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TO BE SOLD OR LET, A Modern and convenient DWELLING-HOUSE, situate at Clarence Terrace, commanding a fine view of Swansea Bay, and within a few minutes' walk of sea-bathing. The premises consist of front and back parlour, a drawing-room, four bedrooms, two kitchens, pantry, two cellars, and every other requisite. ,J Also to be LET, a HOUSE & SHOP, fitted up for a Grocer, situate opposite the New Market entrance in Orange-street. Apply to Miss L. Rees, Goat-street, Swansea. FOR SALE. ONE CAST-IRON SHAFT, 11 feet 9 inches long, 61 inches diameter. TWO CAST. IRON CARRIAGES, with Brasses, Bolts, &c. ONE CAST-IRON DRUM RING, 5 feet 6 inches diameter; One do., 4 feet 6 inches and One 2 feet 6 inches diameter, fitted with wood segments. ONE SPUR WHEEL, 5 feet 10 inches diameter, two-ioch pilch, cog inches wide. One do., 3i feet 6 inches diameter, cog 8J inohes wide. Apply to Mr. Kingston, Engineer, Neath. GLAMORGANSHIRE, Parish of Loughor. raEEHOLD FARMS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On MONDAY, the 5th day of JUNE next. at the BUSH INN, in the Town of LOUGHOR (nalem previoasly disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given), ALL those FREEHOLD FARMS, MESSUAGES, WTENEMENTS, LANDS,and PREMISES,called BERTH- LI«WYD, situate in the parish of Loughor, comprising two com- pact Tenements, with suitable and convenient Buildings, now occupied by Thomas Walters aad David Thomas. Several Veins of Bituminous Coal range under both those Farms, and the Penclawdd Canal passes through the lands; by means of which the coal coold be conveyed to Penclawdd for shipment, being a distance of less than two miles. For farther particulars, and to treat, apply to B. Jones, Esq., Solicitor, Llanelly, at whose Offices a Map of the property may be seen. r 3 GLAMORGANSHIRE. Valuable Freehold Estate, Comprising a gentlemanly Mansion and suitable Offices, with about 650 Acres of Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Aboot the first Week in July next, By Messrs. ADAM MURRAY & SONS, Unless previously disposed of. by Private Contract, THE GLANfiRANE ESTATE, comprising a Mansion in excellent repair, and witicb contains an entrance- hall, a drawing-room and dining-room 21 feet by 17 feet each, break fast-room 15Jfeetby 10J feet, five bedrooms, tlirife servants' rooms, ofiice* of various descriptions, Stabling for eight borses, Coach-hoose, 6cc., tbe whole adapted: for tbe accommodation of a genteel family. H The Mansion surrounded by a Demesne of aboot 80 Acres of Meadow and Pasture Land, in a high state of cultivation. Im- mediately contignons to the Mansion are about 80 Aores of /Wood Lamt and Plantations, affording excelient,cover for woodcecks, See. Adjoininx to the Demesne, and in a ring-fence, are about 600 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pastare Land, divided into well proportioned Farms, with appropriate Farm Buildings, in a good ™ ° OT. Tbe Ti.mber to be taken at a valuation. Ibis bstate is conveniently situated about four miles from the market-town of Neath, and six miles from the seaport and market- town of Swansea, and presents a most eligible opportunity for investment, as it unites the comforts of a country residence, with other advantages seldom met with. The Mansion cpmmands a pleasing view of the Bristol Channel, and is situated in a highly picturesque and respectable neigh- bonrhood. Also, to be SOLD. The ROYALTY of Is. per WEY on 233 Aores, 2 Roods, 30 Perches, of COAL GROUND. For further particulars apply to Mr. Frainpton, Solicitor, Gray's Inn, London; or to Messrs. Adam Murrav and Sons, Sur- veyors and Land Agents,47, Parliament-street, London. Sale Postponed. THE SALE by AUCTION, of the Farm called CWM FARM, and THREE FIELDS, called COED- Y-PERTHI, in the parish of Langorse, inthe oounty of Brecon, being lots 15 and 16 of property advertised for Sale on.the 29tb May, 1843, IS POSTPONED until further notice. GLAMORGANSHIRE, BRECONSHIRE, AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. EVAN LEYSHON, At the ANGEL INN, in the town of CARDIFF, on MONDAY, the 29th day of MAY, 1843, at two o'clock in the afternoon pre- cisely, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then pro- duced, Lot 1. A FREEHOLD BUILDING, situate in St, ZX Mary-street, in tbe town of Cardiff, now let to the Coantv of Glamorgan, and occopied as an Armory, at the net annual rent of £ 31 10s. Two undivided third parts or this lot are Freehold, the re- maining one third is held for the life of Mr. John Wood, now aged about 65 years. Lot 2.—The LIFE ESTATE of Mr. JOHN WOOD, in Two Freehold Messuages, or Dwelling-Houses and Shop, nearly ad- joining lot 1, now in the occupation of John Williams, at the yearly rent of £ 27 6s. Lot 3.—TWO SHARES of f 100 each, in the ABERDARE CANAL NAVIGATION. Lot 4.—THREE other SHARES in the said AIlERDARE- CANAL NAVIGATION. Lot 5.—A DEED POLL for £100, secured OQ the TOLLS of RUMNEY BRIDGE, between the counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth. LotB.—ONB andivided FOURTH PART of FREEHOLD: TENEMENT, called BEDW, situate in the parish of Llan- trissent, in the county of Glamorgan, containing 107 Abres, more or less. This Farm has a bed of Coal of the best quality under itr and a Tramroad used by Mr. Coffin passes over it. Lot 7.—ONE undivided FOURTH PART of a FREEHOLD TENEMENT, called PENYLAN, in the parish of Langonoyd, in the county of Glamorgan, containing 92 Acres, more or less. This Farm has a bed of Coal of the best quality under it, and the DofFrvn Llvnvi Tramroad runs over it. Lot 8.—A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, FARM, & LANDS, called The HEATH FARM, situate in the parishes of Lanishen and Llandaff, in the county of Glamorgan, containing about 114 Acres, more or less. This and lot 9 are now in the occupation of Mr. Edw. Daniel, as tenant at will, at the low yearly rent of £ 60. Lot 9 —A FREEHOLD PIECE of LAND, called CEFN COED. in the parish of Lanishen, and adjoining to, and now held with lot 8, containing 35 Acres, more or less. There is a fine growth of Timber on this lot, wlucb is to be taken at a valuation down to Is. per stick. Lat 10.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING. HOUSE and PRE- MISES, situate in Duke-street, in Cardiff aforesaid, in the 00- cupation of Miss Todd and-Mr. Charles Vacbell. The Dwelling-house and Shop are held by lease for 42 years, from the 2d of August, 1821, at the yearly rent of f55. The Premises at the back, consisting of a Maltbouse and Court, are held with lot 11, by Mr. Charles Vacbell, for 21 years, from the 1st of September, 1832. The apportioned rent of such premises payable to the pnrchater of this lot will be £ 5. Lotll.-A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and PRE- MISES, adjoining lot 10, now in the occupation of Mr. Charles Vacbell. These Premises, with a Maltbouse and Court at the back of lot 10, are beld by lease for 21 years, from the 1st of Sept., 1832, at the yearly rent of £ 35, of which rent £ 30 will be apportioned to this lot. As the other part of the premises comprised in suoh lease are at the baok of lot 10, and pro- perly belong thereto Lot 12.-A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE & SHOP, situate in Angel-street, in Cardiff aforesaid, now in the ■occupa- tion of Mr. Harris, Seedsman, as tenant at will, at the yearly rent of £ 35. Lot 13.—A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, called the OLD BANK, in Duke-street, in Cardiff aforesaid, now in the occupa- tion of Mr. Henry Webber, as tenant at will, at tbe yearly rent offM. Lot 14.—A COTTAGE and TWO CROFTS, Copyhold, called TYR DOWNTON. in the village of Rumney, in the county of Monmouth, containing ObOUt 2A. 25P. Messrs. Maybery and Williams, Solicitors, Brecon, will give information as to lots 15 and 16; and forfurther particulars lippI, to Hr. Tbolllu Dattoe, Attorney, Cardiff. j THE PATENT WOOLLEN CLOTH COMPANY, t LONDON, (Manufactory at Leeds, Yorkshire), BEG to inform the Inhabitants of Swansea and Llanelly, that they have appointed Mr. ELI JAMES their SOLE AGENT for the above Places, through whom they respectfully solicit the favour of their patronage: and at whose Establishment may be seen PATTERNS of the much-esteemed Victoria Carpets, Table Cloths, Curtain Cloths, Doylies, eke. Families Furnishing raav be supplied to any extent, on the shortest notice, by applying at the ISLAND HOUSE WIND- STREET, SWANSEA. -May 10, 1843. IMPORTANT SALE OF I.IXDIV AND WOOIjIiES DRAPERY, Silk JBTemrv, Hosiery, Haberdashery, Hats, #c. No. 3, CASTLE-SQUARE, SWANSEA. W. WOOD HAVING Purchased the STOCK of Mr. GRIFFITH VAUGHAN. at less than Half the Cost Price, he JH is now SELLING OFF the same, at an immense sacrifice, without the least Reserve, as the Premises must be cleared in a few Weeks. The Stock is comprised of Irish Linens, Sheetings, Table Linens, Counterpanes, Quilts, Printed Cottons, Plain and Printed De Laines, Gros de Naples, and other Silks, Shawls, Scarfs, Fancy Handkerchiefs, a large assortment of Gauze and Bonnet Ribbons, and everv description of Drapery Goods. WT. WOOD begs to call the attention of Innkeepers, Shopkeepers, and Buyers of large Qaantities, as tbey will find the present opportunity very advantageous in making purchases, as the whole will be sold at an immense sacrifice. The Shoo will open every morning at ten o'clock, and close at six o ctnck. N.B.—All Debts due to Mr. Vaugban are requested to be paid to Mr. Wood, on the Premises, 3, Castle-square. 28, CASTLE-STREET, BRISTOL. LAVEETON and CO. WHOLESALE and RETAIL RED. MATTRESS, PAILLASSE, and BEDSTEAD MANUFACTURERS, GENERAL BEDDING, FEATHER AND MILPUFF WAREHOUSEMEN. Land CO. respectfully call the attention of Wholesale Buyers in general. Cabinet-Makers, and Brokers • to a List of Prices of their Manufactured Stock of BEDS, MATTRESSES, PAILLASSES, and BEDSTEADS the whole of whicb are Manufactured on the Premises under the personal inspection of the Proprietors; and, from the Extensive Stock always on hand, are enabled to offer Great Advantages to Large Purchasers. I. d. jC. s. d. 10 A < d. Sea Brdj, from 1 6 to 0 5 0 Good Cotton Flock, from 8 8 tn !•> ft n«ek Bed. 3 6 0 15 0 I>i,t(, Coloured Milpuff 0 2 0 fil n!r lh Large Mjlpntf ditto *„* 5 0 Ditto White ditto o 4 0 lii P Diuo Feather Bed and Roisters 35 0 „ Ditto Feathers 0 Ti I 0 Wool and Milpuff Mattresses, full size 10 «i >, Prime Goose ditto I 4 2 « Horse Hair ditto 30 0 „ 3 10 0 Strori? Cotton Sheeting, two yards wide 0 5} | 2 ner vard Siraw Paillasses 10 « « « Cotton Sheets n 4 a Stump Bedsteads fl n 5 Prime Russia Sheeting, wide, without seam 'i H 41 n Good Tent ditto li 0 » 0 |rt 8 590 Pair of Witney Blankets 3 35 n Superior ditto ditto French Polished |3 » », 'S 8 Large Coloured Counterpanes i n 4 « Ditto ditto. Elliptic top, full sire, ditto IB 0 „ 1 lo 0 Ditto White ditto 3 |o is 6 Fonrpost ditto 16 0 „ i 10 0 Superior Marseilles Qnilts, latge size 7 6 «o 0 Superior Birch ditio, cornice top, rods, and rings 60 0 4 10 0 Good Cotton Bed Ticks 3 1 Superior Painted French Bedsteads 20 0 *2 2 n Strong Linen ditto n fit s « Cliimz and Furniture Dimities. ald. In 0 10 per yard. ,0,(', OBSERVE!—LAVERTON AND CO., 28, CASTLE-STREET, BRISTOL. TOWN OF CARDIFF. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, AN excellent SHOP and PREMISES, opposite the New Post Office, and decidedly the first situation io the town, admirably adapted to carry on any large Trade. Apply to Messrs. Evans & Son, No. 9, High-Street, Cardiff. BRIDGEND, Glamorganshire. To be SOLD hy PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE REVERSION IN FEE, expectant on the decease of a Lady, now aged about 66 years, of and in WATERTOWN FARM, situate in the parish of Coycburcb, Glamorganshire, within two miles of Bridgend, consisting of a capital Farm-house, Garden, and all necessary Farm Buildings, tntLaboot 56 Acres of very excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pas- tore Land. The Premises are in the occupation of the Tenant for life, and are worth to let from i:90 to flOO per annum. For further particulars and to treat apply to Mr. William Llewellyn, Solicitor, Neath. CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO BE LET BY TENDER, From Michaelmas next, for the term of Fourteen Years, AN exceedingly valuable FARM and PREMISES, called YSTRADFAI', situate in the parish of Llanelly. containing about 2-18 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pastare Land. The Tenant will be required to execute a Lease, which will be prepared by the Solicitors of the Lessor, at the expense of the Lessee. This Farm adjoins the Turnpike-road from Llanon to Llanelly, and is within the easy distance of three miles from the market and seaport town of Llanelly. For further particulars apply to Mr. Jimes Hall, Swansea. MONMOUTHSHIRE. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Delightfully situated FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, called The HILL HOUSE, with THREE COTTAGES, and above 75 Acres of excellent LAND, chiefly Meadow, in a ring fence, situate at the foot of the Derry Hill, and within a mile of tbe town of Abergavenny. The House contains large and ex- cellent drawing and dining rooms, good bedrooms, and offices, adapted te the accommodation of a considerable family. The whole having been lately put into complete repair, and the rooms bandllolnely fitted up by the late occupier. is fit for the immediate reception of a Gentleman's Family. There is a good Walled Garden; with a Lawn and Pleasure Grounds, beautifully oraa- men'ed with some remarkably fine timber. The beauty of the scenery from the Hill House, looking down tbe Vale of, Ullk. has long been famed, and is generally considered one of the prettiest residences in the county of Monmouth. For particulars md to treat apply to Mr. Joseph Beaumont, the Tump, Danartb, near Monmouth; or to Mr. Mostyn, Soli- citor, Usk. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 'I, By Mr. THOS GLOVER, On TUESDAY, the 16th day of MAY, 1843, at Mr. NICHOLAS'S, the ALBION INN, MUMBLES, without reserve, rpHAT fast-sailing; Sloop, M ARY ANN, I burthen per register 38 tons, well found in Stores, and adapted for tbftCoastiogTrade. Sale at three o'clock in the afternoon and for further particn- lars apply to the Auctioneer, S, Castle-street, Swansea, or of Mr. John Davies, Ship and Castle, Newton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. T. GLOVER. On THURSDAY, the 18th day of MAY instant, PART of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE at No. 98, High-street, Swansea, the property of Mrs. Strick (having left), comprising fonrpost bedsteads with moreen furni- ture, & other bedsteads, mattresses, beds, &o.; chests of drawers, with usual chamber furniture; an elegant mahogany circular too table, rosewood, loo, and card tables, set of dining tables, Pem- broke tables, mahogany and imitative rosewood chairs, carpeting, &c., with kitchen requisites. Sale at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. GLAS^R £ ANStiiRi] TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. T GLOVER, At the CASTLE HOTEL. SWANSEA, on SATURDAY, the 20th day 01 MAY, 1843, at two o'clock in the afternoon, unless previously disposed of by private contract, subject to such conditions of ;sale as will be then produced, A LL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENE- riL MENT of LAND, called COEDBRIDWEN, containing 50 Acres, or thereabouts, situate in the parish of Loughor. in the cobniy of Glamorgan, adjoining the turnpike-road leading from Swansea to Llanelly, and only disiant about five miles from the former; together with the several VEINS of BITUMINOUS COAL, and all other Minerals thereunder subject to a lease for one life, aged about 75, at the low rent of 930 per annam, but which may be fairly doubled at the expiration thereof. For particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or at the Office of J. Jackson Price, Solicitor, Swansea. CARMARTHENSHIRE AND GLAMORGANSHIRE. Valuable Freehold Estates and Collieries of Anthracite Goal. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. T. GLOVER, At the MACKWORTH ARMS INN, SWANSEA, on TUESDAY, the 30th day of MAY inst., at twelve for one o'clock precisely, THE THORNHILL ESTATE, In the following Lots t I^J^OART of the THORN HILL EST ATE, con- Mr taining about 247 Acres of Arable, Pasture, and Plantations, well stocked with game, within a ring fenoe. On this lot is a modern Cottage Orne6 Residence, Wilb, all necessary Offices, Farm-yard, and other requisite Buftdings. Lot 2.— A FARM, called MORFA, comprising a Fttrm-hoase and Buildihgs, and about 43A. 2R. of Pasture Land and Planta- tions, adjoining Lot I. „ |jdt 3.—A FARM,oatled PEN-Y-WAIN,comprising aFarro* ttottse, with about 22 Acres of Pasture Land, adjoining Lot 2. Lot 4.—A FARM', called GORSDU, comprising a Farm. hoqse, witti about 22 Acres of Pasture Land. Lot 5.—Four FIELDS of PASTURE LAND, with a small Plantation, conaining together about 45 Acres, adjoining Lot 4. Lot 6.-T,wo ,FIELDS, containing about 24 Acres, adjoining Lot 5. Lot 7.—A FARM, called GREENHILL, adjoining the last Lot, comprising a Farm-bouse and Buildings, and about 32 Acres of Pasture Land and Plantations. Lot 8.—A FARM, called PEN.PONT, adjoining Lot 7, cont. prising a Farm-bouse and Buildings, with about 19 Aores of Arable and Pasture Land. Lot 9.-A PIECE of ARABLE LAND, near the last Lot, containing about 3 Acres. Lot 10.— A PIECE of PASTURE LAND, containing about 4A.IR., and a Plantation about 2 Acres. Lot 11.—The CROSS-HANDS INN, sitnate on the mail- coach road from Swansea to Carmarthen, with about 20A. 2R. of Paslore Land. Part of this Land is adapted for Building pur- poses. Lot 12.—A STABLE, adjoining, now let to Mr. G. Davies. Lot 13.—A COTTAGE, COW-HOUSE, and FARRlER's SHOP, and about 28 Acres of PASTURE LAND with a front- age to the turnpike-road, well adapted for boilding on. Lot 14.—A FARM, called LLWYN-Y-RHEOS, comprising a House and Buildings, with about 12 Acres, of Pasture Land. Lot 15.—A FARM, called The^ MEADOWS, comprising an excellent House, Garden, and Buildings, with about 20 Acres of Pasture Land. Lot ,16.-A FARM, called ST. HELENA, adjoining Thorn- hill, comprising a Farm-house and Buildings, with about26 Acres of Pasture Land. Lot 17.—A HOUSE and BUILDINGS,called WATERLOO. with about 3A. 2R. of Pasture Land, adjoining Lot 7. Lot 18—The COLLIERIES known by the names of the CWMCOCH and CROSS-HANDS COLLIERIES, which are situate about a mile from the residence at Tbornhill. The right of working extends under about 2000 acres, with nninterrnpted way ooorses. At Cwmcooh is an immense body of coal, level dry, on which are sunk eight working and air pits, and commu- nicating by a railway with the port of Llanelly. Tbey are held for an unexpired term of about 47|,years, at royalties of lOd. per ton for coal, and 5d. for oolm. Lot 19—A very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Loughor, in Glamorganshire, containing 176 Acres ot the richest Marsh Land, in the vicinity or the town. Farther particulars! may be had on application to Messrs. Bick- nell and Co., '57, Lincoln's-Inn Fielas, London; at the Auc- tioneer's, 3, Castle-street, Swansea or, as to the Collieries, of W. P. Struve, Esq,, Swansea- and to view apply to Mr.J. Divies, Cross- Han Inc. FOR SWANSEA. The Schooner SXtfCrXiSTON, Js^aSa Thomas Lewis, Master Will take in GOODS at PAUL'S WHARP, Upper Thames-street, London, for SWANSEA, NEATH, ABERAVON LLAN- ELLY, CARMARTHEN, LLANDILO, LLANDOVERY and places adjacent, until Saturday, the 27th May, 1843, and will sail on or about that day. For Freight or Particulars apply to the Captain on board, or to Mr. Geo. Bigg, Tynewydd, near Harad Works, Swansea. Swansea, May 11,1843. FOR SWANSEA. The Schooner ATXiAS, MBUOMI James Johnson, Master, WILL TAKE IN GOODS, At HAY'S WHARF, TOOLEY-STREKT, LONDON, For Swansea, Neath, Aberavon, Llanelly, Kidioelltf, Carmarthen, Llnndilo, Llangadock, Llandovery, and places adjacent, Until Saturday, the 27th of May inst., aud will sail on or about that day. T ^1re'B'lt.or Particulars apply to the Captain on Board, or to Mr. Geo. Bigg, Tynewydd, near Hafod Works, Swansea. Swansea, May 9,1843. THE SCHOONER J £ 2S £ CELERITY, J. Williams, Master, fS NOW LOADING at COTTON'S WHARF, TOOLEY-STREET, LONDON For Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr Aberganennu, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cowbridge Bridgend, and places adjacent, And will positively Sail on Thursday, Mav 25th, 1843. For Freight, &c. apply to the Master on Boa'rd Mr. R. Bur- ton, Jun Newport; Mr. Thos. Richards, Abergavenny; Messrs. Prosserand Price,Brecon; Mr.Scovell, theWharfinger London- or to Mr. JohnG. Bird, Agent to the Cardiff, Newport and London Shipping Company, at Cardiff. r London, May 10, 1843. SUN LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, LONDON. j MANAGERS. CHARI.ES POLE. Esq., Chairman. WILLIAM BURNIE, Esq Deputy Chairman. Charles Boulton, Esq- I Hetiry F. Shaw Lefefre.Etq. Hon. P. Pteydell Bouverie, Hon: Hut;h Lindsay. James Campbell, jun., Esq. Charles Littledale, Esq. Harry Chester. Esq. Henry Littledale, Esq. John Cockerell, Esq. George Warde Norman* E»q. John Drummoud, Esq. Brice Pearse, Esq. Charles Bell Ford,Esq. Chas..Richard Pole, Esq. William R. Hamilton, Esq. Henry Rich, Esq. William R. Hamilton, Esq. Henry Rich, Esq. Edward Harman, Esq. I Henry Stuart, E qM^P. Joseph Hoare, Esq, Claude George Thornton, Esq. Felix Ladbroke, E>q. Geo Smith Thornton, E>q. JOSHUA MILNE, Actuary. r"pHE Managers foriheSUN LIFE ASSURANCE A SOCIETY beu l$ave to acquaint the Public that the Hold- er> of Policies for the whole Life participate in the Prnfiis of the Society, and are placed in a most advantageous position. Tables ot Rates may be'luid of any of the Agents fur the SUN FIRE OFFICE. AGENTS, Swansea Mr. Wj*. EDMOND. Llanelly, Mr.Clras. Nevilf, Haverfordwest, Mr. C. Gibbs, Cardiff, Mr. J. H. Langley, Brecon, Mr. John Evans, Solicitor, Monmouth, Mr. T. Ti ackwell. Pontypool, Mr. C. II. Wil- Abergavenny, Mr. W. H. tiams. I Grieve, Chepstow, Mr. James Coles, Newport, Mr. James Davies, Llandovery, Mr. D. R. Ilees. I Tred -gar Bank. Mr. G.Harrhy. CUSTOM-HOUSE, LONDON, 9th Mty, 1843 THE Commissioners of her Majesty's Customs do hereby give Notice, that they will tie ready to receive at the Custom House, London, on the l^t'-rtf Jone next, Tenders in Writing (sealed op), and treat for the Supply of Provisions, for the use of the Cruizera and V esselll employed under their direc- tion, for Twelve Calendar Months, from the 6tb of July next, to the 5tb of July, 1844, inclusive. To be delivered free of all charge into the Boats of the said Vessels, as follows, ,iz.- BISCUIT, RUit, WHISKEY (-A.l the POTt. in Ireland and I Scotland ontyj. SALT BEEF, FRESH BEEF, FLOUR, SUGAR, TEA., CABBAGES, POTATOES, SCOTCH BAR- LEY, at ENGLAND. SCOTLAND. IRELAND. Gravesend Leitli KingstowlI (Dublin) Ramsgate Stranraer Carlingford Dover Oban Larne Jlastings Stornoway Killihfgs Seaford Greenock Westport Cowea r Quarantine Station, Galway Poole Borrowstowness Caxtl'eiownsend W*yu»°oth Kilrash Esmoutb Fowey Penzance Berwick Grimsby Boston North Yarmouth Harwich Quarantine Station, | Liverpool RUM, WHISKEY Y* At Cave of Cork only), SALT BEEF, FRESH BEEF, FLOUR, CABBAGES, POTATOES, SCOTCH BARLEY, at Deptford Cove of Cork. "Chatham Portsmouth Plymouth Falmouth IONilford •. I Deluding the Quarantine Vessel and the Establishments at Stand- gate Creek and Milford Haven. ENGLAND. SCOTLAND. And Biscuit, ,;i Montrose 4 F«tsh Berf, i r Cromarty Cabbages, >at..$ii • 1 Campbehowiii i r Potatoes} C •.( tirixham Stromness, Oik- »nlu, J ney Islands.. Fresh Beef, P £ /T/ >t.Sheernes8. only, V No regard will be had to any Tender in which the Prices shall not be inserted in words at length, or that shall not be made on, or annexed to, one of the printed Particulars, to be procured front the Custom Houses at, or nearest to. the Plape* where the said Pro- visions are to be delivered, and at the Secretary'& Office, Custom House, London, and at the Collectors Office, Custom House, Dublin, and Leith (at which last-mentioned places the Conditions of the Contracts may be seen); or that shall not he delivered in, or sent post-paid, addressed to the Secretary at the said Custom House, London, before twelve o'clock, on the said 1st of June; nor,tirstess the same is accompanied by a Letter signed by two substan- tial Persons, engaging to become bound with the Party tendering, in the penal Sum or Sums mentioned against the respective places in the following List (according to those for which they may tender), for the.,doe performance of the Contract. N.B. Tenders may be made for one or more Ports, at the option of the Party tendering. ENGLAND. Deptford £ 300 Exmouth £ 600 Gravesend 300 Brixhain. 150 Chatham. 300 Plymouth 600 Sheerness 150 Fowey, 150 Ramsgate 300 Falmouth 300 Dover 300 Penzanee 300 Hastings. 300 Milford 600 Seaford 300 Berwick. 300 Portsmouth 600 Grimsby 450 Cowes 600 Boston 150 Lymington 150 Yarmouth 300 Poole 300 Harwich. 450 Weymouth 600 Liverpool 300 SCOTLAND. IRELAND. Leith £ 300 Kingstown £ 600 Montrose laO Carlingford ,.150 Cromarty 150 Larne. 450 Camphe 150 Killibegs 300 Greenock 300 Westport 300 Stanrear 800 Gatway 300 Oban 150 Cove of Cork. 450 Stornow'fy 300 Castletownsend.. 300 Borrowgtowness 150 Kikua4) 150 Stromness 1501 By order of the Commissioners, x. C. A. SCOVELL, Secretary. ALL CLAIMS upon, or DEBTS due, to the late Capt. T. MORGAN, R.N., are requested to be forwarded as soon as possible to Capt. E. Morgan, Dynevor-place. Swansea, 10th May, 1843. WANTED, a respectable YOUTH, as an AP- M £ oE?iTICE t0 SADDLERY and HARNESS BUSINESS, where every advantage will be afforded for the ac- quirement of the business in all its branches. Apply to Mr. John Buse, 7, Carr-street, Swansea. immediately, an ASSISTANT in the ?? LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY BUSINESS. Apply to Griifiih Lewis, Green and New-street, Neath. BXoney. SEVERAL Sums, varying: in amonnt from £ .100 to £ 1890 each, are ready to be ADVANCED on MORTGAGE of eligible FREEHOLD or LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, at moderate rates of Interest. Apply to Mr. Tripp. Solicitor, Castle-square, Swansea. GUANO CONSTANTLY ON SALE. APPLY to the Importers, GIBBS, BRIGHT, and Co., 28, Orchard-street, or at GEORGE and JAMES BUSH's Warehouses, Baldwin-street, Bristol, where it may be seen. SWANSEA UNION. [DUTY FREE] ——— NOTICE is hereby given, that the BOARD of GUARDIANS of this UNION have appointed Mr. RICHARD JENKINS, of Gellvfethan, in the parish of Llan- gafelach, REGISTRAR of BIRTHS and DEATHS for the LLANDILO TALYBONT DISTRICT of this UNION in the place of Mr. PHILIP COOK, resigned. CHARLES COLLINS, Superintendent Registrar of tbe District of Swansea Union. Swansea, 5th May, 1843. NOTICE. WHEREAS a Quantity of IRON ORE was de- posited, in 1842, on the Wharf, on the Strand, Swansea, in the occupation of Messrs. Strange and Parsons, Wotice is hereby given, that unless the same be removed, and tbe charges paid, within foorteen dajs from the date hereof, the said Iron Ore will be Sold to pay the expenses thereon. N.B. A capacious YARD, on the Strand, to be LET, at a reasonable rate. (Same Concern.) Dated May 11,1843. ROBERT PARSONS, Neath. The Amended Education Bill, For the Employment of Children, life., in the Factory Districts. AT a MEETING of the SWANSEA COMMIT- TEE, held at Mount Pleasant School-Room, on Monday,, the 8th instant, 2* was unanimously Resulr>etlf thut the 11 Bill an amended by the Committee," still contains decidedlv objection- able clauses, and they therefore recommend that Pet Si ions to the House of Commons be immediately presented, pravillg for tbe whole of the Educational Clauses to be withdrawn It was aha Resolved, that a PUBLIC MEETING shoald b& held in the TOWN-HALL, SWANSEA, on MONDAY Evening next the 15th inst., at balf-past six. t0 Petition Parliament on th* subject, at which the Friends of Education are respectfully io- vited to attend. (Signed) WILLIAM STROUD, Chairman. The Mavor has kindly granted the Use of the Town-Hall for the occasion. E. HERNAMAN RESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies of Swansea It and its Neighbourhood, of her return from London, with New and Fashionable Assortment of MILLINERY, TUSCAN and FANCY BONNETS, &c. &c., which will be open for in- spection on Monday next. E. HERNAMAN and SISTERS trost that their earnest endeavours to give satisfaction will insure them a conlinuance of that kind patronage and support which they have already received. 28, Castle-street, Swansea, May 12,1843. MXX.X.XNSB'Sr and DBESS-BOOMS, 6, CALVERT.STREET, SWANSEA. S. DAVIES ( From Madame Ferrand's, London, and formerly Assistant to the late Mrs, Evans, of Swansea) BEGS respectfully to acquaint the Ladies of Swan- sea and its Neighbourhood of ber retorn from Town, with the tatect FOREIGN and LONDON FASHIONS in the Milliner; and Dress Departments, which have been selected from the first Houses at the West End. The Show Rooms will be open for inspection on the 16tb inst. S. D., in returning thanks to those Ladies who have so kindly patronised her, begs to assure them of her determination to merit their continued kindness by strict attention and punctuality in Ihe execution of whatever orders they may be pleased to favour her with. APPRENTICES WANTED. Swansea, May 8,1843. COWBRIDGE. Linen and Woollen Drapery, &c. D. REES, 'IN returning his sincere and grateful thanks to his. Friends and the Public generally, for their very kind and liberal support since his commencement in business, begs to ao- quaint them, that he has just completed his purchases with the most eminent Houses both in London and Manchester. The Stock consists of everything new in STYLE and FASHION, and i. particularly recommended for usefulness and darability. The" purchases have been made with the greatest care and attention, and D. R. pledges himself that no cheaper or better selected Stock can be found in the Principality. D. R. respectfully solicits an early inspection from those w44), kindty intend to give him their support. SWANSEA WINE, SPIRIT, AND PORTER STORES, G, TEMPLE STMEEr. HAINSS and CUMBXZNG BEG to call the attention of the Nobility, Gentry,, and Public in general, to their present choice and well- selected STOCK of WINES and SPIRITS, whicb cannot be surpassed for QUALITY and PKICV. by any other Establishment in tbe kingdom. They invite the particular attention of ConnOls. seurs, Innkeepers, Families, and Economists, to their following LIST OF PRICES: d. Good Pint. 26 0 per doz. Fine Old Ditto. 32 0. Very Superior Ditto 37 6 Good Sherry. 26 0 „ Very Superior Old Ditto 35 0 Fine Cognac 28 0 pet gate Fine Old Ditto.. 32 0 „ Patent Brandy 13 t) & 15 0 „ Good Ruin 12 0 »» Strong Old Pine-Apple Rum 14 0 „ Fine London Gin 9 4. Strong unsweetened Gin for mixing.. 10 6 Fine Old Cork Malt Whiskey 14 0 Very superior Ditto, three years old, -It, 0 proof ) Very fine-flavouied Scotch Ditto. 16 0 British Wines, of every description.. 68.. Or 14 0 per doz. Single Sealed SAMPLE BOTTLES can be obtained, and any quantity ordered not corresponding with the sample will be subject to' absolute forfeiture. Orders from any part of the- country, containing a remittance with one shilling per gallon tor well-secured packages, will command instant attention. LONDON and DUBLIN BOTTLED STOCT, now in high perfection, six shillings per doz. quart bottles. Fine OAKHILL and KCNNET" BOTTLED ALE, seven shillings and sixpence per dozen. Swansea, 1st May, 1843. ANCHOR, HOUSE, CASTLE-SQUARE, SWANSEA. Mr. MARSDEN ( BEGS to remind the Inhabitants of Swansea and its Neighbourhood, that HIS EXTENSIVE STOCK of NEW & FASHIONABLE GOODS, of every variety, adapted for the present Season, are now ready for Sale; it is impossible to particularize the same in an odvertisement, as it is nndoubtealy the lamest Stock in Wales, and decidedly the cheapest. Mr. MARSDEN solicits the attention of Families furnishing, to his STOCK of CARPETS, DRUGGETS, RUGS, &c.. which he has determined to sell off at cost price, as be is compelled to decline that part of his business for want of room. N.B. Wholesale and Retail. WANTED, a respectable YOUTH, as an APPRENTICE. A Premium will be required.