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ROYAL ANTEDILUVIAN OllDER OF BUFFALOES. DINNER OF THE KING WILLIAM LODGE. On Monday evening the annual dinner of the King William IV. Lodge of Buffaloes took place in the Lodge-room at the King William IV., Old Cadoxton. Buntiwg hung around the reom, terminating in a canopy above the Chairman's head, whilst above the chimney piece hung a handsome pair of horns, under which was pla'.ei the dis- pensation of the lodge. The tables were laid in a very tasteful manner, being laden with flowers, and flowering plants, and the dinner was one which reflected much credit on Lhe genial host. Mr. MeGrill. whilst the waiting left nothing to be desired. Mr. Councillor R. Hughes (of Cardiff) presided, and was supported by, amongst others, Mr. II. L. Jones, Mr. R. 0. Jones. Mr. Benjamin Lewis. Mr. B. Hoddinott, Mr. Alfred Chappell, Mr. McGiii, Mr. Brown, Mr. Bucler(the Brickyard), Mr. Howells. Mr. Williams, Mr. H. Taylor, Mr. John James. Mr. J. W. Hughes (Cardiff), Mr. Lee (Cardiff), Mr. C. Castle, Mr. Love, Mr. Addis. Mr. Bavlis. Mr. Ford. Mr. W. Leay. Mr. Creed (Car- diff), Mr. Harris, Mr. Blow, Mr. Boise, Mr. P. Ryan, Mr. Willey, Mr. Frank Downs. Messrs. Katherens (2), See.—After grace had been said the Chairman proposed the loyal toasts, which had a warm reception; and Mr. Creed sang in splendid style. Off to Philadelphia." Primo Williams pro- posed The Health and Prosperity to the King William the Fourth Lodge of Buffaloes." Primo H. L. Jones responded in well chosen language. It was not a very large lodge, but he might term it a very comfortable and agreeable lodge. There was no brother who came into the lodge and left it. and going away did not say he had spent a most jovial evening. Some people called it a boozing club. but it was far from the truth. Xo one need be ashamed of belonging to their lodge. (Ap- plause.) Primo Ford then favoured the company with a violin solo, which was well received after which Mr. Blow sang Killaloe." Primo R. O. Jones next proposed the toast of Kindred Lodges, coupled with the name of Primo Frank Down. Bro. Down said he had much pleasure in re- sponding for the other two lodges—The Prince of Wales and the Loyal Victoria Lodges. Whatever little differences there might have been in the past it would be difficult now to find a more united lot of brethren than those of the three Buffalo Lodges of the District. (Applause.) Primo J. W. Hughes then sang in good style Up a tree." Mr. Katherens, jun., recited Fred Archer," and Mr. Peter Ryan sang He's gone for ever more," the most amusing song of the e veiling. Mr. Addis followed with" In our back yard last night." Primo H. L. Jones proposed the toast of The Visitors," with which he coupled the names of Mr. Hughes. Mr. Lewis, Mr. Chappell, and Mr. Hoddinott. The Chairman first responded, and made jocular mention of the buffalo horns. He thanked them for the honour they had done him in selecting him to preside. Hs had presided at another dinner in the same room some time ago which he had enjoyed very much, and he hoped that this would not be the last time he should be at a gathering of that sort. Mr. Lewis expressed his pleasure at being present. He hoped the lodge would prosper, and that they might all meet again. Mr. Hoddinott and Mr. A. Chappell also re- sponded. and wished the lodge every prosperity. Mr. Hoddinott made his maiden attempt at public singing, and very creditably acquitted him- self with Help one another, boys," and Primo Lee sang True to the core." Primo Williams proposed the toast of The Press." coupled with the names of Mr. Llewellyn and Mr. Cornish. The Chairman sang Hen wlad fy nhaaau in first-rate style and Primo Baylis sang 41 Near it"; Mr. John James sang A' getting it up for C., a me," and Mr. Lake sang" Down in Piccadilly "—a very amusing and well-rendered song and. as an encore, Mr. Lake sang When first I was I breeched." The Chairman next proposed" The Host and Hostess," The way in which the supper had been supplied, he said, was extremely creditable, and had given those present every satisfaction. Host M'Gill responded, and said he was sorry their dinners were not every three months, instead of only yearly. (Applause.) Mr. Bolse next sang Oh, Pilot, 'tis a fearful night Primo William sang Mary Morris Mr. Howells sang The anchor's weighed," and Mr. Butler In days of old." Mr. Lewis proposed The Chairman in felici- tous terms. He was quite competent to fill the chair of mayor, and he believed he would fill that chair yet. The Chairman responded, and remarked on the unbounded pleasure it had given him to be there, and he thanked them for their kindness, and per- haps the next time he came there he would be a full-blown Buff. He wished the lodges in the dis- trict every prosperity. Primo Ford complimented the meeting on its chairman. He had been a Buffalo 40 years and 26 years a Freemason, but the Buffaloes were dearer to him than all other societies. Mr. Jones proposed a vote of thanks to the pianist (Mr. Creed), and the violinist (Mr. Ford), and Mr. Creod and Mr. Ford responded, and the proceedings terminated with I- God save the Queen and "To our next merrie meeting."




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