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Successful Concept by the Cymmer Colliery Military Band. A very interesting musical programme was submitted at a concert given by the above band on Friday and Saturday even- ings last at the St. John's Hall, Cvminer. Councillor J. Taylor, Cardiff, and Sir William Crossman, Cardiff, presided, and there was a crowded house each evening. This was the seventh annual concert in coiiiiec-tioti iA-Itli the Cymmer Band and Mr. G. F. Martyn, the able conductor, is to be congratulated, not only upon the success of the concerts, but also for the very excellent repertoire of music dis- coursed by them. The principal artistes were —Madame Sylvia Hosgood, Cardiff (soprano) Madame Mills-Reynolds, Ponty- pridd (soprano); Mr. Todd Jones, Tre- herbert (tenor); and Mr. Stanley Barrett. Cardiff (baritone). -Mr. Tudor Y orath, Treliafod, was the accompanist. On Friday evening, after a few remarks by the Chairman, the concert opened with a capital rendering of J. Register's famous march, Gauloise," which re- ceived loud applause. Mr. Todd :jones' evoke d rendering of "The Last Watch" Jones' great appreciation. The overture, La Couronne d'Or," was performed with style and great effect. Madame Sylvia Hosgood deserA-es great commendation for her beautiful and accomplished interpreta- tion of the "Waltz Song." "Reverie," a beautiful but pathetic melody, was ex- quisitely rendered by the band. as was also the selection, The Dollar Priiieess." "The Lute Player" was magnificently rendered by Mr. Barrett. An excellent item which drew forth loud clamours for ii-as tlie,t4tiet. "Night in Venice," in which Madame Hosgood's per- feet voice was heard to great advantage. Mr. Todd Jones found a responsive chord with" Forth to Battle." The euphonium solo. "Big Ben," submitted by Mr. J. Jenkins, was also highly appreciated. The duet, "Tell me, gentle stranger." by Madame Hosgood and Mr. Barrett re- ceived a w ell-merited ovation. Other items by the band were" Amina and Gemmi di Vergi. Stoneeracker John," by Mr. Barrett, received loud ap- plause. The programme on Saturday consisted of a super-excellent repertoire, including the march" Des Cadets de Gascoine, "The Bohemian Girl," the selection, Mignon," Zampa," In the Shadows." and La Catalane." All were rendered with artistic style and exquisite tone, and were received with loud approbation. Madame Mills-Reynolds evoked great ap- plause in her rendition of April Morn." and enhanced her reputation in the duet, Tell me, gentle stranger." The cornet solo by Mr. T. Pearce was also a musical gem. Faithful renderings of The Out- cast and Good-bye." by Mr. Jones, were also greatly appreciated and encored. Again Madame Mills-Reynolds captured all hearts with her brilliant rendition of Gwlad y Delyn," and Mr. Barrett's ren- dering of Who'll marry me? was a I great success. Councillor Taylor spoke very highly of the band's performance and expressed his great appreciation. A i-ote of thanks to the chairman was moved bv Mr. E. S. Williams, M.E.



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