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ABERDARE POLICE COURT. TUESDAY.—(Before H. C. Greenwood, and R. H. Rhys, Esqrs.) UNNEIGHBOURLY CONDUCT.—Richard Jsrtes, tailor, ap- plied to the Bench for advice under the following circum- stances. He stated that he was being annoyed by his neighbours. On Saturday last Thomas Ho wells and John Davies came and threatened him. He had a workshop at the back, and Howells's wife knocked nails into it.-The Bench ordered Inspector Howlett to call on the parties to inform them that if they molested Mr Jones again sum. monses would be taken out against them A BATCH OF DISORDERLIES.-John J^nes, Eli Edwards, Ihomas Samuel, Ehenezer Bowen, John Coor>pr William Richards. William Davies. John Williams Daniel Jones John Phillips, John Cox, Joseph Tantsfield, John Fulton,' John Jones, Watkin Price, Rees Williams, and Jane Francis, were all charged with drunkenness and riotous conduct, and severally fined in the usual amount and costs. STEALING TIMBER.-Thomas Jones collier. a young man 21 years of age, was charged with feloniously stealing four pieces of pitwood. and four pieces of timber. the property of the Aberdare Coal Co.. Cwmbach.— Prisoner pleaded guilty.—The Bench said that inasmuch as he had Dleaded guilty they had no alternative but to send him to prison for fourteen days. He would bave been much more heavily punished had not Mr Evans recommended him to mercy. A LOOSE CHARACTER.—Catherine Jones, huckster charged with behaving indecently in Duke-street and was ordered to be imprisoned for 21 days with hard labour. ALLEGED INFRINGEMENT OF LICENSE.—THOMO« landlord of the Railway Inn, HirwaiJ, with having his house open for the sale of beer between three and five p m.. on Sunday the 22nd May Mr TTr>«7«»ll (Messrs C. H. and F. James) appeared for the defence.- The case was adjourned for the production of a wi+noco CAT AND DOG "-Lewis and Wm. Edwards, two young- sters brothers were charged with playing a game called Cat and Dog" m a public thoroughfare The offence was admitted, and defendants were fined Is and 2s 6d costs each. OBSTRUCTION. Charles Daley was charged with Db. structing the thoroughfare at Oxford-street, Mountain Ash —P. c. Evans proved the charge and defendant was fined 5s. and costs. SIMILAR CHARGE.-Peter O'Neil was charged with ob- structinsr the footpath in Oxford Street, Mountain Ash. -P.C. Williams saw him on Saturday the 21st of May, at half-past six in the evening, sitting down in front of Mr Callawy's shop window, with his legs across the pavement. There were many others there besides the defendant; here- fused to get up, stating that he was not interfering with any one. The Bench said the pavements were not made for such a purpose, and it was a very common practice to ob- struct the thoroughfare.—Fined 2s.6d. and 5s. 3d. costs, or m default five days' imprisonment. STEALING FLOWERS FROM THE PARK.—Elizabeth Jones, a little girl ten years of age, was charged with damaging a flower, value one shilling, in the Aberdare public nark, on the 20th of May.—Mr Hollier prosecuted.-The little girl admitted the offence.-The Bench said those plants had cost a great deal of money to the parish, and they were not placed there to be broken, but this being the first offence of the kind she would only be fined Id. and 3s. 6d. costs. —Mr. Hollier applied for a summons against a lad named John Williams for a similar offence on Sunday evening.—The summons was granted. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.— William Davies and Richard Thomas were brought up charged with setting two dogs to fight.Davics was discharged and Thomas was bailed out to appear on Tuesday next. ALLEGED ASSAULT.—William Davies, Cwmdare, was charged with assaulting Ann Thomas on the 19th of May. -Mr Simons appeared for the defendant.-It appeared that the parties had a quarrel owing to some little squabble between their respective children.—The Bench said the evidence was not favourable to the complainant, and they must give the defendant the benefit of it. They advised the parties to go home and live peaceable for the future. PONTYPRIDD INTELLIGENCE. FERNDALE.—This district which stands as a spot doubly black in the colliery casualties map of this country, has up to the present time existed without the advantages of a Reading Room. Mr D. Davis who has resided in the vil. lage since the last explosion, has taken a deep interest in the well-being of his workmen. His latest effort to civilize them has taken the form of a Reading Room, which was formally opened with unusual ceremony, on Tuesday even- ing last, under the supervision of the proprietor himself. Speeches were delivered suitable to the occasion by Messrs Griffiths, Thomas. Jones, and Gordon, and the evening was spent very agreeably, the proceedings being enlivened by the vocal efforts of Messrs H. Thomas and Powell. We wish the new institution God speed. COMPLETION OF THE CHURCH,—The handsome edifice that rears its lofty spire above the town is all but completed. The steeple has been successfully slated and, notwithstand- ing the difficulty and danger of the job, it has been com- pleted effectively, reflecting great credit upon the tiler—a local man, by-the-bye, named Williams. The architect speaks in high terms of the manner in which the slating has been carried out. The only thing now remaining to render the building complete, in accordance with tbe archi- tect's plans, is the statue of the tutelar saint, Saint Cathe- rine, for whose reception a niche has been prepared over the tower entrance. The appearance of the building is a very fine and attractive one, and it forms astriking feature and an elegant ornament to the town. What is next re- quired is a peal of bells but before this wish can be con- summated the balance has yet to be cleared off, and this balance forms a serious sum of money. The committee will, no doubt, thankfully receive, and gratefully acknow- ledge, any contribution towards the carrying out of so laudable an object. We believe an effort will be made before the summer is over to reduce the amount standing to the Committee's debit, but this effort to supplement the liberality of generous donors to wipe out the sum yet reo w" maining to be paid before the building is clear, it is to be hoped will not dry up any available resounes possessed by the lovers and upholders of the Establishment.




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