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UAM K Yl t l fl Al Q! ?r?A?tt English and American Dentistry. Painless Extraction. Telephone—P.O. 19 r .Ar cia Teeth Dent?CII.h and A:e"can Dentistry.. Palnl. Ext'actl?n.. To¡ophon_P,O. 19  s,; messrsMnM-hMNb0 m?L SL.Tfeorchv  A n d vn g l l s h Thu.?" 1 0 a.m. to 1 p.m. -??- &. What I Still jy Sutrertinc P Why don't 5-ou go to \|■S I } ft 42, Charles St.. ^"«=^ L Jr CARDIFF, And learn the benefits to-be derived from taking Radiant Heat,Turkish aDd Electric Baths. They are the belt and niost convenient Baths in S,uth Wales. Open Daily for Ladies and Gentlemen. 1065 R. J. HEATH & SONS 8ole Agenta for the World's Greatest Makers. PIANOFORTES by BECHSTEIN. PIANOFORTES by BROADWOOD. PIANOFORTES by BLUTHNER. PIANOFORTES by SCHIEDMAYER. PIANOFORTES by WALDEMAR. PIANOFORTES by STECK. Pianolas, Pianola-Pianos & Bolians by the OrchestrelleCo-, AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. The ONLY FIRM in Oardiff and District from whom th New Models by these Celebrated Makers can be obtained. It is a great advantage to be able to try these different Instruments side by side, as in our Showrooms. PIANOFORTES in Stock by COLLARD, BRINSMEAD, ERARD, STEINWAY, CHAPPELL, &c. ORGANS by MASON & HAMLIN, BELL, DOMINION, &c., &c New Pianofort as from 15 gns. Cash or lCs. 6d. Monthly. Reduced Instalments. Special Discounts. Official Depot for GRAMOPHONES, RECORD &c. His Master's Voice." 76, Queen Street, Cardiff, 70, Taff Street, PONTYPRIDD Stanwell Road, PENARTH and Station Road, PORT TALBOT. Tel.: Cardiff 2199 Polity ridd 21, lboo Taff JErated Water Co. CLARENCE STORES, PONTYPRIDD. BREWERS OF STONE GINGER BEER, HOP BITTERS, &c., &c. IrMANUFACTURERS OF CORDIALS WHOLESALE PRICES ONLY. W. BANFIELD. D. M. WILLIAMS, Accountant and Public Auditor, BRYN GELLI HOUSE AND PANDY SQUARE CHAMBERS, TONYPANDY. Tradesmen's Accouats written up, Balanced or Audited. Deads of Arrangement, Mortgages and Transfers of Properties negotiated. Bankruptcy and Probate of Will Accounts Prepared. Miuanoe, House and Estate Agent. Rent Collected 2 FERNDALE GENERAL |-| OSPITAL AND EYE JNFIRMARY Patients admitted hee on recommendation of the Governors. Hon. Sec —HENRY DAVIES BIG HAUL OF RATS. RELISH RODINE, the never-failing ratPOISON. Rats like it, devour iG greedily, did, dry up and leave no small. Safe, sure, speedy. Never fails. Complete clearance certain, (id., 1/ 2/ 3 5i-; post 21—HARLEV, Chemist, Perth. Agents- J. W. RICHARDS, Chemist, T,nyp&ndy; T DAVIES, Porth; J. B JRGESS, Ferndale. 203 ===ï' J! For a REMEDY ToTF? TO ij t) whenever an accident occurs we h )t think there is nothing better than 't BURGESS" LION OINTMENT IThe museum of extractions bv this remedy II is moat rem?rktble, rtmgin? from tumours U and diseawd bone to pieces of glass, pen-nibs, I ne»dles, etc., also photographs of most aenoua II cases that have be?n cured. Mr. BURGER? II st?tea conadently there would be no deaths I FROM blood-poisoning by fish bones, ruMy I ?Ia, etc. M are so Ken recorded were this remedy promptly applied. Where there are CHILDREN in the house a box of the Iaoa Ointment should always be handy. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES KINK." I WHEREVER there is disease, such as ABSCES S- I B3, BOILS, WHITLOWS, FISTULA, FATTY I or CYSTIC TUMOURS, RINGWORM, I ECZEMA, or any SKIN DISEASE, or local I INFLAMMATION, apply the Ointment. I Price 18. lid. of any chemist, or post free for P. O. from E. BUKGISS, 59. Gray's Inn Road, London. ADVICE GRATIS. w2786 Britain's fldol MATCHES Midajby IIBritish Workmen. "almsman imitations. IGOT BOx To-day J- & Bisauiass Ltd., Sawney Wick LONDON 113 ?lP^3H a t ? ^^5% r ? j ? TH £ L?C? STOCK OEST VAUje  | ft W A t. E8. tf ~"3 J || Ij HR ADKR& SONS. g 1 f 9 r> a. j y YOUR SKIN YOUR FLESH YOUR BONE MUST BE LOOKED AFTER. Any neglect, when injured by Accident or Disease, may cause or Dl .Wsw, may "Use Blood Poisoning and Death To avoid any Danger, a Reliable Remedy must be used in time. There is nothing so Useful and Effective as GOMER'S BALM. This is now admitted by thousands to be the most Successful for Wounds, Sores, Ulcers, Outs, Burns, Scalds. Excoriations, Abrasion, Eruptions,' Boils, Eczema. Scabs or Breakings Out in Children's Heads, Face, Ears, Gallings, Itchings, Irritations in Women and Children, Scurvy. Piles. Ringworm, Bunions, Corns, Gout, Stiff Joints, Rheumatic Limbs. Lumbago, Bad Legs. My child's head was in a shocking state. Gomer's Balm very soon cured :t." Eczema Cured. "Sir,—I feel that I must let you know how much I value your GOMER'S BALM. My little boy was affected badly for years his face and body being covered with Eczema. A visitor from the London County School called upon me and advised me to try your GOMER'S BALM. As the child was not considered fit to mix I with other children, I bought a box. In a very short time he was completely cured. I am very thankful, as everything else had failed. "I. SEER. "Rushmore Road London." Try it, itCures Everybody. CAUTION.—Ask for GOMER'S BALM, and see that the name in full is on the box: also the name of JACOB HUGHES, for without which none is genuine. Sold by Chemists and Stores at lIlt, or send value in Stamps or P.O. to Maker, JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.D.S.. Manu- facturing Chemist, Penarth, Cardiff. 99 9 The Distant Clock. 1 When you ars able to see t distant objects with greater I distinctness than was even possible J years ago, a" on that account before your eyesight to be im- proved, you are labouring aader a great delusion. Such a condition is certain proof of that chance in yovr vision known as Old Sight," and if you would safeguard (or iann) future good vision, seek oar aid aaw. You need glasses. f J. w. RICHARDS, Cftcatet a»d Opttclu, PANDY SQUARE, TOMYHtMDY. HOWELL WILLIAMS « Son, UNDERTAKERS A FUNERAL FURNISHERS. Funerals oompletoly furnished in the Met Ityle, and at reasonaMe charges. Pro- prietors of Sheilibiers, Open, Closed and Glass-sided Hearses, Mourning and Wed- ding Coaches, Brakes, &0. Every requisite for Funerals kept on the premises. William Street, Ystrad-Rhondda P.O. Telephone 88. 111 Reliable, Smart, Speedy. The Name WILTSHIRE on a BIKE is a GUARANTEE ofthe HIGHEST QUALITY See the New Models For 1913. From £ 4 17s. 6dl. Cash or Easy Payments. SAM WILTSHIRE'S Sports Depots TREORCHY AND TONYPANDY. No other b.aa^lui-

A Treorchy Will.I

IWedding at Ton-Pentre.

Holiday Excursion Arrangements.