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MS. GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS. The traffic receipts on the Barry Railway, including the Vale of Glamorgan Railway, last week amounted to 116,448, an increase compared with the corresponding week of last year of 94,417. Aggregate increase, £ 9,395. County Councillor Gwyn Morris, Barry, has given notice to move at the next meeting of the Glamorgan Joint Standing Committee, that repre- sentation be made to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary for amendment of the law as to clubs, providing adequate police supervision and regula- tion as to hours of closing. Overheard outside a local hotel — Seafarer Pat, will you have a drink ?-Pat (coming nearer): What's that ?—Seafarer (thinking his mate would accept the invitation): I'll see you to-morrow.— Pat Aye, good-night. « In spite of the corporal punishment regulations in vogue, Councillor W. R. Lee alleges that a large number of canes are being used by the teachers of the Barry district, and at the last meeting of the Education Authority he proposed that the sticks" be collected and confiscated. Dr O'Donnell made a counter suggestion that they be placed in the museum of the new Library. 9 » At the rear of Holton-road there is, as most of my readers know, a large quarry where rubbish is tipped. Already it is proposed to utilise the site for swimming baths and gymnasium, accident hospital, with convalescent grounds surrounding, and bowling greens. One of my correspondents is aggrieved because a skittle alley has not been suggested. Anything else? • The Old Age Pensions Bill, issued last Tuesday, provides for a pension of 5s a week to every British subject over 65 years of age who has resided in the country for 20 years. A conviction for an offence involving penal servitude or 12 months' hard labour will be followed by forfeiture of the pension. ♦ At the grand assault-at-arms, held this week at Cardiff, in aid of the funds of Nazareth House, Councillor Peter Wright, of Newport, formerly of Barry, had an exhibition wrestling bout with Police-sergeant Stevens, the councillor throwing his opponent quite easily. Mr J. G. Swift MacNeil, K.C., the Nationalist M.P. for Donegal, will be the principal speaker at the St. Patrick's celebration dinner at Barry Docks on the 19th instant.. ♦ Mr E. J. Curtis, Cadoxton, has been appointed superintendent of the juvenile lodges of the Cardiff District of Rechabites for the fourth year in succession. Mr David Davies, M.P., has purchased the Hotel Cambria, Aberystwyth, and the building will be used as a, college for the training of Calvinistic Methodist ministerial students. Good news The inhabitants of the Barry district will be pleased to learn that the work of making the upper portion of Tynewydd road, Barry Docks, was commenced this week. The Welsh gathering at Barry on the evening of St. David's Day was in every respect an unqualified success. "Cardies" were an easy first in point of number. • A Bill giving the suffrage to every man of full age, with a three months' occupier's qualification, is backed by Messrs Cremer, W. Abraham, R. Bell, T. Burt, Fenwick, J. Johnson, J. Ward, Maddison, and J. wilson. The proposed qualification for lodgers is six months, and the register is to be made up twice a year. A workman applied for a summons at Barry Police Court last Friday for "insult." The án ex.1;}_:Q."ed that he had be.!t.cl";tfäboüt" i »" Both at the opening of the Public Library, and at St. David's Day gathering of Welshmen at Barry last Thursday, musical selections were rendered by the High-street School Boys' String Band (under the conductorship of Mr W. M. Williams), whose pleasing executions elicited the warm admiration of the Earl of Plymouth at the close of the opening ceremony at the Library in the afternoon. W At last Friday's sitting of Barry Police Court, only one person was charged with drunkenness. The defendant was a young single woman, and being her first offence, the case was dismissed. It was amusing to watch quite a number of juveniles march into the new Library at Barry Docks after the opening ceremony last Thursday with books tucked under their arms for exchange. A greed for knowledge seemed to captivate the youngsters. Mr D. W. Roberts, the chairman of the Barry Library Committee, in seconding a vote of thanks to Lord Plymouth last Thursday afternoon, very happily described the Public Library as the free- hold of the working man. The Ponarth Lifeboat Station having been discontinued, the local committee have transferred a financial balance of 2223 Is lid to the funds of the Barry Lifeboat branch, and 2100 to the Parent Society. ♦ The total expenses of Mr W. Brace, M.P., in connection with the recent Parliamentary Election in South Glamorgan, amounted to £ 2,239 14s 8d, and those of Colonel Wyndham-Quin, C.B., to £ 2,088 Os 3d. A little girl named Lizzie Edwards, aged 13, daughter of Mr John Edwards, 134, Phyllis-street, Barry Island, suddenly left home on Friday week, and, notwithstanding enquiries made by her parents as to her whereabouts, she was not found for eight days, when she was discovered in an out- building at the rear of an empty house, close to where she lived. The child, whe was in a state bordering on starvation, had been more than a week without food. ♦ Mr John Vowles and Mr Charles Mock, of Braunton, North Devon, the former 81, and the latter 85 yeara of age, are at present on a visit to relatives at Barry Docks. They are well-known bell-ringers, and as such have carried off a large number of prizes. In addition to the new candidates announced in our last issue, Mr W. Fowler has issued his address for the Dock Ward for the forthcoming District Council Election, and Mr J. J. Williams is again a candidate for the Holton Ward. It is not yet known whether there will be a contest in the Park and High-street Wards. The Board of Trade returns show that the imports for last month amounted to £ 47,528,835, against £ 42,844,937 in February last year, being an increase of £ 4,683,898. The exports for the month were E28,781,123, compared with 425,269,063, an increase of £ 3,512,060.