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DOE rOtI. 0UTO, GfcG-L* OB HARMONIUM requI.0 HKVO, TORINO OB BSSTBIHOINO? —If to, oeuanlt B C S MILLS, Sfinoforte Irunap, MaMyowmmer MPAIKING GENERAL OVERHAUL- ING A SPECIALITY. PROFESSIONAL WORKMANSHIP. TERMS; MODERATE. All Parts of Rhoooda Vitited. P08t Card will recoi,- prompt attention. 976:1 W|ADASflE CLARA ESWELl M.B.I.M.S., CERTIFICATED PHRENOLOGIST, CHARACTER READER, PALMIST, Etc. Office Hours -11 a.m. till 9 p m Address —29 PONTYPRIDD ROAD. PORTH. PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS. PIANOS.! PIANO?'3'1 PIANO 3 PIANOS PIANOS,; PIANOS, j PIANOS, t PIANOS. Pf Nlt-)S t Pi V N OS. PI ?os. I PI\N?S PI \NOS. 1:1 ?. ? O?'I! M'-?OS.? i vNOS. MANOsJ t'i AN k) S. Bef ."e i)tirchasingl",vrite to DUCK, SON & PINKER, LTD. The Great Music Storas, 8ATH ANO BRISTOL The CHEAPEST BEeT MOtiNE I* frsE TRADE, ISRANSH AT SWANSEA t^i.erH >'■ it risg iii.-ly all parca of West at njUaj a ia d jatb Wale B. Evans's Auction Mart. Opposite HIPPODROME, TONYPANDY O. S EVANS Begs to announce that the above Mart i* open for the reception of Furniture and Goods of any description for Sale by Public Auotion. Cash advanced if desired on Good. sent for Absolute Sale, or Auctioneer will purchase Goods and take own risk of Aactien. HALES CONDUCTED AT RESIDENCES OlicN- to DUNRAVEN STREET, TONYPANDY Where all communications should be addressed. 61 i MONSf A GENUINE STRICTLY PRIVATE LOAM, ■*vi 0..11 flormw Any Sum from £5 to £1,000 upon yo> r now of ilaed. J.) payable by Sasy Initaimentg or for a fixed long or odort period. L.1 west Interest Charged. No f sss or Pines Charged. Know with whom you arj lining business. Call, Writé or 'phoje, with every confidents chat yoa will be honouraoly deait wish, direct to the actual personal iender, trading ifc bia own Lime.— PHILIP MOrtRIS, Market Chambers, Ohureh Stroes, POKTYPRiOa (Pfeoua 217.) PHILIP MORRIS, IS Chvie* St., CARDIFF (Phouesoo.) I Oaah also lenc upon Stocks, Sliaraa. Life Insurant Policies, and aoy Articles of Value. Inquire P. MU&Slb above address. IM1 Private Loans. Private Lenders &to to ASOOO I If you wish to borr,)w money at roasona!>la rates of in- terest, Lie wiie and Apply to an Oi-l established firm with a sound reputation for fa t dealing. We du not 10811. for MGurity or sureties, auri All that id aased for is i, written promise to repay. No fix-id chargsa or repayments terms wranged tor clients benefit: ur^e:.t lopo* tam- pleted same day uo fees, floes Of f»«.. 2nd u>orcg»g s ectertaiaed. CHAELKS STEVENS, Ltd., (Tel. 467). iiayes Buildings, Cardiff. Special—Lj\n "rraoged .at per i.ent, per annuin for thuse eatit to money or propeny, iucoa-e uivier wills legacies, &ci 6! WHY PAY INCOME TAX When you are not iiabie to do Bet Mary persons do I We can aasist you to prepare your Income Tax Returns. We also nnder- take the preparation of Claims for Recovery of Income Tax at a charge oom- mossurate with the work involved, but not exceeding 3s. m the 9 on the Tax JUpaid or Adjusted. Tradesmen's Books made up and An3ite4 Arrangements made with Creditors. Valuations of all descriptions. Issuraaoes, Life, Fire, Ac SALES OF FURNITURE, PEOPHRTS, TRADR, and Other Stock ooaduoted. G E. MILLWARD (Meein. Howard.. Evans), Auctioneers, Valuers, and Aceocni-aate, ARCADE CHAMBERS, Tol. 117. PONTYPRIDD ",1 THIS SPACE IS RZSZRVED J IL.16 g /??a/???6!'??e<r?Co. ■1 (Xfads IUL.) »(e Proprietors, Flshguarl ?eu\;? I Wain&, liABIXIB !!h(' W"j1'?; TO-19AY (?n??i4)oiu,? id. stunp f., VALUABLE L ;OKL £ T. Tf;?IfMONtALS' and yj!.? SAMt'jbE ef BLAMCHAM?P? They are unrivalled for ail Irrêg'11lariti?, &c and speedily afford ivlief Red never fail to nUeYMte an ounermg. They M?—Muc Pemyroyal, Pil Cochin, Bitter Appl», 6& "SLAMCM?D'S Methe best of aN PHh? W?M?' IQ bo. IiI ? by )?I Chen?M, or Boat fre«. M?aa Mtn.lWI ??ur <MT?. Li: e???- SA, ?. ? ?' The Premier Dancing School of the Rhondda- GARAGE HALL, TONYPANDY, Near the Statiem. Monday, Thursday, Friday Saiardav 7.30 to 10 p.m. First Class Music. G»»a»id Nioe Company All the Latest a Metub«n>hip Cards obtained at Gar-age Studio. BridKa Street-, Tsnypuntty, WING SING. I 105 Danraven Street, TONYPANDY. FIRST CLASS LAUNDRY Under i.vew Management. Every care takeu of ladies' and gentlemen's Laundry. No Loat Articles. gW Delivery In "I hree Uays. 1060 PUBLIO NOTICES. it V EAR eggs are a regular little gold- mine to users of Karswood bpice, containing ground insects, which DOUBLM egg output. 2id., 7id., 1/3,—Davies, 14 Dunraven-street, Tonypandy, HENS which don't lay don't pay. Kais- -M wood (Harmless) Poultry Spice, con- taining ground insects, ensures eggs. Try it and watch results. 2id., 7id, 1/3.— Boon, 82 Mill-street, Tonyretail, PIANOS. A remarkable offer. H:gh- -P class piano (4 ft. high), in new con- dition. Usually £ 75; 45 guineas. -33 Clare Street, Cardiff. PIANOS~ AND VIOLINS! Highest AND VIOLINS. JL quality; lowest cash prices you can possibly obtain. Usually from £ 16 to 1;85 in stock. Inspection invited. Violins from 37s. 6d. 20 to choose from. Bows, strings, cases, etc. Any vioiin played on by request.—Whitaker, 33 Clare Street, Riverside, Cardiff. SALE. Pianos. Several second-hand. Keen cash prices. Repairs; re- polishing. Violins, bows, cases. Big selection, Call between 9 and 7 any day. -Whitaker, 33 Clare Street, Riverside, Cardiff. AVE YOUR MILK. Laetifer Thox- ley's Cooked Calf Meal irears strong, hmlthy Calves. 1051 FOR PIGS there is nothing to equal Thorlev's Food as a conditioner. 1051 H AIRDRESSERS.-Discharge, Soldier, 22, would like to go as Learned. State full particulars.—Apply Box F," "Rhondda Leader." IVE-ROOMED HOUSE FOR SALE. IT Oak Street, Clydach Vale.—Apply, 60 Brynhyfryd, Blaenclydach. 1052 OUSE FOR SALB in Sherwood, Llwynypia.—Apply Box 48, "Rhon- dda, Leader." 1048 WANTED Someone to Teach Disabled Young Man how to work the "Griswold" Stocking Knitter. All ex- penses paid.—R. Moore, 5 Gynor Avenue, Ynyshir, Rhondda. 1047-1 N O-night- watching with sows which get Karswood Pig Powd- eirs three times weekly beforehand. Hun- dreds of testimonials. Penny each, twelve for Is.—Boon, 82 Mill St., Tonyrefail.  IGS eat three times as well after J? haTing Earswood Pig Powders. Makes them rest better and thrive better. Penny each, twelve Is.-Griffiths, 3 New Hippefrdrome Buildings, Tonypandy. To get OUT of hen food all the eggs there are IN it, just addi a little Karswood Harmless Poultry Spice, con- taining ground insects. Results usually double when Karswood is added. Packets 241., 7id., Is. 3d. Strongly recommended by Griffiths, 3 New Hipperdrome Build- ings, Tonypandy. A MHRICAN Mandolin-Harp, 41 strings, — moveable keyboard, quite new only wants tuning, cost E4 4a., sell 35s.— Clark, Penoyre Gardens, Brecon. F OR BALE, Mandolin Harp, quleo Nor, oost 94 4s., sell 35s.; also Muller's Auto HftTp, 50s. Bargains. Clark, Pmoyre Gardens, Brecon. -?- ?- _-??- -?- ?ECO?D H \ND ria-o wanted, any con- lo dition if 7 octave. P!ea°e st?te pnff, maker and po'idition ibo if iron frame. About £ S5 offered. Wri'e to Hox 10fi3. j N OTICE.Y"?' l(p?p Jhts?-.T., i?t the expert Ah(?(?rp< !!?tc:)tchnr, will vi?it the Rhnn?la storey. At! these tr 'uhlpu with Rat* plioiil(i apply for further ]>j\rticnlar» to 24 Mount Pleasant,, Trervnon. Abprdare. Testimonials from Farmers. Shopkeepers, Collieries, etc. No dimmer. No smell. No cure no pay. Record killed in om, (lay, 1.300. -J' 1067 SECOND If A N '-) PTANOS. Genuine Bargains Folid Walnut Piann, iron frame full trichord, check action, 52 srnineas. Another 58 guinea Piano, heautifnlly polished walnut, iron frame, tape check action, mellow tone. worth £ 85.-33 Clare St., Cardiff. 10C3  N Uprmht Grand, aU-f?er ?on frame. AN usntlly £HO, accept 85 ?"ineas. No offer. please, Massive appearance, beti.,tifti, tone, solid walnut. — J. F. Whitaker, 33 Clare St., Riverside. Cardiff. 1063 VIOLINS, Bows, Cases, all size?. Lowest V prices in Wales. Violin3 from 35/ ^ood tone; Bows from 5/6, Cases f-om 8/6. Your inspection iavited.—Whitaker, 33 Clare St., Cardiff. G ENERAL.-Wanted in January for Bron- \JT y-jrlyn, Pimmer. Penygraig. Apply Mrs. R. W. Thomas, Household Stores, Hop- kinstown, Pontypridd. 1065 ALL Per*en« that are Blind, from Porth rTL to Blaenrhondda, wishing to receive from the Christmae Fund, are to send in their names, on or before December 22nd, 1919, to C. S. Joijep, Sandybank Hotel, Ystrad. 1071 Rhondda Urban District. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at a NSpecial Meeting of the Rhondda Urban District Council ealled in pursuance of the Borough Funds Acts, 1872 and 1903, duly convened and held on Wednesday, the 3rd day of December, lftl9, the following resolu- tions were passed by an absolute majority of the whole. nuniVer of the said Council (namely) (1) That the Cfcmneil do make applicar ion in the next session of Parliament for an A 't to empower the Council to construct i'=-w waterworks; to extend the tinu. for he purchase ef lauds, and the construction if the tramway*, new roa64.s and street .Korks authorised by the Rhon la Urban Dirii rift Ouncil &t:Aet, 1915; and f< i l.< put poses fiJj lhatthe cost* go-. and exp«i »«s • f or in relKtiea te t-V-e said applies .:ieu ba ciiarsred 011 the District Fund tid t ¡:1era\ I Distiiet Rate or other futtda OJ" ..tetS j un'?r the CQutc91 of the noil. P?LI(i this 5th dry of D&?u?r. 191S. WALTER NICHOLAS. Jtj?7 Clerk f the CeRRml. RHONDDA URBAjST DISTRICT. IN PURSUANCE of the Provi- siens of the Borough Funds Acts, 1872 and 1903, NOTICE IS HERE- BY GIVEN that a Special Meeting of the Council will be held at the Council Offices, Pentre, on Wednes- day,, the 7th day of .January, 1920, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon to take into consideration and determine upon the expediency of confirming the propriety of promoting a Bill intituled A Bill to make further "provison with respect to the Tram- "wny Underta king of the Rhmidda "Urban District Council to nuthor- "ige the Council to conc+ruct addi- "tionul wrtterworlcs: pnd fov othef "purposes" whi^h ha?- be^n d°r>osited in "Parliarn^nt pursuant to thp Resol- ution of flip CnnnnT rtDS^ed rlt a Meeting held on the 3rd day of De- cember. 1919. Dated this 23rd day of December. 1919. WALTER NICHOLAS. Clerk of the Council. PONTYPRIDD UNION. IAPPOINMTENT OF WARDS- MAID AT THE HOMES, LLWYNYPIA. The Guardians of the a bove Union invite applications for the appoint- ment of Wardsmaid at the Llwyny- pia Homes. Salary, X18 per annum, rising on satisfactory service by annual incre- ments of £ 1 to a maximum of £25, together with board and residence, together with the prevailing bonus now, W8 14s., and also an additional sum of 7s. 6d. weekly in lieu of re- duced rations. The whole or part of the Bonus and Allowance may be withdrawn as conditions alter. Forms of application may be ob- tained from me, the undersigned, and must be returned to me duly filled up- not later than 10 a.m. on Wednesday, the 7th day of January, 1920. WILLIAM SPICKETT, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, Pontypridd, 20th December, 1919. 1073 Rhondda Unban District. PRIVATE STREET VORKS ACT, 1892. "VTOTlCtfi IS H EKEBY GIVEN th?t?.t 1.? a Meeting of die Kho dda Urban district Council, held in the Council Chamber at, Pentie. on Wednesday, the- 10th day of December, 1919, the Suiveyor submit- ted to the C. Ili), ii- (a) Speciiic^t ons of Private Street Works with Plans and "^ectious (b) Estimates cf the ptobable expenses of the worts stuii (c) P:ovisional Apportionments of the I cstinmtod expenses among the Piemises I liable to be charged therewith; comprising the particulars prescribed in f art I. of the I-,c)ie(it,ile to the Private Street Works Act, 1892 as r,-spe,-t.9 1) Lane adjoining the Parish Church, Ton Co-operaihe v>treet, Ton (part); (3) Tyntyia Avenue, YstiadRhondda, within the Uisiiictof the said Council. And it was resolved Thl-lt the said Specification, Plans, Seeti ti3, Estimates, and Provisional Apportionments be and the same are hereby approver! IsUTICE is hereby ill: ther given that Li-e approved Specification, Plans, S-. c- tions, Estimates, and Provisional Appor- tionments (or copies theieof certitied by the surveyor) will he kept deposited at the Ofjfices 0; the said Council, sitnaie in Llewellyn Street, Pentre, and be open timing oflice hours thereat to inspection by the owners Ilf the premises shown as llabie to be charged in the Prov isiollèd Apportionments tor a period of One Mouth from the 11th day of December, 1919, beiug the data of the first publication 01 this Notice, during which period any person or persons affected thereby may, in pursuance of Se< tion Seven of the said Act, by written notice served on the Council object to the I)iol)o-,tls on ítl:y of the grounds in such Section specified. Dated this 11th day of December, 1919. WALTER NICHOLAS, 1006 Clerk to the Council. VINEGAR VINEGAR! In Bottles and In Casks. Special Quotations to Wholesalers Send for Price List. EMANUEL THOMAS & SON Niagara Vinegar and Pickle Works, SWANSEA, 10Ti4 THE BUYERS' GUIDE Post Free, Weekly. Latest Market Reports in Fruit, Potatoes, Groceries. Provisions Pickles, Sauces, Fruit Cordials, etc. Write Now! Emanuel Thomas & Son, Manufacturers and Importers, SWAN SIBA. I 1055 XISTEDPFOD GADEIRIOL MON., LLANERCMYMEDD. LLUX A MAWRTHGWYW, 1920. m$0 KEWJl •W0JEWT02I £ 850 restyna* yn 2wr yn barod, prit 4e., itvy'r liythyrdy 5c. JOHN W ILLIAMS, I J '11 Londem Rouse. L'<anerchym»dd. f2F=b j- tf-V- U ? Important Warning I do not empley Agents to represent me atanyn me ? or in any placc, and travelling spectacle-seMer< renre t, senting themselves as coming from, or in any wav ? connected with me, are trading under false pretences j ? I shall be glad to send you my muwtraied booklet uTh? Why ??  Wherefore of Defective Ey"ght and Spectacle-We?nng' post <:et ¡ ? on appiication. ? R\) Bonner Morgan, Ophthalmic Op?ciar! J? 101, Queen Street, Cardiff: < (Patents and all rights reaerred in all countries.) Two Table- spoonsful of N.P.S." VINEGAR and Water will make a Pint of Beautiful MALTED VINEGAR at a cost of 2d. only. It is Silly to pay more. 4 KINDS—(IV Table,or Household. (2) Sanse, a Real Good Sauce in iteelf. (3) Pickling, Ready Spiced. (4) Salad, Sweetened with Sacobariu. All Water White, or Pale .Straw, Amber, Brown and Dark Colors. For all Purpofts, Home, Hote', Institutional, Manufacturing, Army and Navy, Shipping, Export, Fryers, Peas, Oysters, 'etc. All one Price. NO TROUBLE.—Make Tinegar as you want it. Always Fresh. Not a Substitute. Absolutely Pure. Treble Distilled. Malted after Diatilation, preserving the Digestive and Nutritious properties of the Malt, which no ether Vinegars do. No Preservatives. Will keep. Prices per Bottle:—9d., 101d, 1/ 1/2, 1,6. 1 8, 2/ 2;,6, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 13 2, 26/ and 51/- The larger the Size the Cheaper. From all Chemists, Grocers, Oil and Colour Men, &c., or 3s. 4d. Size and up direct, Post Paid (makes li to 3 aallons). Ask or Send for-AND SEE YOU GET IT. TRADE DISCOUNT.*—for £ 2 £5 klO £ 25 R50 ze I (-,o worth S/9 4/- 4/3 4/6 4/9 5/ in the £ InHu? Qu ¡ dities 2 5 10 25 LO h)Og?Uons o.»*oaiio» Trad??,? 24/- 23/6 28/- 226 22- 21-{?r?il.(,?.?? ) Sample Half-gallon for 13s. delivered (makes 72 1 to 15 gallons). All Delivery, Bottles, Casks, Packages, Cases, Insurance, Show attd Handbilla, Directions Free. No Free Samples. No Delav. Delivered quickest wa-y. Always Cash with Order. (Dee" uct 3d. in the £ ). Merchants and Agents are allowed a further Discount of 712L per cent. from all above net Wholesale Prices. "Solo Wholesale Cash Buying Agents wanted in all Districts where not repre- sented. High y Remunerative, ouTer impertant lines to follow. Write "AVIN," BOSTON. Only Makers in the World N P.S. VINEGAR Co.(Regd ) Licensed Vinegar Makers, BOSTON, England. Telegrams: Avin," Boston. Bankers: N.P. and U. Bank of England, Boston (Cross P.O., Cheques, &c.) i'1" -?- _? -?- Advertisement or vanoelling. LLWYNYPIA PRIZE FLUTE BAND, WORKING MEN'S CLUB AND INSTITUTE. XOTICE HEREBY that the Chief Registrar of Frieiidlj Societies has, pursuant to S. 77 of the Friendly Societies Act, 1896, by writing1 under his hand, dated the 16th day of December, 1919, CAN- CELLED THE REGISTRY of the. Llwynypia Prize Flute Band Work- ing Men's Club and Institute (Re- gister No. 2036), held at 2G Berw road, Tonypandy, Rhondda, in the County Glamorgan, at its request. The Society (subject to the right of appeal given by the said Act) ceases to enjoy the privileges of a Regist- ered Society, but without prejudice to any liability incurred by the Society, which may be enforced against it as if such cancelling had not taken rdaco. G. STUART ROBERTSON, 1070 Chief Registrar.

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