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St. Andrew's Llwynypia.I



?"'The Cook's Best Friend.?? l(80RWeCK'S | t  ?BAK?C R-OWDE J? Treherbept. chikko for Chickens. II VJEJLO for Pigeons. N OSOKO for Dogs. I Local Agent R. T. JONES, II Sheffield House. TREHERBERT. 2647 Everything of the Best. t 1. JOHN, I Tailor, Outfitter & Gents' Mercer, ■ 134, Bute 8treet, (Opposite Castle Hotel), I TREHERBERT. 2547 I POSTINC I POSTING! POSTING I At Reasonable Chargee. ■ —LORRIES TO MEET ALL TRAINS.- I Note the Address ■ MICHAEL DAVIES, I Uniertaker, Foster, & Funeral Furnisher, ■ 11 8tation Street, TREHERBERT I I Tel. P.O.. 24. 2577 Ferndale. BARNES O'HARE, The Sport," For Footballs, Outfits, Medals or Cups. Top of the Town, FERNDALE. 2458 New and Artistic TEETH t FITTEC BY WILLIAM PATON, t DENTAL SURGERY, M 36, nigh Street, FERNDALE. (Next to Post Office.) M Absolutely Painless Extractions. Moderate M Charges. 2464 T. J. RICHARDS/& Co, Furnishers, Ironmongers, &c., N 74, DufFryn Street & Cross Street, FERNDALE. Carved Oak Suite, S Guineas. Motor Cycles including Triumph (1913), to be cleared. 2545 N Treorchy. Mr. A. FUHRER, Jeweller & Optician, TREORCHY & PENTRE. IWe make our Wedding Rings a Speciality. 2640 Tonypandy. E. A. DAVIES, Paris House, Pandy Square FOB Smartest Millinery 2462 H. DAVIES, Ironmonger and Tool Dealer, 100, Dunraven Street, TORIPANDY. I A Large Variety of Incandescent Burners always in stock. 263 Porth. WHY PAY MORI I For Your JEWELLERY ? I When you can get it at nearly II Half the Price at NEVIES BROS., I 51, Hannah Street, Porth. I Why be short of Money!? when ))! FREEDMAN'S UiU Hannah Street, PORTH Lends Most Money on Gold and Silver, and other t Goods. M FOR BARGAINS SEE WINDOWS. [2632 t IT LADIES. Send no money. We will forward you post free a sampl e of GAUTIERS FAMOUS PILLS, which are without doubt the most certain remedy ever discovered for all female irregularities. They are un. equalled for Women and are safe cure, and speedy. Also our valuable 50-page Booklet and Guide to Health on re ceipt of a Post-card or a Letter. BALDWIN & Co., Herb & Drug Stores, OnJy Address Electric Parade, Holloway, London, N Sold id Boxes 7Jd. 2 3. Excra Strong. 46. Don't tink de world's oonaarned 'bout yoi, You've got to holler, sonny; De man dat runs de biggest shout Gets closest to ds money. ? ..=? ?ARCHER&? j COMENRETURNS j|frg ?_?RE6JSTEHED ?-?J ? ?- 'ift. ""a, -N.. ?; .>? Facsimile of One-Ounce Packet. Archer's Golden Returns Th* Perfection of Pipe Tot?ceo, CBOL,SWEK^ AND ^*CKAKT. 1


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I New Church at Penygraig.