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MILK BUSINESSES. MORE BARGAINS H. Willings & Co Dairy Agents, 125, FLEET STREET, .ii, LONDON, lii.G. Telephone -150 HOLBORN. TOOTING—Near. MILK.—Bound only, 13 BamB daily at 4d. on one Pram, no Book Debts, New Pram, Churns, Oans, &o., Price zC200 offer. H. Willings & Co., above. KING'S CROSS. MILK.-All over Counter, Trade £18 week, includ- M ing 2 to 21 Barns daily 4d., nice Shop and House, Rent £80, let off, £108, Lease. Good chance to work up a round. Price B150 offer. H. Willings Co. Near EALING, W. MILK.—Round only, 12 Barns daily most at 4d., Horse and Cart, Price, £ 150. Another W., "8 Barns daily all 4d., Shop £10 week, one Pram, £175, offers wanted. Kent 10 Barns daily at 4d., £90. Willings & Co., above. HACKNEY. MILK.—10J Barns daily at 4d., Shop £18 week, one iM. Pram, nice Shop and House, Rent low, half let off, no Book Debts. Price £240, offer. H. Willings & Co. SELECTION. MILK.- W. Sub. 26 Barns at 4d., 3 Prams, Shop M £12, valuable Lease, B800. Islington, 36 Barns at 4d., £1,200. Clapton, 35 Barns at 4d., 19 Cows, .£1,300. Putney, 21 Barns at 4d., 2 Prams, Shop £12, £ 650. E., 18 Barnq at 4d., one Pram, Shop B15, £ 400. Wimbledon, 30 Barns at 4d., £ 450. Charing Cross, 21 Barns at 4d., one Pram, Shop 14, B475. Hundreds to choose from. Call or write, H. Willings .,& Co., above. D, J. TRUSCOTT & CO. AUCTIONEERS, HOUSE, DAIRY AND FARM AGENTS, &c., 11, BOND COURT, WALBROOK. N60 Gallons daily at 4d., £ 14 Shop, Price £ 550. • W., 42 gallons daily at 4d., £ 14 Shop, £ 475, W.C., 44 gallons daily at 4d., J615 Shop, j6650. W.. SO gallons daily at 4d., £650. N., 36 gallons daily at 4d., £ 15 Shop, £350. Indoor P,14 weekly, £40. Ditto, B30 weekly, £135. Ditto £12 weekly, £ 50. W., 28 gallons daily 4d., £30 Shop, £400. Yn awr yn barod CERDDI "CERNGOCH" } Sef Casgliad o Weithiau JOHN dEN KIN S (Penbrynmawr, Talsarn), YN CYNWYSj Cerddi Natur, Cerddi Coffa, Cerddi Garu, Cerddi Cwrw, Cerddi Pendrws, a Manion, DAN OLYGIAETH 4, AP CEREDIGION" A DAN JENKINS » • CYFROL HARDD, GYDAG YMYLAU GOREUR- EDIG, 314 TUDALEN AR BAPUR: DA, 14 0 DDARLUNIAU. PRIS 3/- (I DANYSGRIFWYR 2/6), GYDA'R POST 4c. YN RHAGOR. Y Gyfrol rataf a harddaf o unrhyw Wasg yn Nghvmru. I'w gael yn ,sWYDDFA'R CELT, 211, GRAY'S INN ROAD, LLUNDAIN. New Work by the Rev. H. Elvet Lewis. By the River Chebar." (Some Applications of EzekieVs Visions). Christian Commonwealth: li Almost every page bears distinct evidence of Mr. Lewis's literary skill and poetic temprament. There is nothing that is commonplace about either the thought or the style. Illuminating sen- tences, glowing with intuitional insight, come upon the reader with a frequency and, often an unexpectedness which is mosi refreshing." LONDON: HODDER & STOUGHTON. 3/6.


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