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St. Andrew's Llwynypia.I


St. Andrew's Llwynypia. I Sucoessful Sale of Work. I A sale of work and cafe chantant was held at the Church Hall, Tonypandy, on Thursday, the 19th inst., which proved to be a huge success. The Vicar (the Rev. D. W. Davies, B.A.), in giving details of the church debt (towards which the pro- ceeds were to go), said that two years and a half ago. when he came to the parish as incumbent, there was a debt of £ 950 on the Parish Church and St. David's Church. During the last two years this debt had been reduced, mainly bv subscriptions, by £ 450 (approximately) £ 244 Is. of this had been got from generous people outside the parish, some of whom had interests in the parish, and L204 7s. Id. had come from parishioners themselves. He thought that a very creditable contribution from parishioners, considering the hard times they had gone through. The Vicar regretted that Mr. A. G. Brown, who had promised to open the proceedings that day, was unavoid- ably kept away by important business; and so was also Mr. Edwin Thomas. He therefore called upon Mrs. Alfred Jones, the Lower Surgery, Tonypandy, to open the sale of work, which Mrs. Jones did in a few well-chosen words. Mr. W. E. Jones, the secretary, proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs. Jones, which was seconded by the Rev. J. L. Philips, and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the stall- holders, tray-holders, ticket sellers, and all workers by the Rev. D. H. Evans, and seconded by Dr. Alfred Jones, and sup- poi-ted by Mr. F. G. Lowe. There were three stalls, all of which tvere loaded with beawtiful and useful things. One stall was furnished by Mrs. Weichert and the members of the Mothers' Union. This stall was presided over by Mrs. Weichert, the enrolling member, assisted by Mrs. George Hoyle, Mrs. Sam Davies, and Mrs. Llewellyn, Pimmer. The other two stalls (plain and fancy) were furnished by the associates, members and candidates of the Girls' Friendly Society. The Fancy Stall was presided over by Mrs. Spiekernell and Miss David, and the Plain Stall by Mrs. Lewis, Court Street, and Airs. Best, The ladies who were responsible for the tea. and provisions were:—Mrs. Davies, The Vicarage Miss Stockwell, Mrs. Evans. Cadle Cottage lildoii, Mrs. Alfred Jones. Airs. F. Bartle Thomas, Mrs. David Lloyd. Mrs. W. D. Jones, Mrs. J. King. Mrs. Williams, Hillside; Mrs. AYillie Llewellyn. Mrs. O. S. Evans, Airs. D. W. James, and Miss Phyllis AYilliams. Other workers were Mrs. Roberts, Art on Ter race Mrs. Gibbon. Mrs. Bowen, Miss Howell, Alls. D. Phillips. Mrs. Johnson, Miss Ethel Lloyd, and Messrs. AA7. Ashman, Arthur Jones. T. Hughes, Harry Mayhers, Fred Lowe, Percy Clemens, and W. B. Cox. The result has exceeded all expectations. The sum realised will be between tsO and £ 90.



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I New Church at Penygraig.