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NAVAL AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. The Army and Nary Gasttte says:—It is considered a very remarkable fact that no single item of the American claims is owing to the action of naval officers. Notwith- standing the innumerable points in which they came in contact, and had relations with the belligerents, there is no reclamation against the service. Mr. Goschen says the Navy is under a clond, but this speaks volumes for the sorvice, and shews how judiciouslt the Admiralty did their work, and how well they were seconded by their subordinates. Throughout Mr. Adams's correspondence the only complaint against a naval officer is against the Captain of' the Cadmus, for, in conjunction with the Governor of Trinidad, treating the Sumter as a man-of-war. The British Government had admitted the Southerners to the rights of a nation during war, and the captain of the Cadmus had no alter- native but to act as he did on the occasion in .question.— We are glad to be enabled to' announce -that the in unmeaning rank of Acting Assistant-Surgeon in the Royal Navy has been abolished, and for the future all officers on entering the service will receive their regular commissions in the same way as do their brethren of the Army .A report has been prevalent during the week that the Phantom Board" has been sufficiently substantial to drive Mr. Vernon Lushington to resigna- tion. We are not in a position to confirm the rumour, but the fact would cause no surprise in or Gut of the Ad- miralty.—We understand that the Lady Wodehouse, after her successful dig at the Hotspur, put into a friendly port to repair damages, and has sent in a little bill for £ 500; so it would seem, after all, that these Irish pig-boats cannot maul her Majesty's iron-clad rams with impunity. The Hotspur is getting ready for sea again, and will, no doubt, keep a bright look out down Channel, particularly off the Irish coast.-It has been decided to bring home one regiment of cavalry and four battalions of infantry from India yearly in future. The corps to come home during the season 1872-73, will, doubt- less, be the 20th Hussars, 3rd battalion 60th Rifles (went out in 1857), 2nd battalion 10th Regiment (went out in 1860), 2nd battalion 24th Regiment (went out to Mauritius in 1860), and 105th Light Infantry: those to go out in the event of none of them being required to embark on other service in the meantime-the 10th Hussars (returned from the Crimea in 1856), 2nd battalion 3rd Buffs ^returned from Barbadoes in 1866), 43rd Light Infantry (returned from New Zealand in 1866), 40th Regiment (returned from New Zealand in 1866), and 67th Regiment (returned from the Cape of Good Hope in 1866). The United Service Gazette says:—A Government Com- mittee, composed of the following officers, viz., Admiral Sir Alexander Milne, G.C.B., President; Rear-Admiral Hugh Dunlop, C.B., and Rear-Admiral G. H. Richards, C.B., F.R.S., with Frederick J. Feghn, R.N., Barrister-at-Law, as Secretary, is sitting at White- hall to investigate certain naval circumstances connected with the Alabama claims.—We under- stand that the whole question of barrack accom- modation and the distribution of the troops is under con- sideration.-A further instalment of medals awarded to the troops who took part in the Bhootan expedition of 1865 has just been distributed.-Captain John Philip Nolan, the recently-elected Member for Galway, on "Home Rule" principles, is on full pay as a second captain of Royal Artillery, being attached to the A battery, 1st Brigade. Captain Nolan has passed through am the advanced Artillery class and the Staff College. He served as adjutant to Colonel Milward, R.A., through the Abyssinian campaign.—We are informed that Mr. Card- well's scheme for the reorganisation of the army is com- plete, and that the right honourable gentleman will take an early opportunity of making » statement of its nature to Parliament.—The appointmont of Quartermaster to the Royal Hibernian Military School, vacant by the resigna- tion of Quartermaster Lewis, will not, we understand, be filled up, as the authorities have determined upon saving the X220 a year allotted to the post. The Broad Arrow says:—It is understood that the 1st Life Guards, with their band, will go to town from Windsor to take part in the state procession on the 27th at St. Paul's Cathedral.—Lieutenant-General Brook J. Taylor will vacate the command of a division of the Bengal army at the close of the present financial year, viz., the 31st March next.- It is expected that the report of the Megaera Commis- sioners will appear almost immediately. It will most pro- bably be very short, and will suggest the appointment of a Commission of Inquiry into the Admiralty Department. This, indeed, was anticipated in the promise made to the House by Mr. Gladstone on Tuesday. Under these circumstances, the rumoured intention of the Govern- ment to return to the Board system must, we should think, he premature.—We hear that Colonel Anson will, if he has not already done so, call upon Mr. Cardwell in the House to explain the delay which is taking place with regard to the filling up of the various regimental vacancies. The Naval and Military Gazette says The Admiralty, we understand, had not the powCr to grant the request that Lieutenant Llewellyn S. Dawson, conducting the Livingstone search expedition, and Lieutenant William Henn,. the second in command, might be borne for full pay and time while absent from England. Such an irregular charge upon the Navy Estimates requires special authority, and the -,ition was one for the decision of the Trrr.sury. We have heard, though v.; C-V~P'T LI'.O to give credence to the report, that disaffection is so rife in the army, that a lieutenant-colonel on half-pay took part in the Dilke demonstration in Trafalgar-square last Monday.—It will be remembered that Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Kellett, K.C.B., late Commander-in-Chief on the China Station, was reported some short time since to have suffered from the effects of sun-stroke. We regret to hear that the health of the gallant. Admiral continues unsatisfactory, and causes his friends some uneasiness.

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