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= MR. H. W. HARRIS'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. MR. H. W. HARRIS, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, HOUSE, ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENT, BEGS to inform the Public that all matters **— entrusted to his care will be punctually and carefully attended to. Rents collected. Fire and Life Policies effected on advantageous terms. Railway and other Shares Bought and Sold, and the daily prices obtained on application. Offices :—140, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. [5237 SWANSEA V Alæ. GLAMORGANSHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARM, With the Mines and Minerals thereunder, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. W. HARRIS. On MONDAY, the 2nd day of July, 1866, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, at the MACKWORTH ARMS HOTEL, Swansea, LL that FEEEHOLD FARM, with the FARM HOUSE and Two COTTAGES theron, contain- ing 16 acres of land or thereabouts, called Waingynlais," situate in the Parish of Y stradgynlais, in the County of Glamorgan, now in the occupation of Mr. Thos. Williams, at the annual rent of £25. The property contains the whole of the Mines and Mine- rals usually found in the district, and the same are now worked on the estates of the Yniscedwin and Ystalyfera Works. The property, which is within three-quarters of a mile of the Swansea Vale Railway Station, is bounded by lands of the Yniscedwin and Ystalyfera Works and Ystrad-fawr Farm, and is situate within lialf-a-mile of the Village of Ystradgynlais. Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. SMITH AND PICKERING, Solicitors, Merthyr Tydfil; and of the AUCTIONEER or the tenant, who will show the property. [5447 MERTHYR POUND. THIS is to give Notice, that there is Impounded the above Pound, a strayed PONY MARE, shod. The Owner may have her on giving particulars, and paying the usual fees and expenses, on application to Mr. W. PHILLIPS, Glove and Shears Inn, Merthyr Tydfil. Merthyr Tydfil, June 14th, 1866. [5445 ONE POUND REWARD BODYWYGIAD ESTATE, PENDERYN. NOTICE is hereby given, that the above Re- ward will be paid on the conviction of any person TRESPASSING on the above Estate in pursuit of Game, or for the purpose of Fishing. All persons are hereby cautioned that in each case of Trespass a prosecution will be instituted, and followed out with the utmost rigour. All Dogs found upon the Estate will be immediately destroyed. -Application to be made to GEORGE WOOLLEY, Gamekeeper. May 1st, 1866. [5373 LLOYD AND EVANS T> EG- to inform their Friends and the Public "*■ that they have taken out a LICENSE as AUCTIONEERS AND APPRAISERS, And trust to merit a share of the patronage of the publi of Dowlais and the surrounding neighbourhood. Money advanced on Goods for Sale. Omce 110, King's Head, High-street, Dowlais. [5285 LESSONS ON THE PIANOFORTE, ORGAN, AND HARMONIUM, MBY ISS CROOK, 17, New Castle Street, '—* Thomas Town, Merthyr. For Terms, apply at the above address- NEW MUSIC supplied at a considerable Reduction from the published prices. [5287 PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS. EXCELLENT Toned Pianofortes, in Walnut and Rosewood, at 25 Guineas, New Second Hand ditto, Good, at jE5, at TA YLORIS PIANOFORTE WAREHOUSE, MARKET SQUARE, I MERTHYR. fir Pianos for Sale or Hire. Music Half-Price. Pianos on hire, with option of purchase at the expiration of tlib term. [5259 READ THE FOLLOWING ADVERTISEMENT OF COHEN AND SON'S, WHO would inform the public that they conduct their Business upon their established prin- ciple—that of Selling a Superior Article at the Cheapest and most Moderate Cost. COHENS' Men's Black Cloth Suits. 33s. Od. COHENS' Boys' ditto 18s. Od. COHENS' Men's Black Cloth Trowsers 12s. 6d. COHENS' Boys' ditto 7s. Od. COHENS' Overcoats, best Witney 18s. Od. COHENS' Pilot Jackets. 15s. Od. COHENS' Boys' ditto 8s. 6d. COHENS' Men's Cloth Vests 6s. 6d. COHENS' Boys' ditto 3s. 6d. COHENS' Mole Trowsers." 6s. 6d., 7s. Od., 10s. 0 COHENS' Men's Fancy Trowsers and Vests o ight to be seen to be appreciated a Marvel of moderate cheapness, of a good woollen quality 17s. 6d. COHEN & SON would especially inform the public that these articles combined in one price, are beyond competi- tion and quality-they are thoroughly well made and cut, with good material, and of an unequalled low price. Parties desirous of effecting economy in their purchases of MEN'S, YOUTHS' & BOYS' CLOTHING, should make a call at COHEN AND SON'S CLOTHIERS & OUTFITTERS, 86 & 87, QUEEN STREET, TREDEGAR. [5248 Mf THOUSANDS NOW USE Johnson, J ohnson&Co s PURE TEA. It is The Tea for the MILLION,-on account of its great strength and uniform excellence. OBSERVE allaie8d.perlb.CHEAP £ R In Pack.ets only, from 2-oes. to I-lb., & 3-lib. & 6-lb. Tin Canisters- At. 2/8,-3/-& 3/4 per lb. Choic-e Qualities, 3/8 & 4/ per lb. fejgiSpJcilinson, Johnson & Co.»|«| TEA MERCHANTS, LONDON. V' ^Se ^ie name ts on each Packet, by Cluanists, Confectioners. &c., in every Tovm. LOCAL AGENTS. Mertihyr: LEWIS, Chemist, George-town. Abejdare THOMAS, Chemist. ^ry nmawr J ONES, Stationer, wlais LEWIS, Chemist. ^IC.UNTAIN Ash: THOMAS, Chemist. ALLEN' P084 OFFICE. 17^I> JOHNSON, & CO., TEA MEBCHANTS, » 'PLO URATE STREET, CITY, LONDON. [5376 BIRMINGHAM HOUSE, 130, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, FOR all kinds of GENERAL IRONMONGERY at the lowest possible prices, comprising Best Electro-Plated Goods, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Iron Bedsteads, Spring and Straw Mattresses, Millpuff, Register Grates, Kitchen Ranges, Fire-proof Safes, &c. Tin Goods of all description. FISS" All Repairs done at the Shortest Notice. A TINMAN KEPT ON THE PREMISES. 5255] Observe the Address :—HENRY YAPP, opposite the West of England Bank. WATERLOO HOUSE, MERTHYR. SUMMER FASHIONS. EVAN MEREDITH BEGS to inform the Public of his return from London with a Splendid ASSORTMENT OF GOODS, -*— comprising the Principal and Latest Novelties of the Season, and that THE SHOW ROOM IS NOW OPEN. E. M. calls particular attention to his stock of Broad and Narrow Cloths, Fancv Coalings, Fancy Trousering, silk Velvets, Hats, Caps, Shirts, Collars, Ties, Scar/s, &e &c., and all other articles for gentlemen's wear, riot to be surpassed bv any House in the Trade. 38, High Street, Merthyr, April 26th, 1866. [5261 MRS. SHAW BEGS to announce to the Ladies of Merthyr and its vicinity that her SHOW ROOMS were RE-OPENED for the Season on THURSDAY, May 3rd, -vith a New and Elegant Assortment oi Millinery, &c., in the latest London and Paris Fashions. AN EARLY INSPECTION IS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. 4, Church-street, Thomas Town. (No Circulars.) [5358 TO SHOEMAKERS, SADDLERS, AND OTHERS. JOHN LOUGHER, CURRIER AND LEATHER SELLER, 12, BRIDGE STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. J. L. begs to acquaint the Public that he has just taken to the above Old-established Business, and by strict attention to business, he hopes to be favoured with a share of public support. [5273 SUMMER JFASHIONS. PHILLIPS & EVANS'S SHOW ROOMS are now OPEN, with a Choice Selection of NEW GOODS, suitable for the Season. 126, High-street, Merthyr. [5359 IMPORTANT TO COLLIERS. EVAN THOMAS, IRONMOJS GER, S'AFETY LAMP MANUFACTURER, 7, CARDIFF STREET, ABERDARE, JJEGS to call the attention of Colliery Proprietors and Colliers to his superior made Lamps. Clany Lamps, 5s. 3d. each Firemen's Lamps, 4s. 3d.; Newcastle Pattern Davy Lamps, 4s. 3d. Clany Lamp Glasses, 6,1. each. Safety Lamps repaired at the shortest notice. [5254 fair NOW OPEN. THE PEKIN TEA AND COFFEE MART, 114, HIGH STREET, Opposite the Brecon Old Bank, MERTHYR TYDFIL. THOMAS EVANS & Co. BEG most respectfully to inform the Public that they have taken the above Premises for the 'J Sale of GENERAL GROCERY and PROVISIONS, and trust by strict attention to business and moderate charges to merit a share of public patronage. Every attention will be devoted to the supplying of no Goods but those of first quality, so as to ensure the approval of their customers as much by the excellence of the articles supplied as by the moderation of their charges. [5265 THOMAS JAMES PEARCE, .L4..L ALE AND PORTER BREWER, PONTYCAPEL. ORDERS SENT TO No. 3, VICTORIA STREEET, PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. WHOLESALE PRICES ON APPLICATION. (5251 Pirst-Class PumlsMng & General Ironmongery Warehouse, 147, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR, W. T. GRIFFITHS, PROPRIETOR. BEST Electro-Plated Goods, Table Cutlery, Baths, Iron Bedsteads, Register Stoves, Kitchen Ranges, Fire Proof Safes, &c., &c. Oils, Iron Tubing, India Rubber, and other articles used by Iron Masters and Coal Proprietors. (5262 TO ALL WHO DESIRE A DINNER WELL COOKED- CAPTAIN WARREN'S COOKING POT IS INDISPENSABLE IT saves waste and trouble-Preserves the flavour of the meat-Is excellent for making soups, of all kinds—Renders burning, scorching, over-boiling, & smoking impossible—Effects a great saving over old methods—Most delicately flavoured dishes can be made by inexperienced cooks—Meats may be kept hot for two hours without spoiling-Meat prepared by it is invaluable for invalids and persons of weak indigestion—The same set of vessels may be used for either baking or boiling-It has also a steamer for cooking vegetables. MAY BE HAD AT T. THOMAS'S IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT, 132, High Street, (opposite the Bush Hotel,) Merthyr Tydfil. [5253 CAEDRAW FACTORY, MERTHYR TYDFIL. DANIEL R 0 BERTS, WELSH FLA.NNEL & STOCKING YARN MANUFACTURER, A LARGE; assortment of PLAIN and FANCY FLANNEL always on hand; also, WHITE FLANNEL of a Superior Quality. WELSH STOCKINO YARN of every description at moderate prices. ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. L5272 WHY GO TO BRISTOL AND PAY MORE ? LEDGERS, Day Books, Journals, and Ac- RI^HE attention of Schoolmasters and PUPILS count Books of every description, may be bought at is solicited to the 2s. 6d. box of DRAWING INSTKU- THE "TELEGRAPH" OFFICE, MERTHYR, MENTS sold at the TELEGBAPH Office. It cannot be THE "TELEGRAPH" OFFICE, MERTHYR, MENTS sold at the TELEGRAPH Office. It cannot be Fully Ten per cent, cheaper than they are ordinarily sold SURI)ASSEC^ AT T'IE P"CE* by those Houses in Bristol, who send their travellers into — —■ the Iron Districts. COBIPABISON IS SOLICITED. TC XTO Pen can tell" the excellence of the AH far-famed TELEGRAPH PEN." It is anti- PRINTING by Steam Power at the TELE- corrosive, and will write with the ease of a quill pen. Sold GRAPH Office. Posters in Colours, Pamphlets, at 2s. per gross, or 3d. per dozen. Circulars, Cards, &C., printed neatly and expeditiously, and at prices far belo w what are usually charged at Bristol. ——— — Tea l'apers at One Shilling per 1,000, if three reams are taken. BINDING and RULING of every description by WRITING PAPER of superior quality is efficient workmen. VV sold at the TELEGRAPH Office at 104. per lb., and ENVELOPES at 6d. per 100. All who study economy PI/AYING- Cards, Draughts, Chessmen and should buy paper by weight and not by the Quire Boards at variaus prices, at the TBLEGBAPH Office. [5326 Offcfk IN CASH PRIZES TO BE GIVEN AWAY. See "THE UNIVERSAL NEWS" (the only Organ of Irish Catholic Opinion in England.) Price 2d. Every Saturday. Order of any Newsagent, or from the Head Office, 147, Fleet-street, London, E.C. [5310 I I [A CARD.] FREDERICK WARE, (LATE WARE & SONS,) TAILOR AND OUTFITTER, BRISTOL. South Wales Establishment:—5, DUKE STREET, Cardiff. r5257 J. OEPPEN, TAILOR AND OUTFITTER 56, THOMAS STREET, MERTHYR. ALL ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO [5281 PIPES. PIPES. PIPES. TO PUBLICANS AND OTHERS. PIPES cf excellent quality always on hand at the PIPE FACTORY, Dynevor Street, George-town Merthyr. Orders immediately executed, either by the box or gross. [5291 THE IMPERIAL ART UNION. JE5000 FIRST PRIZE, AND UPWARDS OF 1,500 OTHERS IN PAINTINGS, VARYING IN VALUE FROM JE1,000 DOWN TO £5 EACH. THIS ART UNION allows all Prizes to be selected by Prize-holders themselves, in any part of the Kingdom. Ticket holders or their representatives will be admitted to the Drawing. SUBSCRIPTION HALF A GUINEA PER SHARE. Remittances to be made to the Secretary, or any of the Agents, who will also furnish every information. RICHARD KING, Secretary. Offices—10, Castle-street, Holborn, London, E.C. N.B.-Agents wanted on liberal terms. References re- quired. [5327 JOHN PUAHE, LICENSED EMIGRANT AGENT, 80, TITHEBARN STREET, NEAR THE EXCHANGE, LIVERPOOL, BEGS to inform his Friends and countrymen who are about to Emigrate to America, Australia, Patagonia, or any other part of the Globe, that they may have full particulars of the fares, time of sailing of Steamers and Sailing Ships, &c., per return of post, by sending him a letter in Welsh or English, containing one stamp, to the above address. N.B.—The best Accommodation for Emigrants on the most reasonable terms, and a convenient room to keep their luggage free of expense. Steamers to New York and all parts of the States, and Canada every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and every alternate Friday and Saturday. Sailing Ships Weekly to New York and all parts of Australia. We, whose names are subjoined, highly recommend Mr. JOHN PUGHE to the notice of Emigrants as one who may be relied upon WILLIAM REES (Hiraethog), Î B. THOMAS, Ministers JOSEPH WILLIAMS, of the JOHN THOMAS, Gospel H. E. THOMAS, > of NOAH STEPHENS, J different WILLIAM ROBERTS, Denornina- DAVID WILLIAMS (Troedrhiwdalar), ations. R. ELLIS (Cynddelw), J r5290 STEAM POWER SODA WATER MANUFACTORY. WILLIAM McMULLEN, THOMAS STREET, MERTHYR, HHAKES this opportunity of thanking his um- -L merous friends and the public for the liberal support he has received during the last two years, as Manufacturer of all kinds of Mineral Waters, viz.— Soda Water I Seltzer Water Magnesia Water Carbonated Lemonade Potass Water Champagne Ginger Beer Gingerade I N.B.—The above are prepared in S. Barnett's Prize Medal Machine, and are highly recommended by the Faculty. BRITISH CORDIALS. [5275 Just Published, Post Free, for Two Stamps, WONDERFUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY, 11/HKKKHY the Following Maladies are Speedily and Permanently Renwved and Vigorous Health Restored: Nervous and Physical Debility, Lassi- tude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains iivthe Back and Limbs, Dizziness, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, and Bodily Prostration of the whole system. The important fact that these alarming complaints may be easily removed WITHOUT MEDICINE, is here clearly demonstrated, and the entirely new and highly successful treatment as adopted by the author, fully explained, by means of which every one is enabled to cure himself perfectly and at the least possible cost. Sent free on receipt of two stamps by. W. RILL, ESQ., M.A.; Berkeley House. South Crescent, Russell-square, London, W.C. [5240 HOWQUA'S MIXTURE^ sSlM Sa 411. fSSTiSfl PER THE recent REDUCTION of DUTY brings this EXTRAORDINARY TEA within the reach of all Classes. It is a combination of the finest sorts grown in China, and for more than Thirty Years has received the most distinguished Patronage, from its PURITT, GREAT STRENGTH, and RICH, FULL FLAVOUR. BROCKSOPP, SONS, & CO., 234, High Street, Southwark, London,9 (ESTABLISHED 1809,) Are still the SOLE IMPORTERS. LI&T OF AGENTS: MERTHYR—R. LEWIS, Bookseller; „ W. STEPHENS, 'hemist; „ D. THOMAS, Railway Shop. ABERDARE — LEWIS GRIEFITHS, High-street; JOHN EVANS, Mill-street; THOS. JONES, Grocer.—ABERTIL- LEITY-JOHN WILLIAMS, Bookseller. BEA UFO RT WIL- LIAM LONGFELLOW, Post Office; RICHARD PHILLIPS, Exhibition Hall; M. DAVIES, Rasau; C. ANDREWS, Beaufort Hill. — BLAENAFON — J. REES, Bookseller; J. PRICHARD, Grocer. — B RYNMAWR— D. THOMAS, Stamp Office J. JUDD, Grocer D. WATKINS, Grocer T. J. EDWARDS, Grocer THOMAS HOPE, Grocer, -CEFNCOEDYCYMMER- R. PBTCE, Grocer S. JONES. Grocer; J. THOMAS, Chapel House.—DARRENVELEN —J. RICHARDS, Tea Dealer. — DOWLAIS — J. JAMES, Chemist.— EBBW VALE J. JONES, Victoria-road; J. JONES, Spencer-street; E. and W. EVANS, Pantygof; DAVID HUGHES, EbenezerChapel.-GARNV ACH, NANT-, YGLO—D. R. THOMAS, Tea Dealer; JOHN FREEMAN, Bookseller; WM. MICHAEL, Grocer.—GLYN NEATH- THOS. PARRY, Grocer. "NEW TREDEGAR-DAVID EVANS, Chapel House.—PONTYPRIDD—JOHN DAVIES, Chemist. RHYMNEY—JOHN LEWIS, Twyncarno JOHN REES, Brynhyfryd W. CROFT, Pontlottyn.—TAFARNAUBACH —G. BENJAMIN, Grocer. -TREDEGAR — M. AUBREY, Queen-street; WM. BROWN, Grocer.—TREAMAN—JOHN DAVIES, Chapel-street; MORGAN WILLIAMS, Grocer.— TROEDYRHIW—JAMES JENKINS, Grocer. For the Agency apply t- p. EDWARDS, Stamp Office, Brynmawr. t5249 M* LICENSED PASSENGER AGENT FOR u AMERICAN AND AUSTRALIAN SHIPS. E. D A V I E S, GRAPES INN, 29, UNION STREET, LIVERPOOL. WE the undersigned, beg most respectfully to inform all intending Emigrants that we have proved the above Establishment be one of the most comfortable and cheapest Establishments for strangers to stay at, so that we do heartily recommen 3 all intending Emigrants to write to the above address, where all informa- tion will be given respecting the Fares and Sailing of Steamers and Ships to America and Australia, and the best of advice and protection will be given them during their stay at Liverpool. Signed—Benjamin Jones, Brynmawr, Mon. Thomas S. Davies, Dowlais Thomas Jones, Tredegar R. W. Jones, (Cyniro Cloff,) Brecon Stephen Davies, Aberdare John Davies, Gadlys William Rees, Mountain Ash David Davies, Mountain Ash, &c., &c. We have much pleasure in bearing testimony to the above Rev. Thomas Williams, Rector, St. Asaph Rev. W. E. Jones, Baptist Minister, Victoria, Mon. Rev. T. C. Evans, Ardwick, Manchester, Independent Minister, Ac. P.S. —All Emigrants will be met on their arrival at Liverpool, by writing to the above address before they will leave their homes. Passengers guaranteed the very lowest rates of passage, with special berths, and are earnestly recommended not to pay their passage until they come to the chief office here, and judge for themselves. [5270 WELSH EMIGRATION OFFICE, LIVERPOOL. THOSE persons from Wales who intend emigrating to AMERICA or AUSTBALIA are hereby in- formed that we book Passengers, either per Steamers or Sailing Vessels, at the very lowest rates in Liverpool; therefore they are cautioned against paying any deposit money, or any instalments, to any Agent in the Principality. If they pay such deposit money, whom do they expect will act as their friend and guide in Liverpool, where so many exist by defrauding intending Emigrants ? Every information will be immediately forwarded on receipt of stamped envelope addressed to JAMES LAMB & Co., Brokers, 47, Union-street, Liverpool. We, whose names are appended, confidently recommend all intending emigrants to put themselves under the care and instruction of the above Firm, feeling assured that they will experience from them the most honourable conduct:— THOMAS LEVI, Morriston; DAVID SAUNDERS, Liverpool, formerly of Aberdare, Calvinistic Methodist Minister JAMES OWENS, Liverpool, formerly of Aberdare, Baptist Minister NOAH STEPHENS, Liverpool, formerly of Sirhowy, Inde- pendent Minister. [5271 jfcfe^CANADA, NEW ORLEANS, Jj, AND THE WESTERN STATES OF AMERICA. i € £ SS^&33S» 1 THE MONTREAL OCEAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Steamers ] -*• Sail from LIVERPOOL every THURSDAY. Calling at LONDONDERRY Every Friday, to take on board Passengers and Mails. FARES—First Cabin to Portland, New York, and Boston, £ 18 18s., and £ 15 los., according to accommodation. STEERAGE PASSAGE to Portland, Boston, or New York, X7 7s., includes a plentiful supply of Cooked Provisions, prepared and served up by the Company's Stewards. Passengers booked by all the Principal Railways to all parts of Canada and the United States at very low fares. NEW ORLEANS—BY STEAMER DIRECT.-From Liverpool, every alternate Tuesday. Fares-First Cabin, £ 25 Steerage, E7 7s. ] For Passage, apply to WILLIAM SEARLE & Co., 15, Water Street, Liverpool; Londonderry, Foyle Street; or to 1 their Agent, JOHN COPELAND, « Clothier and Outfitter, High Street, Merthyr TydfiL ] Ocean Passage and American Railway Guide and Government Pamphlet on Canada sent on receipt of Four Stamps ] rmoo t WELSH HARP STORES, ABERDARE^ JAMES BEYNOX AND COMPANY, COMMERCIAL STREET AND DEAN STREET, ABERDARE, TN returning their sincere thanks to the Public for the great patronage bestowed upon them for the last three years, now wish to inform the public that they have entered into arrangements with the principal Burton Breweries to supply their ALES at the samq prices and terms as at the Brewery, Burton-on- Trent. Having purchased a large stock of OCTOBER BREWINGS, they can with confidence well recommend the Ales as being second to none. Mild Ales brewed on the premises, in casks of 41, 9, 18, & 36 gallons, at Is., Is. 2d., Is. 4d., & Is. 6d. per gallon. 1 London Gin, 10s. 8d., 12s., and 14s. per gallon. Splendid Old Jamaica Rum, 16s. and 18s. per gallon. ] Fine Old Irish Whiskey, 16s. and 18s. per gallon. ] French Brandies, from 22s. to 30s. per gallon. Wines at the usual Prices. Wholesale and Retail. N. B. J. B. & Co. retail the same Genuine Goods at their Branch Establishments, viz.Royal Exchange, Trecynon Lamb Inn, Hirwain Black Lion, Caediaw, Merthyr. (5385 J. DAVID HART, THE LARGEST STOCK AND JOB BUYER IN MERTHTR. J IF vou want to buy Good and Cheap Furniture, go to DAVID HART, General and Furnishing J -t Warehouse, 9, PONTMORLAIS, where you can buy every description of Furniture at the lowest possible prices. All J goods warranted as represented. Any description of Furniture made to order. Picture Frames made at half the usual prices. In submitting the prices of the following Articles D. H. pledges his honour to the public that they are J of good description, and the cheapest in Merthyr £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. i 3 Feet wide Iron French Straw Mattress (best made) 0 14 0 Stair & Passage Oil Cloth Bedstead. 015 0 Milpuff Mattress 1 0 0 from per yard 0 1 05 < 3 Feet 6 Inches wide 0 16 0 Full-size Milpuff BeJ 0 16 6 Mahogany Pembroke Tables 1 2 U 4 Feet wide 0 17 0 Six Cane Chairs 0 17 0 Kitchen Tables from 0 4 6 4 Feet 6 Inches wide 0 18 0 Six Windsor (Chairs 0 18 0 Milpuff from per lb. 0 0 Ii Every other article equally as cheap.-D. H. returns thanks to the public for the encouragement fhe has received for the past twelve years, and begs a continuance of their patronage. BST Note the Address :—9, PONTMORLAIS, opposite the Methodist Chapel, and 50, GLEBELAND STREET, Merthyr. [5252 THE "BEE HIVE," 31, VICTORIA STREET, J MERTHYR. DAVID A NT H 0 N Y RESPECTFULLY announces to the Inhabitants of Merthyr, Cefn-coed-y-cymmer, Taoedy- rhiw, and Dowlais, that he has just taken the above Shop and Premises, which he has OPENED with a r large, magnificent, and well assorted J STOCK OF NEW DRAPERY GOODS Note the Addre88 :-BEE HIVE SHOP, VICTORIA STREET. [5283 THE "TEA EXCHANGE," AND GENERAL PROVISION WAREHOUSE, TROEDYliHIW. W. S H A R P, IN returning thanks for the extensive patronage bestowed on him for the past Fifteen Years, respectfully announces that he has always on hand a well-selected Stock of GROCERY GOODS, consisting of Teas, Sugars, Flour, Cheese, Bacon, Butter, and every article connected with a Family Trade. Special Quotations SHARP'S CELEBRATED TEA, SOUCHONG MIXTURE, FOUR SHILLINGS PER POUND. HILL, EVANS, & Co's. BRITISH WINES, la. 3d. PER BOTTLE. BOOTS and SHOES in great variety, of best manufacture, and warranted to wear well. I Note the AddressPOST OFFICE, TROEDYRHIW. [5413 I 8' —————.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ————————————————————————— t: r THOMAS JAMES PEARCE, h WHOLESALE TEA DEALER, IERTHYR. j p —— Q OFFICES :-No. 3, VICTORIA STREET. U (5250 f( slf1 t] ESTABLISHED DENTAL SURGERY! TEN YEARS. p .L.CL c, MR. E. R. GAY, 1 SURGEON DENTIST, No. 55, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, c HAS brought the MECHANICAL BRANCH of his Profession to so high a degree of per- t: -L-i fection that PARTI A L or ENTIRE SETS of TEETH, constructed on his principle, can be fitted with the greatest P accuracy, without the least pain or inconvenience and are worn with comfort even on tender gums and stumps thev S serve all the purposes of NATURAL TEETH, in MASTICATION and ARTICULATION, and also preserve and sup- j1 port the remaining teeth. They are not liable to discolour or wear out, and present the appearancc of JNATURA1 TEETH ot great beauty. I A PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED IN ALL CASES. SCALING, STOPPING, REGULATING, EXTRACTING, and all OPERATIONS IN DENTAL SURGERY, j performed with the greatest care. t m- CHARGES STRICTLY MODERATE. —CONSULTATION FREE. f5246 I —————————————————————————————————— ——————————————————————————————— I PAPER HANG-IMS PAPER HAMIMS c ———— I i LARGE and MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT of PAPER HANGINGS, adapted for Mansion or Cottage, to be seen at the 1 "TELEGRAPH" OFFICE, MERTHYR. j 7 ( 1 PRICES FROM 2ld. PES. PIECE UPWARDS. [5236 d .o.-f MR. DAVID PRICE'S NOTICE. DAVID PRICE AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, ACCOUNTANT, ESTATE, AND GENERAL AGENT, BEG-S to return his thanks for the support he has received for the past seven years. All matters entrusted to him will be attended to with punctuality and prompt settlement. Wills and Administrations executed, and Valuation for Probate, Fire, and Life Policies effected. Public, and pri- vate Accounts audited. 0'" Arraugements effected between Debtors and Creditors. AGENT FOR THE SUN FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE OFFICES, ESTABLISHED 1710. Auctioneer's Offices, 38, Thomas-street, Merthyr. [5242 RED COW INN, GLEBELAND-STREET, MEltlHYB TYDFIL. WILLIAM CHIRM "DESPECTFULLY informs the public that he has just taken to the above old-established INN, which he will open in a few days, after some neces- sary alterations have been completed. He begs to intimate that all Ales and Spirits supplied will be of the very best quality, he being determined to merit a trade by the excel- lency of his goods, Every accommodation will be given to Commercial Gentlemen and Visitors, the stabling room being of the most ample character. The patronage of his friends and the public will be es- teemed a favour. [5374 MOULDING WHOLESALE. E. M. DAVIE S, PICTURE FRAME MANUFACTURER, AIR-TIGHT CASE MAKER. SHOP Fronts and Sbop Fittings prepared by L3 by First-class Workmen. Estimates given for general repairs.—Picture Backs at half-price.—Glass at wholesale prices. -All orders for Mouldings and Glass to be accom- panied by remittance, payable to E. M. DAVIES, Old H»rp, Picton-street, Merthyr Tydfil. W List of Prices on application. [5342 FOIt WRITING OB COPYING GOOLD'S EUREKA BLACK INK Is perfection It writes Black immediately, flows freely, will not change colour, and does not corrode steel pens. Sold in bottles, 3d., 6d., Is., pints Is. 6d., quarts 2s 6d., gallons 8s 6d. H. J. WALKER & Co., Chemists, Bath, sole consignees. London Agents-Barclay & Sons, 95, Farringdon-street. Bristol-Pearce & Co. Cardiff Duncan, Times Office; Jones, Duke-street; MEKTHYR—P. WILLIAMS, TELEGRAPH Office. Stephens, Chemist. Newport-E. J. Phillips, Chemist Jones, Chemist. Swansea—Allied & Morgan Glover. [5343 BLINDS BLTIVDS BLINDS BUTLER FOR WINDOW BLINDS 4, BETJHESDA STREET, OPPOSITE THE BRECON ROAD, MERTHYR. Great Reduction in Price Butler's Improved Brass-Top Window Blinds. Wire, ^ine, and Venetian Blinds. Remember! Butler for Window Blinds.—The only Manufacturer in Wales. [5260 FREDERICK LLOYD ATKINS, ACCOUNTANT AND liENT COLLECTOR Offices :-Opposite the Market Square, Merthyr Tydfil ].r L. ATKINS begs respectfully to inform the Public that he has commenced business as ACCOUNTANT, and will shortly qualify himself as AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER. All business entrusted to him, such as Rent Collecting, Making up the Books of Tradesmen and Public Companies, and all other business pertaining to the duties of a public Accountant, will be faithfully and promptly attended to. Insurance effected upon Life or Property to any amount in the best and oldest established offices. Private arrangements effected between Debtors and Creditors, and the utmost secrecy may be relied upon. Money advanced upon goods for absolute Sale. [5421 MR. J. EDWARDS'S NOTICE. JOHN EDWARDS, AUCTIONEER AND APPRISER, GENERAL INSURANCE A ENT, AND ENGLISH AND WELSH CORRESPONDENT, DOWLAIS. T1TILLS and Administrations executed.' TERMS MODERATE. [5294 THE ROAD TO HEALTH & LONG LIFE Ml SECTTEED Vi HOLLO WAY'S PILLS Weakness and Debility. TJ OW many persons suffer from debility -LJL without knowing the causes why they are feeble! tn most cases the stomach is the aggressor. Holloway's Pills have long been famed for regulating a disordered stomach, and restoring its healthy digestive tone they are therefore confidently recommended as a never-failing remedy in all cases where the constitution, from any cause, has become impaired or weakened. Females of all Ages and Classes. The fame ef these Pills is partly based upon the beneficial sffects they have upon the constitutions of females. From ;he domestic servant to the peeress, universal favour is iccorded to them for their invigorating and purifying pro- perties, which render them so safe and invaluable in all dis- )rders peculiar to the sex. Despondency, Low bpirits. The misery occasioned by a disordered diq: .-lion is, un. 'ortunately, felt by most persons. Thiec himous Pilla ihould be taken in appropriate doses to adjust the disturbed !unctions. They dispel headache, biliousness, nausea, owness of spirits, and all similar ailments. A course of ,hese invaluable purifying Pills never fail in removing the :ause of such morbid affections, without subjecting the sufferer to any inconvenience. Influenza, Diptheria, Bronchitis, Coughs, and Colds. In our changeable climate few persons escape without 3olds, sore throats, influenza, diptheria, or bronchitis, for ill of which the famous corrective Pills may be taken with ,he certainty of effecting a cure. While the Pills are ex- jelling all impurities from the body generally, Holloway's Jintment should be well rubbed upon the chest and throat t will penetrate the skin, reduce inflammation, and restore asting soundness. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known, in the world for the following diseases:— Mue Dropsy Jaundice Sore Throats Bilious Com- Dysentery Liver Com Secondary Symp* Asthma (plaintsErsypelag plaints toms Blotches on the female Irregu-Lumbago Tic Doulourets Skin Jarities Piles Tumours Bowel Com- Fevers of all Rheumatism Ulcers (tiona plaints kinds Retention of Venereal Affec- Colics IHts Urine Worms ot all Donstipation of Gout Scrofula, or kinds the Bowels Head-aehe King's Evil Weakness, from Consumption Indigestion Stone and whatever cause Debility Inflammation Gsavel &c., &c. Sold at the Establishment oi Professor Hollow AY, 244, Strand (near Temple Bar), London: also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized world, at the following pricesIs. ljd., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and 33s. each Box. WThere is a considerable saving by taking the large sizes. N.B.—Directions for the guidance of patients in every iisorder are affixed to each Box. f5243