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NAT. TEL.-326 CARDIFF, EESTD. 1860. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS-" TARPAULINS, CARDIFF.' MORGAN AND RICHARDSON (LATE FRED. MORGAN & CO.), HERBERT-STREET & BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, TENTS, AWNINGS, FLAGS. TARPAULINS, for Sale and Hire MAKERS Ql TT TVT "O T T AT Tl Qt 0F EVERY OF IJ U IN JD 1-1 ± IN U O DESCRIPTION. (PATENTEES AND SPECIALISTS OF SPRING ROLLER SHOP BLINDS). Public Decorators, Illuminators, Ball Room and Bazaar Furnishers. OW HORSE & CART COVERS, SACKS, COAL BAGS, ROPE, RUBBER, & OILSKIN GOODS. "9m JgECHSTEIN PIANOS, B RINSlI/IEAD PIANOS, QOLLARD PIANOS, CHALLEN PIANOS, JBACH PIANOS, JJOOFF PIANOS, JJOPKINSON PIANOS, K APS PIANOS, gAMES PIANOS, AND THE jgSTEY ORGANS. PIANOS. ORGANS. THOMPSON & SHACKELL, Ltd., Hold the Sole Agency for most of these CELEBRATED MAKERS. OLD INSTRUMENTS TAKEN AS PART PAYMENT. LARGEST DISCOUNTS FOB CASH OR EASIEST TERMS ARRANGED. Ask to see our WONDER MODEL Upright Grandf,1515 Cash. Addresses-CARDIFF, SWANSEA, NEWPORT, MERTHYR, BRIDGEND, LLANELLY, PONTYPRIDD, GLOUCESTER, & BRISTOL. THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN THE BARRY AND CADOXTON DISTRICT. V Furniture Carefully Removed. of all sizes kept. By Hour or Contract. DAVID PALTLETTT^ Light and Heavy Hauling done at FURNITURE REKQYED BY ROAD OR RAJL Moderate Prices. V PRTTMATES FREE POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. 1 ISMP Note the Address- DAVID PAULETT, COAL MERCHANT Court-road, CADOXTON-BARRY. OFFICES—STATION YARD & MARKET MEWS, CADOXTON. NATIONAL TELEPHONE—NO. 034-G WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. PILLS Possess the following qualities in a high degree:— „ -"QWNGTHEN THE STOMACH mtx™ ^nrlT aW ""E BOWELS THEY REGULATE "Vpxr Twp RT OOT) THEY PURIFY AN1) ENle<PH THE BLOOD THEY GIVE TONE TO THE WHOLE PCCPUAiyi'Q Pll I Q contain no drug of mineral or metallic origin, but are DLLLunAm 0 rlLLO DUreiv vegetable, mild, beneficient and sure. • I They will restore you to health if you give them a chance. BEECHAM'S PILLS HAVE EVER ENJOYED THE CONFIDENCE OF LADIES FOR THE AILMENTS PECULIAR TO THEIR SEX. SOLD EVERYWHERE IN BOXES, PRICE Is. lid. (56 PILLS) AND 2s. 9d. (168 PILLS), WITH FULL DIRECTIONS. H. SAMUEL'S j)Llt sar STOCKTAKING CLEARANCE STARTLING ALL-ROUND REDUCTIONS IN DIAMONDS, GEM, JEWELS, GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, CRUETS, CUTLERY, SILVER WARE, &c. SHOWING A SAVING OF NEARLY ONE-HALF. A MARVELLOUS INVESTMENT. OPPORTUNITY for SHREWD BUYERS, YIELDING A DOUBLE RETURN IN THE HIGH VALUE & EXTRAORDINARILY LOW PRICES. ■ SALE PRICE 3/6^ Real Gold-fronted Cuff SALE PRICE 5/6. Links, usual price 7/6. SALE PRICE 7/6. Q^di^d SALE, 4/6. usually 7/6. Handsome Solid Gold Dress t Handsome Breakfast Cruets heavily- Ring, Hall-marked, set /.v„ -vJk plated frames, glass china bottles, Genuine Brilliants, usual f usual price 4/6. price 10/6. /f/M U v'^lm HUNDREDS OF SILVER BARGAINS. \M plated frames, glass china bottles, Genuine Brilliants, usual f usual price 4/6. price 10/6. /f/M U v'^lm HUNDREDS OF SILVER BARGAINS. Photo Frames, 6d.; Massive Curb Alberts, 2/3; Glove and yS 11 Button Hooks, Shoe Lifts, &c., lOd. Flower Jubes (silver ifl \m mounted), lOd. |. ';p M S»j H. SAMUEL OFFERS YOU THE SAME FREE RIGHT bJu .J[k H'KMI OF A MONTH'S TRIAL WITH EVERY ARTICLE fm t K tjW DURING THE SALE ,-vo AT OTHER TIMES. SfEP IN Hf t V 'H^Sj AND SEE THE BARGAINS. YOUR TRAIN FARE \%#r^ AND SEE THE BARGAINS. YOUR TRAIN FARE \%#r^ REFUNDED IF YOU SPEND 25/- OR OVER. t H. SAMUEL, 7, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. CLAR3BITr»T. TEMPERANCE HOTEL AND DINING ROOMS, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds Hot and Cold Bat is. PBOPRIETOR-C. F. ilOSSER It is easier to keep well than to get well. KEEP THE FEET DRY BY WEARING K BOOTS. MOST RELIABLE BOOTS MADE. Sold only by MOLINEUX AND CO., 75, Holton-road, Barry Dock, AND 12, WINDSOR-ROAD, PENARTH. b (aISEED ivouN Di; 1' i ii Oil K t Olifl PROVEN EFFICACY: | AN EVER READY HOUSEHOLD REMEDY.' § JLOOSENS PHLEGM. ALLAYS COUGH. jif < RIVES IMMEDIATE REUEP. •> J fXlNUM CATHARTICUM PiLLS. FOR INDIGESTION & ITS EVILS. I ■SlOMfEADACHE BILIOUS DERANGEMENT • &<& I v —. AH agreeable APERIENT. J r-KAYS TIC PILLS Íí CUBE fACE ACHE & KEURALC lA. J < o. /t £ Fuse si/ssT/rures. « « jjj \^30LD9rflLL CHEMISTS THROUCMOU7 OTEAT BRtTAl (1 & THE SfSoWeS^ maw SPECIALITIES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. I HAVE THE BEST AND CHEAPEST. SEND FOR FULL PARTICULARS FREE. TRIMNELL, The Herbalist^ 8, MOIRA TERRA^ PARDIFF. LADI^- CORRECTIVE HERBS and full directions, 1/- post free. Fine Enamelled TEETH FOR Health & Beauty FOR CASH AND EASY PAYMENTS. If your Teeth are becoming decayed and useless for their daily fucctions of mastification, or are unsightly in appear- ance, and you wish to retain your personal attractions and benefit your health, visit N. S. BURSTEIN, 97, ALBANY ROAD, ROATH, CARDIFF. LOWESTWRICES. Part Railway Fare allowed. Servants attended at Reduced Charges. All advice free. Extractions gratis to persons requiring Teeth. Telephone, No. 12, Barry. Telegraphic Address, "Castings," Barry. Gould & Wheeler, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, BARRY FOUNDRY, BARRY DOCK. A large quantity of SECOND HAND MACHINERY for SALE, consisting of LATHES, DRILLING MACHINES, SMITHS' FORGES, SMITHS' and FITTERS' TOOLS, VICES, SPANNERS, &c., &c., &c. Agents for Messrs. Fielding and Platt, Limited, Gas Engines. IliT MACHINERY BOUGHT AND SOLD F I E L D I N GS, OLD ESTABLISHED FINANCI E ARE PREPARED TO Advance Sums from R,20 to 23,000 at Short Notice, ON APPROVED "NOTE OF HAND. PERSONAL, OR OTHER SECURITIES. CHARGES ARRANGED BEFORE TRANS- ACTIONS ARE COMPLETED. MORTGAGES on PROPERTY effected at Current Rates of Interest. Property Purchased. Tiade Bills Discounted. Annuities and Fixed Incomes Arranged, DEPOSITS RECEIVED AT 5 PER CENT. PER ANNUM. 'it Apply Direct as we have no Agents. Hayes Buildings, The Hayes, Cardiff.