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BARRY DOCKS. CHRYSANTHEMUM SOCIETY.—A meeting was held at Barry Y.M.C. A Rooms on Saturday evening last in connection with the local Chrysanthemum Society, when rules were drawn up and classes for a schedule were decided upon in view of the forthcoming show. FOOTBALL SMOKER.—The smoking concert which was to have been held in aid of the funds of the Barry Wednesday Rugby Football Club at the Alexandra Buildings, Woodland-road, Ba.rry Docks, on Tuesday evening last, has been postponed till Tuesday next, at 8.30 p.m. FRED G. BENNETT, Organist, Bible Christian Church, has Vacancies for Pupils in Piano, Organ, and Violin Playing. Theory and Harmony.—For terms apply 100. Helton-road, Barry Docks. AT BUTTEI^LS-HOAD FREE CHURCH on Sunday next, March 18th. the Rev W. Richardson will deliver a Gospel Lantern Lecture for Adults at 8.10 p.m. Subject," Life of Christ." All are welcome. Copper collection. TOBACCONISTS commencing business can have Mixed Parcels of Tobacco and Cigarettes at maker's wholesale prices. Send post card for Price List to F. R. HURFORD, 259 and 122, Holton- road, Barry Docks. ANNUAL MEETING OF COALTRIMMERS. — The annual general meeting of the Barry Branch of the Coaltrimmers' Union will be held at St. Mary's Hall, Barry Docks, on Saturday evening next, at 7.30, for the election of officers. It is hoped there will be a full attendance of members. MR W. H. SHINN. Professor of Music, prepares pupils for L.R.A. M., A.R.C.M., and A.L.C.M. diplomas also for the local examinations of the Associated Board Cert. R.A.M., etc. Over 50 successes during the past eighteen months. Address 26, Court-road. SPIRITU ALISM. Alexandra Hall, Woodland- road, Barry Docks. On Sunday next, March 18th, Mutual Improvement Class at 11 a.m. In the evening, at 6.30, Mr T. E. Davies, of the Merthyr Spiritualist Society, will be the speaker. All are cordially invited. THE SALVATION ARMY.-On Sunday next, at 11 a.m., holiness meeting 3 p.m., men's bible class Б.45P.m., speaker, Captain Chalker, topic, "Christ's agony in the Garden of Gethssmane." Monday, at 8 p.m., T. Hall, Esq will give a Phonograph Service. Records taken in the meeting and reproduced. I.L.P. SOCIAL.—Another sociable entertainment in connection with the Barry branch of the Independent Labour Party took place on Wednes- day evening last at the Regent Hall, Barry Docks, when a very enjoyable programme of songs, dances, recitations, etc., was provided, the pro- ceedings being most pleasant throughout. There was a good attendance. BARRY INDEPENDENT LABOUR PARTY.— On Sunday next, March 18th, at 6.30 p.m., a public meeting will be held at the Regent Hall, Barry Docks, when Mr G. Bibbings will deliver a lecture, subject, 13 the Labour Movement worth con- sidering ? Questions and discussion invited. All working men and women interested in this important subject are invited to attend. FURTHER VISIT BY MR BEN TILLETT.-Under the auspices of the Barry Riggers and General Labourers' Union, a meeting will be held at St. Mary's Hall, Barry Docks, this evening (Thursday), at 7.15, when addresses will be delivered by Mr Ben Tillett, general secretary of the Dock, Wharf, Riverside, and General Workers'Union Mr James Wignall, organiser, Swansea and others. Coun- cillor J. H. Jose will preside. ST. PATRICK'S DINNER AND DANCE. — The annual dinner and dance in celebration of St. Patrick's Day will be held at Oulley's Hotel, Barry Docks, on Monday evening next, at seven o'clock, when Councillor Dr P. J. O'Donnell will take the chair. Mr J. G. Swift MacNeil, K.C., M.P. for Donegal, will be the principal speaker. There are already a large number of applications for tickets, and this popular annual event is likely to be as largely attended as in former years. THE POWIS HOTEL.—Application was made at the Barry Licensing Court on Thursday last for the transfer of the license of the Cross Keys Inn to the Powis Hotel, Dinas Powis, on the ground that the population of the place was growing rapidly. Mr Donald Maclean, M.P., in opposing, said if the transfer was granted a quiet neighbour- hood would be converted into a veritable pan- demonium. The application was refused,