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DRINK GALORE IRISH WHISKY. S&ld at the Principal Bar3 in the Town. War- raated Pure and Wholesome Spirit, a Blend the Finest Dublin Whiskies. Tide Analytical report. SOLE PROPRIETORS CAREY AND CO., QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO SOLE AGENTS DEUTZ k GELD HRM ANN, ERNEST IRROY AND RUINART'S CHAMPAGNE. BOTTLERS OF BASS'S ALES & GUINNESS STOUT. Telephone 593. Telegraphic Address, &al»re.[207 G. H. B. /A, /&/ GOLDEN H0P/§7 BITTER (LIGHT DINNER ALE)/. i I IS. PER GALLON. /AV • /fi *■ /$/ ■■ >0-0 SUPERIOR Of PALE ALE— t Is. 2d. Per Gallon 'J-l A MILD ALUS— f try lOd. Per Gillian. £ STOUT- J1 Is. 2d. Per Gallon. /&$'/ IN GALLON CASKS V> AND UPWARDS. [285 1:; i ;1.0 t no "HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BEER. "Tqe Fine OM Welsh Drink." HEALTHFUL AND PALATABLE. >. Mads Entirely from HERBS, HOPS, & FRUIT. A SIXPENNY BOTTLE WILL MAKE SIX TO EIGHT GALLONS. 'JI. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS AND STORES. Manufactured by MORGAN W. JAMES. LLANELLY. Agents in Africa, America, and Other Countries. C. A. WILLIAMS, Chrollometer Maker to the Admiralty. WATERBTJRY AND OTHER WATCHES, VIENNA REGULATERS (Imported Direct), AND OTHER CLOCKS. OPTICIAN AND STATiG'jER, &o. DOCK VIEW ROAD, (Opposite the Post Office), BARRY DOCK. EDWARD REES, AUCTIONEER, Accountant & Auditor. (ESTABLISHED 1877.) MORTGAGE & FINANCE BROKER. HOUSE, LAND & ESTATE AGENT. GENERAL BUSINESS TRANSFER BROKER & VALUER. Agent for all the best Insurance Offices-Fire, Life, General Accident, Plate Glass, Ernplover- Liability, Boiler, Engine, and Steam Power, Farm- ing Stocks, Cattle and Horses, aud Guarantee Fidelity Offices. I VALUATIONS FOR PROBATE, &c., kc,, &0. Orer 20 Years Experience in the Management of Large and Small Estates. 5, Travis-street, Thompson-street, BARRY DOCK, AND 45, Yere-streefc, Cadoxton. Barry Dock, Barry, Cadoxton and District Pro perties Let and Sold. Rents Collected and Pro- perty Managed. Personal attention given. Prompt Settlements. Highest References given. 'o Several Splendid Shops and Premises, suitable for any business, to be Let and for Sale. in best positions in either district: also Villas and Cot- tages. > N.B.—Parties desirous of Letting- or Selling their Business Premises, Villas or Cottages, or wishing to dispose of their business either bv auc- tion or as going concerns, should send particulars to E. Itees, at 5, Travis-street, Thompson-street. Barry Dock. r 457 SITUATIONS VACANT. T ADYLIKE Home Employment. Good wec-kly A J Incomes can be made by the Automatic Knitting Machine, cash or hire terms; work supoliod.—,LvJi Company, 67. Southwark street,London, S.E.: Agency* 33, Oxford-street, Swansea. -P WAITED. X|7ANTED, 50 WORKMEN" to Buy 50 Pairs of i TV Real ARMY BLUCHERS, at 4s. 1 Id. per Pair, at Jones's Noted Boot Repairing Shop. Market 1 Buildings, Barry. 1' DO you desire to realise the best possible prices and 5 secure a numerous company when you dispose of your Landed Estate, Freehold Property, Stock Merchandise, or Household Farniture ? — See that your Advertisements are inserted in the Soidh Wales ( Star, ( ARTISTIC FUMITURE NAMFACTURERS. I T R A P N E L L AND GANE, THE BEST AND MOST ECONOMICAL HOUSE FURNISHERS <% IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES, 5 ^RTISTIC JPURNITURE. JGCONOMIC JPURNITURE, ELL-MADE F URNITUIRE. JNEXPENSIVL FURNITURE. SHOW ROOMS FOR WALES: 38 & 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, "JOINING-ROOM JpURNITURE. B. EDROOM FURNITURE. Jji J^RAWING-ROOM JVJBNITUR E. gOUDOIR "JpURNITURE. JJREAKFAST-ROOM FURNITURE. BILLIAkD-RÖÖM JjWRNITURE. J^ITCHEN JpURNITURE. JTJOTEL JpURNITURE. v OUR MUCH RENOWNED ki u M COTTAGE FDRNITORE DEPARTMENT, 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. •J t: '.I ««■ TRAPNELL & GANE, Complete House Furnishers, Carpet and Linoleum Warehousemen, 31 &• 41, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AT COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL; COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. CATALOGUES FREE. ESTIMATES FREE. ALL GOODS CARRIAGE PAID TO THE NEAREST RAILWAY STATION. [239 Y-E ANCIENT HAIRDRESSING SALOON. • v "Ye" OLDEST IN "Ye" DISTRICT. .d' i 1 129, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. f{ M ARSII and CO. beg to thank their numerous Patrons .for Past Favours, and to inform them they have OPENED a FIRST-CLASS GENTLEMEN'S SALOON, which is Fitted up with Every Modern Require- ment, and will also be used as a SUBSCRIBERS' RooM, in conformity with the method of Periodical Payments, so rapidly gaining favour in all First- class Saloons. The BATH-ROOM, Entirely Re-fitted and Re-decorated, will be Open to Subscribers. Prices and Terms may be had from the Proprietors. A LADIES' ROOM has also been added, where every attention will be given to the Comfort of Customers, combined with Efficiency of Workmanship. Ladies' Hair-cutting, Singeing, Shampooing, &c., at most Moderate Charges and the Latest Styles. 1 • Ladies' Combings made up. EVERY REQUISITE FOR TOILET KEPT IN STOCK. MARSH AND Co., fl.' r ,) IT Hairdressers and Perfumers, 1 ft. 129, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK WALTER SHOWELL and SON, Ltd., CROSSWELL'S BREWERY, > i';tJ OLDBURY, BIRMINGHAM. CELEBRATED CROSSWELL'S ALES. MAY BE HAD IN BARREL OR BOTTLE FROM THE AGENT— R, O. JONES, ■ /■'v'/ GROCER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, ? ■; ..| WESTMINSTER STORES, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. -—— FINE PALE ALE FROM 10D. PER GALLON. Either 4J Gallon 9 Gallon, 18 and upwards. Barry Congregational Church. SUNDAY NEXT, APRIL 9TH, 1833, STUDENTS WILL PREACH AT MORNING AND EVENING •SERVICES. All Seats free Hymn Books provided. u CIVIL SERVICE APPOIITMEIfTS. Age 15 to 25 ladies under 20. Salaries ranging I from £80 to t400 Candidates wanted for Higher mtl Lower Divisions, Customs, Excise, Telepraph Learners, &0. Preparation by Correspondence conducted by a -t.a.g of 20 tutors. Over 11,000 Successes in 7 years. Unexcelled. Reduced Fees to.Students joining Classes now. Prospectus Free from the Secretary, British Correspondence College, Queen's Read, New Cross SATE, Loudon. S.E. J The South Wales aqd ^onmoutl{sliire Scljool of Nusic, Cardiff. r Patron-THE MOST NOBLE TIIE MARQUESS OF BUTE. Principal—JOSEPH PARRY, Esq., Mus. Doc. MR. MENDELSSOHN PARRY (Late Professor at the Harrow Music School and Deputy Professor at the Guildhall School of Music, London.) has made arrangements to Visit Cardiff and BARRY weekly, to givel PIANOFORTE LESSONS in connection with the above Institution. For further particulars apply to the Secretary, South Wales and Monmouthshire School of Mus,-c, Queen- street, Cardiff, or Mendelssohn Parry, 31, James'- square, Notting Hill, London, W. MRS. LUCAS, 46, LOMBARD STREET, BARRY DOCK, ladies' Sick Nurse. THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED.

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