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< Telephone Not 334. Established over 25 Years. ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS DENTISTRY. F' T? AV" T? 1? Mr. GEORGE POOLE Surgeon Dentist, FACING 13, WESTBOTTRNE-CEESCENT EL), GARDENS CARDIFF, May, be Consulted on all Cases relating to the Teeth. Patients from the Country New Springs whilst waiting. supplied in One Visit. Lady in Attendance. Scaling and Regulating. Consultations FREE. Misfitting Sets Re-modelled Teeth Painlessly Extracted and made Perfect. by entirely NEW PROCESS. Artificial Teeth from 5s. Sets from £5. I 1'II"II'(;q¡ BARRY DISTRICT WINDOW CLEANING AND CARPET BEATING CO,, 63, PYKE STREET, BARRY DOCKS. Windows and Carpets Cleaned by Contract or otherwise. ta ENTIRE SATISFACTION GIVEN The Company's Men wear Badges on Coat; and Red Cross on Cap. Send Foat Card to above Address for Represen tafcrve tc Can. T. COOKSLEY, Manager, r W. JEREMIAH, THE OLDEST Family and General Butcher In the Distr:of<, has a Fine Show of CHOICEST MEAT! COMPRISING PRIME BEEF, CHOICE MUTTON, DAIRY PORK, &c. AN INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED. Please Note the Address 124, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. 1 gHP" LOOK TO YOUR SCALE OR WEIGHING MACHINES. s iir ti O HI jggsii 11 St El a. i i >-< he m m he m m 3 Wifefel u c3 P* T1IIEW50H llllbf JrAfk, Hi 3 00 HI MEiM1- £ • <D lo InMrwH S s llilVfKPVlM 5 3 y te^ ■- "J I-t SEND POST UARlJ AT ONCE TO THE OLD FIRM, GREADER & SON, T4e Practical Scale UfaKers & Repairers, COMPLETE SHOP FITTERS, 18, CAROLINE-ST., CARDIFF, Who will attend to same immediately upon the receipt of Card or Telephonic Message. SPECIAL CHEAP RATES FOR YEARLY CONTRACTS. Nat. Tel. 5x5. Established 1876. P.S.-Agents for South Wales for Parnell and Sons, Bristol, Scales and Weighing Machines. W lq. J. BEES, WHOSESALE AND RETAIL COAL MERCHANT, GENERAL HAULIER, AND FURNITURE REMOVER, 56, UPPER PYKE STREET, BARRY DOCK OFFICE: 101, HOLTON ROAD. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS FOR THREE TONS AND UPWARDS. BRAKES AND WAGONETTES ON HIRE. J. R. CHAMINGS POSTING MASTER, BARRY HOTEL POSTING STABLES. tar WEDDINGS A SPECIALITY. Carriages, Wagonettes, Victorias, Lady's & Gent's Saddle Horses, and Traps on Hire at Shortest Notice. virst-clafis Hunters by Day or Month. Large Brakes for Picnics and Parties. Dabs I <&o., may be obtained to and from any Station in the. Barry District. Telephone, No 74. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR .CHIVERS' BOTTLED MALT VINEGAR. S. CHIVERS & CO., LTD., CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 1860. JUST WHAT YOU NEED. GWILYM "pWANS QUININE B ITTERS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. This preparation has now a World-wide Sale, and is the Best Remedy of the Age for WEAKNESS, NERVOUSNESS. DEPRESSION OF SPIRITS, SLEEPLESSNESS, BLOOD DISORDERS. CHEST AFFECTIONS. INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA. LIVER COMPLAINTS. GWILYM E VANS' QUININE B ITTERS. THE PEOPLE'S REMEDY, Contains SARSAPARILLA, BURDOCK, DANDELION, LAVENDER, SAFFRON, GENTIAN, and QUININE. The first three of these plants are noted as Blood Purifiers. ^WILYM '-piVANS' QUININE JJITTERS. Purifies the Blood, Fortifies the System Gives Health to the Sick, Strength to the Weak. GWILYM E VANS' QUININE B ITTERS. Has been tested by analysis, and declared Pure and Harmless. Has been recommended by Doctors, and found to be trust- worthy and safe. Has been tried by Patients, and proved to be THE BEST REMEDY OF THE AGE. CAUTION. Above all see that you get the righb article, with the name GWILYM EVANS" on Stamp, Label, and Bottle, without which none is genuine. Refuse all imitations, and insist upon having NOTHING BUT GWILYM EVANS QUININE BITTERS. Price 2s 9d and 4s 6d. Sold in all parts of the world. Equally suited for all climaces. PROPRIETORS QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY SOUTH WALES. Bevan & Company Are now offering the remainder of an eminent Manufacturer's Stock of SADDLE-BAG SUITES at an unprecedented low price. They are thoroughly well-finished, very handsome in design, and each Suite is warranted for the long period of Ten Years, A Ten Guinea Suite for X5 19s. 6d. Undoubtedly one of the greatest Bargains ever offered, and one which cannot be repeated after this consignment is Sold. BEVAN & COMPANY, LTD., Registered, and known throughout Wales, as "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS," 21, DUKE ST., & 97, ST. HART ST., CARDIFF. The Following Bargain cannot be surpassed I The Furniture complete for a Sitting Room, and comprising a Strong Leather Cloth Suite (large Couch, Gent's Easy Chair, Lady's Easy Chair, and Four Small Chairs), an excellent Walnut Centre Table, a bevelled Plate Overmantle in Walnut, a handsome bordered Tapestry Carpet, made and ready for laying, a heavy Brass Rod Fender, set of Fire Brasses, a Cornice Pole, with ends, brackets, and Rings complete, a pretty Pair of Lace Curtains, and a reliable Timepiece, for Cash Only, THE LOT I X9 17s. 6d. THE LOT! Ba.d. Massive Iron Bedsteads .1 9 6 Everlasting Wire Mattresses 0 9 11 Full-sized Feather Beds 1 12 6 A Vast Array of Overmantles, from.O 10 6 Solid Walnut Sideboards, from 3 19 6 £ s. d Handsome Chip Cabinets, from.4 4 0 Strong Leather Cloth Suites 3 17 6 Handsome Saddle-Bag Suites.5 19 6 Figured Silk Suites, from .12 12 0 Pianofortes, Full Compass 18 18 0 HAVE YOU SEEN OUR CELEBRATED "PRINCIPALITY" PIANOFORTE, 28 GUINEAS. Iron Frame, Check Action, Full Compass, Splendid Tone, Touch, and Finish, Walnut or Ebonized, Double Candelbra, and Warranted for TEN YEARS. THE BEST PIANO EVER OFFERED AT THE PRICE! Bevan & Company.