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GREAT FIRE IN BERMONDSEY. At about ten o'clock on Sunday night a serious fire broke out on the premises of Mr. Burke, currier and leather dresser, situated in Black Swan-yard, Bermond- sey-street, and was attended by a great destruction of property. The fire is said to have originated in the stabling of Mr. Burke, and was first discovered by the night watchman of a wool warehouse now in course of erection, immediately in the rear of the stables. He at once gave the alarm, but before any assistance could be rendered the whole of the stabling and premises of Mr. Burke were one mass of fire. The flames then extended themselves to the extensive tannery and leather dressing warehouses of Messrs. Cundell and Co., which, in the same manner, were totally destroyed. The large flour mills of Mr. Braden next caught, and were soon enveloped in flames. By this time the firemen had got the engines in full play, and torrents of water were poured over and into the burning premises, but it was fully two hours before the immense body of fire was perceptibly diminished. During the progress of the conflagration a number of old wooden tenements, inhabited by poor working people, and immediately abutting on the burning warehouses, also caught fire, and were speedily consumed, without giving time for the removal of any ef the scanty furniture of the occupants. Men, women, and children were running about the narrow courts and alleys intersecting the locality in the greatest excitement, little beeding the drenching rain which was pouring down at the time. At least twenty poor families were burnt out, losing every- thing they possessed but the clothes they were wearing and they were humanely sheltered by their neighbours' as poor as themselves. The fire was more destructive in its cllaracterfrom tbepremises destroyed being situated in the rear of the houses in Bermond soy-street, and sur- rounded on all sides by huge wooden sheds and blocks of old houses, rendering it extremely difficult to get at the locality of the fire. Owing to the great confa- sion that prevailed, and the incivility of a body of the M division of police, who block ed up the only entrance stJhi6 oo^wy ? fi/e from White's-ground (Con- stable 295 M particularly distinguishing himself by his coarse, violent, and uncivil conduct, and his refusal to allow any reporter to pass, it was impossible to get any decisive particulars that could be depended upon but the whole of the premises above mentioned ( jQife and several other new houses much +a* Whe owners of which could not be aacer- j l&iOOOO l0SS iS estimated at from £ 20,00° to i

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