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PEMBROKE. THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE OAPEL IN FORIEGN PARTS. — Sermons in aid of the funds of the above benevolent society were Reached in the Churches of Saint Mary, Saint Michael, Saint Nicholas, in this town, on Sunday last, by the ^C^ar<^ Lewis, B.D., Rector of Lampeter Velfrey, T'hen the collections amounted to £ 9 12a lOd, being an ocrease of £ 1 12s lOd over those of last year. We "arnestly hope that the friends of this benevolent society other parts of the county will imitate the example by ^creasing their efforts in its support, otherwise it is fWa '° ^eare^ that be obliged, from want of ads, to give up some of the ground which it now Occupies. PEMBROKE PETry SESSIONS. COO N't Y SKSSIOINS, [Town Hall, Saturday, July 20th, 1067, before .T. Adam-, L. Mathia-, N. A. Koeti, W. flulm, and T. Mansel Squires ] William Lloyd, a job bins* saddler, was charged by Mr £ >bert Morgan Jones, clerk to the Board of Guardians, Pembroke Union, with neglecting to rjiMintain his wite, 11'410 bad becorae chargeable to the said Union. his being an adjourned ea>p, there wa* no appearance. Vy John, of Southland, Cosheston, was charged cow ^P^'N^^dent Evans with unlawfully removing a cti the which he bougitt at a fair in Pembroke, flnJk inst) without having the full pass required by tVnp?,d oontruryto the Orders of lier Majesty's Privy 1,» now in force. ^ned 2-i 10d, and 7s 2d costs. Paid. ^hnr">eS Phitt'P*' °f Pembroke Dock, butcher, was Superintendent Evans with removing four ers in a similar manner. on payment of costs. itt'tarn Carrick, of ftoplas, was charged by Superin- '-odent livans with cruelty to a bull, the property of "■If John Griffiths, of Woaaston. This was an adjourned case, and was i'snisRed Mr \V. O. Huiin, of Pembroke, appeared for the corri- ^eienc"6' an^ ^^avorf01'<iwest, for the 1-"frillium Lewis, of Penally, was charged by Robert andr stallon"rnaster ft Pembroke, on the Pembroke *ithn? RaiIway» with travelling on the said railway ci)sfr»!.f PHJt«R iUS (are a'lCt obttininff his ticket, and thp p"! >' W||hana Jones, station-master, at Penally, in execution 0f his duty. No appearance. T-p BOROUGH CASTJ.—SAJME DAY. e ore W. Hulm, T. Lewis, I). A. Reid, and S. W T Hustler, Esqs.] bv °r'u of Pembroke, alias 'Ponty.' was charged lit) rhomas Beynon, wilO stealing four barrows full of Tle,4, the property of Frederick Lloyd Phillips, Esq, en W^n L,ttDninj? appeared for the complainant, and Mr Hulm for the defence. 83iae°<rlaS Iieynon was examine(3 an(i consequence of lhe nv, e^dncy ia ^is evidence, Mr Lanning withdrew v coarge.





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