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Sweet Omelets.


Sweet Omelets. Three eggs, two ozs. of butter, any kind of jam preferred. Break the eggs into a basin, yolks and whites separately, and whisk each until very light, then mix together. ( 9 1 Break 1 oz. of the butter into small pieces into the mixture, placing the other ounce into a small frying pan. Divide the mixture into two or three portions (according to the size of the pan). and when the butter, which has previously been getting hot, begins to bubble j pour in one of the portions, and stir one way with a spoon until the mixture thickens and becomes firm. Wiieu done, turn it out care- fully on to a plate, and spread jam in the centre, fold over on each side and sift sugar on to it. If two or three are made, spread each with a different kind of jam to make a variety.

Rhubarb Tart.

Boiled Apple Dumplings.

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