge Mi. Stibbs, Ivor House. Chepstow Miss Rowe, Welsh-street. Crickhowell Mr. Davies, Manchester House. Carmarthen Agont wanted. Haverfordwest.. Mr. Harries, 3, High-street. Llanelly Messrs. Ace & Sons, Vaughan-street. Handilo. Mr. Lockyer, County Press. Neath. Mr. Matthews, at Queen's Hotel. Pembroke Dock, Mr Brice, Meyrick-street. Pontypool. Mr. G. Fowler, draper, Lion House. Usk Messrs. Jones & Powell, draper &c. Watchet.. Capt. Nicholas. 223 ONLY THE BEST. GARAWAY'S GRASS SEEDS, G SELECTED FOR ALL SOILS. Per Acre. For Permanent Pasture, including Clovers, 27s. to 30s. For one Year's Hay, „ 12s. For Two „ 6d. CLOVERS OF BEST QUALITY AT MARKET PRICES. FIVE PER CENT. DISCOUNT FOR CASH. Orders above 20s. in value Carriage Paid. Catalogues Post Free. JAMES GARAWAY & CO., SEEDSMEN, 4480 BRISTOL. A IN T E P, S, CARPENTERS, FRENCH POLISHER?, &c., Will save money by having their Goods of F. & H. BARNARD, OIL & COLOUR MERCHANTS, 33, CASTLE- STREET, BRISTOL. LINSEED OIL. 3s. Od. per Gallon. TURPENTINE. 4s. Od. „ NAPTHA, Rectified 3s. lOd. OLIVE OIL, for Machinery 5s. Od. ROSIN 2d. per lb.' GLASS PAPER 9d. per Quire. Best French COLZA OIL 3s. 9d. per Gallon. Young's PARAFFIN OIL Is. 5d. „ GLUE, Best French Stamped 8d. per Ib. GROUND and DRY COLOURS VARNISHES, and PAINT BRUSHES Cheaper and Better than any House in the City. A considerable reduction in price when quantities are taken. 4722 .sintss Addresses. J) JOTHAM AND SONS ARE NOW SHOWING FOB THE SPRING AND SUMMER SEASON, 1873, A VERY LARGE AND CHOICE STOCK, In the following DEPARTMENTS r COATS TROUSERS TROUSERS & VESTS (To MATCH) NEW STYLES INJ YESTS 1 GENTLEMEN'S SUITS I YOUTHS' SUITS BOYS' SUITS l THE BESPOKE DEPARTMENTS ALSO, LINEN SHIRTS (in White and Oxford), HOSIERY & GLOVES, SCARVES AND TIES, HATS AND CAPS, -te., &e. We have now completed a Large Assortment of the Latest Styles carefully selected from the BEST HOUSES. D. JOTHAM & SONS, 26 AND 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 556 :.o. "1!0, QPENING OF NEW PREMISES. ESTABLISHED 1859. [CIRCULAR.] CARDIFF WARDROBE, 5i & 25S, Bute-street, And 2, Saint Mary-street, CARDIFF, March, 1873. DEAR SIR, It is with no ordinary pleasure that I invite your kind attention to the fol owing important announcement I have for some time been impressed with the necessity of Opening a BRANCH ESTABLISHMt NT in the upper part o the Town, in order to meet the requirements of my numerous customers resident at a distance. I have accordingly secured for the purpose those most ELIGIBLE and COMMODIOUS PRE- MISES, No. 2, ST. MARY-STREET, which are fitted with every modern appliance for the comfort and convenience of all classes of customers. I have just returned from the LONDON MARKETS, and have made some EXTENSIVE PURCHASES in the LATEST HOME and FOREIGN PRODUCTIONS of the NEWEST MATERIALS, for making up EVERY DESCRIPTION of COSTUME for general wear, as well as for CLERICAL, MUNI- CIPAL, MASONIC, and other uses.—LIVERIES, HABITS, &c. The READY-MADE DEPARTMENT consists of a large con- signment of Nicholl & Co's. Celebrated Garments. An extensive variety of READY-MADE CLOTHING from other Manufacturers, suited to every class. Stopford's Patent Hats Caps, Portman- teaus, Rugs, Bags, Umbrellas, &c.. &c. These will be displayed both in my NEW SHOP, ST. MARY-STREET, as well as 257-8, BUTE-STREET; and I respectfully solicit your early inspection of the same. I remain, dear Sir, Yours faithfully, PHILIP YEO. P.Y. continues the following system:—All Goods purchased at this Establishment are subject to the following Discount £ 3 Parcels, 5 per cent; and £5 Parcels, 7. per cent. on all Cash transactions. Special arrangements made for Credit. Patterns given. 52R8 JOHN WILLIAMS'S (LATE OF DUKE-STREET) NEW IRONMONGERY SHOW ROOMS, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, NOW OPEN. 3718 SEWING MACHINES, WASHING MACHINES, WANGLES. FIRE and THIEF PROOF SAFES, with all other Patented Articles, supplied by CROSS BROTHERS, GENERAL IRONMONGERS, 4, ST. MARY-STJJEET, CARDIFF. SEWING MACHINES. The Wheeler & Wilson's Gold Medal Silent Working Lock-stitch Sewing Machine. WASHING MACHINES. Kn.ilfoRi't Patent SEWING MACHINES. TheWUeox &Gibbs Silent Sewing Machines WASHING MACHINES. 1 he Mome Washer, complete, with washer, wring, & mangles. MANGLES. By Bradford and all other Makers. r or Sale on easy tei-ins. I KNIFE CLEANING MACHINES. To clean three knives _i £ l 12 0 SEWING MACTTU KS, e Shakespere. Agenoria, Franklin eir, W. H. Thomas and Co., or any Maker. SEWING MACLIAFAKER' MANGLES ur k AND Hire upon easy terms. SEWING MACHINES8"" °° SAFES, KeP" Fire and thief proof, Dy Chubb, Milner, Perry, Hobbs, Taunton, Price, Whit- field, &c. AT MAKERS' PRICES. CROSS BROTHERS CARDIFF. 4539 FR E D E R I C K WARE, (Late WARE AND SONS), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALF-A-CENTOKT, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENTS DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF OPEN ON WEDNESDAYS AS USUAL. CLOSED EVERY EVING AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. 107 "WORLD WIDE FAME." PALMER'S COCOA CONDIMENTAL FOOD I i. FOR HORSES AND CATTLE. OKCB USED ALWAYS ITSKl)* The cost is less than one halfpenny per feed, it will put Horses and Cows into condition when all other means have failed; for rearing calves cannot be equalled, and it will save HO per cent. in the cost of feeding. Sole Manufacturers ana Proprietors, PALMER AND COMPANY, LONDON, E. Orders (wholesale ir retail), also applications for Agencies to be sent to MR. THOMAS WEBBER, 32. ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. TESTIMONIALS ON APPLICATION. 800 Feeds sent, carriage free, for 32s., to any oart of South Wales. A sample bag of 141bs. for 5s. prepaid. J P 2428 USE ONLY! POT HE RG ILL'S TOBACCO. TO„„T KV HliYWHERE. WHOLESALE: 4, STUART HALL, CARDIFF. *052 T) LEWIS, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING' LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best inanufacturel N.B.—An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers 'or Sale and Hire. 101 JONES BROTHERS, PRINCIPAL BILL POSTERS AND DELIVERERS HIGH STREET, NEATH, and BRITON FERRY. Circulars addressed and delivered. Bill Posters to the ureal Western and Neath and Brecon Railways, and the principal Auctioneers. Lessese of the Principal Posting Place in the town. NOTE THE ADDRESS: HIGH STREET, NEATH, AND BRITON FERRY 2144 GREAT SALE OF SADDLERY. -IMPOR. VJT TANT TO GENTLEMEN. FAYTMERS, LIVERY STABLE KEEPERS, AND OTHERS.—An Gl- and Trap Harness Saddles, Hor^u^0t w^,ts o ler>' "f every description. Knee Wrapper, Gig and Carriage Lamps be. Ask to see the Harness plated on German Silver at 'AU-over Pig-skin Saadles, complete, warranted, Plated Gig Lamps at 18s 6d., usual pnee 35s One v;git :,J satisfy purchasers that oto3\SaestSrele; day from 16 am. »• « P-™-> No. 3, victory-street, Bristol, next door to o-r «<* Sf1 PARNALL & SONS V ""r opposite \he George Hotel.— PAKJN Ai^L, & bUiNS. A.anufa/.t4U.era £ .1 -DHI Exeter. Terms, nett Cash—no abatement. business d dresses. JJ OWELL & Q 0 THS CARDIFF DRAPERS, Are now Showingjthe LARGEST, BEST-SELECTED, r& CHEAPEST STOCK OF BRUSSELS TAPESTRYS AND KIDDERMINSTER CARPETS; ALSO, g FLOORCLOTHS, From*Half-a-yard U/Four Yards Wide. 13, iND 14, ST. MARY -STREET, -:CARDIFF. 5164 (Education. -+- R I ASSOCIATE AND MEDALLIST OF THE LONDON ACADEMY OF MUSIC (Pupil of Sir Julius Benedict and Dr. Wylde), PROFESSOR OF THE PIANOFORTE, 74, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF 4336 C'ILASSICAL AND COMMERCUL v> TRAINING SCHOOL, HOLFORD HOUSE, STOW HILL, NEWPORT, MON. PRINCIPAL Mil. j. WARE. ASSISTED BY COMPETENT MASTERS. A thorough preparation guaranteed for Business and Profew sional Life, the Civil Service and Middle-class Examinations. Spacious Schoolrooms, Dormitories, and Playground. Unlimited Diet J = Testimonials and referenoes of the highest order. For par- ticulars on application. 2457 SWANSEA CONSERVATOIRE OF MUSICF, 6, WALTER TERRACE, FYNONE. PRINCIPAL PROF. ALEXANDER PHIPPS, R.A.M., M.C.O. Organist of St. James's Church and Conductor of the Philharmonic Society. Course of study comprises all the branches of a thorough musical education, and the system of teaching is that pursued at the Royal Academy of Music, London. Just published, Fantasia and March for the Organ or Piano- forte, composed by Alexander Phipps. 4500 JJJORMAL COLLEGE, SWANSEAT, PRINCIPAL—W. WILLIAMS. Pupils prepared for the Universities and for Professional and Commercial Pursuits. During the past six years fifty-two of the pupils have passed various public examinations. TERMS: Beard and Tuition 0 0 per. ap. Tuition (including Latin and French) 8 0 „ Greek 1 0 0 German 1 0 0 Drawing 1 0 0 4468 STAFFORD COLLEGE, DARTMOUTH-PARK, FOREST-HILL (NKAR CRYSTAL PALACE), LONDON, S.E. HEAD MASTER MR. CROSS, late o. Bridgend. MATHUMATICS, &c A. G. WATKINSON, Esq London University. JRENCH Monsr. RAKCKKDKOO*. GERMAN Dr. EUPHKATK, M.A., Ph.D., DRAWING, PAINTING, &C. J. L. KEN WORTHY, Esq., F.S.A. F.R.G.S., Ac- ASSISTANT IN DITTO J. ROLFK, Esq., Medalist of the Royat Academy. PROFESSOR OF DANCING J. SKATON, Esq., Royal Italian Opera House. There is at present no vacancy, but one pupil can be received on the 25th March. 4(.78 Jiotcls. QUEEN'S HOTEL, ST. MARY STREET^ CARDIFF. -LiLdift' Coffee Room. An Ordinary at 1.1.. Night Porter.—Mrs. WILLIAMS, Proprietress. 5311 BUTE DOCKS. WINDSOR HOTI-l, re- plete with every convenience and comfort. An < ruinarr daily at 1.30.—F. W. ARMSTRONG. Blue BELLT COMMERCIAL Ho"EL" HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF.—Five minutes' walk from aJl the railway stations. Proprietor, W. HL'Ti (:ate ot the Cow- bridge Anns). 5595 DRAWBRIDGE HOTEL. — Central, Com- modious, Comfortable, and Economical. Ordinary daily, -16 and 17, St. Augustine's-parade, Bristol. 5561 J. ULLATHORNE, Propnewr, OYAL HOTEL, ST. MARY STRjiST, PC CARL-IFF.-First-class Family and Commercial House, the nearest to the Great Western Railway Station. Omnibusos to every train. A Night Porter in attendance. Under the manage- ment of E. J. MULLINER. 530y 4 IMPERIAL HOTEL, MOUNT STUART- JL SQUARE, CARDIFF. This Familv Hotel eomprisea Public ColTee and other Rooms, Private Sitting-rooms, numerous Bed- rooms, &c., first-class Billiard-room. An Ordinary, daily, at Half- past One.—THOMAS NIXUN, Proprietor. 5",30 JOEY-AT HOME !—JOEY HAYNES desires JOE\ AT HOME !—JOEY HAYNES desires to inform his numerous friends of Cardiff and its neigh- bourhood that he has token the FISHGUARD ARMS," BUTE- STREET, where he will be happy to meet his friends, who will always find A JOEY, IN GOOD SPIRITS." 5451 QDDFEL LO W S' A R M S rMAEsTlG" 0 Two Minutes' Walk from Station. Good accommodation- BILLIARDS POSTING. INLAND REVENUE OFFICE. 22se PROPRIBTOR—Mr. ILLTID MORGAN BRISTOL. GUILDHALL COMMERCIAL- T^Tv. A^VAMILY HOTEL, 36 and 37, Broad-stieet, Bristol. Dining, Coffee, oittmg, and Stock Rooms. Dinners from 12 30 to ft NightPorter kept.-VV. T. CROCCH, P.opnetor 1430 CLIFTON DOWN FIRST-CLASS FAMILY c HOTEL, FACING THE SUSPENSION-BRIDGE SUITE OF APARTMENTS, from 3* Guineas per week. Break- fast, from 2s. Dinners, from 3s. 6d. Service, 2s A Suite o added to tl!e «otel, especialij- for W EDDING BREAK! AS1S, the Manager is prepared to provide the same 01 the most moderate terms. Terms by weekly arrange- ments only. Suite of Apartments, with board and attendance 5 Guineas each, fires onlj extra. Bedroom, board, and attendance' in public rooms, 3 Guineas. All meals served to the visitor's order. Private drawing-room for Ladies. Table D'Hote daily at 1 Sundays at 6. All communications to be addressed, 1*28 D. GITTENS. Manager POWELL & CO., WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS^ 138i, BUTE ROAD, CARDIFF. SOUND DINNER CLARET, FINE OLD SCOTCH AND IRISH WHISKIES LONDOX GIN AND JAMAICA RUM BASS'S AND ALLSOPP'S PALE'ALES AND G- U IN NESS'S EXTRA STOUT, m Fine Condition, in Wood or Bottle. 8 Lavas'srn.y.fA\U' L'"den vi,la> Wordsworth-street, Roath, and j^^J^stieet, New lown, as well as at the Stores 2601 }1ubliç AMUSEMENTS." UTCHINSON & TAYLEURE'S GRAND CIRCUS, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. The People's Palace of Pleasure and Amusement. *Crowd<vi Houses, and Everybody Delighted. A Fresh Treat every Weel-* More Numerous Engagements. An Entire Change of Pr<y>r»m»- on MONDAY, April 7, and Every Evening during the Week RETURN VISIT AND FAREWELL ENGAGEMENT OF TOP RENOWNED, THE GREAT ORIGINAL, 1HE I'.VAPI^ROAClF L T S K A R, D L I S K A R D The Mem- Musical Zany! The Jester, rar Humorist of many Instruments. The ^euKies^o talented ^ntleman are «ell known that father compelS% unnecessary, inaim » The Crowning P<nnt for^nonalism is the extraordinary per, MILTON AND ALVFRTVn THE DABIKG GYMNASTS 'JSITHEI6E, BKILLIANT H0RggANSHlPPEATS BY THE RENOWNED Andthe DoubiHrERS COOKE And the Double Company of Star Artistes. 8028 Victoria CONCERT-ROOM, ST. MARY. SOLE PROPRIA CARDIFF- Ifcll)R Mr. F. W. HOFFMANN pi v> Every Evening during the week,' TT V^P ,AX:D CONCERT, CHARACTERISTIC R^RTAINMENTS, AND DANCLFF< RSfKSSHHKT8 AS CSUAb. AdlUissioll-Finit Class, Is.; Half-price at Nine o'clock WHEN THE PROMENADE CONCERT AND fANCJNO COMMENCE. Doors open at Seven, to commence at 1",0. 241 STAR V A R I E~T~~I ~E~S~ WIND-STREET, SWANSKit DIRECTOR MR. M iiLVILLE. Another Astounding Amalgamation. 3^-veiious Enterprise Extraordinary Engagement of the WyIfUr of the World HEN; ARR HEE, and only Troupe of IJAL Chinese that has ever visited this country. These Marias will appear for positi1.r FuUR SIGHTS only. In »ddijfn to the •■ Rea; Chin^ following artistes will appearr-islus and Alvarez, Mr and Mrs Wallace (with their tiuih*^ D^s Bruce and WoH, Marcus Wii kinson, Signor iiniiadu', Singleton Phillipsaiid at the Star VarietioL1' v /■ «*•. 4 — raSii.