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Ton-Pentre Police Court.

Treherbert Chamber ofI Trade.

j Cwmparc.I


Annual Meeting of the Glamorgan…


IMid-Rhondda Free Church Council.

i Ratepayers' Meeting at lYnymhir.


i Ratepayers' Meeting at l Ynymhir. At Saron Vestry, Ynyshir, on Wednes- day evening. Councillor E, T. Wood gave a report of some of tho work done by the Council during tho past year. Councillor John Thomas (Fernbank) presided. Councillor Wood's report dealt with the work of the various committers, and he said the Rhondda Council was the most important body of its kind in the king- dom, and had the most extensive area in tho county. Three members had been recently added to tho Council, making the number 33. Councillor Wood dwelt on the work of the Health Committee, and prophesied that with the acquirement of open spaces they would soon have a healthier Rhondda. than they had now. The Rhondda, he said, had tho finest schools in the kingdom, but the teachers had to handle unwieldly classes, some- times numbering from forty to fifty and even more, and it was impossible for the best work to be done under these circum- stances it was unfair to the child and to tiio teacher (loud applause). Ha strongly ad vocated the linking up of the elementary and secondary schools with tha universities. He was very much surprised at the apathy shown by workmen towards the opportunity held out to them of own- ing their own houses by obtaining loana from tho Council at a low rate of interest and easy repayments. Although the scheme had been thoroughly advertised, there had been only three applicants. Councillor Wood described in detail the undertaking of the refuse destructor and the electric lighting proposals, and gave figures to show that there was every like- lihood of a substantial income being derived by the Council from this direc- tion. Dealing with the question of new offices, the speaker said that tho alleged sug- gested expenditure of £ 55,000 on elaborate offices was a bogey raised by someone, though for what purpose he did not know. As a Councillor, he knew of no such sum, and he would challenge anyone to prove that the Council had considered such a figure. Ho was going to support the movement for new offices, but would not lend his support to an expenditure such as that. New offices wore sadly needed, and anyone knowing the present socom- modation for the various departments, would admit it was entirely inadequate. There was not a department properly accommodated, and messengers had even to be kept in the cases where members of the staff were accommodated outside the general building. Extensions had been made every year, and these had cost up to the present over £ 10,000. If there was no need for new offices, then why all these extensions, involving an annual expendi- ture of je600 to £ 700? Supposing they erected new offices costing 1:12,000, or even £ 20,000. a loan would bo sanctioned by the Local Government Board at some- thing like thirty years purchase, and at the present rate of expenditure on exten- sions this sum could be easily repaid in that period, and as well the present build- ings could be realised and the proceeds devoted to the same object. In conclusion, Councillor Wood thanked them for their kindness, and appealed for their support for Councillor Thomas and himself and others in their work, which, he assured them, was carried out in their best interests. He thought they could look forward to a new and pleasant era, and they would yet see the Rhondda one of the healthiest and pleasantest spots in the country (cheers). A large number of questions were put to the speaker, and were satisfactorily answered by Councillor Wood and Coun- cillor Thomas. Mr. Wm. Evans (Manchester House), speaking in Welsh, eulogised the report. The Rev. E. Christmas Jones (Watts- town) paid high tribute to Councillor Wood. and Mr. John Griffiths also spoke to the same effect. Councillor Wood, in returning thanks, proposed a vote of thanks to the chair- man which, seconded by Mr. J. E. Lloyd (Porth), was carried amidst loud applause.