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ART UNION OF GREAT BRITAIN.-We bfg to call the attention of our readers to the announcement, in another column, of the next drawing of this Art Union, which is advertised to take place on the 25th of this month. The first prize has been selected from the Crystal Palace, Sydenham, where it is now being exhibited. It is a most beautiful painting by James Hayllar, Esq., entitled The Last Load," value 150 guineas. It represents one of those familiar scenes so highly appreciated by every lover of nature, both in town and country, and the artist has given it with such a faithful and masterly hand- clothing it, as it were, with such poetic imagination, that one can almost feel the calm serenity of the evening, with its golden setting sun, and sniff the scent of new-mown hay." It was in the Royal Academy last year, and the Art Critic of the Times, in his notice of that exhibition, says :Another picture conveying a delightful sentiment of a pleasant country time and work is Mr. Hayllar's Last Load (94), a hay cart in a wood-girt field, with a glow of sunset upon its fragrant load, and a golden and purple sun gleaming through the trees." The committee have had the painting photographed by Mr. Hayward, of Finchley, and a copy, album size, will be given z&a.souVenir to each purchaser of twenty tickets. The second prize is a large and talented Fruit Peace, by Chas. Stuart, Esq., F.S.A., valued at JE85, in which pine apples, melons, grapes, peaches, and other rich and luscious fruits are piled most provokingly tempting, on a table, upon which a large golden tankard and salver are introduced, whilst a distant view of St. Mark's, Venice, through an opening in the rich crimson curtains, complete a picture that for beauty of execution and talent in grouping, has scarcely, if ever, been excelled. In this drawing there will be at least 1,000 prizes of paintings and other works of art, particulars of which are contained in the detailed prize lists, which, together with tickets, one shilling each, may be obtained from the agents whose names are appended to the adver- tisement, until the evening of Wednesday, June 15th, but not later.