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Why Your Stomach Hurts.I


Why Your Stomach Hurts. A DOCTOR'S COMMON-SENSE ADVICE aii in the stomach, variously called indigestion, dyspepsia, flatulence, heart- burn, stomach-ache, etc., is usually attri- buted to some unnatural, abnormal or diseased condition of the stomach itself. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Nineteen times out of twenty the stomach is absolutely healthy and normal, the pain and discomfort" being entirely due to the acidity and fermen- tation of food which irritates and dis- tends the stomach although if this con- dition is allowed to run on, in time the constant irritation of the acid is likely to eat into the stomach walls and produce ulcers and sometimes cancer of the stomach. Medicine is useless in such a case. The acid and fermenting food must be removed by a stomach pump or an emetic, or you must neutralise the acid and stop the fermentation by taking half a teaspoonful of bisurated magnesia in a little water. This latter is by far the simpler and safer method. Bisurated magnesia almost immediately neutralises the dangerous acid and by correcting the food contents enables even a tired, weak stomach to digest almost any food with- out any difficulty. Physicians advise that bisurated magnesia should be kept in every home, and a little taken after each meal whenever the slightest tendency to food fermentation is shown. Be sure to obtain bimrated magnesia, as other forms of magnesia are valuable as tooth and mouth washes, but they do not give satisfactory resutls in stomach disorders. 2787

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