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r Every Meal all Agony. Acute Indigestion cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Miserable Victims of Indigestion wonder whether to starve almost, at the risk of growing weaker, or whether to eat and suffer the agonies that follow every meal. Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People solve the food problem. They enrich the blood and supply necessary strength to the digestive organs, enabling the system to derive nourishment from food without pain or distress. I did not bother much at first when troubled with indigestion, but it developed into a painful chronic affliction, until I .MnfH. gave up hopes of relief." These words of Mrs Hawkins, y of 18, Mantle-road, Leicester, ,7i,_r -u, should serve as a warning to /{'% who suffer distress after meals, with drowsiness, fullness, palpitations, and loss of appetite. These are M ^5%—!the early warnings of more ft, serious troubles to follow. ft "I used to rise in the fi i morning," explained Mrs j W Hawkins, "feeling no W F IV better for a night's rest. I |A J My became painfully thin. J\\ L i .i TTl After the most frugal meal fflIk \/|E|gfc I suffered acute pains in r'j A\\ waaBaBap the stomach, and though I ate less and less every morsel of food caused agony -my digestion was so weak. Sometimes I could hardly drag myself about; medicines seemed use- less. Night or day, I was never free from sharp piercing pains in the back and chest, and I almost lived on milk and soda-water. For months the mere sweeping out of a room was quite beyond me. After this my husband read of cures by Dr Williams' Pink Pills in cases of acute indigestion, and on his persuasion I tried the pills. First the heavy feeling of oppression left me then I could retain food without fear of sickness. I began to get about the house, feeling brighter and better, and so my improvement continued. With only a few boxes all pains vanished, my appetite was good, and I could enjoy food without enduring agony afterwards. Thanks to Dr Williams' Pink Pills I am in excellent health now, and often cycle fifty miles." Dr Williams' Pink Pills cure ruined digestions by their wonderfal action on the blood. They have-also cured Anaemia, Consumption, Eczema, Rheumatism, Sciatica, St Vitus' Da.nce, Paralysis, Locomotor Ataxy, and Ladies' Ailments. Sold at shops (but avoid substitutes, and take care that the full name, Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People, is on every package)^ or direct from Dr Williams' Medicine Co., Holborn-viaduct, London, post free for 2s 9d a box, or six boxes for 13s 9d.