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Lecture on Co-operative Allotments.'


Lecture on Co-operative Allotments. The Rhondda is nothing unless it is prac- tical, and this iillds exemplification in the way the allotments have been taken up to utilise every available piece of land to in- crease our home vegetable supply. To this end expert opinion was sought, and on .,oug i i i iii d o l Tuesday last at the Gell 1 Hotel, Gelli, Mr. Walter Williams, Brecon, secretary of the South Wales Branch of the Agricultural Organisation Society, addressed a crowded meeting on the Advantages of Co-opera- tion in the Cultivation of Allotments." The chair was occupied by Mr. Thomas ) Holmes, supported by Mr. Richard Thwaites, R. U. D. C. This was the first I of a series in the district for the purpose of organising allotment holders, of which there are now many hundred in the f| Council's area. Mr. WHHams. who was warmly vocoiyod directed attention to the necessity in the present crisis of growing all tbat was pos- sible of our own food supply, and to get as much out of our soil as we could it was a ( duty of national importance. To do the work well there must be co-operation ill order to procure fertilisers, seeds, and potatoes in bulk, and of the best quality Bbtainable. As an instance of co-operation many allotment societies had hulked their order for seed potatoes for next season, and in view of the necessity of stamping out wart disease there would 1)(' immune varieties procured and grown by farmers approved by the Board of Agriculture the combined order sent was for wet! over 100 tons (hear, hear). The model rules of the A. 0. S. were I sIgned uring the evening. Mr. Lawrence, Board of Agriculture, Pontypridd, spoke interestingly on the question of wart, disease.' Both spea kers and the chairman were accorded votes of thanks at the close of the proceedings.

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