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EPITOME OF NEWS. The deliveries of tea in London estimated for £ tte week were 1,181,3181b., ^hieh is a. decrease of 64,0501b. compared with the previous statement. The steamer Joseph Pierce exploded her boilers twenty miles below Victaburg, on the Missis- siwpijiOB. one of the last days of July. Six persons were killed .and t wenty-eight wounded. The directors of the South Eastern Railway Tesolved.to recommend the proprietors, at their half-yearly meetinsr on the 31st ult., to declare a dividend of 7s.6d. on each £ 30 stock, being at the rate of 92 10s. per cent. per aanrwpx. During the past week twenty-three wrecks have bean reported, making a total for the present year of 1,354. The report that the,body of Lord F. Douglas had been xecovored is mow positively denied. The denial comes from. th.e: English chaplain at Zermatt, and is dated the 21st iuStsnt. The "Times" of last Friday announced the mar. riage df. a Mr. Catt to a Miss Loverett. In one of the cases at the recent assizes ait Exeter, the names of the,plaintiffand defendant were Fudge and Dodge. A small freehold estate, of about 244 acres, in the jMU-ish of Merton, Surrey, and about ten miles from London, was lately sold for the extraordinary high price of LW,WO, at the rate- of nearly jB350 per acre. Dr. Colenso has left England in the Yerulam, Qapfcaw Creak, one of theline of ships owned by Bullard, JEp&lSRd Co., of London, which sailed from Gravesend last week, iMund to Eort Natal. Through the whole <of the United States the progMsa-of population has received such a check from the war<tha.t it is thought probable the.population.of the Union is 55000,000 less at this day than it would have been in peace. According to a recently issued official docu- ment. the- sum of .8105,055 2s. 4d. was paid as compensa- tion ".to offleers of the late Ecclesiastical, Royal Peculiar, and, other testamentary courts. It-seems there is a plan for getting up a kind of Foundling Hospital in London for the reception and care of infant»«n the Parisian principle. A number of benevolent gentlemen are interesting themselves in the movement. The Admiralty have just hired the ship Yimieira, belonging to Messrs. s&ellatly, Hankey, and Sewell, for the aonweyance of about 280 convicts, who will embark at Sheer- ness, Portsmouth, and Portland for Swan River, under the of Dr. Crawford, Surgeon,Superintendent. The Aberdeen clipper-ship Centurion, Cap- tain Jamas Largie, from Sydney, Mlay 4, has passed up Channel. off Plymouth. She brings 19 passengers, 687 bales wool 262 casks tallow, 60,114 hides, 10,130 horns. One of the Centurion's passengers, Dr. Scott, and her mails were landed at Plymouth by a tr&wlmg-aleop. Mr. A. S. Macrae writes to say that, according to tha American official account of the export of petroleum from all the ports to all the world up to the 31st of July of each year, the number of gallons for the last three years were:4«65, 7,010,650; 1384, 15,071,581; 1833, 15,105,844. On the arrival of an excursion train from Belle V-ue at Dakinfield the other night, Cornelius Schofleld, a aasaeiwer jumped out of one of the carriages just where a bridge crosses the Tame, and fell over the parapet of the bridge into the river beLow, a deptu of forty-two feet. An alarm was raised, and the man was taken out of the water, which was only a foot deep. His thigh was broken, and he had" received other injuries, but not of a serious character. The Bailey Light at Howth on the northern coast of Dublin, has been illuminated with oil-gas instead of oil; and the change is considered.a. vast improvement. li.e light.is much clearer, and can be seen at a greater dis- tance A. deputation from Trinity-house lately came to see the improved light with a view to its possible adoption in the English lighthouses. It is proposed to build a church in London for 13ie use of the deaf and dumb, of whom it is supposed there are no less than 1,800 in the metropolis alone without a- suitaWe place of worship. The Queen has given £ 50, and a jgetttleman offers k25 if forty others will give the same amount within three months. A cattle plasjue has appeared, it is said, in Ame- rica. We wonder if the Americans conceive it to have been imported from Russia, us we do. Why should it not be capable of originating m AmaMoa. as well as in Russia ?— anddf-ao. why should it not be capable of originating in Eng- landm well as in either America or Russia ? The Marquis of Waterford and the Earl of 1roji»e have left Curraghaiore for a fortnight's shooting over the WiOklow mountains. The rejoicings oa the family estates take place shortly to celebrate the earl's ccming of age. THie precise day is not fixed. James Richards, agent- to the Coloharton Mining Goam>aay was summoned before the magistrate at Tavis- t,o6k at'the instance theSouth Devon Railway Company, to^noontrary* to^the" byela ws of the company.* He was m the full penalty of £ 10 and costs. The railway cemgaqy gave up their expenses in the matter. The youth who is reported as having won the pmze in the seminary match at Hastings Regatta.is' RefloM* Blind, son of Earl Blind, the German popular leader, who is at present staying with his family at St. Leaaard's. T J.T_ At the Stalybridge petty sessions. Jonathan Bradbury, a self-acting minder, was charged by Mr. R. E. S. Oram, factory inspeotor, with having allowed a childI to work betwanethe fixed and traversing part of a self-actiag ma- chine called a mule whilst the latter was in motion by the action of the steam engine, where-by the child sustained boflilv injury. viz., the fracture of his eollarbone. -The de- fendant was fined 20s. and costs, or to be imprisoned for foui&eett flays. The annual visitor to Brighton, the autumn shaii which comes in search of health and wtth the idea of aiBKinsriup a beauty, like so n>any of the land sharks with twoleas has j ust been caught and exhibited to the admiring widen the beach. Hencoforth beauty may disport itself unhaj-med in flannel,withia a rope's length of beauty's bathing machine. A Fisench cabby was recognised as be was start- ing off with a. fare by-a fellow whom he had cheated, and Who laid on him with a. stick so long that the fare roared oat to Him to finish, and let the mango. "What! you takti'Ma wt, flo yewf" gaid the flagellator. "Certain^ not- s-bttt X took him by the "d each blow of your siicktcosts me five ceati-nea. Finish, and let me go on. Another barbarous murder of a British sea- man ds: reported from Odessa, the perpetrators of which had. not feeen discovered up to the close of the month of June much less taken and brought to justice, not withstand- ing'the energetic proceedings of the British Consul General, Mr. Murray. On. Sunday ntght considerable excitement was created in the neighbourhood of Kew in consequence of the suicide of a gentleman, Whose name is at present unknown. Deceased-was found hanging by ;& rope to a branch of a tree aaar Kew-gardens. The unfortunate man was cut Jown, and surgical assistance sent for, but lite l^oved to be extinct. The deceased is described as about fifty years of age, und, dressed in a. blaek sMit- The localitv of Brixton, which has hitherto escaped the pestilence prevailing among cattle, is now seriously threatened, and the epidemic has within the last S™ manifested itself in a,virulent form. One cow- SBOT who kept a shed of five cows, has lwst the whole of A dairyman in Acre Jane very recently .purchased a Sktnilch cow, and placed her with his stock, when she soon^fterwards died, but not before communicating the pesttfeneeto the other beasts. During the past week several persons have 'been summoned before the Bristol magistrates, at the in. stance of the loeal Board of Health, for having expoaed for s&le im fche market and liLt shops a, quantity of diseased meat unfit for human food. The meat seized was ordered to be destroyed, and penalties varJ ing from JB10 or one month's imprisonment to 40s. or ten days' imprisonment were in- flicted In the cases of the convicted defendants who held stalls in the market, they were informed that they would -be retmovod therefrom.. -tr- The number of persons who arrived in Via. toria foy sea during the month of May last was 2,829, of whom 1.351 were from the United Kingdom; and the number of those who departed was 1,519, of whom 310 were for the United Kingdom. "The current raises of wages were from cto L45 per aTmum, for married faim labourers with children • from JE50 to L60 for married labourers without families-' dE30 to R40 for single men jBSO to ;£35 for cooks; and jBIS to jB25 for female farm servants. Female domestic eervantsare still in great demand in the colony.


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