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BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD. 9 THE HEALTH COMMITTEE. A monthly meeting of the Health Committee -was held on Friday evening at the Local Board Offices. Dr. O'Donnell presided, and there were present Mr. J. Robinson, Mr. W. Thomas (Barry), 31r. Benjamin Lewis, Inspector Leyshon. Mr. Pardoe (surveyor). Dr. Neale (medical oJiloer), and Mr. J. A. Hughes (clerk). MEDICAL OFFICEIÙ, REPORT. The Medical Officer presented his report, whieh stated that he had written to Dr. Walford. medical officer of health for Cardiff, with respect to the removal of any cases of cholera (which might possibly occur in the Barry Roads) to the in- fectious diseases hospital on the Flat Holmes. Dr. Walford advised that Mr. J. A. Hughes. the clerk should communicate with Mr. Wheatley. the town clerk of Cardiff. The Town Council of Cardiff would not be holding any meetings for three weeks, owing to officials and members hav- ing holidays. Mr. Hughes was requested to write to the town clerk of Cardiff with rega.rd to the ■matter.—During the month of July 60 birtiis were recorded-29 males and 31 females, making a birth- rate of 53'4 per thousand. Ten deaths won~' re- ported in the same month, making a death-rate of 8-9 per thousand. The deaths from the seven chief zymotic diseases were as follows :—Tiiree from scarlet fever, and one from whooping cough death rate. 3'5 per thousand. The notification of infectious diseases were :—Scarlet fever, 16 mem- braneous croup, one erysipelas, one total. IS. The public analyst had analysed samples of -water from two wells in the district. Both were moderately fit for drinking purposes. The^e were the only two wells left in the district.—Dr. Neale said he should like to men- tion the condition of the old roads at Weston Hill and the other opposite the Barry Dock below the old Holton Farm. The two places were used as urinals, and smelt most abominably.—A discus- -sion took place as to the ownership of the roads which eliminated the fact that they belonged to the Wenvoe Estate.—Dr. O'Donnell said that the best thino-they could do was to communicate with Mr Forrest. the agent of the estate, and say that the Board would be willing to remove the fence in question._Mr. Lewis was of opinion that they .should call upon the owners to abate the nuisance. -Dr. O'Donnell said they could do it.—The Clerk said they ought to have fenced the place off when the roads were made. THE BATHIXG XINSANCE. The report of the Sub-inspector, who had been instructed to report on the matter of the bathing nuisance at Barry Island, stated that he had visited Whitmore Bay on the Barry Island on the 6th,' 13tb and 20th inst. On the 6th he saw 20 men and bovs without bathing drawers on the east side of Whitmore Bay, and there were 50 more with bathin"- drawers. He warned those who had no bathing drawers and cook the names. On the 13th lie saw"twelve men and boys without drawers. On the" 20th inst. he again visited the place, and 209 boys and men were bathing without drawers. Betwean 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. the scene was most disgraceful. He asked them for their names, which most of them refused to gi ve.-Dr. O'Donnell suggested that the Clerk write to those whose aiames had been taken and warn them that on the next breach of the bye-laws they would be prose- cuted. He considered it was a great mistake that their inspector should be sent to do police duties. He was powerless, as he could not make any arrests, but only present reports, which were quite useless. If the police were stationed there, as he thought they ought to be, they could make -arrests.—Mr. Lewis suggested that a printed copy of the bye-laws be set up—The Chairman said they had i copy of the bye-laws near the refreshment- rooms. He should propose that a large board with a. blazed front be placed on the beach. He thought they should withdraw the inspector, and ask the police authorities to station a constable there. It was the duty of the police, and if they were asked they would do it,—Mr. Lewis thought the police should visit the place, and that would have a good effect.—Dr. O'Donnell said the con- duct on°the heach was disgraceful. He proposed that they recommend the Board to withdraw their inspector, and that they should communicate with the police and point out the necessity of having a constable stationed on the beach on holidays. In view of the outbreak of cholera abroad, their inspectors would have plenty to do.—Mr. n. Lewis ■seconded.—Mr. Robinson thought one constable would not be of much use when such a large number of men came there. — Dr. O'Donnell reiteratcc1 his opinion that a copy of the bve-laws be placed on the beach, requesting all people to -wear bathing drawers, and stating the different places for bathing for the different se^es. THE INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES' REPORT. The report of Inspector Leyshon was read. The following is the result of the house to house in- -soection during the month :— Houses Inspected. Defects, ^ewland-strect 56 42 Richard-street 46 40 Evans-street 4G 46 Spencer-street 8 8 Irwin-street ? 8 Roberts-street 32 17 Burlington-street 39 21 Nuisances inspected, 162; notices served, 162 complied with 40. The scavenging- had been done -satisfactorily during the month. There had been three applications for registration under the Milk- shops and Dairies' Act. He had examined the premises, and found them in a good condition. He bad also examined several shops used for the sale of provisions, and found them clean. There had been 123 extra visits made to infected houses, and 12 houses had been disinfected. lie had visited 26 vessels and found five defects, and notices had been served. DEAD STOCK A CHANGE. The Chairman asked whether there had been any more dead horses ?—Inspector Leyshon said it was dead sheep now. Some of them wore in ,empty houses.—The Medical Officer said ib was rather suspicious—two dead sheep in one day.- Mr. Thomas said the sheep would go anywhere in the" hot weather, and no doubt that they found their way into the houses.—Inspector Leyshon .said he had been obliged to order Mr. Ruckley to bury the sheep found on the Holton-road, as it -smelt abominably. There was another dead sheep in Daniel-street.—The Chairman asked whose duty it was to see that cattle did not stray on the roads. -The Inspector said that the horses and sheep did stray on the roads, which were saturated with filth. THE GRANTING OF HOLIDAYS. 'The Inspector of Nuisances applied for a fort- night's holiday for his assistant. Mr. Summerfield. -Mr. Benjamin Lewis said he would be the last one to refuse Mr. Summerfield a holiday, but he thought it would be wise to ask Mr. Summerfield to defer his holidays for a few days, in view of the extra work entailed by the inspection of all ships to see -whether there were signs of cholera on board.— The Inspector said that he would require all the assistance he could get for a short time. PROSECUTIONS FOR NON-COMPLIANCE WITH ORDERS. The committee next considered the desirability of prosecuting those who delayed remedying nuisances on their premises.—The Clerk recom- mended that a test case should be taken, as some people in the district were under the impression that they could not enforce the law.-The Chair- man asked the Inspector if anyonfe had evinced -to him a determination not to obey the orders.—The Inspector said that amongst others Mr. E. Phillips had.—Mr. Thomas opposed the idea. On four days next week he had distress .sales, and he thought the people could ill afford the expense of the remedies. The houses were in as good a state as those of Cardiff, with a population of 150.000; Swansea, Aberdare, Merthyr, and and other large places and here, in a poverty- -stricken place like this, they were sticking on A4 or Y,5 again. He should stick out against it with all his power.—The Chairman said it was apparent to anyone passing through the street that the smells from the sewers were abominable. He had been in closets which were quite full to the top with sewage. The tenants were in some cases too lazy to throw water into the closets. The primary .object was the health of the place. Supposing there had been an outbreak of disease, it would be no answer that the times were so bad that they would not put people to the expense of making their sanitary arrangements perfect.—Mr. Thomas said their system was as effective as those of the towns he had mentioned.-The Chairman said there was not any house of any pretension in Cardiff that had not a flushing apparatus. It was only in the very small cottages, and they were rapidly being seen to.—Mr. Lewis recommended that some test case should be taken. MISCELLANEOUS. A letter was read from the Local Government Board with reference to the cholera outbreak, en- closing an order they had made in the matter. The order stated that no rags or filthy clothes should be delivered or landed. A letter was read from the Sanitary Institute, having reference to any Suture appointment of sanitary officials, and re- commending that they should first be examined -d. take a certificate of the Sanitary Institute, Certifying to their fitness for the position.^—The Clerk mentioned that he had received a notice from the Local Government Board to the effect that the period for which the inspector of nuisances had been appointed had expired, and asking what had been dene in the matter. — He had written in reply ta say that the circumstance of the appoint- ment expiring had been overlooked, and he also asked the Board to permit them to reappoint the inspector as before.—Inspector Leyshon was instructed to in future place the fact of the ex- piration of his appointment on the agenda a short time before such expiration so that it might not be again overlooked. APPLICATIONS FOR XEW LAMPS. Applications for new lamps for Wilford-street and Courtenay road were next considered.—The Surveyor presented plans of several more streets which required lighting. They would require 40 pillars and 151 lanterns.—The Chairman proposed that the pillars, kc. be advertised for. NEW NUMBERS. The Surveyor mentioned that he required 360 additional numbers.—It was decided to get them from Mr. E. J. Thomas, whose recent tender for the supply of numbers had been the lowest. The matter of the removal of the disinfecting apparatus from its old to its new station was brought forward by the surveyor, and it was decided to leave the matter in the hands of the Chairman, Surveyor and Clerk. The usual monthly bills for establishment charges were examined, and this concluded all the business of public interest. FINANCE COMMITTEE. The usual month y meeting of the Finance Com- mittee was held on Tuesday evening, Mr. J. J. Williams in the chair. The others present were Mr. Ben Lewis. Mr. J. A. Hughes (clerk), Mr. J. C. Pardoe (surveyor), and Mr. Howe (collector). The following bills were submitted to the meet- ing and passed :—Messrs. D. W. Thomas, goods supplied, £1 8d. Knight and Co., one ledger, £1 12s. 6d. E. Ray, rent of offices, ill 4s.; Phillips and Co., ironmongers, good supplied. £4 10s. 11.: May lie, Hooper and Co.. ditto, :1.2 13s. 8d. Rees Jones, printer, printinting bye-laws, &c., £1105. 6d.; Hicks and Co., casks of sulphite of iron, J.3 Is. -3d. II. J. Owen. chemist, £4 17s. 9d.; T. Ruckley, for burying dead horse, 10s.; Lewis Evans, printing, 19s. ditto, J": 2 3s. Gd.: F. Griffiths, scavenging..Cll 12s.; John John, con- tractor. :02: T. Ruckley, haulier. £13 15s.; salaries—Sarah Jones, caretaker, £2 12s. 6d. Peter Davies, hospital caretaker. ;1.:1 5s.; rates and taxes, £ 3 2s. S^d. A. Maemerran, £4 9s. Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company, 14s.: John Johns, £9 Os. Gd. T. Grifnths.C12 19s. 6d. John Johns. £.1 3s. 9d. T. W. Thom:1.s.n 3s. 7d. D. Evans, compensation. £ 7 10s. D. Love, £ 3 private improvements, Dotlk View-road, George Rutter, £ 50 ditto, £30: Thomas Rees. I450 E. J. Ince, £80 ditto, {20 Laurie and John, steam road roller. £ 23 0" lid.: G. LI. William,1::81 8:3., award of arbitration Isaac Thomas and Company, .n 8s. lid. F. Griffiths. £ 16 8s. T. Ruckley, £16 2s. 6d. ecclesiastical commissioners repay- ment of loan, :06 10s. Od., and £ 117 5s. 2d.; Lon- don Life Aswciatioll.:£S:f 2s. 5d. Petty cash—Mr. J. C. Pardoe, £ 150; inspector of nuisances, £ 18 collector, £ 2 and clerk, £ 2.—The clerk stated the Local Government'Board had sanctioned the loans of £ 3.100 and £ 100.—This was all the business of the meeting. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. The monthly meeting of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board was held at the Board-room on Monday evening. There were present Mr. J. Robinson (in the chair), Mr. J. C. Meggitt, Mr. J. Barstow, Sir. W. Thomas (Barry), and Dr. O'Donnell.—The Surveyor reported that the notices for private im- provements in Morel-street and Pyke-street had expired on the 26th August, and that the work had not been carried out.—It was resolved that applications should be made to the Local Government Board for permission to borrow £2.080 to carry out those private improvements—The Clerk was also instructed to apply to the Local Government Board for permission to borrow £3,541 10s. Id. for the extension of the sewer in the Barry Dock district, in excess of the estimate, and £300 for lamps. kc.—The Surveyor reported t that Mr. Trigg, Commercial-road, had been using sewerage water for the purpose of mixing mortar for buildings, and it was determined to take pro- ceeding against him. It was also resolved to take proceedings against Mr. Davies for erecting houses in Court-road without having submitted plans for the approval of the Board.—The Surveyor reported that notices on the owners of property in the Old Village, Palmerstown, and Palmers-street, request- ing them to connect the drainage of their houses with the Board's drains, and that there were several lengths of sewers which would be con- structed by the Board.—The Surveyor submitted plans, sections, and estimates for the drainage of houses.-r—It was resoved that the private improve- ments in the back lanes at the rear of these houses be carried out, those improvements to include the construction of a sewer. The Surveyor also submitted plans, &c., for the new road leading from the Wenvoe Arms along Station-terrace following the railway fence to a point in Colbrook- road, near Merch Farm.—The matter was deferred for the present.—The Surveyor further reported he had written to Messrs. Pile and Bass, and had also sent to Mr. Snell. ofPe-iarth, in refe- rence to the lime for drains now being erected for Phyllis-street, on Barry Island, and had arranged for this to be done.—A letter was read from the Y.M.C.A. asking permission to have the letters Y.M.C.A. put on the lamp outside the premises. Permission was granted them, providing the asso- ciation would bear the cost of putting up the lamp and taking it down when requested, also subject to the letters being approved by the surveyor. The following plans, &:0., were passed :—A shop and premises in Thompson-street, for Mr. S. Lewis, subject to the condition that the premises will not be used as a dwelling-house shop in Thompson- street, for Mr. S. Lewis alteration of Colcot Ganol Farm, Merthyr Dovan; two houses in Kenilworth-road. for Messrs. Davies and Evans three houses in Court-road, for Mr. A. Nalfer.— The amended form of the Barry Dock Hotel, for Mr. Culley, was referred back to provide a better means of exit from the large hall.—In answer to the letter from the Barry District Trades' Council, the clerk was instructed to write informing them that as they had failed to produce the rebutting evidence, a.s promised the committee on the produc- tion of Mr. Bsddoe's time-sheet by Mr. Richards, reported that the charge of sub-letting against Mr. Richards was not proven.—Dr. O'Donnell said that in a report published by one of the local papers it was stated that he said, after the reading of the letter, that there was not a shadow of ground for the charge brought against Mr. Richards. What he did say was that Mr. Thomas reported as the result of their investigation that the charge against Mr. Richards was not proved. — It was resolved to pay Mr. Rutter and Mr. Rees part of their retention, subject to their paying the interest.—-Permis- sion was given to Mr. Ashley to erect a wooden shed in Dilnraven-street, Barry.—In answer to the letter received from the clerk of the Pontypridd Local Board, it was resolved that the clerk be in- structed to state that the Board will be willing to join in any deputation to the directors of the Barry Railway Company, in reference to a passenger ser- vice of trains between Barry and Pontypridd, but they were not prepared to join the Pontypridd Board in going to the Railway Commissioners, and it was decided that the deputation should be named at the Board meeting.—The Clerk reported that the result of the recent arbitration was that the Board should pay the Rev. G. LI. Williams the sum of £ 7.">. each side to bear its own costs.— This was all the business.


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