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Ton-Pentre Police Court.


Ton-Pentre Police Court. Monday.-Ilefore the Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), Mr. W. T. Jouch, Alderman E. ti. Da vies, Messrs. Enoch Varies, R. S. Griffiths and J. D. Williams. FOOTBALL ON THE HIGHWAY. A crowd of Tonypandy youths were summoned for paying football on the highway, the following being fined: Owen Phillips (lb), haulier 2s. 6d. and the following were fined la. each —David J. Daviea (13), Herbert Chick (14), Aaron James (13), Evan C. Chick (11), Harold Rees (10), and Trevor Davies (9). On a similar charge, Alfred Bert (17), oollier, Trealaw, was fined 7s. 6d.; Evan Hodder (16), collier, Trealaw, 7s. 6d.; and each of the following, all from Tre- alaw, were fined 2s. 6d. each:—James Evans (16), oollier-boy, Herbert Bennett (lft), Wm. Pennington (16), John Fluck (16), and James Rudd (16). GAMBLING. A charge of gaming with cards was pre- fparred against Thomas Evans (33), col- lier, Treherbert, who was fined 15s. Goo. Beard (33), collier, Treherbert, 20s. Arnold Jackson (23), collier, Treherbert, 15s. Wm. John Lewis (20), collier, Tre- herbert, 15s. Edward Hammond (24), oollier, Tynewydd, 20s. Thos. Evans (20), collier, Tynewydd, 20s. Thos. James (19), collier, Treherbert, 15S.; Enoch Jones (16>, oollier, Treherbert, 15s. For gaming with coins, four Blaenycwm boys were summoned and fined as follow —i)d. Edwards (15), collier-boy, 7s. 6d. Thos. Martin (15), collier-boy, 7s. 6d. Benjamin Martin (14), 2s. 6d. Evan Lewis (14), 2s. 6d. Joseph Harris Jacobs, a bookmaker from Merthyr. was summoned for playing a game of chance with dice at Treherbert Horse. Show. P.C. Da vies said he saw defendant play- ing a game of Under and Over. He Was shoutlng, N-ow, W&.5 shouting, "Now, you lucky shots. Three to one on the old seven, evens on Under and over." There was a large Imewd around, and witness saw eight men try their hand one won and seven lost. A warrant, was issued for the appear- ance of Jacobs to answer the charge. COAL STEALING. A charge of jointly stealing l!cwt. of ()Oal, the property of the Glamorgan Coal Company, was preferred against four Tre- alaw schoolboys—Wm. James Wesley (13), Wito was fined 10s. Pvan Jones (12), 7¡. Od. Thos. Collins (9), Is. and John Jones (8), Is. THE LUSHINGTONS. The following were summoned for being drunk and incapable:—Wm. Griffiths (26), <iollier, Pentre, who was lined 10s. and oosts; Thos. Williams (31), oollier, Gelli. L0&. and "William Geo. Hurtran (44), labourer. Pentre, was ordered to pay costs. For being drunk and disorderly. Chas. Locock (30), collier, Gelli, was fined 10s. Eleazar Jones (36). collier, Treherbert, 15?.; Thos. John Thomas (25), haulier, B?enclydach. 25s. Thos. Thomas (62), labourer, Ton, 10s. Robert Williams (22), haulier, Ystrad, 15s.; John Jones ViS), wilier, Gelli, 10s. Patrick Cummmgs (36), repairer, Treherbert. 20s. Caleb (3S), repajrer, Tre h er b ert. 90s. Ca!eb Afo,rgan (26), collier, Treherbert, 30s. Edwin Raymond (33), coiner, Clydach Alfred Taylor (29), collier, Oiyciach Vale, 10s. Thos. O'Brien (00). Collier, Trealaw. 10s. Matthew Sa.nuel (48), collier, Trealaw, 30s. Wm. Millar (51), collier, Trealaw, 15s. Wm. Harris (34), haulier, Trealaw, 15s. John O'Grady (38), collier. Gilfach Goch, 20s. Henry livans (38), collier, Gilfach Goch, 15s. John Sherlock (47). no fixed; abode, 10s.; Mortimer O'Connor (SG). labourer, Cym- mer, 30s. Wm. Young (28), labourer. Penygraig. 10s. Henry Hughes (38), -sinke.r, Tonyretait, 10s. Wm. Da vies (34), Wiii. Davles (34). haulier, Treherbert. los. wios. Hughes (35), collier, Gilfach Goch, ios. Thomas (40), haulier, Gilfach Goch, 15s. Thos. Waite (30), collier, Treorchy, 10s.; k. Thomas '(30), collier, Penygraig, Patrick Young, Penygraig, 40s. 1.. On a similar charge the following were ■*>und over:—James Wakeford (21), "Ili(,.r, Tstrad; Ernest Rees (19), collier, gilfach Goch; and Rowland Hughes, ool- let, Clydach Vale. For being disorderly and refusing to licensed premises at Treorchy, Mor- ka-li Evans (32). haulier, Pentre, was j*0ed 10s. Abraham Hopkins (23), coi- Ystrad, 10s. Bertie Jones (22), col- lier, Treorchy, 10s. Idris Evans (25), ^•ulier, Treorchy, 15s. Vincent- Dicero (38). collier, Treorchy, *<* Patrick Palmer (29), labourer, Cwm- rlQoe, were fined 15s. each for being on premises during pronibited hours. A, a charge of falsely representing 2^mselves to be bona fide travellers, Dd. • illiarn, and George Harris. Trebanog. cautioned and discharged. BAD LANGUAGE. The use of indecent language was i*- j >asible for the following fines: -tT ohn (19), collier. Ton, 15s. Glyndur Ua, ? (21), collier, Treherbert, 15s. "gil Edwards (21). haulier. Treorchy, b Evan Young (32), collier, Treher- 15s. Nancy Young (35), Treherbert, rr" Owen Pritchard (84), collier, Clydnch n|; -> 10s. Griffith Jones (40), timber- P ■ Trealaw, 15s. George Best (30). C4)lli Trealaw los. Joseph Barclay haulier, Blaenclydach, 15s. SUNDAY TRADERS. '?'?? cases of Sunday trading were .?t and the  old offenders daau ?!th, an d the fcHowing old offenders Ve fined '?- ?? costs each:—Gonnia ??rf.??si (19) Cwmp?rc: Dd. Ccnam1 (?'? ?wmparc Natale Morruzzi (28) b?P?": ?i-o J?dcccico (22), Treher- j, Ann B?er (50). Trealaw. wJ* k- ^"fhbev (18), Trcalaw. and Ethe? ?a es (28), Trealaw, were fined 5s. each. NOT AT SCHOOL. P n 1 } 'ld n^selecting to send theu children to ?_ Gwilym Bowen (33), collier. Cly- dach Vale, was fined 5s. Thos. Williams (40), filter, Clydach Vale, 7s. Gd. Hugh T. James (39), overman, "Clydach Vale, 7s. 6d.; GomGr Thomas (32), collier, Clydach Vale, 7s. 63. Wm. Owen (36), Clydach Vale, 7s. 6d. Thos. Owea (36), collier, Clydach Vale, 7s. 6d.: John Hughes, stoker, Clydach Vale, Ge.; David Williams (50), Thos. Morgan (40), collier, Clydach Vale, 78. 6d. John Morgan (40), oollier, Clydach Bale, 7s. 6d. Wm. James (27), collier, Clydach Vale, 5s.; Joseph Wood (38), collier, Clydach Vale, 5s. MISCELLANEOUS. I George Taylor (29). collier, Ystrad, was fined 20s. for using offensive language on a Rhondda eleetrio tramcar. John Seeley (25), haulier, Hopkinstown, was summoned by his wife, Margt. Seeloy, for persistent cruelty, and an order was made for the payment of lls. a week to- wards her maintenance. Jeremiah Horrigan (35). fireman, Tany- pandy, was fined 4;2, or a month, for assaulting David Howells, also of Tony- pandy. Thomas Evans (40), haulier, Troorchy, was fined J-2 and bound over to keep the peace for six months for assaulting Rd. Evans, also of Treorchy. David John Davies (31), collier, Peny- graig, was fined 15s. for committing an indecent aot. George Crest (35), collier, Trealaw, was fined 15s. for defiling a wall. Fredk. A. Harris (19), haulier, Gelli, was fined 5s. for driving without lights. Pollv Boy(i (37), Polly Boyd (37), married, Trealaw, was fined 10s. for obstructing the police. On a charge of assaulting P.C. James, Tonypandy, and being drunk and dis- orderly, Henry Dalton (13), collier, Gil- fach Goch, was brought up in custody. The charge of assault was adjourned for two months, prisoner being informed that if he settled down and worked regularly during this time, the fact would bo taken into account. On the charge of being drunk and disorderly he was bound ever for twelve months. TREALAW WIFE'S PLEA. I Charlotte Dawson, an elderly woman, I of Trealaw. was summoned for drunken- ness. Giving way to tears, she pleaded, "I am guilty, but conscientiously I was not drunk. Defendant's husband told the justices that lie had nothing but praise for his wife. Mr. T. P. Jenkins (chairman) advised defendant, whom lie said he knew well, not to fall into that temptation again. Defendant was discharged with a caution. NO TRACES LEFT. I Evan Llewellyn, haulage contractor to the Great Western Railway Co. at Peny- graig, was summoned for removing horses alleged to have been suffering from mange from an affected area without notifying the police. P.S. Baker gave evidence of the exist- ence of mange at defendant's stables at Penygraig m December .ast. which was reported to the police by defendant. The premises were subsequently disinfected. In March last four horses were removed- two to Aberdare and two to Hirwain- and were afterwards found to be suffer- ing from mange. Mr. R. T. Bushel, veterinary surgeon, deposed to having examined the horses before their removal, when he could find no evidence of the disease. The Stipendiary (Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas), in dismissing the case, remarked that there was no evidence to show that the defendant knew of the presence of the utsease when the horses were removed, but lie expressed the view that the germs should have been sterilised and the stables closed for some time. Under the circum- stances defendant would be ordered to pay the costs. "TO WET HIS STRIPES." George Llewellyn. Tonypandy, appeared again to answer a charge of drunkenness. "I only asked P.C. James to wet his stripes after he had ben made merit," pleaded Llewellyn, and a summons was the result (laughter). Defendant, who is an old Army man, explained that it had also been the custom to wet the stripes" in the Army. The Stipendiary ( Mr. D. Lleufer Thomas: You must not talk like that here. Defendant was bound over and placed on probation.

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