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0 SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISEMENTS F IN XHK r SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS. FOB SINGLE INSERTIONS, mm. s. d. LINES. s.. d. 1 to 4 1 0 -7 TO S 2 0 J to 6 16 I 9 to 10 2 6 And 3d. for every additional Line. A Liberal Discount allowed for a series of Qmsecvtive Insertions. Tradesmen's Advertisements and Business Announcements of finds, when ordered for a month and upwards, are subject to chrt terms, according to the number of insertions and the space apiIed. Parliamentary Notices, Prospectuses of Public Companies, Legal tices, and Election Addresses, are charged 6d. per line for each artion. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Advertisements of the under-mentioned classes are charged as aOW8 on Tmant SIX WORM. INSERTION. INSERTIONS. INSERTIONS. ø. d. S. d. 8. d. TWE 18 06.. 10 16 THUS 27 09 1 6 23 Foe* 36 10 2 0 30 FIYB .13.. 2 6 39 8a M 16 3 « 46 Bach additional line ol ) 0: f) 0 09 Nine words. f OJ These charges apply only to the classes of advertisements speci- led below, and are strictly confined to those which are PAID TOR WMYIOCS TO INSERTION if not prepaid, they wil be charged by the general scale:- APARTMENTS WANTED. I MoNEY WANTKD. A»ARTJIENTS TO BE LET. MISCKIAASEOUS WANTS. ARTICLES LOST. PAMXKRSHIPS WANTED. ARTICLES FOUND. SITUATIONS WANTED. BUSINESSES TO BB SoLD. I' SITUATIONS VACANT. Hougs- TO LET. SALES BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. Wanted. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS.—H. EVANS, DRAPER, ABERDARE, HAS.A VACANCY FORA JUNIOR OR AN IMPROVER. 1365 WANTED, AN EXPERIENCED YOUNG LADY, FOR GENERAL DRAPERY. WELSH INDISPENSABLE.—APPLY TO R. T. JEREMY, Merthyr. 1461.) I WANTED, AN EXPERIENCED MILLINER, CAPABLE OF SERVING WELSH CUSTOMERS. STATE AGE, EXPERIENCE, SALARY, REFERENCE, MAURICE PRICE, DRAPER, VSTALVFERA. 1471 \\TANTED, A GOOD GENERAL SERVANT. APPLY AT 26, PARK- ERJ STREET, TEMI>ERANCE-TOWN. 1341 TO TALLOW CHANDLERS.—WANTED, A TALLOW CHANDLER, OF GOOD CHARACTER.—APPLY TO J. AND C. SAN KEY, ANGEL-STREET. 1488 ~M^r,I"VTRRRS AND PAISTERS.—'WANTED, for a permanency, IT a Three-branch HAND, also 'a plain HAND and an APPRENTICE.-J., Merthyr. 1482 ~\WTANTED, during the Show, a PASTRY COOK also, a BREAD BAKER, at R. Benjamin's, 14, Trinity-street, Cardiff. 1493 TO TURNQVERS. —A Vacancy for a TURNOVER at Case and Machine. Apply at the Cardiff Times Office. LERK. 'Wanted by a Young Man, 23 110 CLERK.—Wanted by a Young Man, 23, a situation as CleA, el Collector, or Traveller. Address, M. H. Post Office, Sketty, Swansea. 14(;5 fino MACHINE FEEDERS. -Wanted, a MACHINE FEEDER, j accustomed to Newspaper work.—Apply at the Smith Wales Sail)! News Office. Cardiff.. 1380 TO ENGINEE RS. -,V anted, a few good FITTERS and TURN- JL ERS: Apply to George Waile's & Cd., Phccnix Iron Works, sear Stroud. 1384 WANTED, a SCHOOLMASTER for Llanfairisgaer National School. For particulars, apply to the Rev. Henry Parry, Vicar of Llanfairisgaer, Carnarvon. 1383 WANTED, TWO Young Melt as LIGHT PORTERS for night tV work.-Apply at the South Wales Daily News Office. 1366 0 TAILORS.-WANLTED, Four good, steady Workmen. 1 Constant employment and good wages. Apply to J. Morgan, tailor, &c., 8, Commercial-street, Maesteg. 1350 TAILORS.—Two good hands wanted. Twenty-four Shillings a week. Seven to Seven. Overtime, 4jd. an hour. E. Thomas. tailor, Caerphilly. 1339 CARDIFF INFIRMARY.—A TENT or MARQUEE, to accom- %i modate twenty persons, is desired for the summer months. Apply to the House Surgeon. 1338 1JARM BAILIFF.—Wanted by an experienced married Man, Jr aged 32, a- situation as Farm Bailiff. Thoroughly acquainted with all details, and competent to purchase and take care of tteck. Address by letter, 8, Montgomery Place, Roath, Cardiff. 1285. FWMAT.K ATTENDANTS and SERVANTS wanted. Wages range from £ 12 to £ 18 a year, with board, lodging, and iing., Apply, with. testimonials and full particulars, to the Medical Superintendent, Glamorgan County Asylum, Bridgend. WAITED.—A MAN-SERVANT, single, in-doors, to take CHARGE oi one or more horses, willing to WAKE WSEFUL in the høu. Character from last place INDISPENSABLY for further informatioB, enquire, A.E.F., South Wales Sews Office, Cardiff. — — "BAITED into A FHO CAPITALISTS.— A PARTNER would be About £ 1000 1 sound and lucrative Business in Swirukter, first instance, would be required to be invested. Appte* Toombs, Solicitors, pTing references, Messrs. KinneE- 1385 Swindon. u a comtent person, as 0VKR. WANTED, a SITT^T111? HAD considerable experience WI**1 LOOKERU-V'">*Nypassengers, &C., to New York.— First-class STEA.I^> 111, Red Rock-street, West Derby-road, Address, D*_l 1448 IJVERPO^PGRS' ASSISTANLS.—WANTED immediately an ex- YOUNG*MAN, also a FEMALE ASSISTANT. A ELECTABLE Youth or a young Lady would also BE treated with as in Apprentice. Apply, stating full particulars, to Wm. Davies, London House, Tredegar. 1336 WANTED, one New or Second-hand BOILER, egg or flat end, 20 ft., long by 4 ft. 6 in. diameter. One ditto ditto,>9 ft. long by 4 ft. diameter Each to stand a pressure not less FEAII 70lbs. per inch.—Apply to Mr. Daniel, Morriston. July 1st, 1875. 1490 WANTED to Establish in Cardiff, a Wholesale Agency for Sale of the Cocoa CoudimentalFood for Horses and Cattle. It is now admitted by Consumers to be the best and most econo- mical in the market. Address, Palmer and Company, 39, Wilson- street-, Finsbury, London, E.C. 781 0 AGENTS, AUCTION7EEP.S, INSURANCE AGENTS, TO LAND AGENTS, AUCTIONEERS, INSURANCE AGENTS, and Others.—WANTED, AGENTS in all Towns in England /here none are appointed, to act for the Burlington and Missouri* Mver Railroad Company. Pamphlets and printed matter for free distribution supplied.-For tertns of commission, &c., apply to the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company, 16, South Castle-street, Liverpool, or 25, Moorgate-street, London. 1369 o be X, et. TO BE LET, from February, 1873, some large Farms, south of Cowbridge. Apply, X.C.C.C. County Club, Cardiff. 1349. CARDIFF.-To LET, HOUSE and SHOP, in Caroline-street. C Apply to W. Pnce and Sons, Cardiff House, Cardiff. 1352 4 CARDIFF.—A BEDROOM and SITTING-ROOM TOILET, Furnished.—Address 52, Adam-street, New Town. I486 T> OYAL SHOW.—TO BE LET, during the Agricultural Show, JX A Bedroom and Sitting-room, at 40, tjxford-street, Roath. 1481 ROYAL SHOW.—TO BE LET, during the Agricultural Show, a Sitting-room and Three Bedrooms, at 6, Angel-street, Cardiff. 1480 X> OYAL SHOW, CARDIFF.—FARM HOUSE TO LET, con- taining 9 rooms, stable, and coach-house, if required also accommodation for 50 horses. Apply T.E., Post Office, Cathavs. 1483 A CAPITAL SHOP AND BOOT AND SHOE BUSINESS TO LET, IN ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF.—FOR PARTICULARR, APPLY TO W. AND S. Hern, W orking-litreet, CARDIFF. 1493 CANTON.—HOUSE TO LET, NO. 16, PICTON-PLACE; RENT MODERATE.—APPLY TO WILLIAM W. THOMAS, ELY FARM, Cardiff. 1439 TREDEGARVILLE.—TO BE LET, A FURNISHED SITTING-ROOM, AND ONE OR MERE BEDROOMS IN THE PARADE. ADDRESS C. D., Daily NEWS OFFICE. 1335 ROYAL SHOW.—TO BE LET, FOR THE TERM OF THE SHOW, A SITTING-ROOM AND THREE BEDROOMS.—APPLY 9, WELLING- TON TERRAEE. 1477 TO be LET, a HOUSE in Loudon-square. Rent moderate.— Also, No. 2, Cornish Villas, Llandaff-road, consisting of seven looms and garden. For further particulars, apply to Mr. John Batehelor, Bute Doeks. 354 HZR*' ^MINSTER HOUSE, 99, COWBRIDGE ROAD, CAN- ▼ V TON.—TO BE LET, during the Agricultural Show, a DRAWING-ROOM and BEDROOM on first floor, well furnished. Extrn bedrooms if required. -Apply as above. 1479 WANSEA.-TO be LET, with immediate possession, No. 4, St. Helen's-road, containing drawing, dining. and breakfast- rooms, five bedrooms, kitchen, scullery, cellar, china pantry, and other offices. Appjy to A. Paton, 50, Oxford-st., Swansea. 1291 I T ODGINGS.—Not Six Minutes walk from the Royal Show, a ■ J Lady and Gentleman, or Two Gentlemen, can be accom- modated with highly respectable Drawing-room and Bedroom. Terms—with Breakfast-apply 31, Croft Street, Roath, Cardiff. Good Stable and Coachhouse if required. F 1456 ORTISHEAD.-To be LET, SPRINGFIELD VILLA, in full view of the sea garden back and front, with never-failing supply of spring water. Also, to be LET, VICTORIA-HOUSE, near the Beacl1. Apply, Myrtle Cottage, Portishead I- or to J. Wintle and Co., Clare-street, Bristol. 1S9 THE R01AL SHOW.—To be LET, during the period of the Royal Show, a furnished HOUSE, in Windsor-place (dose to Show Yard)'containing dining and drawing rooms, and four or five bedrooms.—Apply at the South Wales Daily New Office, Cardiff. 1258 THE ROYAL AGRICULTURAL HOW AT CAltbirF. APARTMENTS to LET, in Dumfries-place, where superior accommodation and attendance can be secured during the Show. The-house is situated nearly opposite the greunds of the Marquis of Bute, and in the most pleasant and fashionable part of the town. Apply to Miss Hartland, Ormonde Hoàse, Dum- fries-place, Cardiff. 1342 RJLHE ROYAL ~\G £ UCULTURAL SHOW.—A FURNISHED I HOUSE to LET, in Croskherbtown, Cardiff.—A HOUSE, "ftedegarville, for SALE eight rooms.—To be LET, Nos. 1 and 4' Clarendon-place, Partridge-road, Roath.—To be LET, an OFFICE, in Bute-crescent.—To be LET, a large SHOP, in Bute-road, near the Docks. Apply to L. Hopkins, 16, Parade, Tredegarviile. 1484 CEFN.—TO be LET, with immediate possession, the Double- IU Licensed House, the BELL INN, Cefn, near Merthyr situate close to the Cefn Station on the Brecon and Merthyr Railway coming in, £ 76. including the Stock-in-Trade, Household Furni- ture, and the License up to October next. Unless taken before Thursday, the 4th inst, the contents of the house will be Sold by Auction on the above date.-For particulars, apply to D. Evans AND SoBS, Auctioneers, Pontypridd. 1459 Jales to# |Jritrate Contract FOR SALE, TTV 0 HOUSES in Peter-street. Apply at NO 11 Bedford-place. ^237 SEASONED OAK SPOKES for Saleat Bonvilstone,uearCardiff Address I¥ Price. 995 FOR SALE, a good substantial PH.ETON. Price Eight Guineas. A bargain, owner having no furtherfar it Apply at the Caru iff Titn-es Office. 13G3 TTIOR SALE, a capital HAULIER'S WAGGON, quite uew.-For JL pince and particulars apply to George Davis, 3, New Oxford- street, Swansea.. = [oqz TWO HOUSES for SALE at Temperance-town, Cardiff. Apply to Mr. David Thomas, 24, High-street. AJW ^IC1'URE JJ'UAME MAKERS. —To BE SOLD, a great J. Bargain, about 1.000 feet of FRAME MOULDINGS diffe- rBu^REET,1" APP'Y AT «NCE T<J ACHøL. IWTTII anu »v RIX.V.L.W TVHJTN S .oL"'l.c. ill- and populous country town; no other business of the kind; satisfactory reasdns given.—Apply, Mr. Courtice, iun., COACHED Cwt Spnng, Patent A*le, and Scroll Iron MAUFRC- er, Wa^Redcliff-street, Bristol. 't "0 t -"¿" —— faies bgContracl j MONTGOMERYSHIRE and SALOP- (on the Borders of>For SALE, a beautiful EsTATE, of Acres, intersected by turnjiike road, and but three miles ffoiu A Station. Rent, £ 228. J Apply to Bell, Williams, and Son, Land Agents, anu Agricultural Auctioneers. 40. North John-street. Liverpool. 1370 J FO$SALE, STEAM CRANE LIFT, nearly two tons, with J large boiler, steam-pump, and fittings, copper pipes, and all complete boiler capable of generating steam to supply two -J ordinary steam winches and crane, all working together; crane and boiler equal to new. To be sold cheap.— Apply, Mr. T. Mil- } ward Engineer, & 1, Ferryside, Swansea. 1303 TO Gentlemen desiring Occupation or Retirement.—For SALE, a nice little *FARM oi Eight Acres of excellent Freehold Land, called," in North Wales, with Farmhouse, &c. This property being conveniently situated near Cohvvn Land, called in North Wales, with Farmhouse, &c. This property being conveniently situated near Cohvvn station-the most picturesque and salubrious spot on the sea coast between Mostyn and Holyhead—renders it a beautiful site for a gentleman's modern residence. Price, £ 926. Apply to Watson, 15, Fenwick-street, Liverpool. K80 MONMOUTHSHIRE.—Valuable and important FREEHOLD M ESTATE of upwards of 900 Acres, with RESIDENCE, Farm House, and Agricultural Buildings. The land comprises rich arable, meadow, and pasture, handsomely timbered, and. in a beautiful country) dffering many advantages for occupation or investment. Price fL30 per acre.—Particulars of AHERMAS and SLADB, Land Agents and Valuers, 8, Regent-strett, Waterloo- place, London. 1368 CHEAP FARMS rlt VIRGINIA, U.S.-FOR ONE YEAR'S RENT of an English Farm, an ESTATE, in good condition, and nvith a guaranteed title, can be BOUGHT in VIRGINIA.' Soil very fertile, climate healthy, labour cheap, markets good many English families already settled in the same district.—For partic- ulars apply (enclosing stamp), to J. J. ANDREW, 27, Finsbury Pavement, London, E.C. 1371 TO be SOLD, by Private Treaty, a thoroughly—established first-class HOTEL, with a few Acres of LAND, replete with all modern conveniences, and commanding a good -biisiness. Also, a FARM, with House and buildings, containing forty-four acres of Land, of the most superior quality, both of THE above are situ- ated close to the shore, in the most thriving localities on the coast of North Wales. All freehold. Apply to llr. Richard Roberts, Surveyor and Valuer, St. Asaph. 1373 TO BE SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, that old-established PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the "NEW INN;" also a pieee of productive Orcharding adjoining, situate at Newton, in the parish of Yarkhill, on the road leading from Hereford to Worcester, now in the OCCUPATION of Mr." Smith. Also two COTTAGES and GARDENS, with Orchard adjoining, and two pieces of Pasture Land, part plasted with fruit trees, situate at Steensbridge, in the parish or Humber, near the road leading from Leominster to Bromvard, now in the occupation of Mr. Gatehouse. Also a COTTAGE and GARDEN, with Orchard adjoining, situate at Shidheath, in the parish of Kingsland, now in the occupation of John Parry. Fur particulars, apply TO Mr. John Cave, Monkland, Leominster. 1379 •6. « A POCKET-BOOK, in the train between, Llanelly and Swansea, June 27th. Any one returning it to Rev. Thomas Levi, Heathfield Place, Swansea, shall be amply rewarded. 1476 Jtttjscdlaneotts* E FIELDING, BILL POSTER and DISTRIBUTOR, Taff- A street, Pontypridd. 1473 MONUMENTAL. MONUMENTS, Crosses, and Tablets, in granite, marble, or stone.—Designs and estimates forwarded on ap- plication tc T. JONES, Penarth-road Entrance. Cardiff. 218 YOUR FUTURE • Seven Years, six stamps; lifetime, twfelve Love Chaiu», sixteen. State A^E. Methratton, 76, Post- office, Daventry. Gõt j public JUnuscmcnts. THEATRE ROYAL, SWANSEA. Director Mr. G. MELVILLE. Acting Manager: Mr. A. EMM. TO-NIGHT (MONDAY), THE SIN AND THE SORROW. JUST LIKE ROGER. THE IRISH FOOTMAN. 1467 VICTORIA ROOMS, ST. 21 A^RY- I T STREET, CARDIFF. SOLE PROPRIETOR Mr. F. W. HOFFMANN- Every Evening during the ftek, GRAND CONCEPT AND CHARACTERISTIC ENTERTAINMENTS. CRANC.9 OF ARTISTES EVERY WFc;K.. RCTRX8HMBST8 AT TUB BA~. Admission—First Class, is.; Second C'L', • 6D- Doors open at Half-p-t Seven, to commence at EISRH" Saturdays half-arf-hour EN*1" 241 I jloftccs. "p>ETHA>^ CHAPEL, LOUDOUN-SQUARE, -U CARDIFF. THFT- F^TEE-VTH ANNIVERSARY SERVICES of the above J 01 worship will be held on MONDAY, JULY 1 1872 ^°"OW'N £ <LAY>. when the undermentioned Ministers will officiateRev. Lewis Edwards, D.D., President of Bala College North Wales Rev. D. Saunders, Abercarne Rev. D. Evans, M.A.' Dolgellau; Rev. Thomas Levi, Swansea.-Order of Services Monday-at 7 Revs. D. Evans, M.A.. and D. Saunders. Tuesday —at 7: Revs. D. Evans, M.A., and D. Saunders. Collections will be made towards Repairing the Chapel. 1331 IMPORTANT. TO GOOD TEMPLARS, TEMPERANCE SOCIETIES, AND THE F GENERAL PUBLIC. THE SWANSEA LODGES OF THE I.O.G.T. HAW PRANGED FOR A PTTBLI< £ -MEETING AND ENTERTAINMENT IN THE MUSIC HALL, SWANSEA, On TUESDAY, the 16th JULY Next. For particulars see Hand-bills. Tickets, Tea and Entertainment, One Shilling. For Public Meeting and entertainment, (it. To be had at KOWSE, Stationer, Castle-square ROSSER. Heatlifield-street CORI.N, Castle-street and at the various Lodges. I3-'G THE SWANSEA ROYAL & SOUTH WALES UNION FRIENDLY SOCIETY (Enrolled pursuant to Act of Parliament.) Claims paid during the last twelve months, £ 1.593 is 1O. Active AGENTS wanted in the FOREST OF DEAN. 4 eS^^S^SSa&!lmttv' CAmE ciLUI?Ss' THE LLANDYSSIL WEEKLY MARKET. JL Provision Merchants and others are respectfully informed that a supply of BUTTER, CHEESE, BACON, &c., &,c., Will be regularly provided at this Market, COMMENCING ON THURSDAY, THE 14TIf IXSTAST. Pro Committee, J. D. THOMAS, Secretary. Return Tickets at Is. 6d. per mail train from Carmarthen Llandyssil, Marchlst, 1872. 554 Llandyssil, Marchlst, 1872. 554 CTT_ „S.REAT WESTERN RAILWAY. HEAP TRIPS to CHEPSTOW every Monday « ^AND, during the Summer Seasons. First TOTHFPSTOW1^ N?SS/JXC'RRSI°N TICKETS will be issued THE Trains leaving Cardiff at 7.20 and 9.30 •7 T,} ewport at 7.55, 10.35 and 1 ->0 r> 111 available for rWurn from Chepstow at 8.30 p. m day of issue For fares, &E, see handbills. P Y Paddington Terminus. J" GRIERS0!F. General Manager YOUNG MEN^ CHRISTIAN ASSOCI^ TION, 17, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, at 8.15, and EVERY THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING, at 8.15, and EVERY SUNDAY at 3.0 p.m. BIBLE CONVERSATION CLASS. 563 ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND. CARDIFF MEETING. GREAT SHOW OF HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, _f'I03, AND* IilPLEMENTS, JULY 15TIl to 19TH inclusive. ADMISSION MONDAY JIU /IN .1I1 VTARANN TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY 2s 6D I,ERSON' THURSDAY AND FRIDAY Is. 1356 TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS rpHE Committee of the Baptist Church, at Elim, TVVR>?P^1ARRTI!I .MER*HR Tydfil, AR% prepared to receive TENDERS for certain alterations and ronoviUion of their Chapel. Plans and Specifications may be seen at thl Rev. T. Owen's, the minister of the Church. fktenders must be sent in on or before Monday, the h day of July next, before 12 at noon. The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowesi or any tender. JOHN EVANS, Penydarren, Merthyr, 2Sth June, 1872. 1458 CASTELL COCH BRIDGE ACT, 1872., OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Cas- -L* tell Coch Bridge Board are prepared to receive TENDERS for the ERECTION of a BRIDGE across the river Taff, at Castell Coch, as authorised by the above Act, in accordance with plans and specifications prepared by Messrs. Dobson, Browm and Adams, and to be seen on application at their Offices, Guildhall Chambers, Cardiff, OQ and after the 1st July next. Sealed Tenders, endowed Castell Coch Bridge Tender," to be sent to me, on or before the 12th July next. The Board do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order, • W. P. STEPHENSON, Clerk. Dated, 21, quefen-street, Cardiff, 25th June, 1872. 1337 4 MT _T GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. W RIFLE CONTEST AT WIM- ■RTRKFTS tn L/wnov' SECT0"^ AND TH«"D RETURN N JLONDO? AT SINGLE FARES for the Double JRI^TH ANRI PV.II'88"6 Vomnteers in Uniform on FRIDAY, DAY^JLLY SRT hiclusive? AVAIUBLE £ YR RETURA UP Third Class Tickets available by Third Class Trains only. Paddington Terminus. J' GIUEKS0N. G^AL :«lanager. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. r^HEAP EXCURSIONS TO MONMOUTH KJ AND USK. During the Summer Months, First, Second, and Third-class EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to USK, PJTGLAN, and MONMOUTH, on THURSDAYS, from Cardiff at 9.30 a m and 1.20 p.m. and from Newport at 10.20 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Available to return from Monmouth at 7.50 P.M. on the day of issue. For Fares and full particulars see Handbills. J- GRIERSON, General Manager. Paddington Terminus. 1327 CRYSTAL PALACE COMPETITION. SOUTH WALES /CHORAL, 1JXION. CHAIRMAN". —THE Rev. Canon Jenkins. D.D., Vicar of ABERDARE TREASURER. The Rev. Thomas Price, M.A., Ph.D., SBCRETARIES P;■ Brythonfryn Griffiths, Aberdare. ( Dd. Rosser, Aberdare. SubwziPtioDs towards the expenses fund are earnestly and re- spectfully 8olicited. 0 List OF SLUSCRIBERS. £ s d Sums already acknowledged <33 2 3 Lord Bishop of Bangor 110 W. Harris, Esq., jun., Merthvr.. 1 1 0 Captain Russell, 12th Glamorgan R.V. 0 10 N Mr. T. B. Meredith, Merthyr Union 0 10 6 Edward Esp, Esq., Newport 0 10 0 Mr. John Johns, Cardiff-street, Aberdare 1 0 0 • Dr. James, Aberaman 110! Messrs'. Hammond, TUPIE- P.;K1 Bates', Manchester 2 2 0 Mr. cQinmercial> a 1 !er, ^r friends. 0 10 0 Rebearsal,at Cft*rV- q q public Jloticcs. THE WORKING kEN'S FLOWER SHOW AT THE DRILL HALL, IS POSTPONED UNTFL WEDNESDAY/JULYS. Entries to >je -made on rUne 29th and July 1st, at Eight p.m., at St, John's Schoolroom. ADMISSION:—One to Five o'clock, Is. Five to Six o'clock, 6d. after Six o'clock, 2d.. Cliildren, accompanied by adults, Half price. No change GIVEN at the door. A String Band, under the leadership of Messrs. Roberts and Johnson, will be in attendance. J. H. PROTHEROE, 1 „ Q 1334 E. H. COX, > H*N Secretaries. THE NORTHERN TITANIC IRON ORE and -L SMELTING COMPANY (Limited).—Capital CIOO,000, in 10,000 shares of £10 each, payab:e. 20s. on Application, £2 on Allotment, ZS in two months, ;1;;2 in four months. and £2 in six months. Shares may be paid lip in full, and five per cent. interest will be ALLOWED on the Calls paid in advance. Registered under the Joint-Stock Companies Acts, 1862 and 1867, whereby the lia- bility of the Shareholders is limited to the amount of their shares. DmECToR8. J. W. Adamson, Esq. (Messrs. Adamson and Ronaldson), 1, Leadenhall-street, Shipowners. William Austin, Esq., Chairman of the Russian Iron Works Company.* HenryT. Balfour, Esq. (Messrs. H. Balfour and Co.), No. 6,1New Broad-street, and Leven Iron Works, Fifeshire. Major General F. C. Cotton, C.S.I., late Royal Madras Engineers, 72, Eecleston-square, W. Mickael Sarson, Esq., The Elms, Wandsworth-common, S.W. Thomas S. Webb, Esq., 85, Gracechurch-street, E.C. (late Manager of the Norwegian Titanic Iron Works, Norton), Managing Director. BANKERS.—The City Bank, Threadneedje-street. SOLICITORS.—Messrs. James Taylor, Mason, and Taylor, 15, Fur- nival's-inn, E.G. BROKER.—Frederick A. Helps, Esq., 9, Cornhill, E.C. SECRETARY.—S. J. Green, Esq. Offices—28, Martin's-lane, Cannon-street, E.C. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. OBJECTS OF THE COMPANY.—This Company is formed for the purpose of purchasing and working a fine Titanic Iron Ore Pro- perty in the west of Norway; to ship Iron Ore for smelting in the Company's Furnaces in England, and also for sale to Ironmasters in England and elsewhere; and to erect Furnaces and Smelt Ore on the Company's land hi Norway, should it hereafter be considered desirable to do so. DESCRIPTION.—The Norwegian property consists of six im- mense Mountain Lodes of Titanic iron Ore, situate at Sohalt and Solmer, in the parishes of Orskog and Skodje, distant about 25 miles from the town of Aalesund, on the west coast of Norway. A Fjord, of great (lepth,.f water, lies at the foot of the Mountain it is open at all seasons, and so well situatei4 that veabels of large tonnage ron be loaded at the Company's wharves within 90 yards of the Mountain. The English property consists of two blast fur- naces, engines, coke ovens, and necessary offices and appliances on the banks of the Tyne, to which it has a frontage of 290 feet, with 12 feet depth of water at low tides it is five acres in extent, and a branch of the North Eastern Railway runs through the pro- perty to the Company's wharf the situation is admirable for the reception of Ores per ship, and for inland communication it is held on lease for all unexpired term of 28 years (renewable) at the low ground-rent of elSO per annum. The Ore is one of the finest description yet procured in Norway. By analysis made by Messrs. Johnson and Matthey, of London, it is found to contain 43 per cent. of metallic iron, and is free from Sulphur and Phosphorous. In few instances has Titanic Iron Ore of the same purity equalled this yield. The Mode of Operations, The Cost of Production of Ore, 'I he Value of Produce, The Profit, The Balance-shect of One Year's Working, The Outlay, And the Estimated Dividend are particularly described in the Prospectus, shewing the net profit, after payment of all expenses for one year, when in full work, to be £28,750, and with the extremely limited sale of only 500 tons of ore per week. CONTRACTS.—The only Contracts entered into on behalf of the Company up to this date, are dated respectively the 18th day of April, 1872, and lltli day of June. 1872, the first being made between James Mackintosh Qf the one pait, and Fraiieii; Gwynne Wheatley, for and on behalf of the Company, of the other part, and thasecond being made between James Mackintosh of the ene part, and the Company of the other part. No allotment of Sbaxes will be made unless 4,500 shares at the LEIWST are A)^PLI«L for,%nd if no allotment is made, the deposits will be returned in full, without any deduction for expenses. Copies of the MEMORANDUM aud Articles of Association, and forms of the said Contract, MAY be secwat the Offices of the Com- pany's Solicitors. Prospectuses, with full reports and forms of application, can be obtained at thcTBankers, Brokers, and Solici- tors of the CO>N|»NT; arfd of the Secretary, at TLLE^ANPANY'S Offices, 28. Martin's-lane, Cannon-street, ae. Not'DING the Reports received, the Directors deemed it des>*T>,E> for their further satisfaction, that one of their number PI«ould personally inspect the Properties in Norway Mr. Balfour accordingly proceeded to Norway for that purpose, and has re- ported very favourably on the property. 1462 RRIHE NORTHERN TITANIC IRON ORE and _L SMELTING COMPANY (Limited).—Notice is Hereby Given that the SHARE LIST will be CLOSED on Wednesday, July 2, for town, and on Thursday, July 4, for tee country. 1463 By Order, S. J. GREEN, Secretary. IQUIQUE AND LA NORIA, PIZAGUA AND -t- SAL DE OBISPO, AND JUNCTION RAILWAYS, PERU. Issue of £ 1,000,000 Seven per Cent. First Mortgage Debentures, in Bonds of £ 500 and £ 100, bearing Interest from 1st June, 1872. Redeemable at par by a minimum Sinking Fund of 10 per cent. per annum in half-yearly drawings. ISSCE PRICE, 92 PBB. Cim-T. The undersigned, I. Thompson, T. Bonar, & Co., are authorised by the Proprietors and Concessionaires of the above said Railways to open Subscriptions for the said issue of EI,000,000 Seven per Cent. Debentures, at 92 per cent., payable as follows J 5 per cent. on application. 10 „ on allotment. 15 „ Tst August. 15 „ 2nd September. 15 „ 1st October. 15 „ 1st November. 17 2nd December, less half-year's Coupon, deducting Income-Tax. 92 per cent. Subscribers may pay up in full on allotment, or on any day when an instalment falls due, under discount at 5 per cent. per annum. The Iquique and La Noria Line, about 36 miles in length, situ- ated in the Province of Tarapaca, Peru, was opened for traffic in July, 1871. The traffic consists almost exclusively of Nitrate of Soda, deposits of which exist in inexhaustible quantities in the district traversed oy the line. It is carried by the railway at half- a dollar per quintal of 1001b., which is lower than the minimum authorised to be charged by the concession of the Peruvian Government. The Pizagua and Sal de Obispo Line is also about 36 miles in length, and will, it is expected, be opened for public traffic in August next. This line likewise traverses large deposits of Nitrate, which it will bring down for shipment to the Port of Pizagua, situated about 70 miles to the north of Iquique, on the Pacific coast. Tge Junction Railway is a connecting line, of about 70 miles in length, of which 12 miles are already built, uniting the eastern termini of the two railways already described, and, like theme passes through the Nitrate-deposits on the tableland of Pampa d- Tamarugal. This connecting railway will, it is expected, be com, pleted within one year. When completed, these railways within the Province of Tarapaca will form a complete system of 142 miles, the proprietors (Messrs. Montero Brothers) having, by their concession, the exclusive right, for 25 years, of railway conveyance in that district, and for a further period of 40 years without exclusive privileges. Sfeveral large establishments are in course of erection, which will very largely increase the produce of Nitrate in the province of Tarapaca. The export of Nitrate of Soda amounted, for the year ending 31st December, 1809, to 2,507,052 quintals; for 1870, 2,943 413 quintals and for 1871, 3,605,906 quintals. The accompanying memorandum shows that the receipts of the railway already opened are in excess of the amount needed for interest and redemption of the bonds of this issue. The Annual Interest and Sinking- Fund for the present issue of Debentures, amounting to £ 170,000, will form the first charge upon all the Lines. The Owners and Concessionaires have executed a Deed of Mort- gage and Trust on the whole of the said Railways, their rolling stock and appurtenances, in favour of trustees for the bondholders, which wilr tye registered as a first charge, I. Thompson, T. Bonar, and Co. retaining the proceeds of the Loan until Aich registration is perfected. The Mortgage provides for the appointment of a special Re- ceiver in Peru. The Bonds will bear Interest at the rate of 7 per cent, per annum, payable half-yearly in London, in STERLING, on 1st June and 1st December, at the Counting House of Messrs. I. Thompson, T. Bonar, and Co., and the first half gear's interest will fall due on 2nd December, 1872. A Mininfiun Sinking Fund of 10 per cent. per annum on the entire nominal amount of the Bonds will be applied by semi- annual drawings, by lot, in London, on Ist May and Ist November. The Bonds drawn will be payable in like manner on the 1st June and 1st December next succeeding each drawing. The Right of Increasing the Sinking Fund is reserved by the Proprietors of the Railways. The First Drawing will take place 1st November, 1873. If no Allotment is made, the deposit will be returned in full; and if only part of the amount applied for is allotted, the balance of deposit will be first applied towards the 10 per cent. due on allotment, and the remainder (if &ny) returned. Default of Payment of any instalment renders all previous pay- ments liable to forfeiture. Scrip Certificates to Bearer will be exchanged against Allotment and Deposit Receipts, and Bonds to Bearer, when ready, will be issued to the holders of fpiid-up Scrip. Applications in the annexed form, accompanied by a deposit of 5 per cent., will be received by the undersigned. I. THOMPSON, T% BONAR, & CO. 57J, Old Broad-street, 29th June, 1872. MEMORAXCrM FCRXISIIED BY THE CONCESSIONAIRES OF THE IQUIQCE AND LA NORIA, PIZAGUA ,D SAL DE OBISI'O, AXD JUNCTION RAILWAYS. The average quantity of Nitrate of Soda carried by the Iquique and La Noria Railway has exceeded 180,000 quintals per month, or at the rate or 2,160,000 quintals per annum, yielding a revenue of £ 216,000, being, after deduction of expenses, sufficient to provide for the whole of the interest and amortization of the loan. There is every reason to believe that the traffic of the Pizagua and Sal de Obispo Railway will be equal to that of the Iquique line.' The return traffic from the ports to the interior will chiefly con- sist of machinery, coal, and articles of food for the population occupied in the, Nitrate districts, and of passenger traffic, which will considerably augment the receipts of the railways. It is estimated that the net revenue of the whole'system, when completed, will not be less than £ 460,000 per annum, and that it will steadily increase every subsequent year. (Signed) MONTERO HERMS. London, 13th 3Iay, 1872. The Mortgage Bond and other Documents lie for inspection at the Offices 0(, H. P. SHARP, Esq., 92, Gresham-house. Forms of Application can be obtained at the Offices of I. Tnml- SON, T. BOSAR, & Co., 5i!, Old Broad-street. IQUIQUE AND LA NORIA, PIZAGUA AND SAL DE OBISPO AND JUNCTION RAILWAYS, PERU. Issue of £ 1,000,000- 7 per cent. First Mortgage Debentures, in Bonds of 5OQ and £ 100. Bearing interest from 1st June, 1872. Redeemable at par by a minimum Sinking Fund of 10 per cent. per annum, in half-yearly drawings. Issue Price, 92 per cent. FORM OF APPLICATION. No. To Messrs. L THOMSON, T. nON ),R & CO., 57 j, Old Broad-street, London. Gentlemen, reques t you will allot to in the TERMS OF YOUR PROSPECTUS, DATED :^0TH JUNE, 1872, £ OF THE ABOVE DEBENTURES, ON WHICTI- ENCLOSE THE REQUIRED DEPOSIT OF POUND* SV.TF AG*«E TO ACCEPT THAT AMOUNT, OR ANY LESS AMOUNT ALLO^U TO .AND TO PAY THE FURTHER INSTALMENTS ON THE AMR ,MT, SO ALLOWS, <UXOMIN<>- TO THE CONDITIONS OF THE PR- ° SOE^TUS. TE:;U'JN, °««*EMEN, "BEV¥IT SERVANT, NAME ADDRE -V" DATE.. ■ ^V,TOUS OT T°* W••• J SIL VSGGTT IOT UNTRY- J. Y-LZ- UVV VI i i r('d ,tl ittti JTIIY IST I Groceries, at 2ti, J^TEAMMILI 1 PZ /July 1st Tools, &C., at the E Bute-ro*l, 'lift VLE3CANMK MO-IT' Julv 6th Jeweller s Stock, at. Castle Hotel • JJ Messrs. M. KLLERYFE .July 9th Ayrshire Cows, at Cardifi erop. Mr "TIEPHPN JULY 10Th Leasehold Property, at,Camote, 25th Mr. W. P. Paintings, at the Cardiff Arms JU V«TH ..July 17 Tiiiber, <&c% a/t Agricultural Show Mr. W. H. Rli. July 10th Villa Residence, Biynhyfryd, at Castle II < 'CL — Mr, IL W. HARRIS, Crops, at the Wern-house, Llandaff 'nlts by gluctiatt. 11 Wern Gaiach, parish of Llanfabon. MESSRS. H. W. HARRIS and TAYLOR wk JLYJL SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of JULY, 1872, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the Wem House, Llan- fabon, the whole of the CROPS on the above Farm, in such Lots 3 ana subject to such conditions as shall be named at the time of 4 I 5 F For further particulars, and to view the crops, apply to the Auctioneers, 140, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil. Auctioneers' Offices, June 29th, 1872. 1489 DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. J. M. ELLERY has been instructed to SELL hy AUCTION, at the Cameron Arms, on TUESDAY, JULY 9th, 1872, subject to such conditions and in such Lots as shall be named at the time of sale, the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, in the town of Swansea, viz:— Four Leasehold Dwelling-Houses and Premises, containing each four rooms, situate in Graig-road, in the occupation of W. J. Scow- croft, J. Blackborn, Esther Owen. and W. Lloyd, held for a term of 91 years, from the 25th day of December, 1859, at a ground rent of £ 4 10s.) and let at rents producing £ 31 4s. A Leasehold Dwelling-House containing 6 rooms, being No. 89, Rodney-street, held for a term of 99 years, from the 25th day of December, 1859, at a ground rent of £2 2s., and let to a rejiectable tenant at 5s. a week. A Leasehold Dwelling-House, containing 7 rooms, being No. 42* in Rodney-street, held for a term of 99 years, from the 25th day of March 1860, at a ground rent of £ 2 5s. and let to a respectable tenant at 5S. a week. A Leasehold Dwelling House, and Premises, No. 19, Mysydd- street, held for a term of 99 years from the 29th day of March, 1829, at a ground rent of £ 112S., and let at £15a year. Sale to commence at 3 for 4 o'clock. Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Brown and Davies, solicitors, orgf the Auctioneer. 1447 ALTERATION OF DATE OF SALE. Valuable Leasehold Trading and other Property. MR. J. M. ,ELLERY has been instructed by, the Representatives of the late Mr. Richard Worth of Uplands, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Cameron Arms, High- street, Swansea, on TUESDAY, JULY 9th, 1872, at Three o'clock, in such Lots as may be arranged at the time of sale, the following VALUABLE PROPERTY, in the Town of Swansea:- LOT 1.—All that Dwelling House, Shop, and Premises, situate in Oxford-street, and now in the occupation of Mr. Leworthy, Grocer, at a rental of £ 48 per annum, subject to the apportioned very low ground rent of £ 5 a year. LOT 2.—All that Dwelling House, Shop, and Premises, situate in Goat-street, and in the occupation of Mr. Ritchins, Pork Butcher, at a rental OF £ 21, but is worth at least £ 40, per annum, which will behold subject to a ground rent of £ 4 a year. These two Lots will be sold subject to an underlease for 2G years, from 25th March, 1856, at- the annual rent of t45, of which the purchaser of Lot 1 shall pay £ 24, and Lot 2 £21. LOT 3.-All that valuable Dwelling House, Shop and Premises, situate on the corner of Oxford-street, and Goat-street, and NOW in the occupation of Irs. Evans, Draper, as yeariy tenant, and will be sold subject to the low apportioned ground rent of £7 per' annum. The present tenancy will expire at Christmas next, and the rent of the premises is now estimated at about £ 60 per annum. The three lots are held under a lease for 99 years, from 29th September, 1847, at the low ground rent of £16, which is apportioned as above. The above Premises are situate in one of the best localities in Swansea, and will always command good tenants at remunerative rents. LOT 4.- A Leasehold Dwelling House and Garden, No. 6 Dillwyn-street, containing front and back parlours, kitchen, scullery, pantry, three bed-rooms,' attic, water closet, &c., with gas and water laid on. The Premises are in good and efficient repair, having recently been papered, and thoroughly drained in accordance with the regulations of the Board of Health. The Premises have been let at £18 iper annum. and are held under a lease of 99 years, from the 25th March, 1846, subject to a ground rout of T2 10s. O be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, all that FREEHOLD I DWELLING HOUSE and garden, at Uplands, late in the occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. R. Worth. For further particulars apply to D. David, Esq.J or to the Auctioneer.. 1446 business Jlddttsses JgROWN AND POLSON'S CORN FLOUR IS GENUINE. PACKETS lid, 3d. and 6d. BEST, 2d., 4d., 8d. CAUTION AGAINST UNSCRUPULOUS FRAUD. INFERIOR QUALITIES OBTAINED AT LITTLE MORE THAN HALF THE COST OF BROWN AND POLSON'S, ARE SOMETIMES SUBSTITUTED. 298 RIGHT'S TIME TABLES. THE NUMBER FOR JULY Contains AN ENTIRELY NEW MAP, Upon an enlarged Scale, of the /■"WRST RAILWAY DISTRICTS OF SOUTH WALES, Being the First of a New Series of Railway Maps which have been for some time in preparation, and will appear in successive Numbers as soon as they are delivered from the Engravers. 1358 c L4 E A R A N C E SALE OF A LARGE STOCK OF IRON BEDSTEADS, PREVIOUS TO REMOVAL TO NEW PREMISES IN SMITH-STREET. JOHN WILLIAMS, 1 Ms SHOW ROOMS: 27 & 28, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 1487 ROWN COMMERCIAL HOTEL, NBATH. (Near the Corn Market and Town Hall), WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, Families Supplied at very Low Prices. ORDINARY AT HALF-PAST ONE O'CLOCK EVERY WEDNESDAY. PROPRIETOR EVAN MORGAN SAVOURS. 1^91 FOR SALE. 50,000 USEFUL and well-manu- factured Articles of FURNITURE, CARPETS, UPHOLSTERY GOODS, and BEDDING. -For Catalogues of same apply to Laverton and Co., Steam Cabinet Works, Maryleport-street, Bristol. LAVERTON & CO.'s IMMENSE STOCK OF .MODERN FURNITURE comprises the Largest Variety in the West of Eng- land, manufactured at their own Steam Cabinet Factory, warranted all of good quality and workman- ship, at prices extremely moderate.—See their large illustrated Catalogue, to be had gratis. Maryrt- street, BRISTOL. ALL WARRANTED IN QUALITY, AND LOAft IN PRICE THAN LONDON HOUSES. 1172 L A V E R TO NAN D CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS, MARYLEPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. LARGEST STOCK IN WEST OF ENGLAND. COMPLETE FURNISHIN/J ESTIMATES. For Particulars see Catalogues, containing 600 Engravings, sent Gratis. £ s. d. No. 1. 4-ROOMED HOUSE 22 15 6 2. 4-ROOMED DITTO 34 15 0 „ 3. 5-ROOMED DITTO 10 6 „ 4. 6-ROOMED DITTO 71 8 6 „ 5. 6-ROOMED DITTO 100 0 0 6. S-ROQMED DITTO 147 0 0 „ 7. 8-ROOMED HOUSE OR VILLA 19218 0 „ 8. 10-ROOMED HOUSE 294.13 0 „ t). 10-ROOMED DITTO 350 13 0 io. io-POOMED DITTO 404 2 3 „ 11-ROOMEI) DITTO 451 10 3 „ 12.. •. 11-ROOMED DITTO 503 14 3 £ > 13 12-ROOMED DITTO 563 17 6_-R '• 12-R00MED DITTO FOR -PR;- ^0 ARTICLES OF I 1 T -CFFAK, &&F. I. V C. -) TH A C K E R Y AND SAYCE, JL STOCK AND SHARE BROKERS, 33, WEST RUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. We are at present' open to BUY Bristol and EXceter, Llviivi, MTIFT* illouthshire, and Rhytnney Railway Ordinary Stocks itt market PRICES; also Great Western Colliery Shares at £ 8 per share, Crown Preserved Coal Shares at £ 4 15s. per share, Cardiff Compressed Coal Shares at £ 8 10s. per share, &c. and to SELL Great Eastern Coal Shares at £ 8 10s. per share, &c. and to SELL Great Eastern and .Metropolitan District Railway Ordinary Stocks; also Hon- duras, 1870, CrowllIPreserved Coal Shares, at £ 5 persharo, &e. S 1485 LfllGARO. — An Illustrated Family Journal, J- published every Saturday, by Ranker; and Co., 199, Strand, London. £700 in cash and other gifts distributed this year. Sixteen pages, One Penny. Sold by all Newsagents. 1263








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