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FRIDAY. Btfore Dr G. Neale and Mr J. A. Manaton. A PEST TO PASSENGERS. Mr Charles Williams, station-master, Barry Docks, informed the Bench that on the let instant he received complaints that a number of lads were running trolleys around the approach to the Rail- way Station, to the danger of passengers. Later he saw Thomas Hancock, David Morgan (youths), and a small boy named Richard Callaghan, riding on a trolley, which they were steering down a hill in the direction of Dock Chambers. These boys he described as a pest to passengers, for they solicited hobbles," and if passengers declined, they indulged in foul language.-The trio were now charged with loitering on private property, and George Musty, foreman porter, deposed to Hancock refusing to go away when requested. — Dock-constable Thomas O'Neill also swore that Hancock refused to "clear off."—Hancock They won't let me go down the dock to get work.- Deputy Chief Constable Giddings stated that Hancock had been before the court nineteen times. -Callaghan was dismissed with a caution, and Hancock was fined 10s, in default 14 days' im- prisonment. Morgan was not dealt with, being further charged that he, assembled with two other youths, named Charles John and James Bryant, in Evans-street, Barry Docks, on the 1st instant, did obstruct the footway.-The case was proved by P.C. Beirne.-Not having been before the court previously, John was dismissed with a caution, and Bryant fined 2s 6d. Morgan was dealt with at a later stage. A FIGHT. Henry Webb was fined 5s for causing an obstruc- tion in Evans-street by fighting. WHOSE POODLE ? Charged with keeping an unlicensed dog, Lily Suckfull pleaded that the animal belonged to her husband, but P.C. George swore that the woman admitted that the dog was hers.-The Clerk (Mr J. W. Morris Now, whose dog is it ?—Defendant It is only a pup from the mother. (Laughter.)— The Bench considered there was a doubt, the bene- fit of which they gave the defendant, who was dismissed. VEHICLE LIGHTS. Florence Wheeler, a yormg woman, of Cadoxton, was fined 2s 6d for driving a vehicle without lights; and Charles Webb, of Merthyr-street, was ordered to pay 2s 6d for driving a covered vaa without rear lights. CHIMNEY AFIRE, A fine of Is 6d was imposed upon Robert Jones, Main-street, Cadoxton, for allowing the chimney of his house to be on fire. FOUL LANGUAGE. Emma Winslade was fined 5s for tBsing indecent language and a warrant was ordered to be issued for the appearance of Ben Jones for a similar offence. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. William H. Crane, Weston Hill, and Edward Stratton, 12&, Bay View-road, Cadoxton, were charged with cruelty to a horse. John Barracks, inspector of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said he saw Stratton work- ing a horse in Thompson-street, Barry Docks, on the 8th ultimo. The animal was in poor condition, and lame, as the result of a strained tendon. Some weeks after he saw Crane (the owner of the animal), who said he had sent the horse to the knacker's yard to be slaughtered, having reeived 30s for the animal.—Crane now pleaded that the horse was in fair condition,, but had arch knees." -Each of the defendants were fined 10s. MINISTER OBJECTS- TO VACCINATION. Rev J. Dynvant Williams, Congregational minister, Cadoxton, was granted a certificate of exemption from vaccination, with respect to his infant daughter. Applicant stated that he believed his last child died as the result of vaccination. A MIDNIGHT SENSATION. One of the minor cases at this court revealed a somewhat sensational state of aSairs. William Knott was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 27th ultimo. Defendant pleaded not guilty. -P.S. Abrahams said defendant was in High- street, Barry, on the night in question. He was drunk, and called a man named White foul names. -P.C. Osborne George corroborated. — William White, greengrocer, of 14* High-street, said he arrived home from Cardiff, about eleven o'clock on the night in question, and after stabling the pony, tried to enter the house- by the back door, which he found locked.. On looking through the kitchen window he saw defendant inside with his wife. I then ran round and entered the kitchen through the shop," proceeded witness. I chucked him out into the road, and took him to the Police Station. On the way to the station defendant fell through a window in High-street.—Defendant: Did you catch me in the kitchen with your wife ? —Witnees Yes.—Defendant I was never over your doorstep for a fortnight. Your wife spoke to me at the door.—Witness:: Oh, yes I have had to call Sergeant Abrahams to get you out before. -Defendant swore that he was not in White's house that night. White,, he said, knocked him down, kicked his shins, and pushed him through a window.—Fined 5s. AN ADVENTPBO-US LAD. David Morgan (17). a defendant in two previous cases, waa charged with stealing Is lid from a lad named Charles Butcher, of Coigne-terrace, Barry Docks, who said he was selling newapayers in Dock View-road on the previous Saturday night, when Morgan came behind him, and stole the money from his pocket. He was quite sure it was Morgan who robbed him.—Two lads, Richard Callaghan and Harold Dodds, swore that they were with Morgan on the night in question, but they were not in Dock View-road.—Morgan said he had no home, and had been sleeping out for eighteen months. He was hardly 18 years of age, and had an uncle at Barry Docks and a brother at CardiS.—Mr Manaton Have you tried to live with your uncle ?—Defendant Yes, but to tell yoa the truth, Sir, I could not stay because I have been too wicked in my time. Give me a chance and I will go to Cardiff, and try to get into Dr Barnado's Home. — Superintendent Giddings You have declined the offer of a home befere.-Mr Manaton I am very sorry for the lad. If we get a ship will you go to sea ?—Defendant: Yes, Sir. I promise you faithfully this time.—The lad was remanded for a week, and in the meantime and effort will be made to find a home or ship for him. THE DRUNKS. Peter Healy and William Callagham were fined 5s each for being drunk and disorderly. Thomas Hancock was dismissed with a caution warrants being ordered to be issued for the appearance of John Kelly and Keziah Cridge.