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Ton-Pentre Police Court.

Treherbert Chamber ofI Trade.

j Cwmparc.I


Cwmparc. I Cwmpare has lately woke to the fact that it ha.s not a resident J.P., and a little ventilation of the grievance resulted in a. public meeting at the Park Hall last week. The matter was fully discussed in all its aspects, and it was decided to make representations in the proper quarters to secure such an appointment. In the event of a successful issue, Mr. T. C. Morgan. ex-Schools, is the candidate nomi- nated, and we really thin\: that such an honour would be a fitting climax to the long and honourable career of the veteran pedagogue. The rustic sports (twice postponed owing to bad weather) organised by the Cwmdare champion tug-of war team were held at Ystradfochan Field (kindly lent by Mr. E. Edwards) on Saturday after- noon, although the Clark of the Weather was once more in fretful mood. A fairly large crowd assembled despite the rain, and the various events were spiritedly contested. A bad accident marred the success of the football tournament, W. H. Taylor having the misfortune to break his leg in effecting a clearance. First- aid was effectively rendered by Sergeant Fudge and Mr. Percy Pryce (of the Cwm- I pare Ambulance Brigade). The following is a list of awards: —Skipping: 1st, Bessie Glass; 2nd, E. M. Owen. Barrow race: 1st, M. Duggan; 2nd, J. E. Edwards. Pillow fight: 1st, P. Pryce; 2nd, H. Hawkins. Greasy pole: 1st, W. Morris; 2nd, H. Hawkins. Tug-of-war (open): 1st, Cwmdare A.; 2nd, Cwmdaro B. Tug- of-war (hauliers): 1st. Cwmdare Hauliers 2nd, Ton-Pentre Hauliers. Football com- petition 1st, Cwmparc Undaunted; 2nd, Dai Lossin's Team. The local St. John's Ambulance Brigade wound up a successful session on Satur- day evening last, when 25 members were examined by Dr. Thomas, Taff's Well. The. results promise to be highly satisfac- tory, which reflects great credit upon their teacher. Dr. Barrett. Messrs. John Lewis and F. Gillard, officers of the bri- gade, have rendered efficient assistance in organising and other matters through- out the season. It is with deep regret we record the death of Gwilym McLean, at the early age of 39. Deceased had suffered serious ill-health for a few years, but bore his affliction with exemplary courage and patience. He leaves a widow and several young children, with whom tho whole neighbourhood sympathises deeply. The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon last, and was well attended in spite of intermittent showers of heavy rain. The Rev. E. G. Thomas (Salem) conducted the funeral services.


Annual Meeting of the Glamorgan…


IMid-Rhondda Free Church Council.

i Ratepayers' Meeting at lYnymhir.