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E A M E S t TAILOR AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, ABERGAVENNY, BEGS to announce the arrival of his NEW GOODS, adapted for SPRING and SUMMER wear, which he assures his friends and the public generally cannot, be surpassed by any house in the kingdom for quality and style. Every article charged at the lowest remunerative price. FISHING SUITS (a variety of patterns), from 50s. FISHING STOCKINGS from 16s. FISHING BAGS, &c.. THE CROWN HOTEL, RAGLAN. TO TOURISTS, EXCURSIONISTS, AND OTHERS. JOSEPH ELEY having succeeded Mrs. Holmes, at the above 'well-known Old-Established House, solicits the public for a continuance of the patronage which has been so liberally bestowed upon his predecessor -to merit which he will devote every effort. Home-Brewed Ales, Allsopps and Bass's Ditto, and Dublin Stout on draught and in bottle. Foreign Wines and Spirits, &c. Pic-Nic and Excursion Parties supplied with Refreshments upon the most liberal terms, and at the shortest notice. Every accommodation for Tourists. Well Aired Beds. Good Stabling, &e. STEAM CULTIVATION. MONMOUTHSHIRE. O T 1 C E IS HEREBY GIVEN, that on THURSDAY, AUGUST 16lh, 1856, A PUBLIC TRIAL Of THREE of the HEREFORDSIIIRE STEAM CULTIVATING, THRESHING, and GENERAL 1MPLEMENL CO.'S ENGINES and MACHINERY, Will take nlace (weather Watkins, Llanvair, in a FIELD ADJOINING the USK and ABERGAVENNY 1URNPIKE ROAD, and lying midway between the two towns. The pair of Engines, .DowTON and PERISYSTOLE," will break up Clover-ley to a great depth with HOWARD'S CULTIVATOR. r J s v The other Engine, "TALPA," will drive the Company's Improved Combined Threshing, Dressing Grinding, and Straw Elevating Machinery. &' ° &! These Engines move themselves and the whole of the Tackle from field to field, and from farm to farm, without the aid of horse power. A LUNCHEON will be provided by Mr. Morgan, Angel Hotel, Abergavenny, in a tent on or adjoining the Field, at which WILLIAM HERBERT, Esq., Clytha, has kindly consented to preside. Tickets (exclusive of wine, &c.), 2s. each. Omnibuses will run from Abergavenny, Usk, and Monmouth, to the ground; and the Penpergwm Station is within easy distance. J The object of this Public Trial is to ruise Capital for a Pair of Engines and complete Set of Tackle, for the exclusive use of the District, on the following terms, viz.:— (Extract Irorn Inst Half-year's Report of the Company.) It is the ultimate object of the Directors to supply any District in Herefordshire, or the adjoining Counties, where £1,000 Capital can be raised, with a pair of Engines and a complete Set of Machinery. The necessary £1.000 being raised, all further trouble and responsibility, in providing and managing the machinery and men, will be taken off the hands of the subscribers, who will have the privilege of "electing a director to represent them at the Board. Prospectuses, HaIr- Jearly Reports, &(., together with any information i-cquireu, maj to Valued n-utn H J. PHILLIPS SMITH, Manager of the Company. Offices-CORN EXCHANGE CHAMBERS, HER E FOR D. N.B. Further particulars, with names of gentlemen lorming Local Committee, in future Advertising, BRIDGE STREET, USK. EDWARD THOMAS, (Late II. Williams,) CHEMIST DRUGGIST, and rHOTOGRArnER, Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Recipes care- fully compounded. HORSE and CATTLE MEDICINES. Cigars, Tobacco, Pomades, Perfumery, Combs Brushes, &c. CARTE DE Visn-E and other Portraits taken daily 111 _tlle b("st *tyle of ihe Art. SOVEREIGN LIFE OFF ToV ij Established 20 Yi-nrs At 48, ST. JAMES'S-STREEL' LONDON" Annual Income. £ 100.000 ACTIVE AGENTS WANTED IN THIS LOPATTTV If. D. DAVENPQBT, in the Trade, the best quality an^ and at reduced prices. Leather Mill Bauds for all lands of Machinery on the:shortest notice. Colliery Proprietors Contracted with for Horse Clothing and Rues, London Whips, Bits, and Spurs Satchels, Ladies' Bags, Portmanteaus, &e. Compe- tent Workmen sent to all parts of the country on the shortest notice. •jfcjtOTE PAPDJEt and ENVELOPES Stomped 13 with Crests, Initials, Mottoes, or any Design, at T. H. glow's, Bridge-street, Usk. PORTEMONNxlIES -PURSES -WALLETS- POCKET .BOOKS—PENCIL CASES and P.BN KNIVES, at J. II. CLAIM'S. TJsk. STATIONERY of all kinds Account Books ruled S and made to any pattern; and Periodical Publica- tions supplied bv J. FT. (!T,AT/K, TTok. Commercial Street, Pontypool. WII. IIASIvINS. TRACKER of the Pianoforte, • Organ, Harmonium, &c. (late Organist of the Parish Church, Milford, Hants), begs to inform the clergy, gentry, and inhabitants of Usk and neigh- bourhood, that he has Opened a Music Warehouse at. the above premises, where he has in stock a selection of Pianofortes, Harmoniums, Violins, and otlu'r musical instruments, by the most eminent, makers, and musical accessories of every kind. New music at haH-priee. Cottage Pianofortes in rosewood or walnut, (new) from twenty guineas, harmoniums frorp five guineas. Pianofortes and iiarmomums tuned, (by the year, or otherwise), t-paired, and let on hire. Any musical instrument thoroughly repaired. Perms for lessons 011 application. _.UUU-. Philanthropic Society, FsL THE, MEMBERS of the Friend-in-Need" Lodge 1 of the above Order will assemble at 10.U a.m., at the Lodge-room, Cross Keys Inn, Usk, on MONDAY, the 6th day of AUGUST next (for the purpose of accompanying the members of the Unity to the A. M. C., to be held at Raglan), and pioceedfrom thence to meet the Excursion Train at Usk Railway Station, at 11.20 a.m. J ABRAHAM ROGERS, Secretary. ST. MARY'S STREET, MONMOUTH. Highly Important & Unreserved Sale. To Timber Merchants, Builders, and Others, MR. C. A COURT (late Court, and Son) is in- structed by the Assignees of Mr. C. LAURKNCK Jun Builder (under a Deed of Assignment), to SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises, On Monday and Tuesday, July 23rd and 24th, 1866, The whole of the Valuable STOCK-IN-TRADE and Effects. Particulars in posters, and Catalogues may be had five days prior to the Sale at the office of the Auc- tioneer, Monmouth. Drybridge House, Monmouth. !VrC5™HSALE of Exc<'1,ent HOUSEHOLD t> i <• comprising Dining, Drawing, and ^•eak.ast Rooms suites, Chamber Furniture and which" Kitchen and Domestic Requisites, which MR. G. A COURT (late Court and Son) is 11 favoured with instructions from C. RumŒTs Ji;sq., fo SELL 11] AUCTION, on the On Tltu)-sday arnd PI iday, the 2Gtl¿ and 2ith dagg of July, J 866, Commencing each morning at Eleven o'clock. days ftSo?i6hfr le had six Monmouth._ th° °fIlce of Aucti oneer, Upper Tymunich, near Ragland. MESSRS. JACKSON & MORGAN -MM EURR by AUCTION, at the SHIP IKN, Ragland, On Thursday, August Qncl, 186P° At, Five o'clock in the evening, about 10 acres of, GROWING WHEAT, situate on the above Fa,™ -the Straw :not to be removed. For particulars and to view apply to Mr. JOSFJPH HALL, Oakfield Cottage, Bryngwyn, or 10 the Auc- tioneers, 42, Llanarth-street, Newport, Mon. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. MS. JAS. GRAHAM, jun., has been favoured with instructions to SELL, in the course of a short time, an exceedingly Valuable ESTATE, known as the "ELMAX" Farm, situate in the parish OF Llan- baddock, within one-and-a-haif miles of Usk. Full particulars in future advertisements. Dated 4th of July, I860- I Tredunnock Eectory, MIDWAY BETWEEN USK AND CAERLEON. MR. J. GRAHAM, Jun., has been honored with instructions from the Rev. Gr. H. FIELDING, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 31st of July, 1866, The whole of the undermentioned Genteel and Superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Horses, Harness, Phaeton, Cart, and other Valuable Effects. PARTICULARS DRAWINO-ROOM Walnut settee, covered in green Damask six walnut chairs, covered in ditto ditto occasional table, ditto chess tabt^'j American chair, loo tables, fenders, fire-irons, carpet on room, about 24 yards hearth rug, mahogany .chairs, covered in leather table cover, a very choice engraving, sundry ornaments i DINING-ROOM' Mahogany telescope dining table, table cloth, seven mahogany hair-seated chairs, Brussels carpet on room, piece of druggetting, maho- gany pedestal office table, rosewood couch, covered in leather; fender, fire-irons, coal scilttle, 3 handsome medallions, framed and glazed; hearth rug, sundry volumes of useful books, map ctf Monmouthshire, cane-seated chairs, candle lamp, && &c. BED-ROOM 1:—Mahogany four-p^st bedstead, wash- stand, dressing table, toilet set, mahogany Pembroke table, chairs, mahogany wardrobe, chest with drawers, fender fire-irons, druggetting on room, straw pa,Hian feather bed, bolster and piilotrs, quilt, mahogany dressing glass, wool mats, &c.. &c; BED-ROOM 2 Mahogany four-post bedstead, with white dimity furniture,double stratf palliasse, feather bed, bolster and pillows, hip bath,; washstand, dres- sing table, mahogany dressing gla^ toilet set, towel rail, hearth rug, hair-seated arm chair, painted chest with drawers, 12 yards or druggetting. BED-ROOMS 3, 4, and 5 Chest with drawers, iron bedstead, miilpuff mattress, painted washstand,. chamber ware, large piece of druggetting, crimson damask window curtains, figure! damask ditto, painted drawers, two iron Bedsteads, painted dres- sing, two miilpuff mattresses, two litto beds, drug, getting, eight-day clock, painted chfst with drawers,- mahogany table. writing desk, tea ca&dy, five pairs of blankets, two Marseilles quilts, one'white ditto, two coloured counterpanes, and five pairf of calico sheets. KITCHEN and PANTRY Fender, rfirc-irons, cruet stand, metal tea-pot, patent filterer. snife box, knives and forks, seven tumblers, one anit^a half dozen of wino glasses, pair of quart decanters,"twn glaas dishes, two water buttles, a quantity of breakfast, dinner, and tea ware, carpenter's tools, drl^P*11? l)an- pots, kettles, six saucepans, lamps, tins, plate rack, two Windsor chairs, American clock, glazed foot-pan, water cans. -nans. toV>«, STABLE and YARD.—A very "hrtfilCPRie con, five years old, broken to saddle: and harness » a vefy use- ful and promising-black colt, one-year, old; set of nlatod harness, capital road siwidle, four-wheel phaeton in good- condition, narrow.'&hefil cart, car- nage jack, cart harness, wheelbarrow, garden tools, water butt, scythes, cinder sifter, and numerous other valuable efleets. J; Also a six-barrel Revolver, with powder flask, bullet mould, shot pouch, &c., one single-barrel Gun. Sale to commence precisely at Eleven o'clock. In consequence of the numerous lots to be sold in one day, the Auctioneer respectfully solicits a punc- tual attendance. Dated, Auctioneer's Office, Overiiionnow, Monmouth, July, 1866. MONMOUTHSHIRE. A very compact and desirable FREEHOLD ES- T \TE for Sale by Public Auction; lying near the Turnpike Road from Newport to lUsk. MR. THOMAS LEWIS is instructed by the Executors of the late I. HILEY, ESQ., to submit to PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the WESTOATB HOTEL, NEWPORT, On Wednesday, August 8th, J 866, At Three for Four o'clock punctually (subject to such conditions as will be then read), all that valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Known as "TY-cocs," situate in the parishes of Llandegveth, Llanhennock, and Liangattock-Caer- leon comprising about 6i Acres (more or less) of first-class old Pasture and Arable Land, with orchard- ing, residence, and out-buildings distant about six miles from the flourishing and rising market town and shipping-outlet of Newport, five from Usk, and ihree from C'aerleon, and within easy distance of Pontypool and Abergavenny. The estnte is abundantly supplied with pure spring water, and a fine running trout stream teeming with fish skirt,; the properly: game is also very numerous; two packs of hounds hunt the neighbourhood the land is bounded by the property of C. Nicholson and J. James, Esqrs.; the locality is proverbial for its lovely and picturesque scenery; and this freehold propel ty is well worthy the attention of capitalists or gentlemen fond of sport and country life. I The Timber on the estate to be taken at a valu- ation. The tenant, Mr. Harris, who has occupied the farm for the last 18 years, will kindly show the pro- perty. Particulars and plans are being prepared, and may be had seven days previous to day of sale, at the Three Salmons, Usk Crown, Pontypool; Wesfgate Hotel, Newport; J. D. Pain, Esq., Solicitor, New- port; B. Lawrence, Esq., Surveyor, Newport; or of the AUCTfOSBER, Cheltenham. i?" portion of the purchase monov (if re- quncd) may remain on mortgage for a term of years One Guinea Reward. l 0^'Tr tllG of ^une> the'neighbourhood T^o LuTr.w WATCH CHAIN, with a rinsr, Who*we- will °°ailc* an sixpence, attached. Bush Farm r']estorc same to Mr. PKITCHAVD, the S 2 or t0 the Office of this Paper, sdail leccive the above reward. Tv'/aB'MORr* °f GL1S fnni(i» m Di.K.in a'!<l.,° ""I"ce ",un.v of "loir Iiu.nos as pofesible to 30in them. The Imperial Art Union. £5,000 FIRST PRIZE, AND UPWARDS OF 1,500 OTHERS IN PAINTINGS, VARYING IN VALUE FROM 9,1,000, DOWN TO f,5 EACH. HIS ART UNION allows all Prizes to be selected by Prizeholders themselves, in any part of the Kingdom. Ticket holders or their representatives will be ad- mitted to the Drawing. Subscription Half a Guinea Per Share. Remittances to be made to the Secretary, or any of the Agents, who will also furnish every informa- tion. iS RICHARD KING, Secretary. Offices, 10, Castle-street, Holborn, London, E.C. N. B.-Ageuts JVanred on Liberal Tertns. References required. Just published, price 3d., or post free for four stamps. LOCAL ANAESTHESIA; or, the Total Extinction of Pain in Extractions and other Dental Opera- tions. By A. ESKELL, Surgeon Dentist, 8, Grosvenor- street, W., author of "Dental Surgery, a Practical Treatise," Pure Dentistry," &c. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., and all Booksellers. Thomas's Emulsion of Syrups, OR PECTORAL COUGH DROPS, T?ORcoughs, colds, influenza, hoarseness, hoop- JL ing cough, difficulty of breathing, asthma, and affec- tions of the pulmonary organs generally. The great demand for this truly valuable Syrup is a sufficient proof of its efficacy, and rencers it unnecessary for the proprietor to urge its numerous advantages; suffice it to say that it is composed af the active properties of herbs, roots, and balsams, in II cuncentrated form, and possesses great soothing and healing properties. From its agreeable taste it may be easily administered to children, and is not un- acceptable to adults who have an aversion to Medicine. Sold in bottles at nd., Is. lAd., and 2s. Ud. each, by the 2 2 proprietor—T. RODERICK, Cbetnist, Pontypool; and most ;liemists and medicine vendors. BlaenavoD—J. Pore ^Newport—Thomas J. Jones, High-street; Vsk- J* A. diark; AJ on mouth—W. Spencer, Abergavfmny—J. Watkius, &c. Bayley's Tonic, Aperient, & Purifying FAMILY PILLS. OR bilious and liver complaints, indigestion, j sick headache, loss of appetite, heartburn, nervousness, impurhies of the blood, aud other ailments arising from a f disordered state of the stomach and bowels. These vege- jfable pitls are particularly recommended for £ eu«ral use, and only require to be trt*l to prove their great efficacy. Being mild in their action they are invaluable to families, and may be taken at any time without interfering with ordinary engugementg. Sold in boxes at Hrl., lB. ltrl., and 2s. 9d. each; or free by post for 8, 14, or 33 stamps. Prepared only byT. RODERICK, Chemist, Pontypool; and sold by most medicine vendors, and agents for Thomas's Bmulsiow of Syrups. THE O JEZl. A. 3VE PIO ZEST Liver and Stomach Pills. mHESE PILLS are compounded from the JL recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the preseiitday (who, from purely philanthropic motives— knowing their excellent properties by experience- haa been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experienced chemist, and are acknow ledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach, and derangements of the liver, ever prepared. It, is a well-known fact that most of the diseases incident to the human race, arise from a disordered stomach, and irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple mala- dies, become serious illnesses. To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the blessings of health these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the blood ot H impurities; regulate the secretions, and give tone to the stomach; correct toe ruorbid condition of the liver, tegulate the bowels, and, by removing all impediments, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole irame. Sold in Boxes (with directions for use) Is.lid. and 7id, each. (A Saving by taking the Large Size). Sold Wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY & SON, LONDO N and Retail by all Medicine Vendors. LOCAL AGENTS: I Abergavenny Mr J S Meredith, Bookseller Mr John Watkins, Bras-gist Abersychan Mr E .Martin, Druggist Blaemr>on Mr ,T tope, Drnwrist ^lr AV iS "Clark, Bookseller Monmouth Mr. W. Spencer, Druggist. fwf01' 1 a r f, I Jo™> Chemist, High St. Pontypool Mr T Koderick, Dru^ist Usk Mr. J. H. Clark.' ° N.B.—To meet the convenience of persons at a distance J II CLARK, Usk, will forward a box, Free by Post, for fourteen postage stamps. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS.—The 11 USK ORSERVER" has the LARGEST CIRCULATION in the COUNTY OF MONMODI H of any Newspaper published, Being .snied in the ccntre of the County, and 4idelv cir- culated in both the AeRicuLTORAL and Mi rrLL DhJricts it is decidedly the best medium for Auctioneer'- SoH: citors, Tradesmen and others to make their Notices known to be Inhabitants oi Usk, Abergavenny, P.-nty pool. Caerleon, lHaenftvon. Knglan and the swronndm,/ fc'drixhiri. A Great Quantity for Little Money. 120 Sheets of full-sized Note Paper. 6d. 100 good Cream Laid Envelopes M. PostSvo. Pocket Account Hook with 140 ruled ( gj page?, bound in parchment, with brass clasp I Post 8vo. Pocket Account LSook with 200 rnltd i pages, tialf-bound strong ) Foolscap 8ro. oldong metallic Memorandum t Book. 212 pages, with clasp, pocket, and 9d. oeiuil Foolscap Svo. Pocket Account Book, 174 ) 5d. ruled pages, halt-bound j Ditto ditto, with clasp. 5d. Pocket Book, with 144 ruled pages, pocket., ) r flap, and elastic band ) Church Services, with gilt edges and clat-p, from 2s. 6d. each. Prayer Books from Gd. each. AT J. 1L aLA HICS, liooKSiiLLBB, uSA, Usk and Pontypool Highway Boaxd. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. PERSONS willing to CONTRACT for erecting a 1 Bridge, making a New Water Course, and im- proving the present Highway near the Chapel, at Llangwin U dla. may see a plan and specification of the work at mv Office, in Usk, on and after MONDAY, the 30th instant, and should deliver Tenders for the same to me on or before the 4th of August next. HENRY WILLIAMS, District Surveyor. Usk, July 26, 1866. CASTLE HOUSE, USK. LADIES' SEMIIAE Y. fPHE MISSES MERRETT will be happy to-re- L ceive their Pupils on MONDAY, JULY 30th. July 12th, 1866. Usk Grammar School. rFHE MIDSUMMER HOLIDAYS will terminate L on MONDAY, JULY 30th. W. H. WRENFORD, B.A., Master. •s}U3inp3}smiiia:u imb jo Ipreai -Jpn{ paxy iq alq-ecedai 'SJ.B<lÁ g To 't 12 Ig '[ JOJ 'OOO'IJ 01 QSy rooJ:] mns lau GAaq uuo noi 'Ajunoas I-stiosiad pgAoiddB qipu. '¡1HP agiulgauns IHM. aq puu 'ajjl inoS oansuj puu "uoW %jodM9^ 'jaaijs-^aoQ *91 'SWVmiAV 'Ai 'JK °1 T dtjaqo A^NOH AYOiTHOa 1™ no^ tfl JIÁ K V y 0 d ffi I MONEY TO LEND.—t0 TRADES- MEN, FARMERS, & OTHERS.-—MONEY immediately advanced on good personal security, or Leasehold, Copyhold, and Freehold Property, from L50 to jEoOOO, at 5 per cent interest. Upwards of five hundred thousand pounds have already been advanced.—Apply to Mr. C. JOHNS, Licensed Appraiser and House Agent, Prospect Place, Stow Hill, Newport, Mon., (opposite the New Presbyterian Chapel). Money also advanced on all kinds of pro- perty, furniture, and effects, intended for sale by auction. N .B.-All applications by post to contain 4 stamps for reply. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. Cheap Ejeursioas. ON SATURDAYS, JULY 28th, AUGUST 11th, W and 25th, and SEPTEMBER 8th and 22nd, a TRAIN will leave Pontypool Road at 4.30 p.m., Pontypool Town 4.35, Crumlin 4.50, Tredegar Junc- tion 5.0, Rhymney Junction 5.10, Llancaich 5.20, Quaker's Yard 5.30, Mountain Ash 5.40, and Aber- dare at 5.59 p.m., for Llanelly, Pembrey, Ferryside, Carmarthen Junction, Carmarthen Town, St. Clears, Whitland, Narberth Road, Clarbeston Road, Haver- fordwest, Johnston, and New Milford (Milford Haven), returning on the following MONDAY, from New Milford at 3.0 p.m. Tickets may be obtained on and after Monday pre- ceding the running of each train. For Fares, and further particulars, see hand-bills. Paddington, June 21st, 1866.. WANTED, Assistants, Barmaids, Clerks, Cooks, Farm bailiffs, Gardeners, House-maids, Ladies'- maids, Porters, Travellers, and Servants of every class. Enclose three stamps to MOKGAN and Co, 42, Mariner-street, Swansea. WANTED, APPRENTICES to the Dress and Mantle Making. The Sewing Machine taught. —Apply to Mrs. HOWELLS, 5, Weskgate Terrace, Abergavenny. WANTED, a good general SERVANT for a family in the country, where a nurse is kept; one who has a knowledge of Laundry work preferred.—Apply to E. S. DAVIES, Stationer, Abergavenny.