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NW DISTRICT NEWS. "p. BARRY. EXTENSION OF BUSINESS.—We arc. glad to hear that Mr. Bedlingfield, tobacconist, Barry, has decided 1;) eommence business as a newsagent. He will act as agent for the SodTH WALES S i All and other weekly and daily papers. Barry is to be congratulated on being able to rely on their supply of newspapers on such energetic and capable men as Mr. Beaiirigfteld. CONGREGATIONAL BIBLE CLASS PICNIC.—The first annual picnic of the Congresational Sunday ■School, under the auspices of the Congregational Bible Classes took place on Wednesday last. Tha Bible classes left Barry at nine a.m. in Woodham and Sons' brakes, and were joined by the teachers and officers of the Sunday School about 1.45 p.m. at Southerudown, where all took dinner together. Mi. Watson, of Barry catering to the satisfaction of enryone Among the party were Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A.. Alderman and Mrs. Meggitt, Miss Meggitt, Mr. S. A Williams Mr and Mrs. Cookson, Mr. and Mrs. Gould, Mr. and Irs, Blackmore. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Mr and Mrs. Pardoc, Mr. and Mrs. Higman, Miss Murrell, Mr. and Jttrs Beckworthj ^Ir. John Davies, and others. Alter an excellent day's enjoyment spent in the lovliest imaginable weather the party returned quite pleased with themselves and everything around them, and arrived at Barry about 11 p.m. Mr. WarIand was responsible for the arrangements. I.O.G.T.—The Star of Barry Lodge held its usual weekly meeting on Tuesday last, the District Secretary presiding. After the lodge business had been dis- posed of an enjoyable programme was performed £ on(r Sister Kobins; song, Bro. Richards; recitation, Bro. Lucas address, Bro. Robins recitation, Sistei Hope. Address, District Secretary. In the address the secretary complimented the lodge upon its excel- lent condition. A social tea will take place at the next meeting on Tuesday. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.—Mr. Hotch-ss of Birmingham, preached two grand sermons at the morning and evening services of this Church, to larga and attentive congregations. Mr. Hotchkiss is leader of a Bible class at Birmingham, nunioenng about 500. and at the Bible class meeting on Sunday afternoon he delivered a powerful address which was listened to with deep and marked interest by all present, and was thoroughly appreciated. It is hoped Mr. Hotchkiss will favour the district with another visit when possible. STRENGTHEN and renovate the system by. tamng a course of Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. It is unanimously admitted bv all who have given it a. fair trial, that there is no tonic preparation yet discovered so unfailing and efficacious. See advt. page. [10 IS YOUR WATCH WRONG? IF SO, and you wish it put in reliable order, why go to town when you can get any class of Watch, repairs done equally well at Barry by W. COOMBS, Market Hall Buildings, late witii MV. J. Hettich, 60, Queen-street, Cardiff. C301 BARRY DOCK. BANKRUPTCY.—The first meeting of the creditors of Edward M. Hind, Newland-street, Barry Dock, lately residing at Caroline-street, Cardiff, builder; first meeting August 22nd, at three p.m., at the Official Receiver's, Cardiff public examination on, October 11th at noon. at the Town-hall, Cardiff. DAMAGED StuaMER.—The steamer G. R. Booth is detained in Barry Dock with machinery out of order. SAILOR HANS ASHORE.—A very excited and novel scene was witnessed by the visitors to Barry Island on Sunday evening last. A large number of the German seamen oii: thtj German vessels lying in the Dock got together on the Island, and formed amateur bands, to the music of which dancing was indulged in. After staying on the Island for some time a procession was formed, which marched around the dock, the seamen on the foreign ships saluting it as it passed. The procession afterwards made towards the town, the police very wisely refused to allow the prooession to proceed outside the dock. NARROW ESCAPE FROM DROWNING.—On Mon- day morning two young men, named John Davies and Charles Hearson, ha'! a very narrow escape from drowning. They went out from the Barry Dock to. the Lord Londonderry, which was lying in the Roads to see if they could get a job as boatmen. On returning from the vessel towards the shore the boat was struck by a heavy sea, a heavy wave filling and overturning the boat near the Bendrici Rock. Hearson managed to get to the top of the boat which floated on the Bendrick Rocks, and Davie&.swam to the rocks also. When the tide had gone down they were able to walk ashore, but little the worse for their immersion. The boat was smashed to pieces. EMPLOYES' OUTING.—The annual outing of the employes of Messrs. Roberts and Co., timber mer- chants, Barry Dock, was hem on Saturday. The place selected was Southerndown. The party, numbering about 40, was catered for at the Dunraven Hotel, where the usual toasts were pledged, after which games, <fcc„ were played. NATIONAL LEAGUE—-On Sunday a large meeting -of the Irishmen ef the district was held at the Catholic School Chapel. Among those present were Dr. O'Donnell and Dr. Kelly, Messrs. J. McDonnell (secretary), McCann, Fulford, Mid others. The purpose of the meeting wa.s to make definite arrange- ments about getting the names properly registered of those entitled to vote. Short addresses werejgiven by Dr. O'Donnell, Dr. Kelly, Mr. McCann, and Mr. McDonnell upon the real necessity of being in a position to record each one's vote when the time came, and also urging all to enroll their names on the register (tf the National League, which was their duty as Irishmen. It was decided to hold another meeting on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the same place. „ OUTING.—On Saturday last the employes of Messrs. Laurie and John, Barry Dock, had their annual out- ing to Southerndown. The day being tine, they had a most enjoyable time of it. The party left Barry Dock about 9 a.m. in Mr. Woodham's brakes, and after a pleasant drive arrived at Southerndown just in time for dinner, after which several toasts were .given, that ofMessrs.D. Laurieand John (proposed by MrKnowles, the manager, and seconded by Mr. J. Morgan) being received with great oheering. The Secretary," and Host and Hostess" followed. After an excellent day's pleasure, the party returned home in great spirits, reaching here at 9.40 p.m. THREE VESSELS of the Rickmer fleet have this week visited Barry Dock—namely, the Etha Rick- mers, the Robert Riekmers, and the Helene Rick'mers, representing a cargo aggregate of fully 7,000 tons. THE LATE DROWNING FATALITY.—A dance will be held at the Public Hall. Barry Dock, on Wed- nesday evening next, to commence at 8 o'clock, the proceeds of which will be for the bereaved widow of the late Mr. Ainsley, who was unfortunately drowned in the Barry Roads a IIhert time ago. Mr. Marsh, Barry Dock, is the promoter o F this charitable object, and from him tickets may be obtained. A concert will also be given at the Buffalo Club on Thursday evening for the same deserving object. A RATHER strange incident occurred at Barry Dock about noon one day this week. The steamship Brand, lying in the dock, was having some repairs done to her foremast, and for this purpose the mast had been lifted out of its place and propped with timber, supported by ropes, which rendered the mast rather "top heavy." Suddenly there was a crash, and down came the mast with its supporters over the aide of the vessels into the dock, tearing the side railings as it fell. For- tunately, the men were in the rear of the ship at the time, or something serious might have happened. OWING to the decision of the Court of Law with regard to the case of Walker v. the Barry Graving Dock Company, a number of the men employed on the construction of the low water entrance has been dis- missed. CADOXTON. THE RECENT FETE AND GALA.—A meeting of the Fete and Gala Committee was held on Friday evening at the Royal Hotel. There were present Mr. Hoddinott, Mr. H. Taylor, Mr. Lyons, Mr. C. J. Welsh Mr. Irish, Mr. Kathrens, Mr. Brown and the secretary, Mr. G. Willett. The Secretary read the statement of accounts, which was as follows -.—Sub- scriptions: Sir Morgan Morgan, £1 Is.; Mr. A. J. Williams, £1 Mr. R. P. Culley, 10s. 6d.: General Lee, 10s 6d Messrs. T. Elliott and Co 10s..6d. Mr. Fred C, Williams, 10s. 6d.; Mr. A. Williams, Cottage Hotel £1 Is.; Mr. Ephraim Harris. Penarth,5s.; Mr. J. A. Hughes, 10s. 6d.: total, £5 19s. 6d. The amount received from sale of tickets was £47 16s. 6d. for stalls, Ac., in the grounds, £6 2s. 3d.; for out- standing tickets, £9 lIs. 6d.; amount received from guarantors, £15: total, £83 8s. 9d. The expenditure was — For artistes, £49 lb. boards, &c., JE14 10s. and other items including printing, advertising, and bill posting.made atotalof £ 82 15s 6d. The hire of banners amounted to nearly £6, The statement of accounts was adopted by the committee, and it was decided to give two entertainments at the theatre, to raise a fund to reimburse the guarantors for the sums they have been obliged to hand over to pay the deficiency in the accounts. A vote of thanks was passed to the hon. sec. for the very able way in which has discharged his duties, and the meeting after- wards adjourned for a week. THE WORLD'S FAIR.—Amongst the names of the adjudicators at the World's Fair International Eis- teddfod we notice that of the Rev. Dr. Morgan (Lleurwy), Llanelly, father of Mr. Morgan, one of the assistant surveyorts of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board. The Rev. Dr. Morgan is an adjudicator on CSFLSVS Mr. GEORGK FAnÐo, the postmaster of Cardiff, has been the recipient within the past few days of cordial felicitations from hia staff on hii recent marriage. TEMPERANCB COUNCIL MEETING.—The mem- bers of the Barry District Temperance Council held a meeting on Friday night at the Bible Christian Chapel, Court-road, for the purpose of making arrangements to successfully oppose licences at the ap- proaching Licensing Session. The Rev. J. H. Stowell, M.A. presided, and among others present were:—The Revs'. W. J- Morris, Pontypridd Canon Allen, Ton Evans (secretary of the Council), W. Tibbott, J. Honey, W. Williams M. Isaac, Mr. and Mrs Inglis, Mr. J. R. Llewellyn, and Mrs. Rutter. The Rev. Mr. Morris threw out some excellent hints as to the mode of procedure, upon which he said a great deal depended, and he was only too pleased to be able to impart any- thing of nse to them. Mr. Morris is well-known in the Pontypridd district as a most energetic temperance reformer, and he gave a few amusing incidents of his experience with the members of the Pontypridd magis- terial bench. He had been compelled to tackle them as a minister single-handed for a number of years, and {luring that time he had learned some important which he explained to those-present in confidence. Things had gone so far between the Pontypridd magistrates and the temperance people at one time | that the latter were threatened with legal proceed- ings but, said Mr. Morris, that ended in smoke. (Laughter. ) He said it was only by continual hard (Laughter.) He said it was only by continual hard pegging any progress could be made,:and urged upon them the necessity of decisive and de- termined action in the short period between this and the licensing session. After some interesting details with regard to the course to be taken in the present instance the rev. gentleman sat down amid much cheering. The Chairman rose to explain that the present movement was not in the, smallest tittle connected with the political aspect, and that was a point upon which' the Rev. Canon Allen had-some doubt which he (the Chairman) was pleased to be able to remove, and hoped they should have the sup- port and interest-Of the Rev. Canon in this important step. Canon Allen- said he was most pleased, that that was the case as it was upon that point and no other, he not was quite certain about, and that being the case he would be greatly pleased to lend the council whatever help that lay in his power. (Applause.) A great deal of discussion arose as to whether it would be advisable to hold a demonstration, but, ultimately. it was decided on the proposition of Mr. Llewellyn, of the Barry Dock Sews, to have a public meeting on the 30th inst. at the Wesleyan Chapel. Holton-road, Barry Dock, and also to invite some able speakers to address the meeting. An executive committee was appointed, and also eight vice-presidents to take part in the pro- ceedings^ After some further discussion as to the legal gentlemen who should represent them on licensing day the secretary was instructed to communicate with cer- tain prominent solicitors. Another meeting will be held on Friday evening next at the same place to further arrange for the public meeting of the 30th of this month, and to ascertain the result of correspondence between the-secretary and other gentle- men. Chair to be taken at 7.30 prompt. THE LATE MR. E. W. WILLEY.—The funeral of the late Mr. E. W. Willey, manager of the Newport Branch of the National Bank of Wales, and father of our respected townsman, Mr. Willey, the manager of the Cadoxton Branch of the National Bank of Wales, took place on Friday afternoon. On Thursday even- ing the body was conveyed from the deceased gentle- man's residence, Parkdale, Clytha Park, to St. Marie's Catholic Church, Stow-hill, where it remained until Friday, just. outside the sanctuary. The Requiem Mass was celebrated at the Church before the cortege started for the cemetery, a large number of friends attending. The Rev. Father Bailey officiating. The four son, of the deceased, Messrs. Arthur, E. H., Ernest, and Leonard Willey, as well as Mr. T. Gill Williams (son-in-law), where the chief mourners. A larg? number of wreaths were placed on the polished oak, brass-mounted coffin by private friends, and also from the committee and members of the Monmouth- shire Club, the members of '.the Newport Amateur Orchestral Society, and the staffs at the local banks. The obsequies at the grave-side, where the Rev. Father Bailey officiated, were very largely attended. PRESENTATION.—Owing to the illness of Police- constable John Phillips, who was to have been the recipient of a presentation, to be giren at the Royal Hotel of Friday last, the concert and presentation had t4t be postponed. THE adjourned general meeting of the Cardiff Football Club for the purpose of electing officers, &:c., was held at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on Friday even- ing, Mr. W. D. Phillips m the chair. Messrs. C. Arthur and W. Douglas were the candidates for the position of secretary, and the result of the voting was -Arthur, 58; Douglas, 55. Mr. Arthur was, there- fore, declared duly elected. Mr. Will Douglas was ,elected afterwards on the committee and the match committee. THE MARRIAGE OF THE CARDIFF POST- MASTER.—On Monday morning a deputation, repre- senting all grades of the postal telegraph staff, waited upon the postmaster of Cardiff (Mr. G. Fardo) in his private room, for the purpose-of offering him their congratulations en his recent marriage. — Mr. P. Baseley. chief superintendent, in introducing the deputation, congratulated the postmaster most warmly 011 the auspicious event, which was fully endorsed by Mr. Longford (acting assistant superintendent), Mr. Hoare (assistant superintendent), Mr. Norman, Mr. Begley, and others.—The Postmaster, on behalf of Mrs. Fardo and himself, having thanked them very cordially for their kind sentiments, the deputation withdrew. ANNUAL PLOUGHING MATCH. — A preliminary meeting of the committee óf the Wenvoe Ploughing Competition was held on Monday night at the Tre- harne Arms. There were present Mr. Thomas Thomas, Shop Farm (in the chair), Mr. John Radcliffe, Mr. D. j Z. Thomas, Mr. Noah Jenkins, Mr. H. L. Jones, Mr. A. Howells, Mr. W. Thomas, Mr. Thomas Evans, &c. It was decided to hold this year's competitions on Wednesday, October 5th, at Nantonian Farm, St. Nicholas. MOUNT PLEASANT BAPTIST CHAPEL. — On Saturday evening. the usual monthly meeting of the j Young People's Christian Endeavour was helti at the above Place, conducted by Mr. Thomas Fido, vice- president of the society. A very excellent paper was read by Mr. Rose on il Sanctiifcation." The writer emphasised the great importance of attending all the means of grace which served to cultivate the Christian life, stating that there should be no, partnership'be- tween Christians and tha world. Messrs. Woollen, Gilbert, Camble, Barnett, and the pastor took part. Next Saturday (to-morrow) the meating will be pre- sided over by Miss Mabel Samuel, when Mr. Robert Gillingham will speak, taking for his subject "Chris- tiansen their relation to the Drink Traffic." A well- attended meeting is anticipated, and a good discussion., The meetings are held from 7 to 8 p.m., and open to all, especially the young, whether connected or not with Christian churches. OPEN Aip GOSPEL TEMPERANCE MEETINGS.— A very successful meeting was held in Main-street on Saturday last, when short addresses were given, inter- spersed with singing, by Messrs. Denman, Rose, Harvey, and Pastor Ton Evans. Those present listened most attentively. If Christians and temper- ance friends connected with the varIOUS societies were only to assist in this form of work, those who are at present in the field would be encouraged, those who sign helped to keop the pledge, and numbers would undoubtedly be got to join the existing temperance organisations. TRAIN ALTERATIONS.—There will be no altera- tion in the Barry Company's trains for the ensuing month.. A NEW INDUSTRY.—We are informed on good authority that it is contemplated starting a boot I manufactory on.the Moors shortly. NARROW ESCAPE OF A DRIVER AND FIREMAS. —On Monday evening, about half-past six, a railway accident occurred at Cadoxton, Barry. It appears that a train of empty trucks was being run along the main line from the new commercial graving dock at Barry, the intention being to take the trucks up to the Drope Tunnel at Wenvoe, with the view of bringing down stone for the new dock. When near Cadoxton Goods Station the train suddenly ran off the line, and the carriages wildly rushed into the adjoining siding. The driver and fireman of the train narrowly escaped injury, for had not the eugíne become detached there is no doubt a fatality would have occurred. The line was blocked for a considerable time, and relief gangs were engaged to repair the breaches and remove the vagrant trucks. Upon examination it was found that much damage had been done to the sleepers, signal points, and level crossing. The seven o'elock train from Barry, owing to the accident, was delayed at Cadoxton Station, but at length the latter got away by running up the down line to Cegan. HIBERNIANS.—At a lodge meeting of the Cadox- ton-Ba.rry Hibernia Society, held at the Witchill on Monday evening, fit was decided to hold the annual supper and dance at the Witchill Hotel on September 28th. Ticket: will be 2s. 6d. each, and may be had of either of the members. It is to be a really good affair, and well worth attendance. HISTRIONIC SOCIETY".—The committee of this society met at the Shaftesbury Hotel on Tuesday ni"ht to make arrangements for the ensuing winter season, and decided to call a general meeting of all the members and the ladies and gentlemen interested in amateur theatricals, to be held at the same place on Tuesday evening nex-t at 7.30 o'clock. It is intended to make a good thing of it. and all vdio wish to become members of the society will please attend at the next Meeting. I.O.G.T.—The St. David's Lodge held its weekly meeting on Thursday evening at the Shaftesbury Hotel. At the conclusion of the lodge business the following programme was gone through :—Song, J. P. Davies; reading, Bro. W. W. Davies; song, Sister Jenkins song, Sister Davies song, Bro. H. Richards. FORMATION OF A GLEE PARTY.—At a meeting of the St. David's Lodge of the I.O.G.T., held at the Shaftesbury Hotel,-on Thursday evening last, it was decided, on the proposition of Mr. H. Richards, to form a glee party in connection with the I.O.G.T. Society. On the following evening at another meeting Mr. W. E. Davies was elected leader, and Mr. H. Richards, hon. sec. Every success is anticipated, and already about 30 members are enrolled. ANNIVERSARY.—The Sunday School anniversary of the Bethel English Caivinistic Methodist Chapel, Court-road, will be held on Sunday next, The morning sermon will be preached by the pastor, Rev. J. W. Matthews, and in the afternoon and evening recitations and special sacred songs, which will be given by the children. PENARTH. SERVICES —On Sunday and Monday, 14th and 15th inst.. anniversary services were held in connection with Penual Welsh Baptist Church. Sermons were preached by the Rev. R. Allen, Rhondda, and Pastor L. Top Evans, Cadoxton, Barry. RECEIVING ORDERS.—A receiving order has been made on John Edward Baker, trading as H, Baker, Windsor-road, Penarth, hairdresser, tobacconist, dire. BANKUFE* PTCY!—Morgan R. William*, of Eastcliffo, Penarth, bank manager. The first meeting of creditors will be held on August 24th, at 11 a.m., at the Official Receiver's, Cardiff, and the public examination, Oct. 11th, at noon, at the Town-hall, Cardiff. BIN AS POWIS. OUTING.—On Saturday last, August 12th, the first annual outing of Mr. Rees, builder's employe's took place. The company numbered about 24, and started for Llantwit-Major at 8.30 in a brake supplied by Mr. Hoddinnott, and arrived at Llantwit at 11.30 da Cowbridge, and, after visiting the ancient churph and viewing the relics of ancient architecture, adjourned to the Cross Keys, and did credit to an ex- cellent dinner prepared by Mrs. Jones, the worthy hostess. After the repast a very pleasant toast list was gone through, First, the toast of The Queen" proposed by Mr. Rees with very appropriate remarks, was drunk with enthusiasm, followed by a song, 11 All hail to thee, Cambria," from Mr. W. Harry. "Success i to the Firm" was then proposed by Mr. E. Garland^ I I -and drunk with enthusiasm. Mr. Kees, in responding, referred to the absence of any dispute, and that during the past twelve manths all had done their best, and that one of the secrets of suc- cess was unity and harmonious relations.- Air. R. Sherwood, plasterer, followed, saying that no firm worked together with greater harmony and good feeling than Mr. Rees's employes. After a song, The Noble 24th," from Mr. T. Miles, the toast of "The C..l1npany" was proposed by Mr. W. Harry, who spoke to the pleasure and enjoyment of such a company, and was responded to 'by Mr. T. John. The following toasts and songs were then given:—Song. The Fair Irish Girl," by Mr. Ford The Bells of Aberdovey," by Mr. R. Piper on the concertina. The toast of the. Hostess was then drunk, after which the company proceeded to the beach and played several games. Afterwards they viewed the ancient ruins and received some practical instructions on ancient building con- struction, and next proceeded to a. very substantial tea and enjoyed themselves thoroughly with music and dancing. A start for home was made at 7 via St. Athari's and Cadoxton, arriving home at 10.45, all having thoroughly enjoyed themselves to their hearts' content. The whole of the arrangements were carried out under the management of Mr. J. Rees, who acted as hon-secretary.




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