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YOUR CHILDRENo COUGHS CAN BE CURED IN ONE NIGHT BY vswo's LIGHTNING mm CURE. j BRITAIN'S STANDARD REMEDY. Whooping cough, croup, bronchitis, and colds are irti- mediately relieved, and the distressing cough which strains and j the lungs quickly cured by VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE-the safest, purest, and most efficient remedy procurable; does not contaiii opium, or poison of any kind Prescribed by doctors and rsoomuoended by the highest authorities as being- especially adapted for children. Mrs. AI>A S. BALLIN, 5, AGAR Street, London, Editor of Wo writes :—" VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE is. a E ?iy successful remedy; it is very pleasant co take. »(,<• Rhe relief it GIVES is very rapid. The preparation is perf f for children." AÙ k" "ENO'S LIGHTENING COUGH CURE at Chemists 'n AND I tores; price P £ D., 1/1 j, and 2.9. Sold everywhere. j DINAS POWIS. SALE OF DWELLING-HOUSES. MR J. T. SAUNDERS has been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, on TUESDAY, April 10th, 1906, at 7.30 o'clock in the evening, the following very desirable DWELLING-HOUSES Lots 1 and 2.—All those Two well-built and desirable DWELLING-HOUSES, situate and being Nos. 2 and 3, BRASSEY-ROAD, DINAS POWIS, each containing drawing-room, dining-room, kitchen, scullery and pantries, 3 bedrooms, h. and c. bath, good garden with side entrance. Let at 118 6d each per week, tenant paying water rate and landlord paying other rates. Each house has a frontage of 24 feet and a depth of 100 feet, or thereabouts. Drains all completed. Held for a term of 99 years from 25th March, 1903, at the low annual ground rent of 42 each. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at the Cardiff Chambers, 29, St Mary-street, Cardiff; or to W. Stephen Davis, Esq., Solicitor, Church- street, Cardiff. Telegrams, Glo," Penarth. Est. 1875. National Telephone, 22 Penarth, and 2Y2 Barry. D. H8 EDMUNDS, AUCTIONEER, Valuer, House, Estate and Insurance Agent. Valuations made for Probate and other purposes. Sales conducted with Prompt Settlement. Agent to the Principality Permanent Investment Building Society for Barry and Penarth district. The largest and most up-to-date Society in Wales. ALL ENQUIRIES HAVE PROMPT ATTENTION. Windsor Chambers, Stanwell road, Penarth; and at Barry Coal Company's Office, Romilly Buildings, Barry. Why Suffer from I RHEUMATISM SCIATICA, LUMBAGO, WHEN URICURA CAN ABSOLUTELY AND PERMANENTLY .CURE YOU? URICURA LINIMENT AND DROPS possess won- derful efficacy, and if used according to the directions, suffering is immediately alleviated, and a speedy cure results, even in the most stubborn cases. The secret of their success is that they go to the root of the matter, and, by eliminating the uric acid from the system, remove the cause of these distressing maladies. Remarkable cures are being reported every day. Liniment Is l^d and 2s 9d, Drops Is lid per bottle Sold by all Chemists Prepared only by The Hammond Remedies Company Barry. P8 "REES' Neuralgia Cure." The bulk of our sales for this marvellous remedy are made through the recommenda- tion of grateful persons who have used it and found relief. We offer you a preparation which cures Neuralgia and similar complaints on scientific natural lines, by attacking the cause instead of attempting temporary relief. It costs Is. Per bottle. Try a bottle to-day. W. E. REES, M.P.S., CHEMIST, 238, Holton-road, Barry Dock (CORNER OF MOREL STREET). j B[ Never Neglect a. ■ n ■ Cold, however slight, or jt may prove tjje beginning of a long and serious illness, ending in death. At the first symp- tom give at once a dose of CHEST, DEAKIN'SCOUGH and LUNG HEALER Which will immediately arrest the course Br of the disease & guard against all ill effects Sf WHAT A MINISTER SATS- I beg- to add my testimony to your mm invaluable preparation, Deakin's Lung H Healer. It possesses marvellous pro- Ira perties, and gives Instant Relief to IB Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Difficulty of !|9 Breathing, etc, It is very beneficial, and jf has proved for many years a j|5 BOON TO THE WORKING CLASSES." I Prices, |/|i & 2/3 c f all Chemists & Stores. If difficult to obtain send direct enclosing i^j 1/3 or 2/6 to the Sole Proprietors :— !§§ G. DEAKIN AHD HUGHES, (Dept. 5) | The Inflammation Remedies Co. fl| BLAENAVON. jig '}' "vr WILLIAM McKEE "'Sir (Late McKEE & ELLIS), RUBBER AND ATHLETIC OUTFITTER. M. FOR CRICKET, TENNIS, WATERPROOFS FOR HOCKEY, FOOTBALL, PURPOSES AT AND REQUISITES FOR LOWEST PRICES. A GAMES AND SPORTS OF ALL KINDS, AT QTTTF.XTUA CHARGE. LOWEST PRICES. PERSONAL ATTEN- LOWEST PRICES. PERSONAL ATTEN- TION TO "s LARGE STOCK. CUSTOMERS. ff FOR FOR FISHING RODS, FLIES, TRUNKS, BAGS, /YF TACKLE, WADERS, HOLDALLS, RUGS, XSN BROGUES, BASKETS, &c. &c., &c. ||j W J IJ fzrrm CYCLE CAPES, WEI* Im I mi RUNNING SHOES, LEGGINGS, &C!, H IP KNICKS, Ac., IN STOCK. ALWAYS IN STOCK. L^MMA|ILLBLLL||[PR BEST GOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES. m* 10, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. Prudential Assurance Company, Ltd. CHIEF OFFICE HOLBORN BARS, LONDON. SUMMARY OF THE REPORT Presented at the Fifty-seventh Annual Meeting, held on 1st March, 1906. ORDINARY BRANCH. —The number of Policies issued during the year was 75,293, assuring the sum of £7,211,427, and producing a New Annual Premium Income of £ 395,029. The Premiums received during the year were £ 4,123,318, being an increase of £154,302 over the year 1904. The Claims of the year amounted to £ 1,812,618. The number of Deaths was 7,437, and 7,775 Endowment Assurances matured. The number of Policies in force at the end of the year was 773,051. INDUSTRIAL BRANCH. The Premiums received during the year were £ 6,139,050, being an increase of £159,715. The Claims of the year amounted to £ 2,261,748. Tha number of Deaths was 238,220, and 3,344 Endowment Assurances matured. The number of Free Policies granted during the year to those Policy-holders of five years' standing and upwards who desired to discontinue their payments, was 123,586, the number in for jB being 1,102,267. The number of Free Policies which became Claims during the year was 24,698. The total number of Policies in force at the end of the year was 16,065,268 their average dura- tion is eleven years. The Assets of the Company, in both branches, as shown in the Balance Sheet, are j359,464,576, being an increase of £4,104,871 over those of 1904. The Staff Provident Fund, which was founded in 1898 for the benefit of the outdoor staff, shews a satisfactory increase for the year, the total amount standing to the credit of the Fund being £ 148,941. Since the completion of the Valuation the Actuary has reported that in his opinion a general increase of two-and-a-half per cent. could, with safety, be granted under the principal Industrial Branch Tables if provision were made for an increase in the liability of £ 750,000. The Board have accordingly revised the Tables as from 1st March, 1906, and have made provision to meet the increased liability by the transfer during the current year of £ 750,000 from the Reserve Fund to the Life Assurance Fund in the Industrial Branch, leaving this Reserve Fund at £ 1,000,000. The Shareholders will be glad to know that this revision affects nearly Thirteen Million Policies, and of this number over Ten Million Policies receive an immediate increase in the sum assured.