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TREDEGAR COUNTY COURT. WEDNESDAY .—(Before Judge Herbert.) Assault Case. John James and Wifer. Ja-nes Campbell. Mr Rice Harris for plaintiff.—Mrs. James examined by Mr Harris Remember being in a bakehouse on 26th of last month a woman named Ann Jones was with me we were putting dough in the oven defendant came to us there; he has an account against us; he came into the bakehouse and said d your eyes come into the house and give me some money we told him to go into the bouse and be would find Anne James's husband there I passed Campbell and he struck me and knocked me down he also abused me 1 had a blow on my arm and my neck Mary Weeks took me by the arm and led me to the house Campbell came into the house and asked for money I told him to go out; I went to the fire place to fetch the poker he took it from me and struck me twice on the back; I went into fits and was insensible for some time I could not do anything for a week.—By defendant: I did not tell you to go out of the bakehouse nor did [ strike you with a poker.-Anne Jones I was in the bakehouse on the day in question Campbell came there and used the same words as Mrs. James states and asked for money he spoke to both of us I asked him to go to the house and see my husband he said he would kill us all before he did anything, he struck Mrs. James; pulled her cap off and hurt her arm Campbell laid hold of the "scraper"; the women did take Elizabeth James home did not see anyone strike Campbell.—Margaret Amos: My husband is a col- lier. living in pit row I was in the bakehouse on the day the row was Cambpell came in and said d your eyes give me some money Anne Jones told him to go to the house and see her husband Campbell struck Betsy James and knocked her down can't say Campbell was drunk but he was very dull.—Elizabeth Atheron My husband is a collier, living in pit row I heard screams by the bakehouse and on going there I found Betsy James on the ground Campbell striking Betsy James with the poker I tried to take the poker from him aud the end knocked him on the forehead.—Mary Weeks I live in pit row Victoria hear- ing a noise I went to the bakehouse and found Betsy James and Campbell followed her to the house and demanded some money; she took up the poker and told him to go out. John James I am a labourer, living in pit row, in Victoria; I was fetched fram my work on the day in question my wife had been abused and was unable to work for a week. Defendant sworn: I called at the house and found that Mrs. James was out; going through the passage I fouud her in the bake house and asked her for some money as it was after the day I told hersbe was very dishonest ifshedid not p y something as she had promised she then said she would hit me with the shovel; Mrs Atheron hit me on the forehead with the scraper and the blood ran down I pushed her aside; but I did not strike any one.—By Mr Harris I swear Mrs was not on the ground I had not any poker in my hand and was not in Mrs. James's house after I was in the bakehouse they have sworn falsely I have witnesses who saw most of the squabble but I have not summons them.— Maria Rees who happened to be in court said she was present and beard Mrs. James tell Camp- bell she had no money after that nhe (witness) told Campbell the sun shone hot, he said yes it does shine hot and I have thrown out my sprat to catch a mackerel" and after that Campbell went to the bakehouse and there he knocked down Mrs James on help arriving he became more quiet; he was in the house after that and used the poker.—His Honour Mr Campbell, all these witnesses agree as to the assault and the violence used, You have no defence.—I am sorry to see a man who I believe to be res- pectable in such a position. My judgement is that you pay £2 to plaintiff as examplary damages.—Witnesses allowed.


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