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I Gilfach Goch - -

I Treherbert Horse Show.

ICymanfa at Tonypandy.


I Cymanfa at Tonypandy. The annual "cymanfa ganu" of the Calvinistic Methodists of Mid-Rhondda was held on Monday at Bethania, Mr. J. T. Rees, Alus. Bac., conducting. The day wa,s fortunately most favourable, and a- memorable festival was the result. At the morning meeting, Mr. Jenkins (Pisgah) presided. The children sang most delight- fnlly. and gave ample evidence that their work had been thoroughly prepared. The authcm, "Rhyfelgan y Plant,' was a feature of the meeting. At the Tone Sol-fa examination the examiner, Mr. Dd. R ees, Blaenclydach. reported an advance on last year's numbers, but that illi cue had entered from Scion, Pisgah and Bethania. He sincerely hoped that the people in authority would take a real interest in the work next year. Dr. 1. L. Morgan. Clydach Vale, with his cus- I tomary generosity, had presented the committee with a magnificent banner for the best Sol-fa class last year. This year the competitors were Libanus and Penuel, and the examiner awarded it to the first- named. The teacher of the class, Miss Agnes Thomas, was presented with the banner by the Rev. J. Morgan. Prizes were also awarded by the examiner to Bella Jones and Muriel Morgan for the best work done in the Jaulor Elementary and Intermediate Grades. In the afternoon and evening, success- ful meetings were again held, the several hymn-tunes being rendered with much fervour. Two anthems were contributed, "Moeswch i'r Arglwydd and Cenwcli ynllafar." Very fine renderings were also given of "Moliant" (D. Rees), it befog sung at both meetings. In the hymn-tune competition, the prize was awarded to Mr. John Lewis, A.C., Blaen- clydach. The chairmen were the Rev. T. H. Morgan and Mr. D. J. Jones. Misses M. B. Griffiths and A. Rees played the accompaniments throughout, and Misses Lizzie Davies and A M. Jen- kins contributed solos. The officers of the committee were:- Chairman. Rev. D. Davies, B.A. • trea- surer. Mr. T. Jones; secretaries, Messrs. Dan Morgan and Gwilym Evans.



ISacred Cantata at Gelli.

ISoar Chapel, Clydach ValeI

A Tonypandy Woman! Gives Evidence.

IRhondda Tramway Bill.I


tA Helpless Paralytic

IGilfach Goch.




Porth. I