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HAVERFORDWEST PETTY SESSIONS, These session were held at the Shire Hall, on The!1 day, before the Mayor, John Madocks, Esq, and Jabol Harvey, Esq. ASSAULT. Thomas Mortimer was charged with assaulting Caleb Williams. This case was settled. INDECENCY. Mary Ann Paynter and Sarah Lewis were charged with indecency in the public streets. The ca-e was fully proved, and f The Bench committed the defendants to prison {or, one month with hard labour; to pay the costs, an'1 in default of payment of costs to be further Linprison^i for seven days. THE POLICE FORCE. Mr John Harvey There is one matter to which I wi!U to direct the attention of the Bench. At the last pe$ session, I made some remarks upon the inadeq nancy 0: the police force of the town since that time I havebce" favoured with a report of the Inspector of the Constat''1' iary, which was sent to the Mayor on the 1st. of Octob6'; 18!i(5. I do not propose to read the whole of the rep°r'' J do not know that I .ihouid b- justified in doing f0' but I believe I may he permitted to stnte the gi,;t ofit, The Inspector reports that at least eight officers and col* st ibles are necessary for the proper watching and pfo" lection of the borough, and that force should consist O. one head constaWe, a sergeant, three first-class eonslS' tiles, and three second class constables. The cost oftbe force altogether, after deducting one-fourth tor the Government allowance, would by £ 373 6-> 7d, whicJ would be £ 83 6s 9d in excess of the present cost, wbi"'1 is £ "290. He also makes another calculation in rc to an ama gamation with tiie counry: but I don't thi°» that, notion is palatable in the town. Here the like to keep their privileges, whatever the cost will *>ei but supposing that amalgamation took place, the cos' would be £ 2o more That difference is in consequent of there being a head constable and sergeant reside"' here belonging to the county. I don't press that raattet at all I simply make the remark upon it. Superb' tendent Cecil, under the direction, I presume of | Mayor OB Council, has made a calculation, by which estimates that, after receiving the Government allowance the extra cost would be £54 16, Gil. I will not say mor8 upon the subject now; but 1 wish it to go forth to ',he town that, an at expense of £J 00, the police force M31 be doubted and made quite adequate to protect the towv, 1 have brought this matter forward, and I wish to we'" tion publicly that at the next quarter sessions I sbdl' move that the magistrates present a memorial to the Council praying them to take the of the police into consideration. If it be not attende" to, I shall then advise some u terior measures, lor I !Jaçe no doubt there arc some means of making the lilHtJOrities employ a sufficient police force.