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| Shipping Jtotices. A LTHATION OF DAYS OF SAILING. 10RK, NEWPORT, & CARDIFF. .IMA V FIRST-CLASS PASSENGER STEAMERS leave CORK FOR NEWPORT *nd CARDIFF, 2> Goods and Passengers, EVERY MONDAY, <-A]LING- at MIL- GJ. returning from NEWPORT EVERY WEDNESDAY, and 1? CARDI F EVERY THURSDAY until further notice. V*ES—Cahin, £ 1 is.; Deck, 7s.; Cabin Return Ticket, available month, FIL ] Is. 6d. For further particulars see small bills AGENTS. GGDLFF.—MR. E. C. DOWNING, Shipbroker, Bute Doeks. SSP'ORT.—Mr. J AMES MADDOCKS, Dock-street. —Citv C,F C<»"K steam Packet Company, Penrose Quay. 374 1 ^1ARDIFF TO YORK. IURECTSTEXM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE bKISTOL CHANNEL *JL AND THE TATE8 OF AMERICA AND CANADA. WuTli WALES ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S NOW, O, TIRM.-1-IIU-S, mil-powered, Clyde-built Steamships K^FM0R(, A.\ 2,500 Tons 600 h.P. 2J*BROi\E 2,500 Tons 600 h.P. ,• ,N 3,000 Tons 000 h.p. MOTHER 1' IS 1,lags Steamers. will sail regularly between JL c A U I F F AND NEW YORK, SLESI' -,I- are built expressly for the Trade, and fitted-up the latest improvements for the comfort AND convenience and SI-EI-AGE PASSENGERS. Afcf provided with uiattieases. *~tewardesH >• n iod '"or the female emigrants. GLAMORGAN will sail on SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, to be by the PEMBROKE. S-'or further particulars apply to BUDGETT & JAME8, AND BRA5TH, 11, King-street. «H^SEA RICHARDSON & Co. OFFJJFORT (J,. W.JONBS, HEARD, & Co. ^CESTE K w. c. LUCT & c0. &WPV £ °°'' T. WAITB & SON. ^SCA ALEXANDER BROTHERS. JOHN R. TAYLOR.. ^'•'V.^F.'L W. J. I'RKSSWKI.L, 1, Castle-stree ""DARE E.G. PRICK. OFRW)T POT ISAAC THOMAS, 24, Seymour- H- TR0TTta- I/SNDY E 1H>CK S. B. SKETCH. RICHARD MASON. *HYMVI.^ SAMUEL CHARLBF. IKG;^ 'T the ON -J^RK CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. vJl2^mpai,y's ffirOHLAND, Manager. BEST AM) ( HVAPEST ROUTE FOR PASSENGERS TH0^ THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES THE UNTTKD STATES, THL »^ KKAT WESTERN STEAM- J VJT SHIP LINE." BRISTOL AND NEW The FINE NEW FIRST-CLASS SCREW PS r.f this Line arc intended to sail as follows:- ARRAGON," (1500 tons) Will. Western, commander, to Sail THURSDAY, April 2-ith. GREAT WESTERN," to follow. JK, NEW 8TEA.MER BUILDING. V ^OKK 13 Guineas. <STMEDLALH to \K\\ YORK, BALTIMORE, BOSTON, *HS»RTLAND, or PHILADELPHIA, S £ Guineas. JP»AGK, 6 Guineas. X^ESSEIS ot this Line do not call at any Irish port, but pro- |AIJJCT from Bristol to New York. JSTTERS may be booked through to all parts of the United Canada on very moderate terms. berths, &c., apply to MARK WHITWILL and SON, Queen-square, Bristol; or to G. F. Webb and Co., YJ^TORE Merchants, Cardiff; Harse and Brown, Dock- WJ. K„ E^port, Mon.; John Morgan, Postmaster. Pontypool; *I?AN, 19, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil J. Callaway, Ash or to M. Jones and Bro., Ship Brokers, GEORGE F. Price, Church-street, Pontypridd. are recommended to obtain their Tickets from our leaving hon.D. 807 \\7" HITE STAR LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. SVJFVOL to uid from NEW YORK. These new full-powered H,Ps sail irliiii LI V EKPOOL on THURSDAYS, QUEENS- FRIDAYS. Feb 20 Baltic MARCH 6 FEB- CELTIC March 13 C^6S8ELS ARE all uniform, of the highest speed, an(l replete conveniences in every department. ? THE T-E '•midships. Passengers are booked throughto all part .s iil)s. Passengers ? 4WNITED KTA»E« British America, China, Japan, India, *UA- 1)RAH» IB8V"ED ON KEW Y°RK FRPEUIRN Tkkets 35 ^SSAGE, £ 18 ISs and 21 guineas. Return liclcets, DO Company's O^.E, 19 BRO?,HVAJ NC^ S^T96' Market-street. Chicago; M Queenstown, to JAMES or to ISM AY, IMU1E & CO 10, VFT-STREET, 40 7, East India Avenue, London, E.C. to BARNES, 0T» > & Co., Buu.Docks. Cardiff; to G. A. BEVAN, Swan- GEO. R. PRICE, Pontypridd. 4809 ^3t\ifP\ TNMAN LINE of ROYAL MAIL X STEAMERS, appointed to saU from LIVERPOOL, v £ (i QUEENSTOWN to NEW CIWERV TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. CI-BX OF LIMER^C11' TURSDAY, APRIL 8- (;» £ Y OF LONDON •• TIIUHWDAY. APRIL 10. CJRY OF NK\V -IOKK TUESDAY, APRIL 15. ALI}. OF PAKN? "I -I- IO ••THU»«I)AY, APRIL 17. VW Passage -1 uesiluy Saihngs, 12 ana 15 Uuiueas: Thurs- %>FLFIIGS, 15 Guineas and 13 Guineas, having equal Saloon Passage New Y>irk, Six Guineas, with S,^JPPLY of Cooked Provisions. PoMsenprs forwarded to Bos- V^*2RLI"I°I'E, or Portland without < XTI'i' T,TP,T VKSIERS for all parts of CANADA ,T.D the UNITED STATES DMA* w— Burtos S SON-, So\ith <<■c^td>e' GARWOOD, 57, Scott-street, Card IN, 2249 CK LOVETT, Windsor Hotel, Penaith. LLAN ROYAL MAIL UNE SHORTEST SEA PR £ ^A^AXES. TO CANADA AND THE UNITED <LJV,E5(IIJ0UTE to the West. .„RV TUes- Steamships of this Line now run direct 0.-TISISRSDAY from LI VERPOO L to PORTLAN D and QL EBJ^ Passengers to NEW YORK and BOSTON, and to aU TSLTOWNS in Canada and the United States, FU IVERPQOL TO PORT- FROM LIVELIPOOL TO i:1\, QUEXIKC. FFO'THURSDAV, 13 Mar. tPeruvian, Tuesday, 15 April 2(LLLAS*EW, Tuesday, IS Prussian, Thursday, 17 ,> Thursday, 20 fCaiadian, Tuesday, 23 „ JJ^'RICK, Tuesday, 25 „ Moravian, Tluirnday, 24 „ JRAP^'IAU, Thurs 27 St. Andrew, Tuesday, 29 „ (.V^LIAN, Tues., 1 Apri tSarmatiin, Thurs., 1 May uSia11' Thursday 8 St. David, Tuesday, 6 ti, T'lesla3-,8tcircassiaii, Thursday,8 „ J. Thursday, 10" Nova Sciitian, Tues., 13 „ tpolynesian, Thurs., 15 „ Steamships for HALIFAX, NORFOLK, and BALTIMORE YW HUIIL as FOLLOW S«— N^ ^DING PASSENGERS by Rail to all parts of the Middle $2%K^ESTLRN, Sonth Western AND Southern States, if,7^1)3 Tuesday 25 MAR. Nestorian, Tuesday, 6 May. <?Sh' TUES lav', 8 April Austrian, Tuesday, 20 „ TYWH H4'1' Tuesday. 2:> ^>-171 TO,^SAGE to Halifax, Portland, Quebec, Boston, New York, ITIIUORE. 03 Philadelphia, IL8 18s. or £ 15 15*. according1 V3^ODATION, in -hiding Pivvisions, but not Wines or Liquors V' A BE obtaine on board. RETURN Tickets at reduced OSTAJ' limited number of intermediate passengers are taken in WLIT« LER AT INCLUDING Beds, Bedding, and all neces- J«0«>LS, aining apart from steerage. Applications for berths LJW^JEIR advance. W>){3E Passage to St. John, Halifajc, Quebec, Portland, Bos- York, Norfolk, or Baltimoie, £ O (is., including a plenti- V?VFP'Y of CK'keri provisiens. steerage Stewardesses are this line to attend to the wants of female passengers V^ge taken from the Oecan Stean»hips to the Railway Cars T«~ For Freight or PASSAGE & CO,, ALLAN 15KOlHLl^^t> Llve'rpool> an<, OV Alexandra Buildings, James ,(LLUIERRY) GP, 8S' Foyle-street, Loi J()BU K. TAYL SCHAWL')RBE Bird, £ 46, Bute-street, Canlin., DOCK- ET, XR ER. Pontvniifter, near Newport; JAULP,^ *A'nsea. • BotWPORT '» K- FRUST & SOUS' 9' QUAY, I PNIIELAND 124, ^-8TFP^EN> !7, Thomas-street, Llanelly HA'VEN Merthyr Tydvil Jackson «S. Co., -P ^IDOLULLL'L)R<'YS, Welfiekl-road, Carmarthen; V" K. R> Pontypridd James R. Morgan, Pontypridd. COMPANY'S SPECIAL NOTICE TO EMIGRANTS. WPNTS 1PE LE Passengers to obtain their Tickets from our AVInj, HOME. — NATIONAL LTNE TO NEW YORK. XAKGEST STEAMERS AFIj .AT. FROM LIVERPOOL EVERY WEDNESDAY. ■K^OM QUE] NSTOWN EVERY THURSDAY; Shi ^Vell-l-KIU'TI fnll-nowered Iron Screw Sream-shius Tons Ships Tons or°gan 50G4 England, Kemp 4000 4900 The Queen, Andrews 4441 < £ Sj 4302 Holland, Bragg 3847 W t5°mson 3571 Erin, Lawson 3956 ^gj^ebster 3500 Helvetia, Spencer 3974 Hi \v-otuas 3500 Denmark, Sumner 3723 'U sail froi u Liverpool to New York as under Wednesday, 9th April. '{"■j Wednesday, 10th April. ,v Wednesday, 23rd April. Sai iieavin^ Queenstown the following days. V Un °n accommodation is unsurpassed—the State-rooms iC^t '8Ually lar:v, and open off the Saloons situated in Poop Passage, 12,15, and 17 Guineas, according to accommo- SS i,, at-e-i of in all having same pri\ ilege in Saloon. Return J,1 WENTY-FIVE GUINEAS. I Y^Ct lF°HT of STEERAGE PASSENGERS specially con- I ^y^it>i 0 accommodation being unequalled for space, light, I VV'^ion. I PASSAGE—as low as by any other Line-include abun- I 8}l Provisions served up cooked by Company's Servants. I "^tten Ian :e free. t Ss«s in attendance on Female Steerage Passengers. Passeng(•rs forwarded to Quebec, Boston, and Baltimore k'tw^'a chari/c—and booked through to San Francisco, and V r«li ^ns of United States and Canada on favourable terms. » Looked through io Australia, New Zealand, China, i or Passaic apply to {.». iIJE NATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. (LIMITED,) rS!?J r> 23, Water-street, Liverpool; ill MMINS and BROS., Queenstown,—to Messrs. J. R. [ N'I'Wv, and CO., 130, Britannia-buildings, Bute Docks JOHN (Cymro), 19, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil; HARSK Newport, Mon.; F. W. CAONT, Aberdare CHAS. P. 5 JAS. A. MORGAN, Postmaster, Pontypool; HKNRY .*» «i?h-street, Abersychan THOS. MORGAN, Mina-street, DOWN, Terminus Hotel, Bristol. tef 8 are advised to secure their Passages from the Local 0re leaving home. 5241 cSalcs bn uttioU. TO SHIP CHANDLERS, CAPTAINS, PAINT^, Ac. Unreserved Sale of Green, Blue, Yellow White, Red, Paints. r> r.iiff At the VICTORIA ROOMS, St. Mary-street, caruin^ MESSRS. N. LAWRENCE & Co. will SELL by AUCTION, at the above spac.ous rooM, on THL-RSDAY the 10th of APRIL, i873, about Six Tons of PAINTS, in 1ms vary lag from 14, l(j, and 181bs. each, Ground m best Sale to commence at Half-pa«t Two °'C0^ ^ust be cleared out as There will be no Reserve as the soon as possible. „ Ami iff 5-IK7 Auctioneers' Chambers, Victoria Room8! SALE OF HUOLD FURNITURE. N LAWR^ na\e re- \l -ZT- to SfcLL by AUCTION, on TLKSDAY £ 4 FSS Besideiiee at Park place, and tromUhe Walk, TredegarvllJe (for the "X^TONITUKK consists 011)r.wl»jr-Room Suite, Ovii Tables, Tables, Hair-Heated SofM, Couche^ and. Chairs in Mahogany Frames; 2 Duchess '1 oilet fs and Marble Top Washstands, m Walnut and Mahogany, Wanlroces, Lnests ot Urawers, Painted Staiids and tables, Iron and Wood French and Half-Tester Bed- steads 3 Feather and 4 MillpiiflE Beds, Palliasses and Mattresses, Cane-Seat and Kitchen Chairs, Tables Fenders, Garden Tools, W^shS* Machine, Stove, Counter Shelving, &c., &c. sale to commence at Half-past Two o'clock. The Auctioneers beg to call particular attention to the above Articles, as they f.ic neat, clean, and good, and worthy the notice "'Auctioneers' Chambers, Victoria Rooms, Cardiff. 5456 SALE THIS DAY. RHYDYFRO UC'HAF, NEAR PONTARDAWE. Two Miles from Pontardawe Station, on the Swansea Vale Railway. LEWIS BROS., are instructed, by Mr. David Thomas (who resigns the Farm) to SELL by AUCTION, on the premises as above, oil TUESDAY, April S, 1873. the whole of W^Ji?ry TJ-T ,ul and well-conditioned LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- 1HATON, HARNESS, DAIRY UTENSILS, SHOP i- 'rl and P'rt of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STOCK, v-Y f?6 ^0WS wittl calves» J cows in full milk, 2 yearling neiters black cart mare (sound and a good worker), a well-bred bay pouy mare in foul, sow in farrow, 10 voungpigs, geese, poultry capital phceton, by Fuller, of Bristol, with a set of superior silver- elss muunted harness (buth as good as new), set of brass-mounted tra) harness, 2 carriage whipb, saddle and bridle, cart harness, spring cart, patent churn and the other dairy utensils, patent chaff machine, pikes and rakes, cow ties, large corn bill, stock casks, pig troughs, buckets, iron boiler with furnace, stable lanterns, &c. Shop Fittings:—Brass tea scales on mahogany stand with weights, butter scales with marble slab and weights, flour scale with scoop and weights, sack machine with weights, sack truck, syrup stand with "calc and weights, marble butter slab, 20 Ja- panned canisters, oil and lettered, 2 large stock canisters, 4 stone jars capped and lettered, Ifc shew boxes*, S Russian bowls, shew glass, a well-made oak esk. Furniture Mahogany cheffi-nere, whatnot, work table, dining table, table mats, mahogany Pembroke table, rosewood couch lIP- holstered in crimson repp, mahogany easy chair in hair, 2 arm chairs, bell pulls, moreen window hangings, framed prints and engravings, bedroom and kitchen chairs, child's chair, mahogany and grained chests of drawers, iron French bedsteads, cupboard bedstead, mahogany bed-steps, millpuff bed, washstands and dress- ing tables, dressing gla8Res, towd rails, cha.mber ware, bath, car- peting, matting alld mats, floor cloth, kitchen tables, painted cup- board, deal sate, oak drC68er, ware, cutlery, culinary utensils, kitchen requi8itcs, and a larg-e 88selllblage ef the usual sundries. TERMS Three Months' Credit given on approved bills, on purchases exceeding Ten Pounds, or Dbcount for Ch. Refreshments at 11 o'Clock, and Sale at 12 Noon. The Auctioneers respectfully invite attention to this Sale, the Stock and Effects being- thoroughly good. The Mart, Neath, March 17th, 1873. 5484 TONYPLANWYDD FARM, NEAR PONT-NEATH-VAUGHAN, Two-and-a-half miles from Glyn-Neath Station, on the Vale of Neath Railway, and two mites from Onllwyn Station, on the Neath and Brecon Railway. LEWIS BROS, are instructed by Mr. Win. Jones (who is leaving the Farm), to SELL by AUCTION, on the premises, as above, on THURSDAY, APRIL, 10th, 1873. the whole of his valuable LIVE STOCK, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, &c., comprising CATTLE. — 2 cows with calves, 1 cow to calve about the 20tn April, 1 ditto to calve about the 28th April, 1 ditto to calve about the 30th April, 2 cows in full mllk, 2 two-year-old heifers in calf, 3 yearling heifers, I yearling bull, 2 yearling steors, 1 ditto rising 2, and 1 ditto rising 3. „ HORSES.—A seven-year-old black cob, Fly, 14 hands, quiet to ride and drive, a very fast trotter; six-year-old bay cart niare, 14A hands, a capital worker in chains and shaft; bay mare, 14 hands in foal by Young Express;" I colt by" Young Express," and 1 yearling colt by Dandy Comet." PIGS.-5 store p:gs. POULTRY.—Geese, ducks, and fowls. IMPLEMENTS. -Plough, harrow, chaff-cutter, cart, dung cart, slide cars, pikes, rakes, shaft and leading harness, 2 long ladders, dairy utensils, &c., &c. Terms: 4 Months' Credit, upon approved Bills, on purchases ex- ceeding £ 10, or Discount for Cash. Refreshments on the table ;U 11, Sale to commence at 12 pre- cisely. Î\o.{r The Auctioneers respectfully invite special attention to this Stock. The whole of the Cattle arc of the Hereford Breed, are perfectly sound and healthy, and in good condition. The Horses are sterling good workers, weil-conditioned, and sound. The Mart, Neath, 17th March, 1873. 54S5 SALE TO-MORROW. GIANT'S GRAVE HOUSE, MUTTON FERRY. Sale of Household i 'urniture. J EWIS BROTHERS are instructed by B. P. L* Bidder, Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, on the premises as above, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, APRIL HtiJ. 1873, the following superior and well-preserved HOUSEHOhO FUjtNlTURK, viz. Mahogany telescope uiuin- table with two extra leaves 8 maho- gany dining-room chairs and 2 arm cnairs upholstered in leather handsome sideboard ii (.hoice Spanish wood dining-room carpet; I Spanish mahogany cheflioneers mahogany centre table in three parts muhogany seerttaire with bookcase and chest of drawers ■;T,ilii i'°^rU'y Wl"iting desk l»o and sofa tables in rose- w!th,,Mv Itlw 5, rosewood chairs upholstered in figured damask, book-case iN rosew sofa n SUit, ottoman in rosewood frame: book-stands and fire°serpth b.ooK-shelve8, and combined broke tables haruiomn? H1 ™««vocd J occasional and Pem- broke tables; hariiiol,itiiir I'IaneUc mahogany hall stand and and dressing tables-' of drawers, washing stands, pets bedroom dv!V ,'Kany ]' reni'!> bedsteads Brussels car- other lots of useful effects 6ad(lle child's saddle; and numerous The Mart, I<eath at Three °'Glock> P-m- The Mart, Neath, 5th, 1873. 5559 VALUABLE PROPERTIF^ K11^AT DOW LAIS AND MERTHYR- X YD FI f AND POL I C nty of Glamorgan, -■ rpe T>Q ATT?V.> F ASSURANCE. M »ANIBL & co- Sworder, the following PROPERTJES ,hitate f Mr"Chafles fuch other lots as may be arranged at th timo fr,mt;n.tloned or sucti oine unexpired U;rm of the i p i of bale' v,z- Lnl V,Tr,vri>v .nid PREMISES tlr^A>iF- of the DOWLAIS OLD hOTSE with Coa^llwitl11111 excellent de- tached ^« The property is Sf ,use' Stable, Offices, and large Garde district q{ s the centre of the most important ir t towns of iWu ^ales, a id within ney, ireuc» prPWerv is n->w in good w(,Vr- "'uypnrtd. This old-established Lr i returns for tli order, and doing an excellent business the lettinislo, the ,,ast year {)eing about £ 8,000. Held for a unexpired T?llcin^ lst April 1834, at an annual rent oU.ll/>, I he mjexpi«d Term of LEASE of a piece of GAKBEN uUO J ior 99 Years aU(^ adjoin- ing the last-mentioned premis -]g > commencing August 25th, 1835, at an annu^ lent ot lid The Purchaser of this Lot, will b jn.r|ra(ie t !.u,fixcd 10- Quarter Plant, Rolling Stock, and K LOT 2.-The unexpired Term of LEAS^ 01 tne W INN, situated at Dowiais, held for t|le' n of .at th« end of the first 7 or 14 years of annual rent of £ 4n wftif' commencing 14th October, 1864, at J1 the occupation of Mrs. Harris, as yeuxly tenant thereof, at an annual occupation of Mrs. Harris, LS rCL0Tf^°Tlie unexpired Term of "f the -M0RLAIS CASTLE INN, situated a! Merthjr, hekl f(ir r commencing 21st May, 1864, at an annual rent ot £ 3°. Joh» Leonard, as yearly tenant thereof, at an A W'V VV^TT » LOT 4.—The unexpired Term of LEA 1 W\A DIIAM ARMS INN, situated at Merthyr, held forJ ears, commencing 15th December, 1864, at an annual rent ot hM, ui the occupation of Miss Powell, as yearly tenant thereof, a .I rent of £ 36. The Purchasers of Lots 2, 3, and 4 will be required to take to certain Fixtures at a valuation.. r. LOT b. —The DOWLAIS INN, situated at lais. held for a term of 21 years, determinable at the option of eIther the intended Lessor or Lessee, at the end of the first or 14 years of term, dated 8th November, 1865, and in the occupation of Mr. Theodore Day, as yearlv tenant thereof, at an annual relit ot £ 62 10s. LOT 6.—The Three LEASHOLD COTTAGES, situated at Cwm, Dowlais, held for a term of 99 years, commencing- nd August, 1857, and subject to an aunud ground-rent of £ 1 1Ua- lid. Let to I monthly tenants, producing' £ 12 ih. per annum. LOT 7.—a PoLICY OF AsSURANCK in the National Previ- Institution (No. 23,754, dated I2th February, 1861), for p.00; upon the life of Mr. Charles Sworder, now aged 38 years. T *ni an,,ual Premium. £ 16 4s. 7d.. Int?'-T 7~a POLICY OF ASbHR \NCE in the Natioird Provident the lifp IW0, 27,779, dated 18th April, 1865), for £ 1.000, upon nual nww Carles Snworder, nf u aged 38 years. 1 resent an- nual premium :,s ld Office fo^iKA0LlCY ol ASSURANCE in the Imperial Life of Mr Thon^' Avith Boi us to the amount of £ 4 10s., on the life £ 1 0s. 3d. re ^>ay> ll0W aged 53 years. Annual premium, ♦KIIS&PA WSSHST* C,CR5 A,A R**™ B\Sf vSuableHo^ .^RTliYR-TY^FIL. -r. ru VII) If \T ,° eho'd I' unnture, &c. M tutors of the latt^jf ,instructed the 1\X viiin Thomas-tow^ waTls't0 SKLL by AUCTION, at Bry'it'1'1; APKIL. 1873, the ^rt,hJr-Tydfil, on THURSDAY' ^TTuMnVliF particulars of whieh wiu'L °- the HOU8KHOLD BURNITLRE) P (|f th(j iCtv„ thin glue" ln the Catalogue, which ma) y;l]e t0 Cou nence at Klevrnf r^ef°rie the ^ale" 4, Thoinas-stieet^^t' pr, March 28, 1873.° 5523 SA '-iE THIS DAY. THE PEOPLE'S AUC 4' BUTE TERRACE, MR. JAMES GKA^1 instructions to SELL by AyhVpi I^ 8th- 1873, a quantity of UNKEDEEMEl J December f of Mr. S. Joseph, 24, St. Mary-street, rom l^^mber 18,° to Nov. 3rd, 1871- and Mr F Fliff estonc, Canton, irom> 14th August, 1871 tf29th March 1872. S^leJ ^^mmeiice at 7 o doek p^jg' Important sKsheTcaS, Ho^toptonenU, Househo.d Furniture, Dairy Utensils, &c. MR. RICHARD JONES has been favoured with instructions from ^RSV»RMV M WFDN'ESBAY °JI giving up the Farm), to SELL by AUCTION, • nd THURSDAY, the 9th and 10th days of APKIL, 18/ valuable STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c., compr:is;in, ■58 superior Cotswold ewes with lambs, 10 Radnor, do. do., J Cotswokl sheep. 54 Head of Cattle, viz., 14 Milch co full milk, 1 handsome 2-year-old bull, 9 2-year-old steers, 4 neners, do., 12 yearling cattle and 14 calves. 9 horses, 1 powenui airt horse, 2 do. mares, 1 do. in foal, 1 useful mare in foal, 1 promising 3-year-old filly, goes well under saddle, 1 2-year-old cart colt, 1 do. do.. and 1 yearling filly; with the whole of the Implements and Household Furniture. Full particulars in hand bills, and may be had on application to he Auctioneer, Town Hall, Bridgend. 5516 Sales bg uction. T7^, SALE TO-MORROW. „ AUCnON MART, CANTON MARKET, CARDIFF. MMonthly Sales »f Fat and Stor* Stock, Horses, Carriages, &«. R- BODINGTON, M.R.C.Y.S., announces that his next and ltftl. MONTHLY SALE of STOCK. ilOKbES, CARRIAGES, &,c., will take piace as above, on WEDNKS- jlAY, APRIL 9th, 1873. Brown Cob Mare, 6 years old, 14 hands high, goes in harness 2. Chestnut Cob, 6 years old, 14 hands two inches high, quiet to nde and drive. 3. An excellent Second-hand Phaeton. 4. Four-wheeled Phaeton, in good condition. 5. A Coburg Carriage, hy Rogers, of Bristol, in good condition; cover and lamps complete. Constructed to carry four persons inside and three outside. 6. Set of Single Harness. 7. A Two-wheeled iron Plough, new, by Howard. 8. Ditto ditto ditto 9. Strong Stone Cart. 1 ntries for this Sale are respectfully solicited. All accounts settled same day. Sale will commence punctually at Eleven a.m. Cattle will in all cases be offered first. GEO. BODINGTON, M.R.C.V.S., Auctioneer. Residence and Offices, 4, Penlline-terraee, Canton, Cardiff. 5515 IMPORTANT SALE by AUCTION, on MON- JL DAY APRIL 14th. 1878, by Mr. HENRY DAVIES, at East Dudwell Farm (four miles from Haverfordwest), the property of Mr. S. Marychurch, who is reducing his farm stock. Several KICKS of MEADOW and SEED HAY, harvested 1871 and 1872; PURE-BRED SHORT HORN CATTLE, including Bulls and In- calf Cows and Heifers; SEVENTY STORE EWES; THIRTY FAT SHEEP; FIVE USEFUL » ART HORSES Implements, &c. S*le te commence at One o'clock. Rsfrefchments at 12.30. Auctioneer's Office, Old Bridge, Haverfordwest. 6547 TO GROCERS, PROVISION DEALERS, AND OTHERS. Just arrived per s.s. Glamorgan, Italy, and Prussian, quantities of prime patent, mild-cur. d BACON, HAMS, BEEF, BEEF HAMS, LARD in tubs, ditto in 51b tins in cases of 20 tins; PIGS' TONGUES, PIGS' JOWLS (dried), ditto in salt and pickle 418 boxes CHEESE, and a quantity of BUTTERS also a lot of very fine quality DRIED APPLES in quarter and half-barrels. The above to be sold at very low prices, and samples may be seen at J. K. COLLETT'S Warehouse, Gladstone-street, Cardiff, to whom communications should be addressed. 5560 gublic Jtotices. TO BCILDERS. TENDERS are WANTED for the ERECTION JL of 25 WORKMEN'S COTTAGES. Particulars may be obtained by applying to the Manager, Aber- tillery Iron and Tin-plate Works, Abertillery, near Newport, Mon. Tenders to be sent in on or before the 14th April next. 66" YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 17, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, at 8 15 (Subject, '-The Life *f Christ," in connection with Mimpriss's system) and EVERY SUNDAY at 3 p.m. BIBLE CONVERSATION CLASS. 663 ASSEMBLY ROOMS, TOWN HALL, CARDIFF. (By kind permission of the Mayor). MISS RIGHTON, ASSOCIATE OF THE LONDON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Pegs to announce that she will give her FIRST GRAND PIANOFORTE RECITAL, ON THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 1ST, 1873, When she will be assisted by the following eminent Artistes :— MADAME FLORENCE LANCIA AND MiL GEORGE PERREN. CONDUCTOR Ma. J. H. RIGHTON. To commence at Eight o'clock. Reserved seats 5a., or family ticket ls., to admit five second seats, 28.. 6d to be had at 74, Crockherbtown and of Lewis and Williams, Duke-street where the plan of the room can be seen and places secured. 6504 CARDIFF BUTE DOCKS c NEW ECCLESIASTICAL DISTRICT. (TO BE CALLED ST. STEPHENS,) Z3,061 has to be paid into the Bank of England on the 1st MAY NEXT for the above purpose. A large sum still deficient. Prompt and generous assistance urgently requested. Donations to be paid into West of England Bank, Cardiff, or to Robert Duncan, Esq., Tredegarville, hon. soc. Already received :-The Rev. Canon Morgan, late Vicar of St. Mary's, £ 10 10s. two klOO and above ten £ 50; eight £ 20 to £ 25 twenty-one £ 10 to .20; forty-six k5 to £ 10; out hundred and twentn,-oiietl to £5 two hundred and seventeen under £ 1. Full particulars will again be advertised. Cardiff, 2nd April, i873. 6514 AT LOW WATER MR. S. ANDREWS RUNS FIVE OMNIBUSES CONTINUOUSLY, FROM BUTE DOCKS TO PENARTH FERRY. 4574 ARDIFF PERMANENT BENEFIT J BUILDING SOCIETY. TRUSTEES WM. ALEXANDER, Esq. CHAS. W. DAVID, Esq. CHARLES H. WILLIAMS, Esq. (MAYOR OF CARDIFF.) NEW APPOINTMENT AS AGENT FOR SWANSEA AND NEIGHBOURHOOD MR. T. M. JAMES, POST-OFFICE CHAMBERS, SWANSEA. TO INVESTORS. Money can be invested at any time, in the form of SHARES, or on DEPOSIT, at a fixed rate of interest. N.B.—The only local society that submits its accounts to the valuation of a London Actuary. Apply to any of the above Agents, or to the'undersigned, Dated, Society's Office, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff.' Setreta^ MR. PETER PRICE. AGENT FOR THE SUN FIRE OFFICE, THE SCOTTISH WIDOW FUND, THE PLATE-GLASS INSURANCE CO. CARDIFF PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. The Seventh Annual Report is now issued. APPLY TO PETER PRICE, 4570 3, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF. D. E. ISAAC AND CO., 1 8 WLL E G S1AS8EX; F UPHDLSTELLERS.CABINKT MANtlWnTTfR KRS GENERAL FURNISHING IRONMONGERS. Goods delivered Free of Charge within a radius of Ten Miles. — 2126 W. H. BID GOO D. AUCTIONEER & APPRAISFP BY APPOINTMENT TO THE COUCTY riiriiT 6, ARCADE CHAMBERS, CARDIFF. Sales efficiently conducted, and settled for with promptitude. 4112 I A M E S H I T T, STONE, MARBLE, AND MONUMENTAL MASON 28, SOUTH LUTONR PLACE, ADAMSDOWN, • Every description of Church Decorations in Stone executed. Plain and Ornamental Monuments, Tombs, Headstones, and Tablets erected and lettered to any design, on the shortest notice and most reasonable terms. 4812 BRISTOL. CALEDONIA CONFECTIONERY WORKS, PATERSON RICE AND C O. Manufacturers of JAMS. JELLIES. JUBES. MARMALADES. ORANGE, LEMON, CITRON PEELS, And every description of BOTTLED SWEETS and CONFECTIONS for HOME TRADE and for EXrvKlAliuw. To be had of all respectable Grocers and Italian Warehousemen. 5239 SPECIAL NOTICE. THE GERMAN AND FRENCH PHOTOGRAPHIC AND STEREOSCOPIC COMPANY, 45, WIND STREET, SWANSEA, Beg most respectfully to inform the Public in general that all Pictures, Portraits, Cartes, &c., formerly taken by Mr. James Andrews, are in the possession of their Manager, Herr Jean Goldman, who will REPRODUCE all Copies at HALF PRICE, and guarantee a Superior Reproof. The above Company respectfully announce that no other Establishment in Swansea, Neath, or Llanelly, have any right to reproduce or infringe upon their NEW PATENT VAN DER WEYDE'S PROCESS. inspection at the Wind-street Establishment is respectfully vited Price List sent free of charge. All letters to be addressed r ean Goldman, late Andrews. Wind-street. Swansea. 2099 R. C. LEA C H, BILL POSTER & ADVERTISING CONTRACTOR, R 1 r. A I?' WOOD-STREET, CARDIFF, AND CARDIFF-STREET, ABERDARE. ]Rents all the Principal ilnd most prominent POSTING STATIONS III Cardiff, Cantoii, and Roth. I TOWN CRIER FOR ABERDARE. JTESHUSJS bbrtssts. SPECIAL AND LEADING LINES s ur MESSRS. W. PRICE & SONS' STOCK or READY-MADE CLOTHING FOR THE SPRING SEASON. THE NEW PANTALETTE SUITS For Little Boys. E NEW SAILOR SUITS For Little Boys. THE NEW DANISH SUITS For Little Boys. THE NEW LEOPOLD SUITS For Youths. THE NEW SCOTCH TWEED SUITS »For Youths. THE NEW MORNING COATS For Gentlemen. THE NEW DOUBLE-BREASTED COATS ► For Gentlemen. THE NEW TROUSERS & VESTS TO MATCH For Gentlemen. THE NEW YACHTING JACKETS For Gentlemen and Juveniles. ADDRKSB :—CARDIFF HOUSE, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF 136 THE TREDEGAR AGRICULTURAL SHOW, HELD AT NEWPORT, DECEMBER 17 AND 18, 1872 EXTRA PRIZE, THE SILVER CUP, Given at the above Show for the BEST SEWING MACHINE ADAPTED TO FAMILY AND GENERAL USE, WAS AWARDED TO THE SINGER MANUFACTURING CO., 20, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 4602 SPRING AND SUMMER NOVELTIES. SAMUEL PADY, TAILOR AND BREECHES MAKER, 72, CROCKHERBTOWN, CARDIFF, In thanking his numerous patrons for thir continued ani in- creasing support during the past 16 years, lgegs to intimate that he has NOW READY FOR INSPECTION the Largest Assort- ment of WEST OF ENGLAND CLOTH and SCOTCH TWEEDa in South Wales, specially adapted for Spring and Summer wear. REGIMENTALS & LIVERIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. 5151 PHOTOGRAPHY! PHOTOGRAPHY! BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. THE INDELIBLE STIPPLED EFFECT For producing artistic results in Portraiture by which means Enlarged Portraits may be exquisitely finished in a few hours. INVENTORS AND PATENTEES: MESSRS. LONG, FORSYTH, AND GRIFFITHS. Can only be obtained in Cardiff at J. LONG'S ART STUDIO, 110, ROTHESKY-TERIIACE, CARDIFF. CARTES DE VIS1TE and e-ery description ef PHOTOGRAPHY executed with despatch. 5036 TO KNOW WHICH HORSE WINS. LOOK THROUGH ONE OF BRYANT'S RACE GLASSES, ONLY 30B. ——— ONLY 30s. BRYANT, MANUFACTURING OPTICIAN, 22, ST. AUGUSTINE'S-PARADE. MANUFACTORY-2, MAUDLIN-STREET. BRISTOL. REPAIRS REASONABLE. Price Lists on Application. 5055 TO DEALERS IN BUTTER, CHEESE, BACON, &c. J. D. THOMAS GROCER, &c., LLANDYSSIL, Is prepared to buy, and deliver at the Llandvssil Station to any address, any quantity ef the CELEBRATED BUTTER, CHEESE, BACON, &c., Of the Cletwr, Cerdin, and Tivy Valleys, on Commission. The advantages of 25 years' experience, and prompt attention to all orders, may be fully relied on. Terms on application. 625 THE ARABS' COFFEE, Patented 18th March, 1863. No. 719. By our patent process, the volatile oil and aroma thrown off while roasting is retained. In lib., ilb., and ilb. Canisters, at 2s. per lb. SYMINGTON'S PATENT COFFEE, Is., Is. 2d., Is. 4d., Is. 6d., and Is. 8d. per lb. SOLD EVERYWHERE. BOWDEN STEAM MILLS, MARKET HARBOROUGH. 3966 CJMITH AND CO, CORN MERCHANTS, SKINNER-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. 4658 I SAY GEORGE!! Have you tried that new shop in College-street I had a splendid Suit there for Two pounds, and a capital Fit. Mind. I HAD TO PAY CASH FOR IT but 'tis Cheap. No, who is he ? Why, E- M. ROE COLLEGE HOUSE, 10, COLLEGE-STREET, SWANSEA. GIVE HIM A TRIAL. YOU WILL BE WELL PLEASED. 4451 GH. AWBERY (LATE J. R. AWBERY) • TAILOR AND DRAPER 2, KING STREET, CARMARTHEN. 4504 IFYOU WANT YOUR HOUSE FURNISHED X WITH TASTE, STYLE, AND ELEGANCE, COMBINED WITH ECONOMY AND DURABILITY GO TO MEE-EDITI-I,s 125, HIGH-STREET, MERTHYR. o (MANUFACTORY & SHOW-ROOMS, 52, brLEBELAND STREET), Who will give you an Estimate for fitting it up throughout, in eluding Carpets, Window and Bed Drapery, Ironmongery, and every other requisite, at wonderfully LOW PRICES. AH poods sent Carriage Free within FiftyrMiles. £ 936 LARGEST MINRRAL WATER WORKS IN THE LARGEST MINRRAL WATER WORKS IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND. AND CO., WILDER-STREET, BRISTOL, Have lately erected expensive Machinery for the Manufacluro of the highest qualities of SODA, SELTZER, and POTASS WATERS, LEMONADE, and ToNlc QUININE WATER. See our Trade Mark (Dolphins and Anchor on Shield) on every label, as most Tnnmifnirt.urers use same colour and shape. 4775 J & A. SLATER, LOOKING-GLASS MANUFACTURERS,! SILVERED PLATE GLASS, AND VENEER MERCHANTS 12, LEWIN'S MEAD, BRISTOL. 5024 Qpy GREAT DOCK-STREET, 04^ NEWPORT, MON EDWARD DANIEL, FOR AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS and MACHINERY of all kinds. Packard's Celebrated MANURES, PERUVIAN GUANO, and NITRATE OF SODA. ITALIAN RYE GRASS and OTHER SEEDS. See Catalogues, post free. 5396 EDINGFIELD'S Twelve years in the steamers J) between Southampton Send for his Illustrated and Havana, Price List. Intimate acquaintance with BEDINQFIELD'S the FINU BRISTOL BIRDSEYE, IJAY ANA markets of Sold only in packets. AX this A very varied Assortment of Samples celebrated on receipt of 5s. place. Tobacconists, Wine Merchants, Grocers Chemists. &c., supplied with the f^IGARS, finest Bristol Tobaccos. PRICES ON APPLICATION. Wholesale Dealer in Tobacconists' Goods. BR»AD-STREET AND PARK-STREET, BRISTOL. 4776 STANTON & COMPANY, STEAM CONFEC- s TIONERY WORKS, LEWINS-MEAD, BRISTOL. Mauufacturers of their Celebrated BUTTER SCOTCH, FRUIT PRESERVE, BOILED SUGARS, PEPPERMINTS, &C- 4604 HAT MUST WE DO TO MAKE OUR COALS COST LESS? Apply the Newly-invented COAL SAVER, which is Cheap, Durable, and requires no Alteration of Grate. The general public (for all'are interested), namely, the Gentry, Middle Class, and the Poor, who feel the high price of coal. The Invention is kept in daily use for inspection AT HENRY LEONARD'S, 22, HIGlI STREET, BRISTOL. 4774 GREAT SALE OF SADDLERY. IMPOR- VJT TANT TO GENTLEMEN, FARMERS, LIVERY STABLE KEEPERS. AND OTHERS.—An immense Stock of Carriage, Gig, and Trap Harness Saddles, Horse Clothingand Sadd'eryof every description, Knee Wrappers, Rugs, Whips, Gig and Carriage Lamps, &c. Ask to see the Harness plated on German Silver, at jS6 5s. All-over Pig-skin Saddles, complete, warranted, at Plated Gig Lamps at 18s 6d., usual price 35s One visit will satisfy purchasers that this a genuine Sale. Sale each day from l' 10 a m. to 6 p.m., at No. 3, Victoria-street, Bristol, next door to our Rick Cloth and Sack Warehouse, and nearly opposite the George Hotel.-PAHNALL & SONS, Manufa^«rers, Bristol and Exeter. Terms, nett Cash-no abatement. 5007 business Addresses. USE ONLYI JOTHERGILL'S TOBACCO. SOLD EVERYWHERE. WHOLESALE: 4, STUART HALL, CARDIFF. 62 P) LEWTSRCABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, CARDIFF, Respectfully invites the attention of parties about to Furnish to his EXTENSIVE STOCK of CABINET GOODS CARPETS, DAMASKS, CHINTZ, BEDDING' LINOLEUM, FLOOR CLOTHS, &c., all of which are of the newest design and of the best manufacture] N.B.—An assortment of PIANOFORTES by best makers for Sale and Hire. 101 JONES BROTHERS, PRINCIPAL BILL POSTERS AND DELIVERERS HIGH STREET, NEATH, AND BRITON FERRY. Circulars addressed and delivered. Bill Posters to the Great Western and Neath and Brecon Railways, and the principal Auctioneers. Lessees ox the Principal Posting Place in the town. NOTE THE ADDRESS: HIGH STREET, NEATH, AND BRITON FERRY 2144 L A M PS. EMBOSSED GLASS. JGENT GLASS. TO RAILWAY COMPANIES AND CONTRACTORS, COLLIERY PROPRIETORS AND SHIP OWNERS, CARRIAGE BUILDERS AND HOTEL KEEPERS, CHEMISTS AND GROCERS. HALL & PEDDER, BARR'S-STREET, BRISTOL, (Established 1794,) MAKERS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF SIGNAL, ORNAMENTAL, AND CARRIAGE LAMPS. GLASS BENT OR EMBOSSED to any Size or Pattern. Prompt and careful attention given to all orders. HALL & PEDDER, LAMP MANUFACTURERS, 1, 2, AND 3, BARR'S STREET, BRISTOL. 5476 N0 T I C E THE OLD-ESTABLISHED FURNISHING, CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE ESTABLISHMENT, (FORMERLY TUB LATH J. BARKER, LATE PROCTOR & BARKER,) 29, WINE-STREET, BRISTOL, WILL IN FUTURE BE CONDUCTED BY THE WIDOW AND SON OF THE LATE PROPRIETOR. 5383 S. J. BURMAN, PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, AND SILVERSMITH, 9, WINE STREET, BRISTOL. B U R M A N' S WATCHES. Are the BEST and CHEAPEST in the WEST OF ENGLAND. SILVER HORIZONTAL, from ki 5 0 SILVER ENGLISH LEVER, from 315 0 GOLD HORIZONTAL, from 2 15 0 EVERY WATCH WARRANTED. N.B.—BUR S CLOCKS give the exact time, as received from Greenwi 4ry day by telegraph. 6081 E. VAUGHAN & CO. STEAM DYEING AND SCOURING WORKS, LLANDAFF-ROAD CARDIFF. BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS 77, CROCKHERBTOWN ) 248! BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. 52, COMMERCIAL-STREET NEWPORT 83, HIGH- STREET, MERTHYR. 98, OXFORD-STREET, SWANSEA. 4, ST. JULIAN-STREET, TENBY. Orders received, and ParccU forwarded to Works carnage free, by the following AGENTS: Aberdare Mr- Dance, Commercial-streeu. Abergavenny Miss \Vatkii]; 12, Cross-street. Blaenavon Mr. J. Harris, London House. Bridgend Mr. Thomas, grocer, lton-street. Brecon Mr. Matthews, at Camden Arms, Watton. Cowbridge Mi. Stibbs, Ivor House. Chepstow Miss Rowe, Welsh-street. Crickhowell Mr. Davies, Manchester House. Carmarthen Agont wanted. Haverfordwest.. Mr. Harries, 3, High-street. Llanellj"-• Messrs. Ace & Sons, Vaughan-street. Llandilo Mr. Lockyer, County Press. Neath Mr. Matthews, at Queen's Hotel. Pembroke Dock, Mr Brice, Meyrick-street. Pontypool Mr. G. Fowler, draper, Lion House. Usk Messrs. Jones & Powell. draper &c. Watchet.. Capt. Nicholas. 223 ST. HELEN'S WORKS, SWANSEA. JAMES BOLTON, MARINE, COLLIERY, AND GENERAL ENGINEER AND MACHINIST, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDER, BOILER MAKER, &c. The Works cover two acres of ground and have recently been much improved, numerous appliances having been added to facili- tate, perfect, and economise the various operations. In the ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT the Machinery is of the most modern and approved description, and fitted for doing every class of work, and new Machines are being constantly added. The FOUNDRY is capable of turning cut 100 tons of Finished Castings per week, and castings up to 75 tons in weight have been run by this firm. The arrangements for BOILER, TANK, GIRDER, MILL, and SMITHS' WORK, are equally extensive and complete, and the Works are now being connected with the main lines of Railway. Spur, Mitre, jMortice, Bevel, and Worm Wheels, plain or shroud- ed, from any diameter up to Sixteen feet, and with any pitch or breadth of cog, are made with mathematical accuracy by Scott's patent Wheel Moulding Machine also, Fly Wheels, Drums, and Driving Pulleys to the same dimensions, which can be Turned and Bored if required. A LARGE STOCK OF PATTERNS ON HAND FOR BOTH LIGHT ANB HEAVY CASTINGS. No charge for Patterns, except under special circumstances. PLANS, DRAWINGS, and ESTIMATES given, and Work of any description, size, or weight, Tendered for, the time part of the Contract being Jaithfully adhered to. 9in., join., l?in., Hin., 16in., and 18in. ENGINES, with suitable BOILERS, m Stock or in progress. On HIRE, a 25-ton Road Trolley with Large and Broad Wheels. Can be sent by Rail. 4$86 ONLY THE BEST. GARAWAY'S GRASS SEEDS, G SELECTED FOR ALL SOILS. Per Acre. For Permanent Pasture, including Clovers, 27s. to 30s. For One Year's Hay, n „ 12s. For Two 11 „ „ 16s. 6d. CLOVERS OF BEST QUALITY AT MARKET PRICES. FIVE PER CENT DISCOUNT FOR CASH. Orders above 20s. in value Carriage Paid. Catalogues Post Free. JAMES GARAWAY & CO., SEEDSMEN, 4480 BRISTOL. A I N T E R S, CARPENTERS, FRENCH POLISHERS, &c., Will save money by having their Goods of • F. & H. BARNARD, OIL & COLOUR MERCHANTS, 33, CASTLE- STREET, BRISTOL. LINSEED OIL. 3s. Od. per Gallon. TURPENTINE 4s. Od. „ NAPTHA, Rectified 3s. lOd. OLIVE OIL, for Machinery 5s. Od. ROSIN 2d. per lb." GLASS PAPER 9d. per Quire. Best French COLZA OIL 38. 9d. per Gallon. Young's PARAFFIN OIL is. 5d. „ GLUE, Best French Stamped. 8d. per lb.; PA NT GROUND and DRY COLOURS, VARNISHES, and PAINT BRUSHES Cheaper and Better than any House in the City. A considerable reduction in price when quantities are taken. 4/22 3Sttsittess tmts. D. JOTHAM AND SONS ARE NOW SHOWING FOR THB SPRING AND SUMMER SEASON, 1873, A VERT LARGE AND CHOICH STOCK, 1 In the following DEPARTMENTS :— ( COATS TTJnTTQnjQ TROUSERS & VESTS (To MATCH) NEW STYLES IN-! GENTLEMEN'S SUITS YOUTHS' SUITS BOYS' SUITS BOYS' SUITS j l THE BESPOKE DEPARTMENTS ALSO, LINEN SHIRTS (in White and Oxford), HOSIERY & GLOVES, SCARVES AND TIES, HATS AND CAPS, ie., &e. We have now completed a Large Assertment of the Latest Styles carefully selected from the BEST HOUSES. D. JOTHAM & SONS, 26 AND 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 5502 QPENING OF NEW PREMISES. ESTABLISHED 1859. [CIRCULAR.] CARDIFF WARDROBE, 257 & 258, Bute-street, And 2, Saint Mary-street, CARDIFF, March, 1873. DEAR SIR, It is with no ordinary pleasure that I invite your ldnd attention to the following important announcement:— I have for some time been impressed with the neoessity of Opening a BRANCH ESTABLISHMENT in the upper part o the Town, in order to meet the requirements of my numerous customers resident at a distance. I have accordingly secured for the purpose those most ELIGIBLE and COMMODIOUS PRE- MISES, No. 2, ST. MARY-STREET, which are fitted with every modem appliance for the comfort and convenience of all classes of customers. I have just returned from the LONDON MARKETS, add have made some EXTENSIVE PURCHASES ift the LATEST HOME and FOREIGN PRODUCTIONS of the NEWEST MATERIALS, for making up EVERY DESCRIPTION of OOSTUME for general wear, as well as for CLERICAL, MUNI- CIPAL, MASONIC, and other uses.—LIVERIES, HABITS, &e. The READY-MADE DEPARTMENT consists of a large con- signment of Nicholl & Go's. Celebrated Garments. An oztensivo variety of READY-MADE CLOTHING from other Manufacturers, suited to every class. Stopford's Patent Hats; Gaps, Portman- teaus, Rugs, Bags, Umbrellas, &e.. &c. These will he displayed both in my NEW SHOP, ST. MARY-STREET, as well as 267-8, BUTE-STREET; and I respectfully solicit yeur early inspection of the same. I remain, dear Sir, Yours faithfully, PHILIP YEO. P.Y. continues the following system All Goods purchased at this Establishment are subject to the following Discount:- £3 Parcels, 5 per cent.; and £5 Parcels, 7J per cent, on all Gash transactions. Special arrangements made for Credit.-Patterns given. 5288 JOHN W I L L I A M S'S (LATE OF DUKE-STREET) NEW IRONMONGERY SHOW ROOMS, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, NOW OPEN. 3718 SEWING MACHINES, K? WASHING MACHINES, MANGLES. FIRE and THIEF PROOF SAFES, with all other Patented Articles, supplied by CROSS BROTHERS, GENERAL IRONMONGERS, 4, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. SEWING MACHINES. The Wheeler & Wilson's Gold Medal Silent Working Lock-stitch Sewing Machine. WASHING MACHINES. Bradford'sPatent Vowel WashingMachines SEWING MACHINES. TlieWilcox &Gibbs Silent Sewing Machines WASHING MACHINES. The Home Washer, complete, [with washer, wring, & mangles. MANGLES, By Bradford and all other Makers. t'or Sale on easy tenns.1 KNIFE CLEANING MACHINES. To clean three knives P £ 1 12 0 SEWING MACHINES, Try the Shakespere. Agenoria, Franklin the Weir, W. 1L Thomas and Co., or any r Maker. SEWING MACi i i.. s MANGLES "°D H'" °P0° i' or Sale on easy terms. SEWING MACHINES Repaired. SAFES, Fire and thief proof, Dy Chubb, Milnef, Perry, Hobbs, Taunton, Price, Whit- field, kc. AT MAKERS' PRICES. CROSS BROTHERS CARDIFF. 4339 F RED E R I C K WARE, (Late WARS AND SONS), TAILOR AND ROBE MAKER, ESTABLISHED HALP-A-CENTUBY,, BRISTOL AND CARDIFF. SOUTH WALES ESTABLISHMENTI DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF OPEN ON WEDNESDAYS AS USUAL. CLOSED EVERY EVENING AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. 107 "WORLD WIDE FAME." PALMER'S COCOA CONDIMENTAL FOOD FOR HORSES AND CATTLE. ONCB USKD ALWAYS uszd%; The cost is less than one halfpenny per feed, it will put Horses and Cows into condition when all other means have failed; tor rearing calves cannot be equalled, and it will save 20 per cent, in rearing calves cannot be equalled, and it will save 20 per cent. in the cost of feeding. Sole Manufacturers ana Proprietors, PALMER AND COMPANY, LONDON, E. Orders (wholesale ir retail), also applications for Agencies to be sent to MR. THOMAS WEBBER, 32, ROYAL ARCADE, CARDIFF. TESTIMONIALS ON APPLICATION. 5800 Feeds sent, carriage free, for 32s., to any part of South Wales. A sample bag of 141bs. fur 5s. prepaid. 2428 THE FIRST AND SECOND CONSIGNMENTS OF BACON, IMPORTED BY EVANS & CO., Having gone so rapidly into consumption, and given such un- bounded satisfaction, they have anticipated an INCREASED DEMAND, and are NOW LANDING, EX "GLAMORGAN," THE THIRD DIRECT CONSIGNMENT FROM NEW YORK CITY CURERS, SPECIALLY SELECTED for their Family Trade from light, firm, well-fed Bacon. The public are respectfully invited to make their purchases at either of their Establishments, 6, HIGH-STREET AND 15, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. 5452 THE PETRIFYING SILICATE PAINTS, r AustrIan As supplied to the Admiralty Board of l^rl'm Lloyds, Woolwich Arsenal, CuimrdComp y. • FOR HOUSE, SHIP, OTTR^ TN T)00"RS AND OUT, AJND LN ALL' OOLiUUliS. Lanu?a?Sdbj the Silicate chemical action on Iron or other Metals, wil stand any degree of h~th"uTbU^ring; l cwu doing the work of 2 cwt. Lead Paints, -ee article in EiignKer- up* Arrhitcct ''Builder^ <xC» ARTIFICIAL STONE PAINT, For Preserving Wo;«-nd gvmg them the DAMP WALLS, DAMP CHURCHES, etc., cured by the Petrifying !» d. at a cost of about 2d per square yard. See article m Buuuci, "Architect," .Mechanics' Manazine," &c- „ vGr particulars and Testimonies, apply to THE SILICATE PAiNT COMPANY 24, FEN WICK-STREET, LIVERPOOL. AGEKIS -SLATEB, BRISTOL LEWIN'SfMEAD, BRISTOL. óOOS 3Sttsitt*ss Addresses. 0 W F, L L & C 0 TBI CARDIFF DRAPSA;li. Are now Showingjthe LARGEST, BEST-SELECTED, r& CHEAPEST STOCK OF BRUSSELS TAPESTRY3 AND KIDDERMINSTER CARPETS; ALSo, j | FLOORCLOTHS, From!'d tofFour Yards Wide. 13, anu 14, ST. MARY STREET,CAP.Djpp. 6164 Education. MAl S ON D E D u C A T FON*T 0, & 7, CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. The SCHOOL will RE-COMMENCE, after the Easter Holidays. on TUESDAY, the 16th of APRIL. MJ8 EDUCATION.-IIILFORD HAVEN. THE REV. JOHN EVANS, B.A., London University, Receives YOUNG GENTLEMEN to BOARD and Edueate. The pupils of this school havo passed with credit the preliminary examinations of the Incorporated Law Society, the Pharmaceutic ea.1 Society of Great Britain, Alc., ke-, and one has won the finut Scholarship, value £21, at the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen Terms very moderate. BRISTOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL.-ISI School prouounced to be second to nene in the kingdom. having lately had one pupil become third Wrangler at Oai«bri2uI and another Tutor at Christ Church, Oxford, takes no Boardera! Mr. Hewell proposes te supply this want at Thomburv-hetxt. White ladies'-road, Cliftea, Bristol. The Grammar School hass3 scholarships—two ef PIoo, two of £.60, one of Lm, aad on ot 926 a year each. Reforenee to Rev. J. W. rialdicot, if. A. baad master. Mr. Hewell has aim a School of his own at the above reswenal Those who value Christian training and first-class eduwtio* eombined may thus secure both. Reference to Rev. S. A Walker, reetor of St. Mary-le-port, Bristol. Prospectuses as application. 4w ORMAL COLLEGE, SWANSEA. PF"MPAI,-W. WILLIAMS. Pupils prepared for the Universities and for ProfesMOUl aad Commercial Pursuits. During the past six rears fifty-two of thg pupils have passed various public examinations. TERKS: Beard and Tuition 0 0 per. m Tuition (including Latin and French) 8 to Greek 10 0 German 1 0 0 Drawing 100 H HiI STAFFORD COLLEGE, s DARTMOUTH-PARK, FOREST-HILL (NITAR CRYSTAL PALACE), LONDON, S.K. HEAD MASTER liB. CROSS, late o. BridgesdU MATHEMATICS, 4IC A. G. WATKINSON, t;oq Londm University. jJRENCH Monsr. RAIOUSROMt. GERMAN Dr. EUPHRATE, M.A., FILD, DRAWING, PAINTING, &O J. L. KENWORTHY, Esq- F.S-iu. F.R.G.S., ASSISTANT IN Drrre J. ROLFE, Esq., Medalist of the Roy4 Academy. PROFESSOR OF DANCING J. SEA TON, Esq., Royal ltaliaa Opera House. There is at present no vacancy, but one pupil can be received 01 the 25th March. 4678 GROSVENOR LADIES' COLLEGE. G BRIGHTON PARK, WHITE LADIES' ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. DR. B. TOMKINS, M.A Lady Superintendent of Studies Miss WILSON. Pianoforte and Singing Miss RUXBOLL. Drawing, Ac. _j Head Master of TJC. <■ Grosvenor College Lady Superintendent of Domestic Arrange-} „ ments AIRS. Jos. TOWKINS. Young ladies prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local examinations. Young ladies prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge Local examinations. Q R O S V EN O R CO L L E G JT, WHITE LADIES' ROAD, CLIFTON, BRISTOL. PRINCIPAL: DR. TOMKINS, M.A. Professeur de Francais, Compiler of the Bristol Copy Book, tc.) HEAD MASTER CHARLES BIGG, EsQ. The College is within 200 yards of the proposed site of the new Clifton Station. Very Moderate Terms. Large school-room. A arge number of pupils have obtained certificates in the t-xford and Cambridge Local Examinations, many having passed with honours. Hundreds of pupils are occupying good situations in banks, merchants' offices, &c. A bock (new edition, 40 pages) of Grosvenor College, also one of Grosvenor Ladies' College, may be obtained ou application. It contains testimonials from parents of pupils, from old pupils, refer- ences to parents at Aberdare, Blaenavon, Builth, Brecon, Cardiff, Chepstow, Haverfordwest, Llanelly, Newport, Pontypridd,Swansea, Tenby, Trelech, Tredegar, Merthyr Tydfil, &c. The NEXT TERM will commence on THURSDAY, JAN. 16, 1873 Dr. TOMKINS will visit the principal towns of South Wales im- mediately after Christmas, and he will, with great pleasure, call upon any parents who may wish to see him respecting pupils, in wbich case he hopes that notice to that effect may be at once sent tolhim. 4082 ——'—" —jmL_ Jiotcb. QUEEN'S HOTEL, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF.—Ladies' Coffee Room. An Ordinary at 1.30. Night Porter.—Mrs. WILLIAMS, Proprietress. 5311 DRAWBRIDGE HOTEL. Central, Com- modious, Comfortable, and Economical. Ordinary daily. -16 and 17, St. Augustine's-parade, Bristol. 5561 lJ. ULLATHORNE, Proprietor. OYAL HOTEL, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF.-First-clam Family and Commercial House, the nearest to the Great Western Railway Station. Omnibuses to every train. A Night Porter in attendance. Under the manage- ment of E. J. MULLINER. 5300* IMPERIAL HOTEL; MOUNT STUART- SQUARE, CARDIFF.-Tliis Family Hotel comprises ipublic Coffee and other Rooms, Private Sittiug-rooms, numerous Bed- rooms, &c., first-class Billiard-room. An Ordinary, daily, at Half- past One.—THOMAS NIXON, Proprietor. 5480 OEY AT HOINIE !-JOEY HAYNES fiesires to inform his numerous friends of Cardiff and its neigh- bourhood that he has taken the FISHGUARD ARMS," BUTE- STREET, where ho will be happy to meet his friends, who will always find "A JOEY, IN GOOD SPIRITS." DDFELLO WS' ARMS, M A E S^FG' Two Minutes' Walk from Station. Good accommodation BILLIARDS- POSTING. INLAND REVENUE OFFICE. 238C PROPRIKTOR-Air. ILLTlD MO EG AN B AOTTFAMILy HOTEL, B AOTTFAMILy HOTEL, STTTTF OF AP i R ^L ^I ENSION-BRIDGE. fast from 2s • Dir- Guineas per week. B^eak- Apartments havii^K from.Ss- Service, 2s. A Suite e WFOni vr Rpr F^nJeCe,n]y added 10 the Hote!. especially for samp nl1 rV-,o 'the Manager is prepared to pro«jde the 8ame or the most moderate terms. Terms by weekly arrange •r p onv* suite of Apartments, with board and attendances fires only extra. Bedroom, board, and attendance rooms, 3 £ Guineas. All meala served to the viiftort order. Private drawing-room for Ladies. Table D'Hote daily at 1 Sundays at 5. All communications to be addressed, 1428 E. GITTE%S. Manager gublic Amusements. "PI UT CHINS ON A^TTYLEURE7^ GRAND CIRCUS, I. ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. The People's Palace of Pleasure and Amusement. Crowded" Houses, and Everybody Delighted. A Fresh Treat every Week* More Numerous Engagements. An Entire Change of Prognunmp on MONDAY, April 7, and Eve^Evening dunag the RETURN VISIT AND FARÉWELLr ENGAGEMENT OF THE RENOWNED, THE GREAT ORIGINAL, THE APPROACH LISKARD The M^y Musical Jester, pa'r excellence! The S ^tleman are so well knowj thatTmh °' ■ unnecessary- Thank you n tllat further comment is The P°int trman^Tli8111 iS the ^ordinary Per- MILTON AND ALVERNO THE DARING GYMNASTS <yj;K^PbF THE AGE! BKILLIANT HORSEMANSHIP FEATS BY THE RENOWNED BRüTHERS COOKE, the Double Company of Star Artistes. 3028 VICTORIA CONCERT-ROOM, ST. MARY. STREET, CARDIFF. SOLE PROPRIETOR Mr. F. W. HOFFMANN Every Evening during the week,! GRAND CONCERT, CHARACTERISTIC ENTERTAINMENTS, AND DANCING. REFRESHMENTS AS USUAL. Admission—First Class, Is.; Half-price at Niie o'clock WHEN THE PLOMENADE CONCERT AND HANfJKrt COMMENCE. Doors open at Seven, to commence at 7.50. 241 STAR V A R I ETT IT" WIND-STREET, SWANSEA. DIRECTOR 13 k. M ELVJLLE. Another Astounding Amalgamate ri. Ma/veiious Enterprise Extraordinary Engagement of the Wonders of the World T7FN J ARR HEE, and only Troupe of i>eal Chinese that has ever visited this country. These Marvel* will appear for positivelv FuUR NIGHTS only. In addition to the "Real Chinese'• the following artistes will appear Rasing and Alvarez Mr. and Mrs Wallace (with their trained Dogs, Bruce and Marcus Wi!. kinson, SJignor Balladin, Rugby, Singleton PhiUipsand others TO-NIGHT at the Star Varieties.