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NAT. TEL.—326 CARDIFF, ESTD. 1860. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS—" TARPAULINS, CARDIFF. MORGAN AND RICHARDSON IG (LATE FRED. MORGAN & CO.), HERBERT-STREET & BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, TENTS, AWNINGS, FLAGS, TARPAULINS, for SaJe and Hire makers O TT AT ~D T T "NT T* Q! 0F every OF O U IN JD 1_J ± IN JJ O DESCRIPTION. (PATENTEES AND SPECIALISTS OF SPRING ROLLER SHOP BLINDS). Public Decorators, Illuminators, Ball Room and Bazaar Furnishers. OF, HORSE & CART COVERS, SACKS, COAL BAGS, ROPE, RUBBER, & OILSKIN JJ ECKSTEIN PIANOS, PIANOS. ORGANS. B RI.NSMEAD PIANOS, THOMPSON & COLLARD PIANOS, CHALLEN PIAKOS. SHACKELL LTD., BACH PIANOS. HOOFF PIANOS, Hold the Sole Agency for most of these CELEBRATED MAKERS. H OPKINSON PIANOS, K T OLD INSTBUMENTS TAKEN AS PART PAYMENT. LARGEST DISCOUNTS A PIANOS, ^0B QASH OS EASIKST TERMS ARRANGED. gAMES PIANOS, Ask to see ourWONDER MODEL Upright Grand f,15 15 Cash. AND THE ——————— ESTEY ORGANS. Addresses—CARDIFF, SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR, BRIDGEND, LLANELLY, PONTYPRIDD, GLOUCESTER, & BRISTOL. THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN THE BARRY AND CADOXTON DISTRICT. t t Furniture Carefully Removed. Vans of all sizes kept. By Hour or Contract. VNMMBDAVID FAULETfn Light and Heavy Hauling done at fURNITURE REMOVED BY ROAD OR RAIL Moderate Prices. ESTIMArl'FS FPEE POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. L ote the Address- N DAVID COAL MERCHAN-T Court-road, CADOXTON-BARRY. OFFICES—STATION YARD & MARKET MEWS, CADOXTON. NATIONAL TELEPHONE—NO. 034\G — K WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. pILLs Possess the following qualities in a high degree :— THEY STRENGTHEN THE STOMACH THEY REGULATE THE BOWELS THEY PURIFY AND ENRICH THE BLOOD THEY GIVE TONE TO THE WHOLE NERVOUS SYSTEM. RrrPUAM'Q PII 1 Q contain no drug of mineral or metallic origin, but are purely vegetable, mild, beneficient and sure. They will restore you to health if you give them a chance. BEECHAFTJ'S PILLS HAVE EVER ENJOYED THE CONFIDENCE OF LADIES FOR THE AILMENTS PECULIAR TO THEIR SEX. SOLD EVERYWHERE IN BOXES, PRICE 18. lid. (56 PILLS) AND 2s. 9d. (168 PILLS), WITH FULL DIRECTIONS. r <:8 I" -J1ITTTX tiU3 OF H. HALF-SAVING STOCK- -vm: "Hr .1X2* TAKING JBSD WILL BE MADE MEMORABLE BY THE EXTRAORDINARY MONEY- a WING OPPORTUNITIES PRESENTED TO SHREWD AND CALCULAT- ING PURCHASERS OE WATCHES, JEWELLERY, DIAMONDS, ELECTRO PLATE SILVER, CUTLERY, &c., THE CULMINATING REDUCTIONS THAT MARK THE OCCASION BEING WITHOUT PRECEDENT IN CARDIFF'S HISTORY. Pretty designs in -6/6 Solid 8il ver Brooches from 2 IS THIS PROVES SATISFACTION: Solid Gold Mr. W. BETHKLL, 2, Bank Cottage, Jjflnf J |Mi fesggl °hiSlly°6'et' ft | frf y 25/- WATCHES DAILY FOR 5 YEARS, J I | It ANL: HAVE FOUND IT AN EXCELLENT J fjji §M|§S 3/6 TIMEKEEPER, I CONSIDER IT A CAPI- JP^VR FF W IF FESL I- TAL WATCH FOR A WORKING-MAN. SUBJE TO r MONTHS FREE TRIAL AS AT Solid Real Gold Hall ta ,.T„. — Marked Gem Rings, Set Real [Solid Silver Watches, 6/6. Bi I' M'rlr "1 OTHER TIMES. Stones, well worth 12/6. I Others at 8/6, 12/6, 25/ J etc., etc., all tip-top J etc., etc., all tip-top bargains. Handsome Electro- DELAY IN CALLING MEANS THE LOSS OF AN OPPOR- Silver Cruets, superior TUNITY YOU HAD RATHER AVAIL YOURSELF OF. EARLY glass, Bottles, CALLERS HAVE FIRST CHOICE, BE ONE OF THEM TO-DAY usually 5/6. TRAIN FARE REFUNDED TO ALL WHO SPEND 25/- BEFORE THE SALE ENDS. H. SAMUEL'S,7'ST- r CLARENCE TEMPERANCE HOTEL AND DINING ROOMS, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds Hot and Cold Bat AS. PBCPRIETOB—C. F. HOSSER It is easier to keep well than to get well. KEEP THE FEET DRY BY WEARING "K" BOOTS. MOST RELIABLE BOOTS MADE. Sold only by MOLINEUX AND CO., 75, Holton-road, Barry Dock, AND 12, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH. ™ FOR ~=fl fflUGHS&COLDSt E f-W^ajMPOUHD ESSENC^^f LINSEED ANISEED P? JfStftf j J u *s a reliable o"d English home I II INSEED COMPOUND" I remedy. It softens licirct phltgrn, B permitting: it to be expectorated 1 without strain, soothing the membranes and ? allaying the irritation so commonly ex" penenecd. There is nothing to equal it. Of 1 all Chemists athome and abroad. Me/use the 8 many substitutes offered. Price, 9kl., l/lj, 2 9. § -UUUUMIUII, ||„||| MHHIIF"—■,N.I „ ,F The Voluntary Hospital, Barry Docks. TWO fresh patients have been admitted and JL one discharged since our last issue. Thirteen are now in—two children (both accident cases), five women, and six men. Gifts of money are much needed to carry on the work also old linen, flowers, etc. Contributions to General Fund?:—Glamorgan Coal Company 21s, Miss Quincey 10s, Lady Julia Dillwyn Llewellyn 5s, Mr E. W. T. Llewellyn 21s, Miss Oliverson 21s, Mrs Roberts L2 2s, collected by "Fritz" 2s 4d, Jumble Sale 78 6d, Mrs I. Davies 10s, Miss Wright 2s 6d, Mr Carver 10s, Mrs Osborne 28 6d, Messrs Robert Christie and Company Is, Mrs Hutchinson 20s, Mr Fry 10s, Messrs Cairns INoble and Company 203, Mrs Brooks' Hoop-la boxes 5s lOd, ditto Telephone box 2s 8d, ditto other box 6d, Cogan Station 5s, Dinas Powis Station box 2d. Miss Buxton 58, Miss Trower 20s, Mr Pembroke Stephens 10s. Th"è Salf-hour Jumble Sale will be held on Saturday next, at 2.30 p.m. Every purchaser of goods to the value of 2s will receive a jacket free. Telephone, No. 12, Barry. Telegraphic Address, "Castings," Barry. Gould & Wheeler, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, BARRY FOUNDRY, BARRY DOCK. A large quantity of SECOND HAND MACHINERY for SALE, consisting of LATHES, DRILLING MACHINES, SMITHS' FORGES, SMITHS' and FITTERS' TOOLS, VICES, SPANNERS, &c., &c,, &c. Agents for Messrs. Fielding and Platt; Limited, Gas Engines. £ 2T MACHINERY BOUGHT AND SOLD, FIELDINGS, OLD ESTABLISHED FINANCI E ARE PREPARED TO Advance Sums from zC20 to £3,000 at Short Notice, ON APPROVED NOTE OF HAND. PERSONAL, OR OTHER SECURITIES. CHARGES ARRANGED BEFORE TRANS- ACTIONS ARE COMPLETED. MORTGAGES on PROPERTY effected at Current Rates of Interest. Property Purchased. Trade Bills Discounted. Annuities and Fixed Incomes Arranged, DEPOSITS RECEIVED AT 5 PER CENT. PER ANNUM. Apply Direct as we have no Agents, Hayes Buildings, The Hayes, Cardiff.