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iHas Pontypridd Found theI…



Why Your Stomach Hurts.I

Cardigan Dinnner atI Tonypandy.

Footlight Fare.I



 CARDIFP E MPIRE ?M? (QUMW 8TBB1T)  Proprietors-MOSS EMPIRES, Lm M MMt?n? Director.Mr. FRANK ATr. Mt Acting Manager „ HERBERT J. TAYLOR -0- TWICE NIGHTLY-S." and 9 o'clock. Seat, Pbooksd dally by Pad or Tela. Ho. Nat. 626 tN Monday, March. 2, and during ttt. Wooh. J)L Firkt Visit of the Pioneers of Ragtime THE AMERICAN  RAGTIME OCTETTE In New Sonars and Old Successes. I The Great Violinist, SPIEGLER N And His Hnnfarian QUINTETTE Including Miss LUCILH BMSTIAD, In a delightful Musical Entertainment.  ARTHUlt WOODVILLE, Comedian and Expert N Dancer. New Series of Pictures on the AMERIOAN BIOSCOPE. R MADELINE ROS8ITER.Voca!Comed:enneM? ?Lm Vanen. WILFRED BURNASD, Character Impressionist and Mimic. V__I HARRY HERBERT, Comedian. WILL LACEY, American Cyclemedian. ?m Great WEI LAND, the Funny Juggler. COOPER & LAIT. in their latest Vaudeville Mixture. GRAND THEATRE, PENTRE. Tel. 52. Proprietor Mr. W. E. WILLIS Ilanager ifr. W. E.WILLliJunr Musical Director. Mr. W. COVENTRY Commenoing Monday, March B, And During the Week. ONCE NIGHTLY. Early Doors 7; Ordinary Doors 7.15; commence 7.30. Mr. PAUL BECKITT & Miss ENID BOOM'S* COMPANY, in the Oreat Sensational Drama— VICTIMS OF VICE By ENID EDONI. COMPANY includes Miss ENID EDONI as Dorothy Deemond. Mr. PAUL BECKETT as Arthur Dacre. Mr. Desmond, HENRY BECKETT as Bernstein the Jew. PricesCircle, 1/6. Early Doors, 1/9; and 1 Early Doors 1/3 Pit, Od., Early Doors, 9d. Boxes seat four, 8r- Picture Matinee Saturday afternoon for Children at 1.30, NEXT WEEK, March 9th-Mr. Harry Foxwell's No. I Co., in an Entirely New Play- ONLY A MILL GIRL A Plat dealing with Lancashire Principal Industry. Workmen's Hall. TON PENTRE. Proprieton The Maindy and Eastern Workmen Week commencing March 2, 1914 EDITH at CLAIR In a return Yi"it with New Songs. GRACIE OBAALD A Charming Comedienne. RICARD NAVA QUARTETTE In Vocal and Instrumental Act. Pictures Changed Completely Mid-Week 6-45 TWICE NIGHTLY 8-48" Matinee on Wednesday Morning" at 10.30 PRICES AS USUAL. NEW THEATRE, PONTYPRIDD. Sole Proprietors Messrs. TRENCHARD & JONES Manager Mr. CHARLES TRENCHARD Acting Manager Mr. WILLIAM TRENCHARD Monday, March 2nd, 1914, andeach evening: daring the week. MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 2.30.1 WILL PARKIN & CHAS. KASRACS. Grand Spectacular Comedy Pantomime Diack Whiettingtoa AND HIS CAT Wntten by WILL. PARKIN. NOTE POPULAR PRION. Centre Circle, 2/- Side Circle, 1/8 Stallslf < 1 /•» Pit, ed. Gallery, 4d. Children in arms not admitted. Early Doors 3d. extra to-all parts except Gallery; Gallery, 2d. Ordinary Doors 7-10 p.m.. commence 7-45^ 2867 PAVILION TREORCHY. Proprietors :-The Express Holler Skating & Picture Palace Co. Manager, R. Mothersill. Morning :Monday, Mareh 2nd, 1914. Morning Performance for Night Worker* Every Tuesday at 10.30 o'clock. Full ProhranoBse. 6.46 TWICE NIGHTLY 8.46. TED LE ROY & Co., In a Novel Vocal and Darcing Scena. DICK LIVESEY, The Gradely Ventriloquist and hie little pal Peter." Starring Engagement of the Marvellous Violin Virtuoso, SIGNOR CANTARELLI From the Scala Theatre, Antwtrp; Palais D'ete, Brussels Palladium and Pavilion, London-, Assisted by Mdlle. LILLY at the Piano. Prices 3d. 4d, ed. Early Doors, 4d, ed, 9d Star Programme of Pictures changed twice weekly. 2672

! A Car Without a Conductor.

Mid-Rhondda and District Canine…