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If your occupation is an unhealthy one; if you are ex- posed to the weather, or work long hours in close rooms if your constitution is weakened, or your health undermined or if you are in any way not up to the mark," use Gwilym Evans' J-Sitters. It never. fails to strengthen the weakened system, to brace the nerves, and fortify the constitution. See advt. page. [21 IT WILL PAY YOU to have your Watch and Clock Repairs done by a practical Watchmaker. This you can do by sending your Watch and Clock Repairs to W. COOMBS, Market Chambers. Barry, 10 years first-class experience, late with Mr J Hettich 30 Queen-street, Cardiff 60' SMOKING CONCERT AT BARRY DOCK. On. Thursday evening a first-rate smoking con- cert was held at Galley's Barry Dock Hotel. There was not such a large attendance as mignt have been expected in view of the splendid programme, but those who did attend thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Amongst many others, there were present :—Mr. Rees Morris. Captain Cunning-ham, Mr. R. E. Dyer, Mr. R. W. Dyer. Mr. F. Brooks. Mr. T. R. Culley, Mr. Hancock, Mr. E. Syden- ham, Mr. E. Cadogan, Mr. Evans, Mr. Jukes, Mr. J. Bennett, Mr. W. Jones, Mr. Arthur Knight, Captain Grey, and Mr. Thorns. A special feature of the programme was the comic songs of Mr. George Brandon, of Cardiff—a young gentleman of much promise. All the other songs were rendered in fine style. The programme was gone through as follows:- Pianoforte solo, Mr. W. A. G. Kelly comic song, Mr. George Brandon song, Mr. T. R. Culley song, Mr. Brooks comic song, Mr. Smith duet, Messrs. Brooks and Culley; comic song, Mr. George Brandon (encore, recitation, "Wreck of the Barry express ") song, The red wine," Mr. R. E. Dyer (encore, "Soldier Jim"); song," Be frivolous whilst you are yeung," Mr. Smith song, The Minstrel Boy," Mr. Cobb song, Queen of my Heart," Mr. Sydenham; song, "Mona," Mr. Culley; song, "Off to Philadelphia," Mr. R. W. Dyer song, Thy face I never see," Mr. Thorne duet, Larboard Watch," Messrs. Culley, and Mr. Jukes; song, I- Alr. Jones' musical party," Mr. Sydenham God save the Queen. Mr. W. A. G. Kelly, of Cardiff, was accompanist, and per- formed his task in first-rate style. FINED FOR CRUELTY TO A HORSE AT BARRY DOCK. At the Barry Dock Police-court on Monday Samuel Avery (of Cadoxton) and Samuel Kingsley (Barry Dock) were charged with permitting a horse to be worked whilst in an unfit condition.- Police-constable William Phillips deposed that on the Tuesday previous, at quarter past six in the evening, he saw the defendant Avery in charge of an old bay horse, which was in a low condition, attached to a cart in Gueret-street. He stopped the cart, and, on examining the horse, found an old wound on the withers three inches long and two inches wide. It was bleeding. He asked Avery how he could work the horse in that condition, and defendant said he knew nothing about it. It was Mr. Kingsley's horse, and he brought it to him at four o'clock that day, as his master, Mr. Lever, I had hired it for a couple of hours. In consequence of that witness went to Kingsley about it, and that defendant said he thought it was no harm to try to earn a shilling or so. The horse was right when he took it to Avery, and the wound must have been caused by the friction.—The Bench fined each defendant 7s. 6d. and costs. A JUVENILE THIEF AT BARRY DOCK GETS A FLOGGING. At the Barry Dock Police Court on Thursday, 30th ult., a youth, 12 years of age, named William Bryant, residing at Barry Dock, was charged on the information of George Corn well with stealing £ 1 7s.. the property of Edward Poole, butcher, of Holton-road, Barry Dock, on the previous Monday. —Mr. Cornwell said he was manager for Mr. Ed- ward Poole, and on Saturday he was suspicious that money was being taken from the till in the shop, and he, on Monday afternoon, marked a 2s. piece, which he put into the till about 2.15. There were two sovereigns and two half-sovereigns in the gold bowl, and in the silver bowl, in addition to the marked 2s. piece, three shillings and sixteen sixpences. After tea he went across to Messrs. Davies and Sherwood's opposite, and whilst standing there saw defendant at the till. He went back and found a sovereign, the marked two shilling piece, three shillings, and four sixpences gone. He asked the boy for the money, and the boy denied taking it. He then searched him, and found the marked 2s. piece in his waistcoat pocket, some coppers, four sixpences in one boot, and the sovereign and 3s. in the other boot. He then sent for a constable, and handed the money and the boy over to him.—Police-con- stable Shillam proved the arrest of the prisoner on a charge of stealing £ 1 7s. 2 £ d. At the police- station prisoner said he had not taken the money from the till, but picked it up from the floor.- Prisoner now acknowledged the theft, and his father said if the Bench would let the boy off he would take better care of him.-The Bench sentenced prisoner to received a flogging. DANGEROUS PRACTICES ON THE BARRY RAILWAY. At the Barry Dock Police Court on Thursday -before General Lee, Mr. John Cory, and Major Thornley—H. J. Rawledge, builder, Cadoxton, was charged at the instance of the Barry Railway Company, with unlawfully enter- ing a carriage at Cadoxton, on the 18th March, whilst the train was in motion.-Charles Butler, traffic inspector on the Barry Railway, said he was on duty on the 18th ult., and he saw defendant coming up the slope on to the platform at the west end of the Cadoxton station. He (the inspector) told defendant he was trespassing, and and that he might prevent him getting into the train. Defendant told him to try to do so. The train then started, and defendant passed him and got into a carriage.—General Lee And you got in afterwards ?-The Inspector: No, sir. I was in before the train started.—The Bench was of opinion that a technical offence has been comJ mitted, which would he met by their cautioning defendant. This was done, and defendant left the court. FORTHCOMING ANNUAL MEETINGS. On Saturday evening next and throughout Sun- day, and also on Monday afternoon and evening, the annual meetings in connection with Phila- delphia Welsh Baptist Chapel will be held at Seion Methodist Chapel, Pontypridd-street, Cadox- ton which has been kindly lent for the occasion. The meeting on Sunday morning will be held at Philadelphia Chapel. The Revs. J. Lewis, Merthyr, T. V. Evans, Clydach, and Charles Davies, Cardiff, I are expected to officiate. Collections' will be made towards the building funds at the close of each meeting. AN INTERESTING QUARTERLY MEETING. I On Sunday evening last, at Philadelphia Welsh Baptist Chapel, the Sunday School scholars held their quarterly meeting. The Rev. Morris Isaac (pastor) presided, and during the evening eulo- gised the work of the Sunday School. The singing, under the leadership of Mr. Thomas Walters, was remarkably good, and a large amount of praise is due to Mr. Walters for his energetic efforts with the conduct of the singing. The chapel was well filled, and the collection, which was made at the close towards the school funds, was very satisfao- torv. The meeting was commenced by singing "Rhyw ffynon rinweddol o waed," Iliss R. Thomas recited a portion of Soripfr*'re [n a capital manner, after which tK audience sallg" Dyn dyeithr ydwyf yma.,1) followed by a fervent prayer by the ChaiTnan. The fellowing was the pro- gramme ;—Singing, Duw mawr y rhyfeddodau maith" recitation by Master John Lewis recita- tion, Dafydd Llwyd," Miss S. A. Jamo ^eeitr.tion, "Rejoice in the Lord." Miss Nellie I 01 Lewis; singing, "FyNgwaredwr," choir; recita- tion, Iesu fel Duw a Dyn," Miss S. A. Thomas recitation, Courage," Master J. Jones recitation, "Psalm of Life," Miss L. Davies. The Paste): hereupon called upon Mr. Thomas Morgan, who is the oldegt member of the above Sunday School, to present certificates of merit, trliioh had been neatly framed by William Lewis, to Miss Lizzie Thomas and Miss Lizzie Ann James who were placed in the first-class division in Scriptural examination which was recently held. Mr. Morgan who was much touched by the occurrence made the presentation in very ap- propriate terms. The other successful candidates were—Miss Sarah Thomas. Miss Mary Lewis, Miss Nellie Lewis, Lily Davies, and Miss Squire. Messrs. William Elias, B. Bumfofd, and Mr T. Walters respectively making the presentations recitation, "Bartimeus," Mr. B. Davies; slflging, "GydaDuw" Choir: recitation, Crist yn hywhau y Weddw o Naun," Mr. T. Walters, superintendent of the school duet. "God be with us till we meet again," Mr. T. Walters and Miss George. The meeting, which lasted two hours, was brought to a close by sing-ing "Arglwydd, gad i'm dawel orphwys." Melus, moes etto, yw dymuniad. UN OEDD YNO. WELSH CHORAL FESTIVAL AT BARRY. On Easter Monday a jnost successful united musical festival was held at Barry, under the auspices of the Welsh places of worship of all denominations in the district. In the morning, at the Tabernacle Welsh Independent Chapel, Holton- road, a children's meeting was held, Mr. Jenkin Meredith. Barry Dock, presiding, in the temporary absence of the Rev. W. Williams (C.M.), Cadoxton. In the afternoon and evening the gatherings were held at the Welsh Independent Chapel, East Barry, the presidents respectively being the Revs. W. Tibbotc and Morris Isaac, Cadoxton. The festival throughout was conducted by Mr. D. W. Lewis, G.T.S.C., Brynaman, who expressed his entire satisfaction at the efficient manner in which the various chants, hymns, and anthems were ren- dered. especially the selections from" Odlau Mawl" by the children in the morning. Mr. T. Matthews, Cadoxton, and Mr. S. Griffiths, Barry, were the accompanists, and the choirs had been trained by Messrs. D. Farr and J. Petty. The Rev. Morris Isaac, Cadoxton, was chairman of the committee Mr. J. Williams, Barry Dock, treasurer; and Mr. J. D. Davies, Barry Dock, secretary. This was the second festival of the kind held at Barry, the object being to improve the character of congregational singing in the district.-Our Welsh friends will find a detailed report of the above in the Welsh Column. VESTRY MEETING AT MERTHYRDOVAN. On Monday morning a Vestry Meeting was held at the Parish Church for the appointment of Churchwardens. The Rev. R. Evans (Rector) presided, and Mr. B. Thomas was appointed the Vicar's Warden, and Dr. Powell the People's Warden. IN AID OF THE WELSH CHURCH MISSION. On Wednesday evening, 29th ult., an attractive concert in aid of the funds of the Welsh Church Mission was held at the Public Hall, Thompson- street, Barry Dock. Mr. D. T. Alexander, Dinas Powis, occupying the chair. There was a crowded attendance, and amongst those who contributed to its success were Miss Annie Williams, Cardiff (who met with a warm reception), the Welsh Church Glee Party, under the conductorship of Mr. D. Davies (Alaw Tuen), Mr. O. Horton, Mr. D. Farr (Barry), Miss Morris (Penygraig). &c. The accompanists, who acquitted themselves very efficiently, were Mrs. Miller, Miss A. H. Davies, Mr. W. H. Miller, and Miss Small. THE THEFT OF OVERCOATS AT CADOXTON. At the Barry Dock Police-eourt on Thursday last James Sweeney, a Liverpool boilermaker, was charged on remand with stealing two topcoats, valued at £ 7, from the surgery of Dr. Treharne, at Cadoxton, on the 27th instant.-The prisoner said he was guilty, but expressed regret at his fool- hardiness.—The magistrates, having told Sweeney he had a string of bad records, sent him to gaol for two months' hard labour. A BARRY ORPHAN SENT TO AN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL. Francis Marney, aged 12, of Barry Dock, was ordered by the Barry Dock magistrates (General Lee, Mr. John Cory, and Major Thornley) on Thursday to be sent to an industrial school till he attained the age of 16, for not attending school.- The defendant, it was stated, had been deserted by his father, and his mother was dead. WEDDING AT THE OLD CHURCH. On Wednesday Miss Beatrice Clode, third daughtei of Mr. T. B. Clode, of Bute Docks, Cardiff, was married to Mr. Saw, son of Mr. J. E. Saw, of Southsea, Portsmouth, at the Old Church, by the Rev. E. Morris (Rector of Cadoxton). Mr. Easau Clode, of Cadoxton, acted as best men, and the bride was accompanied by Miss Edith Clode. i, DIED BY THE ROADSIDE. On Monday last at the Butrills a sudden death took place in a gipsy encampment by the roadside. From the facts we have been able to gather we find that the deceased was named Samson Lee, aged 82 years, and was of Liverpool. He has travelled the country for years. On Sunday last he appeared to be quite well, but expired on Mon- day.-Dr. Livingstone, after examining the body, gave a certificate, and the deceased was buried on Thursday. j. • VARIETY ENTERTAINMENT. Mr. Konrad Leigh was very successful with his variety entertainment at the Cadoxton Theatre on Wednesday ,Thursdc y,and Saturday of last week, and the performance well-merited a far better patronage than it received. Little Miss Fox was well re- ceived, and loudly applauded for her singing and dancing, while Miss Vera Rosini sang several ballads in a very taking manner, and was the receipient of repeated plaudits at the close of each song. She also appeared in the laughable sketch, A kiss in the dark," and took the part of the wife in a splendid manner. Mr. Harry Austin took the part of the eccentric comedian very suc- cessfully, while Mr. Benson Davies gave recita- tions in good style. Mons. de Verdi gave a conjur- ing entertainment, and was equally succesful as a lightning cartoonist. The entertainment was admirably conducted, and was such that no one could take exception. Mr. Leigh provides a good entertainment at a reasonable price. EASTER DAY SERVICES AT BARRY PARISH CHURCH. On Easter Day, at the Barry Parish Church, 23 communicants attended the early morning Com- munion at eight o'clock. At eleven a.m. there was morning prayer and Holy Communion, 31 com- municants attending the latter. In the evening the Full Evening Service, with sermon and Holy Communion (5 communicants) was held. At both services the beautiful Easter anthem by Sir J. Barnby, Break forth into joy," was well sung by the choir. There were very good congregations at both services, and the offertories, C6 7s. Old., were devoted to the Building Fund of the Parish-hall Sunday School. The church was simply and taste- fully decorated with flowers by the members of the 'II. congregation, especially Mr. and Mrs. E.S. John- son, Mr. Waddell, Miss Morgan, Miss Wood. Mrs. Neale, Mrs. Richard Robinson, Miss Fairman, Mrs. and Miss James, the Miss Roberts. The present churchwardens are Captain Whall p Mr. R, I Williams. STREET ACCIDENT AT PiRRY. Shortly after seven fc'^ock oR Wednesday evening a married WOman namen Polly White, aged 35, living at 8 Gueret-street, Barry Dock. slippy 011 the pavement near her residence, and sustained a fracture of the ankle. She was con- veyed to the Cardiff Infirmanv and detained. WEDDING OF THE REV. J. PRICE. On Wednesday morning the marriage took place at St. Woolo's Church, Newport, of the Rev. John Price, of East Barry, to Miss Louisa Lydia walli", daughter of the late Mr. James Robert Wallis,' formerly of Calcutta^ WW* Major Wallis. The bride were a dfeSS of fawe colour, trimmed with shot silk (gold and blue), and a brown bonnet, with feathers, her bouquet being compose of Gloire de Dijon roses. She was attended by her neices—Miss Margrett Wallis and Miss Vinnie Wallis. The best man was the Rev. 0. Puckridge; of Sheldon, Devon. The ceremony was performed by the Yen. Archdeacon Bruce, assisted by the Rev, J. T. Wrenford. vicar of Si.. Paul's, of which?, /she bridegroom was formerly curate. The wedc^g breakfast was partaken of at the residence$ie bride's mother, Stow Park House. The present were numerous and valu- able. The newly-wedded pair left for the North, via London, for the honeymoon.

BARRY Deep Water Lock.