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Ton-Pentre Police Court.

Treherbert Chamber ofI Trade.

j Cwmparc.I


Annual Meeting of the Glamorgan…


IMid-Rhondda Free Church Council.

i Ratepayers' Meeting at lYnymhir.



Ferndale. A very successful Cinderella dance took place at the Ferndale Workmen's Insti- tute on Wednesday evening of last week. There was a large number present and were highly pleased with the excellent programme submitted by the M.C.'s, Messrs. Gwilym and Tom Howells and Dan Morgans, with Mr. Tommy Mullins with his popular music. The annual preaching services of Taber- nacle, Ferndale, commenced on Saturday evening last, and continued till Monday. The sacred edifice was packed to its very utmost at each. service to listen to in- spiring sermons of the Revs. Vernon Lewis, B.A.. B.D., Liverpool, and D. Emrys James, Pontypridd. On Sunday afternoon, the Rev. Vernon Lewis offi ciated at Trerhondda. A collection was made towards the chapel funds. Many of our readers will regret to hear of the death of Mr. Job Jones. Hirwaun, who was at one time a resident at Fern- dale, and engaged as under-manager at the collieries, where he was highly re- spested by the workmen. During late years he had retired but had kept an hotel at Hirwaun, and during his short stay there had made a host of friends. The funeral took place on Saturday last at the Aberdare Cemetery. A large num- ber of Ferndale friends' were present at the funeral. Deceased leaves a widow and several children. The Hen Wlad fy Nhadau concert which took place at the Workmen's Hall, Ferndale, on Thursday evening of last week, was a success in all ways. This b uldine was filled with an appreciative audience. Miss Gwladys Arthur. New- bridge. delighted her listeners with her solo efforts particularly that of "Gwlad y Delyn" for which -he received a thun- derous reception and was obliged to re- spond. Mr. Ivor Foster gave the r-nder- ings of "TIred Hands" and" Drake goes Wpst." Mr. Ivor Walters left a great impression in f erndale on Irs fi st visit. The name of Miss All, Evans was suffi- cient to ensure her success. The havpic-t Mr. T dor PoweT, was well received, he i'so having to respond to a -e'l -er-ted encore. Madame Lily R^h^rds-Evajj^ VR C M. L.R. VM.. was an irle I a enm- r)ani,t, Much of the sucees", of t"ic; event 's d"e to the local secre+ari~s i iz Messrs. D. T. Davies and T. 0. E,,a,, s (r o o era- tive) who worked most assiduously with the affair.