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I ASSAULTS UPON YOUNG LADIES AT BRIDGEND. ARREST OF THE ASSAILANT. The Bridgend police have for sometime been engaged looking for a man who had assaulted two young ladies during the past month. Their efforts were crowned with success on Sunday evening when Sergeant Row and Police-constable Thomas Brown acting on information received went to search for the culprit who was arrested by Police- constable Brown at Mile-ertd. It appears that the officers decided to separate, Sergeant Row going down the Merthyrmawr-road, and Police-constable Brown taking the road to Ewenny by which means it was hoped they would catch the accused which ever way he took. It was whilst Polsoe- constable Brown was going down the road from Bridgend, in accordance with this plan, that he met a man whom he arrested on suspicion. It was then about ten o'clock p.m., and the saian stoutly deried all knowledge of the offence alleged against him—viz., of attempts to in- decently assault Miss M. L. David, of Watertown, on Sunday evening. 7th inst. With great difficulty the prisoner was conveyed to the police station, still persisting in declaring that he was innocent, and saying that tha police should take the right man. On Monday morning the prisoner whe gave his na.me as Henry Summers, and said ke was lodging at 40, Park-street, Bridgend, was con- fronted by Miss David who at once identified him. Prisoner was also identified by Miss Jenkins, of Ewenny Pottery, as the man who had indecently assaulted her on Sunday night, July 31st. Upon being taken back to the cell prisoner admitted his guilt, and asked to be forgiven. On Monday morning prisoner was brought before lIfr. C. P. Davies, when the following evidence was taken:— Miss Maria Lousa David said :—I am a. single woman, and am 29 years. Last Sunday week, the 7th of August, I had been in chapel in Bridgend, and was returning home about 25 minutes to nine in the evening. It was dusk. I was on the public highway in VVatertown-lane. Before I wenttothe lane I had walked along the main read from Bridgend towards Cowbridge. In passing I saw a man standing alone by a gate not farrfrom the mouth of the lane. I had not seen the man before. to my knowledge. As I was walking down the lane -I heard footsteps coming after me. I turned and looked, and found they were the steps of £ man. I thought he was tho same man I had seen at the gate. I first of all took him to be the seuvant man from .Waterfcown Court. I looked back ,-J:, second time, and the man was within two yards of me. He leoked as if he was going to attack me, and he said to me, I. Good night, Miss." I told him not to insult nse on the road, and that I didn't wishidir -to speak to me. He walked a. few paces alongside of me, and, without a word. flung medown into the ditch. It was a dry ditch. I fell on J.cy side, and I screamed. He tried to put his hand on my mouth. I struggle-i, and got free out of his grasp, and .1 got right out of the road and got hold of a stocie—a small stone—and I knocked hixc. in the faoo with it. I ran away towards home. After goieg a little distance I met Miss Emery and a young gentleman with her. I asked them why they didn't come to help me. They 8'Àoid they didn't think there was anything particular the .matter. They came back with me. The man was tlier gone. The saaii didn't do anything indecent to He didn't, do anything to his clot.hes. Ee didn't attecqpt anything indecent to me. The HUti was gone, ;,cut.we met Mr. William Thomas ,and Mr. Thomas Lewis Roberts. I complained tc.all of them. I had never seen the man before. The defendant is the man. He was dressed nuich as he is Pressed now. I never saw him after,wards until to-day. when I saw him at the Police-station. I recognised him at once. I havo not tbe. least doubt aiout it. I knew his voice, too. The sergeant asked him to speak tome, and tokl him to say" GaoJ evening. Miss," and he did so. There is a {leeuliarity in Ins walk. He walked before me to-day, aEid I observed it then, and I also observed it when te, jvas walking after me in the lane. I was very iaruck frightened. Thomas Lewis Roberts said 11 i ve at C oy church- road. Bridg-casd, and am a grocer's clerk. II and William Thomas were walking last Sunday week about a quarter to nine or —between two lights —on the Cas*bridge-road. We heard a scream from down the lane—a fenac Ie voice. We -were then about-the mouth of tie Watertowu Lane. .s,nd we sasv a man cooing up the .lane. He was waling rather ^tickly, and hreath- ung heavily,as if he had been running. He was excited. Wirt. Tjsomas asked n&at was the matter town there, He said, Nothing: I didn't fcear anything." AVB;. Thomas auc I went further for wn the lane tc-iee if there Y„S,S anything, and rti out 200 yards down the lane saw Miss Daffid. 3 £ i.ss Emery, and Anthony Powell. Miss David waa crying at theti me. We asked her what was the:matter, an#-she complained ,fe- us to the sucie effect as her statement here to-key. Just as we were near her It picked her umbxslla and hymn booi .up from (fee fiifcsh. and Wm. Thomas picked up her gloves. She appeared maeh-excitcd. The defendant is the man,.end wore the .ame clothes. ] I can't say I had seen him before, but I saw him ;• last rtif lit and recognised him. I fofewed him for ,| about (two miles to see where he would go. On i Sunday week, after whej* William Tiomas and I had seex. we went to tfce police-statice and gave information there and ,a .description. After I saw him last night I went fee the police-station and gave infotsaation there tkav; I had seen ffce man. Prisoner, who is 23 yea>r- of age, 5ft. lOin. in height, and said that he TO married and that his wife and child lived at Exeter, was then remanded in custody mttil Saturday upGu the charge ef com- mitting an aggravated assault upon Miss Dawiù. We are infetmed that the charge for assaulting Miss Jenkins will then be gone into.

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