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SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST A SOLICITOR, | At Westminster Police-court, on Saturday, Mro | Minshull Yea 1, solicitor, 12, Abisgdoa-street, Wast- [ minster, appeared to a summons charging him with I with others to defraud Mrs. Luoy Broad of divers sums of money, and farther with fo^eis- certain i llZP Mr CP0W€T%0 £ -att-0rne? reference to the Mr.^ George Lewie, jun., prosecuted, and Mr (lESi.ructeo by Messrs. J. and C. Rogers) de- said that Mr. Harry Spender, who Russell-street, Bloomsbury, died in ikay, 11od, lewvmg property producing = £ 25,000 per annum. He bequeathed his estate for 'life to hia sen. xxarry Jpowk^s openoor, End if he cuad issuo" then to his daughter Mary and her issue, of whom' the present prosecutrix, Mrs. BrOad, claimed to ho the great granddaughter. In default of iasun by either of the testator's children, the prooeriv was to go to his nephew John Hammond, Harry "Fowkes died withcatEissu8, and the property should have descended -o the great grandmother of the prosecutrix. Jobs Hammond died during the life of the testator, leaving one eon, Harry Hammond, of St. John's College, Cam- bridge, where he went in 1785. He took his degree of Master of Arts in 1( 94, and it would b0 shown that he continued to pay to the college until 1821. Harrv Fowbes died m 1817, and at that time bis sister, the great grandmother of prosecutrix, was also iiead. The pro- perty should have gone then to her issue, but thev were resident in the country. Then the fraud was perpetrated they were passed over. A Mr. Dodd, a solicitor, and Mr. Veal, the father of the p^s«at de- fendant, were at that time the collectors of the estate and when Harry Fowkes died without issue, and the persons towcos it belonged were not there to claim it., is remained in their hands. The property, after pass- mg over the issue of the testator's daughter, should nave gone to Harry Hammond, who was at c"lle'e. vvitaout his knowledge, in August, 1317, the "usual petition was presented in his DRQS, as heir to the property, to take., according to the testator's wiH, the surname of Spencer, and then the death of Harry Hammond, no*- Spencer, was feigned, and a will in his name leaving the estate to his son was forged and proved on the 18th of November, ISIS. There was but one Harry Hammond on the books of St. John's Col- lege, and there could be no dispute that he died is 1840. He had been many years curate of Horsell, near Woking, Surrey. The will bore the signatures of James "V eal, of Abingdor.street, and Jane Tears'.ey, of Mili- back-street, but there was an erasure, and it appeared to have been James Yearsiey, of Richmond, surgeon. A boy four years of age was, agreeably with the will, turned over to the guardianship cf the Rev. George Morton Maber, at Swansea. This boy was falsely represented to be the eon of Mr. Harry Hammond Spencer. Mr. Maber had been at college with Harry Hammond., and bein^ imt posed upon, received the supposed son of his friend and brought him up. In default of hia living till the estate was to go to Mr. Maber. who in the first time the death of his friend' *He f~ or three years after the alleged eon of his had got marrieo. immediatt-ly after tha ,l9n^ Mr. Harry Hammond the °eath of sent from this country to Austral;! LQ was remained. Ee was kfer};E„ a c w^ere he there, in extreme poverty "wfail a t>,maU J^ic-hcuse was remitted to him from SrEaIie5t aa^ni return to England. The deWo f9 t0 Pre7ent tis scene in 1840 acting in con^^ i°tGa8ie «P<>n the since he had been r^?vKJ?,*1? father. Ever into his own pocket R» J- its ai!0 putting them with his brother David ^,ctl*J"ged with conspiring with his late fatb««. a spencer in Australia, Several documentVbvt"? a P?r8on named Dodd. examined for the ^'S beea produced, and witaesses identity of Fa"rr-? without establishing the with Henry t;i ll'* JIofcn's Co51eSe» would be Lrl f 0 Borsail» -M-r* -Lewis said this there was w a ^bure oeeas1^ Mr. Sleigh said for the preset rfl°m be shown, tae slightest grooad PO f0>tV trt +?* ?? against nis client. It ought to waS fiwi k! 5 fc,hat in 1819 a bin m Chancery Johr T-tq» ^rrJ"r' °°d, the ma.teraal grandfather of Mr ■™oad Spencer, he being a minor, and fvi0n be naif, and his claim was fully esta- Biisnea. Ice case was adjourned tor a week.